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  • posted a message on Ride Down and Bruse Tarl (double strike, trample damage?)
    Your creature (Bruse Tarl) has double strike, lifelink and trample.
    So in the First Strike damage step, you deal 3 damage to your opponent. You gain three life.
    Then in the regular damage step, you deal another 3 damage to your opponent. You gain another three life.

    Total damage = 6. Total life gained = 6.

    Hope that helps.
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  • posted a message on Mishra, artificer prodigoy + enter the battlefield effects
    If you name the same creature type with multiple Metallic Mimics, then creatures of that type will enter with a +1/+1 counter from each of them.
    So if there are four Metallic Mimics out all naming the same type, in this case Pirate, then the next Pirate will enter the battlefield with four +1/+1 counters.

    Hope that helps.
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  • posted a message on Ghalta, Primal Hunger and negative power [SOLVED]
    Then Ghalta still costs 10GG.

    If a creature’s power is somehow less than 0, it subtracts from the total power of your other creatures. If the total power of your creatures is 0 or less, Ghalta’s cost remains 10GG.

    Hope that helps.
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  • posted a message on Dominaria Sealed Pool Generator
    Quote from Smuttny »
    Just a heads up that the whole “legendary creature” in every pack means that the third uncommon in every pack is going to be legendary. Kind of lame

    Sorry where exactly did you hear this?
    As last I checked there is no set spot in the packs. But with how printing distribution happens you are guaranteed one Legendary in each pack at the correct rarity. So if you get a Legendary rare, then you won't necessarily get a Legendary uncommon.
    This can actually be seen in LRR's Pre-prerelease video/stream. The second pack Kelly opened had a Legendary rare, but no Legendary uncommon.
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  • posted a message on does Traxos, scourge of kroog untap itself
    When you cast Traxos, it is not on the battlefield yet, it is on the stack waiting to resolve. So as it is not on the battlefield it isn't tapped or untapped, as that is something that is only prevalent for permanents. For his ability to work, it has to be on the battlefield. Where he must then see you cast a Historic spell. So NO it doesn't trigger off itself.

    Hope that helps explain things for you.
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  • posted a message on Caged Sun and Colorless Commander
    Quote from toxlind »
    I did some more searching, and the replacement effect was removed in January 2016.
    It was basically because of colorless mana.
    But your second quote does leave one more question, and I will simplify the situation.
    Could I run Nim Deathmantle in a Kozilek, Butcher of Truth Commander deck?

    Yes you can run Nim Deathmantle in ANY Commander deck. Nim Deathmantle has no coloured mana symbols in its cost or rules text, and has no colour indicator. So it has no colour. The fact that it creates makes the creature BLACK zombie tokens has no bearing on this fact.

    Hope that helps.

    Edit - After comment #6. Helps if I stop to read the card properly.
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  • posted a message on 6 Questions, generally about order of stacks
    The two abilities actually trigger at different times.
    Gilt-Leaf Archdruid's ability triggers when you CAST a Druid. Whereas Elvish Harbinger triggers when it ENTERS THE BATTLEFIELD. So with these two you would always draw a card first, then when the Harbinger resolves and it enters the battlefield you will get its ability.

    In general however, if you have two things that do trigger at the same time. If you control both of them, you get to choose the order they go on the stack.

    Hope that helps explain.
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  • posted a message on Settle the Score Gathering Magic promo
    Quote from Billiondegree »
    You don't need to control a planeswalker to cast this spell, right?

    Correct. The spell only targets the creature. So you can certainly cast it without controlling any planeswalkers.
    Added bonus, if you control more than one planeswalker your opponent won't know which one you are putting the loyalty counters on until it resolves.
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  • posted a message on Copying Spells question
    Someone mentioned this in a different forum, and I'm not entirely sure if they have their ruling right. So wanting to confirm the rules behind it.

    Opponent controls Nezahal, Primal Tide and another creature, let's say Sailor of Means.
    I cast Kefnet's Last Word targeting Nezahal, using Primal Wellspring to help pay for it, so that it will be copied.

    With the Primal Wellspring trigger on the stack, my opponent activates Nezahal's ability to exile it.

    Now for the important part. When Primal Wellspring's ability resolves and creates a copy of Kefnet's Last Word, do I have to now target the Sailor of Means, or is it valid for me to not change the target of the copy, even though Nezahal isn't on the battlefield any more?

    Greatly appreciated the assistance on this.
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  • posted a message on Beginning of your upkeep doubt?
    Yes you can do what you what.
    Vanishing is a triggered ability, that uses the stack. So can be responded to. The Aven Riftwatcher isn't sacrificed until the Vanishing ability resolves and you remove the last counter.

    Hope that helps.
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  • posted a message on "Two-Headed Giant"
    Quote from Sniffnoy »
    Quote from Yamahako »
    The name was spoiled in Friday Nights... they also mentioned another card... hmmm...

    Do you have a link or more information? I don't know what other card you're talking about.

    Here is the link - Friday Nights: Battle of Wits. The 'spoilers' start at 7:15. But you would be doing a disservice if you skipped the rest of the fun. And yeah this card was mentioned. As were a couple of others that have now been officially spoiled - "Memorial to Glory" and "Sealed Away" (Just not by name).
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  • posted a message on Extra promo card in Dominaria prerelease packs
    Quote from ISBPathfinder »
    So...... any chance you could do some sort of limited brawl with these packs? That might be an interesting idea with any surplus pre release packs. You would be guarenteed at least 7 legends (right one per pack plus one foil promo one).

    Out of interest, where was it stated there was a Legendary in each pack? I must have missed that announcement.

    That is interesting though that we are getting an additional promo. Of course, there some Legends at uncommon, so the promo might not be anything too great. Of course even some of the uncommon legends have looks pretty good.
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  • posted a message on Mothership spoiler 3/29
    Quote from lukey52 »
    Love the card and the art but feel like it could have cost 1 less. As it is the effect is 2 regrowths and a twincast so you only save 1 mana and it's more limited in application forcing you to cast the spell on your turn

    Except it is not A Twincast. It is potentially multiple Twincasts, one for EACH instant and sorcery you cast that turn. It is something you would have to build your deck towards in order to make the most of. I'm thinking of this in a blue/red deck, getting to copy multiple card draw and/or burn spells seems pretty good.
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  • posted a message on Soul Ransom, Copies, and Legendary rule
    If your opponent responds to you casting Evil Twin, by activating the ability of Soul Ransom. Then the Soul Ransom ability will go onto the stack above Evil Twin and resolve first. Your opponent will regain control of their creature again, and you will draw two cards. Finally after all this is done, your Evil Twin will enter, becoming a copy of whatever creature you want.

    At no point in any of that, did you have control of two legendary creatures with the same name.

    Note - If however your opponent allows Evil Twin to resolve, without activating Soul Ransom, and you have it enter as a copy of the enchanted legendary creature. Then they will have lost their chance to activate Soul Ransom. Since stated-based actions will apply the legendary rule before any player gets priority.

    Hope that helps.
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  • posted a message on Grim Strider in the Graveyard
    Grim Strider has just a standard static ability. That only affects while it is on the battlefield. So is a 6/6 in every other zone except the battlefield.
    Lord of Extinction on the other hand has what is known as a characteristic-defining ability. It's power and toughness are always equal to the number of cards in graveyards, no matter what zone it is in.

    Hope that helps.
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