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  • posted a message on [Gaymers]: Check Out Our Impressive Members!
    Just finished catching up with the girl! Bah, it was so amazing... the breakfast picnic was perfect, the food was delicious, Fillmore was amazing. We both had a bunch to catch up on and she has an amazing tan now that makes her even more stunning. Oh, and she has now caught onto the whole "wearing the guy's dress shirt afterword" thing, which I absolutely love. Haha, while she was walking around in one of my shirts and snooping around my room, she discovered Crash Team Racing for PS1. We played it all afternoon, taking turns to unlock new characters and maps! Haha, it was a trip down nostalgia lane for sure. Such an amazing day! *squee*

    * PurpleD is smitten

    Quote from MandersHex

    And, yeah, I've heard of Fillmore, but I haven't ever seen it. I almost never have cable. Frown

    Watch it now! It's super cheesy but it's like a hard boiled detective drama that takes place in a school. Haha, I think you'd like it!

    Quote from Kraj
    Thumbs Up
    Besides, I have a new youthful haircut. Why would I oldify myself?

    Hey, I got one too! But it's not so much youthful as it is just short. When my hair starts getting long, I look like the typical azn pop-star so I try to avoid that at all costs! Now I'm tapered up and ready for a big party that I'm throwing this weekend!

    Dude, you are the ****ing man. Basically, you're gonna marry any girl you want because ain't no woman in her right mind gonna say no the way you treat her.

    Thank you, sir! I've been friends with enough girls that I don't want to be the guy that they complain about. In fact, I want to be quite the opposite... and if I wheel some girls in the process, it's just a bonus!

    Quote from Nai
    Hell, why don't you have a harem yet?

    That's an excellent question! I better get on that...
    Long story re-summarized...

    Holy cow, that sounds like a humongous headache! I hope it works out for the best... it's a shame that there has to be such turmoil during a time that should be spend mourning Frown

    Quote from Nai

    I'm convinced this house is haunted.

    Haha, I've always wanted to live in a haunted house! I'd lay traps to test the ghosts and then randomly shout out "I know you're listening" in empty rooms.

    Quote from TheEndIsNear

    Guys, am I the only one that gets lured and lost on TVtropes? I get scared when I realise what I end up reading. Last time was the Biggus Dickus page...

    **** you. I thought I had finally escaped but after looking up Biggus Dickus, I was trapped for over an hour of my life that I won't get back. Why must you do these things to me?!

    Quote from TheEndIsNear
    I have a failsafe mechanism though. Read every page to the end. When ever I find something interesting I open in new tab. When I have too many tabs and I cant see the letters in any of them I automaticly dont read links to other pages. I cant see them. That leaves me another 2 hours until I get free. I might not be able to see because my eyes get so dry...

    This is how eating disorders start...
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  • posted a message on [Week 233]: Get the Film Reel, Bill!
    Don't forget to provide source material for non-Magic pictures! It seems like I'm nitpicking but it's actually rather important.

    Very nice entry, WXP666! It'll take a lot to top that!

    Hmmm... now to decide between Casablanca and Gone with the Wind...
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  • posted a message on [<--- Left Play Designs <---] ft. PurpleD
    Quote from ExLight
    could you do an avatar of sun titan for me , no birds in it, and his eyes pulsing?

    I gave this a shot but I'm just terrible at animated avvys! Sorry... I'm sure someone else could do a much better job of this request Smile

    Quote from Nakamura

    Would you be able to make me a banner similar to the Herald of Perfection banner, but with Flamvell Firedog on it? No border.

    How's this?

    Quote from Daftmouse
    A banner with the Little Sister from the attached image (Just her and the needle all the background can go).

    With the words "I love little girls they make me feel so good."

    Thanks in advance.

    I kept this one nice and simple, but there's a couple versions for you...

    Without an outer glow on the text:

    With outer glow:

    Whaddya think?
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    Quote from MandersHex

    Ooh, I don't know. It's hard to know what she likes.
    Let's see, if I was gone for weeks and came back, what would I want from my "boyfriend" (admit it, you might as well be!:D)
    Other than sex, just to spend time with you. Pretty much anything extra you do for her would be added points for you.
    Oooh! Set up a marathon of something she loves (like you did with Batman). That ensures that you'll be spending plenty of time together just chilling, which will probably be exactly what she wants after being gone for forever.

    I refuse to admit that I'm her boyfriend! I think the plan is to wait until summer is over so we can see if we can manage a relationship during the whirlwind that is school, everyone being back in town, etc.

    But seeing as she's coming back on Tuesday, I guess I can divulge my whole plan! So like I said, I gathered brochures and souvenirs from all the cool summer festivals and events that she missed. Oh, and lots and lots of flowers!

    So the first part will be a breakfast picnic. She's a huge fan of cream cheese, so I'm going to make a cream cheese french toast casserole and then make an eggplant and shallot hash. Probably some fresh fruit and stuff too... should be delicious! After that, I think we'll head back to my house for a Fillmore marathon (the awesome cartoon from the Family channel... please tell me someone has seen it) and just do some catching up. After that, we'll see where the day takes us Grin

    Quote from blue
    Insert joke about bending.

    Itachi: The Last Desire Bender?

    Quote from swishh
    is anyone else doing no-shave november? my boyfriend and i decided to.

    Oh man, I wish I was still on this site when I did it last year! I don't even think there's any pictures of it but for like 2 weeks I had an awesome Tony Stark beard/stache going. My girlfriend at the time hated it, but I thought it looked badass!

    Quote from Shalako

    Alas I also suffer from the pedophile mustache. Slant

    Haha, I don't know why but I just had a hilarious mental image of Chris Hanson from To Catch a Predator jumping out and shaving off your facial hair.
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  • posted a message on [Gaymers]: Check Out Our Impressive Members!
    Quote from MandersHex

    What kind? lol Are they plain, or do they have a character on them or any kind of design?

    Haha, you're ridiculous sometimes! They were white with thin purple stripes. Maybe next time I should just attach a picture to answer all your questions!
    Quote from MandersHex

    Aww, I thought we'd get to hear it now! Dammit!
    I'll be patient...for now Wink

    Pretty soon! For now maybe you can give me more ideas? I've already got most of it figured out, but a little help can never hurt Grin

    Quote from MandersHex
    Oh, we COULD work something out...if you were in the right freaking country! Rofl

    Excuses, excuses! True love knows no boundaries! Laugh

    Quote from ExlighT18
    hey manders, who is micah?

    Did that actually just happen? Eyebrow

    So tonight I'm cooking for some friends. I think I'm going to make orange couscous in an orange squash bowl and a leek and mushroom risotto! Wish me luck!
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  • posted a message on [Gaymers]: Check Out Our Impressive Members!
    Yikes, lots to catch up on again! Thank goodness for lazy days... I'm still sitting around in my boxers!

    Quote from ExlighT18
    hey guys im back! 2 months, i almost died, but good thing i had starcraft 2 to keep me alive!

    Welcome back!

    Quote from MandersHex

    Awww, that is fantastic! See, there need to be more girls!
    Granted, there are bad nerds, too. Prime example is "Sheldon" from "The Big Bang Theory".
    Know-it-all, condescending bastard. I am so ANGRY

    Hey now, anyone who can get away with wearing a blue lantern shirt on mainstream TV is okay with me! Haha, but not actually... he's a terrible person. But I'd classify him as much of a geek as he is a nerd. And geeks are never cool.
    Quote from MandersHex

    Ooh, when do I get to hear?

    Soon! She's back next week!
    Quote from MandersHex

    I don't know that Pokemon! lol The cutest one I know is Clefairy! :p

    This is Riolu. He's super cute AND evolves into my fave Pokemon, Lucario!
    Quote from Chaotix

    Also, new avatar in honor of the coat I finally ordered.

    Next on my shopping list is this wonderful knife holder for my kitchen and a facehugger plushie if they ever restock them.

    That coat is certified badass! You're guaranteed to turn some heads wearing that thing! Also, the facehugger plushie is awesome! I need to invest in a couple plushies... namely Appa and Totoro.

    Quote from MandersHex

    Excellent! Proof that a poly-amorous relationship can exist and flourish.

    So then I don't see why you, Jake, Manders and myself can't all work something out Unibrow

    Quote from MandersHex

    So sad, but unfortunately, he's only exaggerating a little. I hate being from such a conservative state. It sucks, because I don't agree with a majority of the ☺☺☺☺ they do.

    Tell me about it. I'm from Alberta, which is like the Texas of Canada. So by Canadian standards, we're definitely right leaning but by American standards, we'd be much closer to center-right. Still, we're the province with the nasty oilsands and the home base of the conservative government Frown

    Quote from Chaotix
    Also, here's some Joseph Gordon Levitt to make up for the Mean Girls...

    I approve of this! Has anyone seen Brick yet? It's actually such a sweet movie and he's awesome in it. It's super stylish and has some of the best dialogue in a movie I've ever watched. We're talking Snatch-level dialogue, IMO.

    Quote from Wolf_Cub82

    Confused Given the various ways of interpreting this, I'm torn between seeing this as epic win or epic fail. lol

    Hahaha, this is too funny. I think it's an epic win because innuendo is ALWAYS an epic win. Isn't that right, Micah?

    Quote from MandersHex

    Or, do men just not think about doing ☺☺☺☺ like that?

    Most guys just don't think like that. It's really not because we care any less... it's just a combination of things: less impulsive shoppers, tendency to plan surprises rather than have spontaneous ones, general lack of romanticism, etc. Thankfully I've learned that it's good to have a balance... showering her in presents is silly (and a waste of money) but a well timed surprise pays rich dividends!

    Also, welcome ItachiM! That was an unreal story about coming out to your friend... I can't imagine turning on a close buddy like that.
    * PurpleD shudders

    Well I've got the whole day off today, so I think I'm going to go for a bike ride and work on my tan and/or re-read all of Scott Pilgrim before I see an advanced screening of the movie tomorrow. SO stoked!
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    Quote from BeeHind

    They also said that there will be only Gen5 pokemon until you beat the elite four! So now more Zubat/Geodude/Tentacool!

    This is great news! I actually hadn't heard about this... though to be fair, sometimes Tentacruels were decent ways to get some exp when you're surfing.

    Quote from MandersHex

    I was thinking Aspercreme or IcyHot or Absorbine. I'm leaning towards the Absorbine simply because it comes in a roller thing, like roller deodorant, so that way Hex will be willing to rub it on me.
    He has a thing against having stuff on his hands Sneaky

    Oh, so he has problems getting stuff on his hand but doesn't mind rubbing a stick on you, eh? I see how it is! Laugh
    Ooh, ooh, let's start a nerd dating company! Help nerds find love! I find it hard to believe I'm the only chick that understands their appeal.

    Well seeing as it's the internet, I'm sure it exists somewhere already... but I'm totally down! I just try to lead by example and show that nerds can be cool too. In fact, a girl came over last week and saw the oversized Wednesday Comics hardcover on my coffee table and said, "I think you're the coolest nerd I've ever met." It almost brought tears to my eyes.

    Awww, see. This is why you give Jake a run for his money! I love hearing how sweet you are!

    Well then you'll love hearing about what I have planned for when she's back Grin

    That he is! Still, I will always think...clefairy? Yeah, Clefairy is the cutest!

    You're such a girl! Everyone know that Riolu is the cutest!!!

    Quote from blue
    Kibaga is cool looking. It's a dragon so i'm hoping it's a 3 part evo TTar style cuz it looks like it has the most potential.

    That's what I'm hoping for! He definitely fits the Larvitar/Bagon theme! I loves my dragons... I'm looking forward to seeing its evolutions!

    Quote from Tizzy

    This is Tizzy. Tizzy is secretly a dragon/dinosawr. But don't let people know.

    Hi Tizzy! I'm digging the whole third person thing... it makes your posts rather amusing. Especially since Tizzy is such a fun word to say. Not like PurpleD... it's better to experience than to say!

    Welcome to the clan! Care to share some poetry and/or art? I dabble in graphic design so I'd love to see your web stuff!
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  • posted a message on [Week 226 Poll]: Any Picture Theme.
    Whoa, I had some laptop issues and didn't realize that I won this. Thanks for the votes, everyone! Great work to all the runners-up!
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  • posted a message on [Gaymers]: Check Out Our Impressive Members!
    Quote from MandersHex

    lol, silly names. Love it!
    The foot's doing better. Of course, now my calf hurts from hobbling with my toes raised because I didn't want to be on 2 crutches any longer than I had to. Meh, even that'll start getting better soon. I'm gonna get some kinda muscle cream for it until then. Suggestions?

    At least you'll have calves of steel now! I would normally recommend Rub A535, but it appears as though they don't sell it in the states. The stuff smells absolutely atrocious, but it works wonders. Silly Americans and their lack of good muscle creams!
    Aside from that, just take a bath and down some advil. It always worked for me! Oh, and eat lots of bananas. They help avoid cramping and tight muscles Smile
    Quote from MandersHex

    More girls should think like that. Seriously, I tell girls all the time: Nerds are the best!

    I think you and I should run a PSA together! Spread the gospel of nerdy guys!
    Quote from MandersHex

    Awww, absence is making the heart grow fonder! Love

    Hehe, just a little bit. She's always sad that she misses a lot of cool stuff at home (the exhibition, Folk festival, etc) so I've been gathering the program guides and little souvenirs from each one for her for when she gets back! Oh, and I'm getting the Folk Fest DVD hopefully in time...
    Quote from MandersHex

    Ha, still haven't seen that movie! Rofl

    The movie is terrible! The cartoon is where it's at Grin
    Quote from MandersHex

    You, however, are giving him a run for his money! I Love is in the air Trenton, too!

    Yay! You like me, you really li--
    Quote from MandersHex

    Don't worry, Boo. Just making him feel better.
    You'll always be my #1 :3


    Quote from SGT_Chubbz

    Zhat. Would be me. Engarde!

    It's on! No more photoshop tips for you, mister! Bwahaha!

    Quote from blue
    >_< anyone else absolutely hating all the new pokemon they've released pictures of? I guess i'll reserve full judgment til the black and white come out but >_< Frown

    Yeah, I think they've finally gone overboard on Pokemon. Nothing has been as good as Gold and Silver, but Diamond/Pearl was on the line of trying to hard. Black/White looks to have crossed it... have you seen the trailer?! It looks brutal!

    Though this guy is pretty cute...
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    Quote from TheEndIsNear
    Yay, well I'm leaving for france in a few minutes. Buh bye computer.

    Have fun in France! Enjoy the food and wine... we miss you already!

    Quote from blue
    You may have some competition. *cough*

    And who would that be?! Hmmm? I'll fight for that title I am so ANGRY

    Quote from Bigmac
    I'm sure we can get along just fine purple Smile lol ugh guys long days r long and lame Frown

    I suppose I can put aside my lack of meat eating just for you! I still love your sauce, though...

    Erm... like the mayo or whatever they put on Big Macs.

    Aaaaanyways, what did your long day consist of?
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  • posted a message on [Gaymers]: Check Out Our Impressive Members!
    Sorry for the absence! I've been having a few issues with my laptop's power chord. All is fixed but I still need a new battery Frown

    Quote from blue

    Manders/Trenton: You guys are such gossip queens!

    You say this like it's a BAD thing Laugh

    Quote from zwan22482
    The Juicy Bits

    Whoa, crazy story! Thanks for telling it. I'm really glad it worked out well and that now you two know how important it is to fill one another in on such matter and also not to jump to conclusions!

    Quote from MandersHex

    Ok, so as you all know I broke my foot, so everyday actions are more difficult, #1 being taking a shower. Most people in my situation would just take a bath instead and it'd be fine. Only problem with that is we only have a shower. Our house we rent is so small, there's no room for a tub. Solution? Plastic outdoor chair for me to sit in. While it works great at what it's needed for, this also occurs. Seriously, I can see that from my spot on the bed, so that's what I woke up to yesterday and today. He's probably sitting right there right this second! It's sooo funny.

    Sorry to hear about your foot! The kitty picture is hysterical though. Whenever I'm sad, I'm just going to imagine seeing that every morning! It looks like he's found a new throne. Oh cats... I want one SO badly, but they're not allowed in the house I'm renting. My roomie and I decided that if we ever get cats, hers will be named Commander Cuddles and mine will be Sir Fursworth.

    Quote from Bigmac
    My name is Elijah and im a history major in college.

    Hey Bigmac! Sorry for the late welcome, but it's better late than never! I'm Trent... the Gaymers' favourite straight guy! Also, I'm a vegetarian so I'm really not sure if you and I can be friends Wink

    Quote from MandersHex

    Hey, I think the cutest guys on the face of the earth are nerds because, 9 times out of 10, they're the sweetest, most thoughtful people you'll find.

    Aww, I wish more girls thought like this! Well actually they do, but not in a "let's date" kind of way. Haha, regardless, I love the life of a nerd.

    On a semi-related note, who here would consider themselves an introvert and who would consider themselves an extrovert? I have a good idea for most of you, but you never know how people come off on the internet versus how they actually behave.

    I'd probably consider myself an extroverted introvert. I'm an introvert at heart but I fit in really well in group settings and have no troubles with people. But when it boils down to it, I'm way happier with a good book and some tea than at a party.

    Quote from BeeHind
    The court isn't as conservative as you'd think.

    Well the court is just as conservative as you'd think it is, but they're not as religious as you'd think. And when it comes to gay marriage, religion is the number 1 obstacle in its way.

    Not much new with me. Just working lots and meeting some new people. The girl that I was telling you guys about has been on vacation for the past couple of weeks and won't be back for another week and a half, so I'm missing her a lot.

    Oh, and I recently had an Avatar: The Last Airbender marathon with my friend! It was an absolute blast Grin
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  • posted a message on [<--- Left Play Designs <---] ft. PurpleD
    Really sorry for the slow reply! These have been done for days but I've been having some power chord issues with my laptop! But that's fixed now and here are your banners...

    Quote from Apex
    Hi, I recently just made a pauper cube, and I was thinking of putting a thread up about it in the limited forums.

    Quote from swamp_bats
    I would love a banner for my sig featuring Sun Titan and Frost Titan. Also including Glacial Fortress and the phrase "you mad bro..."

    Whaddya think?
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  • posted a message on [Gaymers]: Check Out Our Impressive Members!
    Quote from zwan22482

    PS-Happy to announce I was mistaken and BF wasn't cheating. Bad mix of circumstance and a good talk cleared things up. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

    That's great news! Now that it's all cleared up and (as Mal would say it) air through the engine, care to tell us what happened? It sounds like a potentially juicy story!

    Quote from Kraj

    Anyway, my immediate reaction was to be annoyed by such a stupid question, to which any sane person could only respond to with "of course". So I decided to respond by lokking at him, clenching my fists, gritting my teeth, and saying, "I HATE the environment!" and kept walking. I was amused.

    Psh, if he was cute I'm sure you would've changed your tone! I think your answer would have been more along the lines of, "yes, and I love trees. I can't get enough wood."
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    Quote from Howler13

    I've always been a fan of the rap that she did for SNL shortly after V for Vendetta came out. It's great to see she has such a sense of humor about herself, which just makes her even more irresistable.

    Haha, I remember seeing that for the first time when I was still a huge SNL fan and I was actually crying I was laughing so hard. The scene with the little girl is priceless!

    Quote from Kraj

    Unfortunately, she also guest judged on Project Runway once and said, "I think sustainable fabrics is one of the most important issues our generation will face" and I was like... seriously? Are you that far removed from reality, Natalie?

    Oh man, my friend showed me a clip of that and I definitely facepalmed hard. You know.... using the hand that wasn't busy doing something else Wink

    Quote from Howler13

    That was basically The Lonely Island before they actually formed The Lonely Island (both the Portman Rap and DiaB).

    Don't forget about Lazy Sunday! That was the one that started it all Grin It's probably still my favourite Samberg song... lately I think his gimmick has worn off.

    Quote from Nai
    Currently in the rectory. Only able to post because of internet browser on phone. Gonna get net here soon. Could be without for a week or more. Will update as more develops.

    Hurry back soon! We miss our resident furry!

    Which reminds me (oddly enough), has anyone ever heard of and/or read the graphic novel Blacksad? It's an amazingly done crime-noir story that has anthropomorphic characters that are amazingly utilized for effective visual storytelling.

    And speaking of comics, did anyone hear about the anti-gay protests at Comic Con this year? Stupid teabaggers... thankfully Gail Simone is awesome.

    Quote from blue
    Back from Washington DC. It was fun. Got to hear my sister sing Defying Gravity. It was amaaaaazing and better than Idina Menzel. Yeah. I said it.

    Whoa whoa whoa... you're playing with fire here! I'm not doubting you, but Idina is simply incredible. I'm going to need proof before I can believe you!
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    Quote from BeeHind

    I just did my fantasy draft and hopefully chose well! I'm definitely excited for the new season to start!

    Ooooh, my draft isn't until a bit later than usual because I'm waiting for some friends to come back into town. Who'd you draft? What was your top pick? Any strategies you're using this year?!

    That night I was playing the pokemon TCG with my friend. I do enjoy both the video game and TCG immensely though! My team is pretty wicked too! If my internet weren't so dumb I'd suggest a battle over wifi. Perhaps another time Smile
    A wifi battle would be great! I hate that the DS doesn't support WPA encryption so anytime I want to go on wifi I have to find an open network or take off the security on mine for a little while.

    Quote from Howler13

    And for the first time EVER, I actually bred and EV trained my "perfect team" in HG. Only one of them doesn't have the maxed ideal EVs yet, and all of them are at least lvl 70. My Weavile is an absolute beast...

    Gah, I hate Weaville! Seeing as one of my team is Dragonite, weaville is just deadly. Super fast and super effective... bleh. What's the rest of your team? Mine is currently Lucario, Togekiss, Flareon, Dragonite, Tyranitar (formerly Garchomp), and Milotic.

    Also, I'm assuming both of you have beat HG/SS? If so, what kanto/hoenn started did you choose? I might be interested in trading with you... I've been breeding starters and I just need charmander, bulbasaur, treecko, and mudkip to have all of them!

    Quote from Howler13

    3 - Natalie Portman: Not many women can still look sexy with a shaved head, and yet she pulled it off. But with a full head of hair, she's even better. She was one of the only things that made the Star Wars prequels worth enduring.

    Oh my, I can't stress how much I agree with you. Natalie Portman is the epitome of gorgeous in my books. it also helps that she graduated from Harvard and is vegan but she is perfect for me. Definitely tops my list.

    Also, she has amazing legs. Check out this video for lulz and for legs.

    Here's my list of girls:

    5. Beyonce- Plain sexy... she's got amazing curves, and she's a very hot dancer.
    4. Christina Hendricks- If NPH says she could turn a gay straight then you know she's pretty stunning. As demonstrated by her characters in Mad Men (Joan) and Firefly (Saffron) she can go from classic beauty to bombshell instantly. Oh, and I know the picture doens't do it justice but she has unreal "assets."
    3. Zooey Deschanel- She's just plain cute. I love her style, her quirkiness, and the way her eyes stand out. Also, if she's good enough for Ben Gibbard (see below) then she's good enough for me!
    2. Elisha Cuthbert- Normally I go for the cute/pretty look than the hot look and I also normally prefer brunettes to blondes, but Cuthbert is the exception to both. She's just super sexy. Too bad she's dating Dion Phaneuf.
    1. Natalie Portman- Gorgeous in every way. 'Nuff said.

    Honorable mentions: Hayley Williams, Evangeline Lily, Susan Coffey

    I'm not sure if I could put a list of guys together. My list would be mostly of guys who I really admire who are also good looking. A perfect example is Neil Patrick Harris. He's quite possibly the coolest man alive (though the Old Spice Guy is currently giving him a run for his money) and he's incredibly talented. Same goes for Ben Gibbard (of Death Cab for Cutie). Not only did he wrap up Zooey Deschanel, but he also makes some of my absolute favourite music. maybe I'll put some thought into a guy list and post it...
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