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  • posted a message on Question on State-Based Sorceries Resolving
    Traverse the Outlands checks to see what the greatest power is among creatures you control as it is resolving.
    So in your example it will see Omnath as just a 1/1.

    Hope that helps.
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  • posted a message on Any thoughts on challenge decks?
    @Colt47: Um, did you even take a second to read what the OP was talking about? He isn't talking about the standard "Challenger decks", they are asking about the for fun decks WotC did for the Theros block prereleases.

    Going back to the topic at hand, I never paid any attention to any of those Theros challenger decks during prereleases. Never played against any of them. I kept the Hero cards for a little while, just because it was a rather unique idea. But personally I prefer to play actual Magic against someone, rather than something like the more gimmicky decks that these were.
    I'm not sure how well received they were at the time, the figures are probably out there somewhere. But I have a feeling that most players didn't care for them. Which is why they have done away with a lot of the more gimmicky prerelease extras. So we probably won't be seeing them ever again.
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  • posted a message on Planeswalkers Debut Cards
    By Planeswalker debut cards, do you mean the first appearance of each planeswalker?
    Have you tried just using Gatherer and just searching for 'Planeswalker'? Or you could look on MtG Wiki.

    So you would be look for the likes of:
    Ajani Goldmane
    Jace Beleran
    Liliana Vess
    Chandra Nalaar
    Garruk Wildspeaker
    For ones with multiple printings you just need to figure out which was the earlier set. Which isn't that difficult to figure out.

    Of course there are some Planewalkers who first showed up as creatures, so that could be their "debut". I'm looking you at Ob Nixilis, Narset and Nicol Bolas.
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  • posted a message on Phyrexian Metamorph & Polyraptor
    The tokens created by the Phyrex-raptor will also be artifacts.
    Rule 706.9c: Some copy effects modify a characteristic as part of the copying process. The final value(s) for that characteristic becomes part of the copiable values for the copy.
    When Phyrexian Metamorph copies something it adds the artifact subtype to what it copied, which is now part of its own copiable characteristics. So any copies made of the Phyrex-raptor, either by its Enrage ability or by any other Clones, will have the same characteristics, which includes being an artifact.

    Hope that helps.
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  • posted a message on Mirrorwing Dragon/Misdirection
    Please remember to use card tags:
    Mirrorwing Dragon

    Neither. Mirrorwing Dragon wouldn't trigger in this scenario.
    Mirrorwing Dragon triggers when a player CASTS a spell that targets only the dragon. Murder was CAST targeting something else. Redirecting that kill spell to the dragon isn't recasting it, so the dragon doesn't trigger.

    Hope that helps.
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  • posted a message on Damage to a player
    The choice to redirect the damage to your opponent's planeswalker is yours, not your opponents. Your opponent can't stop you from redirecting that damage if you want.

    Hope that helps.
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  • posted a message on Saffi vs Image
    If you activate Saffi Eriksdotter's ability, by sacrificing it and targeting the Phantasmal Image, then the Image has become the target of an ability. And it's ability will trigger and go on the stack above Saffi's. So it will resolve first, the Image will then be gone, before Saffi's ability can even begin to resolve. You would only get the targeted creature back if Saffi's ability resolves BEFORE it dies. But in this scenario that is impossible.
    So you wont be getting your Image back.

    Hope that helps.
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  • posted a message on Explanation for "each"
    Overload Spell: Mizzium Skin
    Heroic creature: Fabled Hero

    An overloaded spell no longer targets, as the word target no longer appears on the spell, so will not trigger any of your heroic creatures.

    Functionally there is no real difference between "each" and "all". "Each" is often used (but not always) when there are further restrictions on which creatures are effected, for example "Each creature you control" or "Each creature with a +1/+1 counter", rather than just "All creatures".

    Hope that helps explain things for you.
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  • posted a message on Clarity on satisfying enchantments, costs, etc.
    This really should be posted in the ruling section, but then I see you already did post this in there. And got your answer a couple of hours ago.

    Torment of Scarabs
    Dwarven Scorcher

    Torment of Scarabs has a triggered ability that triggers at the beginning of your husband's upkeep.
    In response to this ability, he can choose to sacrifice Dwarven Scorcher, to activate it's ability to do some damage. But then the ability of Torment of Scarabs is still waiting to resolve. When it does resolve your husband will lose three (3) life unless they discard a card or sacrifice a nonland permanent. The Dwarf is long gone by this point, so can't be sacrificed to the Torment.
    If your husband allows the Torment ability to resolve without sacrificing the Dwarf first, then we have to fully resolve the Torment ability before he can do anything else. As no player gets priority to activate any ability while a spell/ability is resolving. So can't sacrifice the Dwarf during the resolution of the Torment's ability.

    Hopefully that helps explain things better.
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  • posted a message on Mazirek and Syphon Flesh
    Yes the zombies created by Syphon Flesh will indeed receive counters from Mazirek.
    So first your opponent(s) will sacrifice their creature(s), this will trigger Mazirek, but before those triggers can go on the stack you finish resolving Syphon Flesh, by creating the zombie tokens. Once Syphon Flesh has finished resolving, then the Mazirek abilities will go on the stack, putting +1/+1 counters on all your creatures, including the newly made Zombies.

    Hope that helps.
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  • posted a message on Using simic manipulator and polymorphists jest
    The stack works on a first in, last out. So the last thing added to the stack will be the first thing to resolve.

    However when you activate Simic Manipulator you need to select a legal target for it's ability. And the ability can only target a creature with power less than or equal to the number of +1/+1 counters you removed to activate the ability. So if you remove just one +1/+1 counter from Simic Manipulator you can only target a creature that already has power one or less.

    So for example, say your opponent has a 4/4 you want to take control of, and your Simic Manipulator only has the one counter on it, then you would need to cast and let the Jest resolve first. Then activate the Simic Manipulator.
    Note - Just for clarity, remember the game doesn't move onto the next phase, until both players have passed priority while the stack is empty. So you have time to do both of these whenever you need.

    Hope that helps.
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  • posted a message on First strike damage killing player in a multiplayer match
    You are correct, the player would have been dead right after first strike damage happened, which is before the game ever gets to the regular damage step. So his creatures would no longer be in the game, and wouldn't be around to deal any damage to your creatures.

    A player loses the game as soon as state based actions see that they have 0 or less life. (Rule 704.5a)
    State based actions are checked anytime a player would receive priority. (Rule 704.3 & Rule 116.5)
    After first strike damage happens and before the regular combat damage step, players receive priority. (Rule 510.3)

    Hope that helps explain things for you.
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  • posted a message on generator servant and galta
    The cost will remain 8GG.
    As when casting a spell, you follow the steps in order, as outlined in rule 601.2. In those steps, first you calculate the total cost of the spell (601.2f), taking into account any cost reductions and increases etc. Then if the spell requires a mana payment, you have the opportunity to activate mana abilities (601.2g), which includes the likes of sacrificing Generator Servant. Then you pay all the costs (601.2h).

    The rules even give this handy dandy relevant example:
    Example: You cast Altar’s Reap, which costs 1B and has an additional cost of sacrificing a creature. You sacrifice Thunderscape Familiar, whose effect makes your black spells cost 1 less to cast. Because a spell’s total cost is “locked in” before payments are actually made, you pay B, not 1B, even though you’re sacrificing the Familiar.

    Hope that helps.
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  • posted a message on Ur Dragon Morph Face Down Cost
    No and no.
    The Morph ability that allows you to cast the card face down for 3 mana, isn't affected by The Ur-Dragon cost reduction. As you aren't casting a dragon, you are casting a creature, that has no colour or creature type.
    And equally, the ability to turn the morph creature face up, is just that an ability. You aren't casting the dragon. So the cost reduction isn't relevant, as that only applies to casting dragon spells.

    Hope that helps.
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  • posted a message on Teferi's Protection and Scourge of Valkas
    The Scourge of Valkas would not trigger.
    Phasing doesn't cause the permanent to change zones, so nothing is entering the battlefield when they reappear. Relevant rule:
    702.25d - The phasing event doesn’t actually cause a permanent to change zones or control, even though it’s treated as though it’s not on the battlefield and not under its controller’s control while it’s phased out. Zone-change triggers don’t trigger when a permanent phases in or out. Tokens continue to exist on the battlefield while phased out. Counters remain on a permanent while it’s phased out. Effects that check a phased-in permanent’s history won’t treat the phasing event as having caused the permanent to leave or enter the battlefield or its controller’s control.

    One way to sort of picture it is while Phased out the creature is still standing there, just holding up a big sign that says "IGNORE ME". When it comes back it just drops that sign.

    Hope that helps.
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