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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison || Goblinized Mono-Red Control : The Sideboard Deck
    That's a common question, erikfsynn. It is asked about any deck that doesn't appear in significant numbers on the podium of winners. Natehill and McCorbac gave succinct, data-driven answers. They're right.

    The term tier is commonly referred to as successful, but in actuality it really refers to a deck that is popular. To be clear, popular - right now. If enough darts get thrown, then some will find their way to a bullseye. That's not to say there isn't a lot of skill involved in Magic, but when matchups and nut draws are in the mix, it's better to be lucky than to be good.

    And, again, you've got to be good to run straight red to a gold medal. Saffron Olive recently attempted to take out a Pyro Prison version of his Free Win Red original deck out in a league. The results were disastrous. He didn't have the proper practice to understand the defined roles of going either "Sword" or "Shield" or to say it more boringly: "Aggro" or "Control".

    Saffron actually said in the stream that he doesn't get the power of Goblin Rabblemaster. Gaping Caligula said: "stop playing our deck and calling it by your name then!!!" Hilarious, buddy.

    Lastly, the concept of Tier is unusually distinct for us to understand. Since we are a 'sideboard deck', it's critical for us to be constructing our decks to be strong enough to beat out the Day 1 crowd ---- Popular and the Day 2 crowd ---- Effective. On the flip side, there are no players readying themselves to fight us, so the odds stack even moreso in our favor. Just a case of getting enough mountain-bangers out there onto the battlefield.

    Buuuuut, if we do that, then they'll see us coming! Oh, No. It's a Joseph Heller CATCH 22!!!

    ** 1.5 MILLION VIEWS **
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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison || Goblinized Mono-Red Control : The Sideboard Deck
    Hey Psychedeliq - welcome. I'm sure you'll be entertained by what we've got going on here. And, consider reading some of the older posts by the more seasoned players. I can not tell you how many of the same cards/concepts get discussed year after year. I tend to select adaptive cards with a nod to extremely meta dependent one-ofs. Who wants to win with yesterday's deck?

    That's why I'm focusing on this new B/R Prison variant. It's been called 'Prison Master', 'Dark Pyro', and I'm currently on the somewhat wordy 'Red Skies at Night'. What has me the most intrigued is that the deck has seen very little development since it's big splash on the main stage. I've already written about its room for improvement.

    Latest Change? @Caligula - no, not a 3rd Liliana. The double black in that deck is excrutiating. Right now, I have only 4 spells in the (75) that call for it. FOUR. 7 Swamps and 6 fetches. That's the new upgrade: a shock for a 6th fetch. Otherwise, the maindeck feels very good. My 60th card toggles between:

    - Desperate Ritual
    - Angrath
    - Cut // Ribbons
    - Pack Rat.

    Hard to say. Hey, for those pursuing Mono-Red Pyro Prison, you are very smart to do so. Did you hear about Spain? Trial winners in Balboa at a Channel Fireball event garnered a 4% share of the winning decks!

    My most up to date Pyro Prison deck can always be found on Page 1 of this thread in the deck section of the Official Primer.
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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison || Goblinized Mono-Red Control : The Sideboard Deck
    After nailing a 3-1 last week at a 20-person FNM, this week it was only 16 people. BUT, it was a 4-0 with the same list [few updates] Red Skies at Night!

    Round 1 -- U/R Thing-Phoenix -- 2-0 WIN
    Round 2 -- U/R Thing-Phoenix -- 2-0 WIN
    Round 3 -- U/W/g Wilderness Control -- 2-1 WIN
    Round 4 -- 4 Color Good Stuff -- 2-0 WIN

    Deck List is found above. No Changes. What would I change? Welllll, if I'm really pressed, it'd be the big fella. The minotaur. BUT, it's fair to note that although I'm running (2) 5-cmc spells, ya gotta take into account that there are (23) lands, (4) rituals and 7 discard outlets before I get to a point where he can jam up my hand.

    What would the mountainfolk suggest as a replacement?
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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison || Goblinized Mono-Red Control : The Sideboard Deck
    Encyclopedic - Voluminous - Glorious.
    The Words of Fluffywolf2 have been heard. Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!!!

    Again, I promise to find time to properly format the notes into the Official Primer. The issue is that it will all go in as completely non-formatted. And, you - like me - can appreciate the efforts of folks who take the time to format and spell clearly. The best way to do this is to go into EDIT of your post, and copy/paste it. Then send it as a message (not always successful) or to my personal e-mail. Then I'll bring it intact into the primer. raykarkmanATgmailDOTcom

    Is the Primer going to see a revolutionary renewal? Is it? Well, we did have our R/W experimental phase. Some are still swinging candy-cane swords and raising peppermint swirl shields in attempt to make that work. I have given up on R/w Pyro Prison. It's over. Not enough there in the main deck for it to work. Not now, at least. But, I still celebrate the call to arms by an ancient 5th century Chinese general of war:

    "To drive your enemies before you. To hear the lamentations of their women. To strand your foe upon a highly elevated, steep-faced, windswept plain. Prevent their escape. Force them to abandon all attempts to play Magic."
    The Art of Magic
    - ’Stack Tzu

    What about R/b experimental Pyro Prison? At first blush - from 60,000 feet - initial impression? Let's do this. So, this all started with a Grand Prix LA undefeated Day 1 deck. The following is the exact list used by FluffyWolf in a competitive Modern league: 5-0 finish.

    Comment #1: This is not a Pyro Prison deck. It's far closer to a Free Win Red deck. Reason: 5 Blood Moon effects main deck, lack of a creature-based kill accelerated win-cons, a very high number of planeswalkers, and no manlands.

    Comment #2: It's a fine effort that achieved a lot of publicity and success. But, I don't think it's refined for a broad-based meta and significant improvements can occur in the mana-base and sideboard. The main deck got (9) total card changes and the sideboard got (8) total card changes. But, some of the cards were simply moved from one stack to the other: Goblin Rabblemaster principally.

    Calling upon a background in Mono-Red Prison and B/R Blitzkrieg disruption, let's look at where I took this list:

    That's (13) total card changes in the (75). Enough to brand it a new deck? Unique unto itself? Shrug. Sure, let's claim it. What I would love to have done before presenting this is score a 5-0 on modo, but I only recently settled on this decklist & I'm working straight through the weekend. And, I'm going out tonight with a bud for beers, so this will also be short for explanation. But, let's hit the important points.

    Where the hell are the rituals! Right? Lack of acceleration and 'air' has resulted in a balanced, 'fair' build. Before I go further, I have to say that Fluffy has spoken to a lot of these points already. So, I guess I'll just jump to my specific choices.
    --- Rabblemaster. GDI! He is in. If there's one thing we have learned it is that we can not expect to win without creature pressure. We are not the 1-trick pony of 'free win red'.
    --- Liliana and associated double-black spells at a high count. They are out. No way. The implementation of (9) swamps in the original list is totally unreconcilable. I'm down to (7) swamps and I've trimmed away half of the Liliana spells and a bedevil. There is too much reaction/removal in the original build. Take a look at the success of Jund/BG Rock. They achieve wins primarily on the impact of their creatures and manlands NOT their Lilianas and removal spells.

    We get by on our Locks and attrition-based pressure. Let's not forget that creature counts are a huge part of our formula.

    I'm gaining a great deal of playtesting knowledge from my Blitzkrieg days - found in the experimental pages of mtgsalvation (55 pages - no slouch). This arrangement is far more streamlined and adaptive.

    2 Crumble to Dust in a deck with 4 Blood Moons and a Magus of the Moon seems kind of ridiculous. Especially with only 4 rituals. The rest of the changes hopefully speak for themselves.

    Well, I'm off work tomorrow, and it's beer o'clock. Be well kin, and hope you find some wisdom and success in this offering.
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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison || Goblinized Mono-Red Control : The Sideboard Deck
    Before getting into Pyro Prison: Apologies as I have been a bit absent lately. I took out a pet deck, 4 years in development, on the battlefields of MODO competitive leagues. Iron Souldiers 1st time outside my lgs. RESULTS: 8 Leagues.
    18 Wins // 22 Losses

    I am perfectly happy with that. First, the meta couldn't be worse as I am trying to out-aggro the fastest decks that Modern has EVER seen. Second, that's reasonably close to 50/50 with a 100% homebrew.

    @FluffyWolf2 crafted an absolutely stellar analysis of how Pyro Prison handles its opponents: GOOD MATCHUPS vs. BAD MATCHUPS. I'll include it in the Official Primer under strategy guide heading. Outstanding work as usual. He's also in the midst of working up a Rakdos Pyro Prison tutorial that I'm anxiously awaiting. I ran out my own version at a 20 person FNM a couple nights ago: 3-1 finish.

    Regarding the recent success and publishing of Pyro Prison
    It's all about branding. Consider that Merfolk/Fish is not known as Mono-Blue Aggro. Pyro Prison is far more distinct than the generic label of Mono-Red Control.
    Actually, it's worth noting that although some major Magic publishers don't rightfully recognize our pedigree: Pyro Prison, they HAVE stopped calling the overall archetype 'Mono-Red Control'. Now they call it 'Mono-Red Prison'.
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  • posted a message on Iron Souldiers // 5-Color Gobots with Black Belts (Affinity Enabled) [15-3-1]
    Dusting off the cards, aaaand it's back. Van Dammage with a Roundhouse Kick of Control! I've been running Iron Souldiers on Modo for the past few days. Tweaking as we've gone - I'm trending up on the win rate. I walked away from this deck - despite a very positive win record at FNM - because I felt outpaced in speed by Hollow One and then Dredge decks.

    But, I've made catering alterations. (2) Grafdigger's Cage in the main deck! Why not? They enable metalcraft, can be animated on turn 2 into a 5/5 hasty beefcake, tossed to a Shrapnel Blast or....oh, yeah...completely disable a graveyard strategy or cheaty-summon spells. Extra burn has actually been surprisingly adept at closing wins faster than before as well. Also, there has been a very marked decline in token decks which caused a real headache in the past.

    Other Updates: reduce the color requirements by removing atarka's command. Add a 2nd shrapnel blast. Oh, let's just put it up on the big board and take a gander!

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  • posted a message on Blitzkrieg - B/R Control - Shock and Awesome
    Hey Folks!

    The hard truth to confront centers on discard. As you know, the premise of Blitzkrieg is 2-for-1 discard with some light removal and phat beaters to follow. When Modern got really fast, it was hard to keep up in the meta of late. Is Wrench Mind and Blightning totally underpowered. If so, can Collective Brutality pick up enough slack. If so, we certainly shift towards a graveyard strategy complement: Demigod of Revenge perhaps?

    Question: Electrodominance. When you use the X effect, can you fire off multiple modalities off of Collective Brutality??

    Sigh. I do miss my Blitzkrieg days.
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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison || Goblinized Mono-Red Control : The Sideboard Deck
    Follow Caligula‘s advice - 1 Magus in the 75.
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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison || Goblinized Mono-Red Control : The Sideboard Deck
    @Dfray85: Looks pretty fit to me. The Chandra, Torch of Defiance in the sideboard seems askew though. If possible, I'd 3 and 1/2 Chandras in the main deck. Heh. But, seriously, shaving off the 4th into the sideboard in games 2 and 3 is very common. So, I'd recommend a better silver bullet card to come in from the sideboard. I do agree with you that the "light up the stage" experiment was not successful overall - stick with the tried and true.

    @Spec.ops: Harsh Mentor. You mad man! EEK! 4 of them! Well, I will say that you have slammed down our answer to Hardened Scales Affinity...finally. I don't know if I see him lining up with a whole lot of other threats that give us a headache. Lantern? We crush it. Maybe Tron could take a kicking if you land a couple of these early. Any artifact deck will suffer. Hmmmmm...worth considering. How's the win ratio?

    As for Boros....yeah, dude. You've been around for a while, and know that I've shunned any splashes. Rule of Law was the one card - in this meta - that finally made me consider that there is enough white hoser cards to consider the splash. The Verdict? And, bear in mind that I friggen tried and tried. Nope. There just isn't enough offered in white that we can't source up in Red or Artifact. Damn. What was I thinking! Redface
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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison || Goblinized Mono-Red Control : The Sideboard Deck
    Plateau Prison

    "To drive your enemies before you. To hear the lamentations of their women. To strand your foe upon a highly elevated, steep-faced, windswept plain. Prevent their escape. Force them to abandon all attempts to play Magic."
    The Art of Magic
    - ’Stack Tzu

    Will these cheeky words prophesize a birth of a dominant R/w Pyro Prison architecture? Will they? Nahhh, I doubt it. Heh heh. Shadowrider created the blending of white into 'The Stock List' to gallop into a Top 8 finish in a Saturday Classic, 100+ competitors, a couple weeks ago. And, I saw another couple pilots score 5-0s with similar lists - including our Russ Colosi.

    A Flash in the Pan or a deck that's here to stay? Well, as always, that depends upon the meta. I fired off (4) tournaments yesterday: 0-2, 3-2, 3-2, 2-3. As the day drew on, I tinkered with the deck construction. It ended up being different than my previous posting by the following numbers:
    MAINDECK: [3 cards] MINUS Chandra, Torch of Defiance, Lightning Helix, Legion Warboss ||| PLUS Leyline of Sanctity, Pyretic Ritual, Pia & Kiran Nalaar
    SIDEBOARD: [3 cards] MINUS Leyline of Sanctity, Worship, Deflecting Palm ||| PLUS Dragon's Claw, Spellskite, Dire Fleet Daredevil

    The improvements were marked and expected. Mainboard: I already identified Chandra/Lightning Helix as my 59th/60th cards in need of upgrades. And, Pyretic Ritual? C'Mon! You know I can't quit you! You're back, baby. Sideboard: Dragon's Claw addresses omnipresent red. Spellskite is the same thing & redundancy for locks, plus it's a horror vs. Titi. Dire Fleet Daredevil is straight up a devious selection that capitalizes on the heavy spell decks that are everywhere. Honestly, if I had this construction in the early tournaments, I definitely think I could have swung an extra win in each round.

    Revised List

    So, this is a R/w Decklist, right? Then, where are the white cards? Maindeck count: 1. ONE? Well, in defense of Leyline, it IS a helluva choice. Besides, I was running Witchbane Orb in the maindeck for a while. To be fair, Engineered Explosives could be considered a white card, and it has been gangbusters. Well, is white worth it? Hmmmm. The answer is found in the sideboard. Enough? Well, maybe. White mana requirements severely hamper smooth land development. The recent adjustments may make a powerful case for R/W, but I'm going to rule in favor of.....

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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison || Goblinized Mono-Red Control : The Sideboard Deck

    Let's break it down. 1/4 of the deck is locks (15 spells), and that's before we even look at the sideboard which is straight up assassin. Point of order - I'm counting Eidolons as locks || the 4th wall.

    (7) Rabble. Like the count for Eidolon, this is 1 less than a traditional approach. It's a 2 color deck with loads of options that synergize, so space is at a premium. The Hazoret speaks for itself - being a god and all.

    4 Chandra. If I had any sort of filter, it would be 3. I count the 4th Chandra as my 60th spell. There are no other walkers. I've been unimpressed with Ajani, Vengeant. The best part of the Lion is the life gain. The blowing up of lands is generally useless, since they will have laid out a big enough board threat. The tap down option is also kind of anemic. Lastly, he comes in very low on the loyalty counter.

    4 Singletons. Slagstorm and Lightning Helix are self-explanatory. Collective Defiance was talked about above. Engineered Explosives is renaissance. It fills in as a 4th sweeper in the (75), offers an actual 1 drop [our only one] -- this becomes extremely valuable when facing Red Burn. But, also, it can blow out decks with lethal 2 drops like Jund/BG rock. It's an easy drop when we need to get under a bridge. I think it's a fine card to carry the Pyro, Prairie Prison banner.

    I've altered the count to diminish the Plains count, because it is so useless in game 1. And, in game 2, you just gotta hope it cracks out for finding white. But, it is not uncommon to get screwed out of white because you've raced out a Moon effect. This is an unfixable flaw in R/W. I am tempted to drop the rugged prairie for a mountain - gotta crunch some more numbers.

    Starting with the White spells, they are thermonuclear bombs: RiP, Leyline, and Stony. The only reason we are talking about this decks are these cards. Other white cards are Lightning Helix, Worship, Deflecting Palm, and Engineered Explosives. The Helix is the 59th card in the main deck, and is almost an abrade. Worship is a very late drop, but again - just game winning against certain decks that can not kill multiple creatures or enchantments (surprisingly that includes a lot of constructions). Deflecting Palm is the 'ace up your sleeve'. Like Batterskull, these cards are terrific additions when you're removing our #1 safety blanket: (4) Ensnaring Bridge. It makes you feel better about going full on Sword and leaving the Shields in the sideboard.

    I do not have this deck in paper, just on MTGO. It's been serviceable in performance. I've been trying a lot of variations and taking risky lines of play to learn the angles. Overall? Thumbs Up
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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison || Goblinized Mono-Red Control : The Sideboard Deck
    Hazoret is overwhelmingly strong. Recently, I've had 2 in the main, and only moved down to 1 for lack of space. Grafdigger's Cage is a must play in mono-red regardless of conflict with Chalice --- attrition what hurts us juuuuust might hurt them more.

    Gimps - you nailed it. Good Call. No second guess.

    Strong is the Natehill damage and liking the Ziggurot naming. Nothing is coming to mind that seems all that solid yet, though. You know? I mean 'Sun and Moon' have had years to come up with a cool deck name and pretty much ended their thinking with.....sun and moon. Since our variant is more aggressive, how about 'Freezer Burn'.

    Nope. At best, it sounds like a Batman Villain.
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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison || Goblinized Mono-Red Control : The Sideboard Deck
    Alright, before the R/w Boros Pyro Prison decklist (name yet to be determined, thinking....Candy Cane, SPF 61, White Sun, Gaslighter, Sunburn...all underwhelming). Anyhoo....

    MAINDECK --- Pretty typical (4+) Rabble // (4) Eidolon build. The only quirks are an absence of targeted removal and the addition of a single slagstorm and 1 collective defiance. Since it's a 3-module card, it's got a long story to tell about its right to be in the line-up. Sufficed to say that the occasions of 2-3 mode castings for serious game altering glee have been sufficient.

    SIDEBOARD --- A lot there, eh? 1st, Dragon's Claw. Yup. Have you seen the meta? IN. Similarly, Witchbane Orb covers burn and so many other combo decks. Batterskull? We did cover the burn topic earlier right? And, when you yank out all bridges, this is the best safety blanket you can hope to deploy. It's also terrific against mid-late game fair/control decks.

    It's been devised after a lot of testing. If pressed, I'd play this over any version of Boros Pyro Prison deck variant out there....wellllll, maybe. When you know that you're going to see a very high percentage of the same tiered decks that fall to white hoser cards then another prudent line of thinking might prevail.

    GL to all. May all your thrown boulders hit their mark!
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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison || Goblinized Mono-Red Control : The Sideboard Deck
    Welcome Gimps! And, points on your Rending Volley suggestion. Wise.

    A few voices not heard around the campfire for some time have returned. Fond head nods to tjuppus, joandpaulson, natehill61, and avalancherider.

    Strategy notes and a fixed sideboarding guide, as ever, are the #1 topic requested here. The primer information has aged. The concern is that today’s Pyro Prison decks are evolving at a rapid rate.

    CONSIDER: Showtime’s 6 trophy list in MTGO Modern Competitive Leagues is ONLY a few cards different from my published 5-1 $30 buy-in 1K list from November - when you account for Anger of the Gods. I did a 2/2 split while he put all 4 in the side.

    Buuuut, our sideboards are significantly different, because he has skillfully adapted to today’s meta. I had 3 sweepers main AND predictably faced 3 spirits decks that day. Showtime is packing No sweepers main. Instead they’re in the SB alongside Tons of graveyard hate.

    So, it’s tough to devise point-for-point swaps in a Sideboard Guide.

    On top of that, there is a renewed push to integrate White into Pyro Prison.

    Koth almighty!

    Teaser: I’ll publish my Boros Prison deck variant before FNM. Surprise additions?

    Main deck: Engineered Explosives
    Side Board: Worship
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  • posted a message on Pyro Prison || Goblinized Mono-Red Control : The Sideboard Deck
    Anybody else see this new R/w Boros Pyro Prison deck??

    I faced that R/w Dragonrider deck last (different pilot), and he 2-0ed me. Like a typical mirror, lucky draws play a big role. Nonetheless, it’s an intriguing list.
    Rule of Law (damping sphere) becomes quality
    Leyline of sanctity (witchbane orb) is a house WITH a huge back porch
    Rest In Peace (leyline of the void / ravenous trap) has lots of applications.
    Lightning Helix (abrade/magma jet) becomes necessary in a world of Burn. However, I’ve remarked before that the first 3 gained life is usually negated by fetch/shock.
    Stony silence (damping matrix) turns off mana abilities as well as green lights our use of Hazoret and Jaya.
    We’ve been putting 2nd string plAyers on the field forever. Why? Traditionally Pale Moon decks simply don’t win.
    Is this Meta the dawning of a new Red Sun rising?
    WHITE SUN???

    The deck is the definition of a Toolbox deck. All threats are frontloaded. The SB holds all answers. NOW, is this the new and next best??? Hmmmmm.....will merely say that it comes with mana discipline costs: R/W is hard to blend especially when you're trying to land a blood moon asap.

    I did take out a revision for a spin in the Competitive Modern Challenge. QUESTION: as ever and always |||| Is White Worth it?
    Well, in this rodeo. I am
    MAINDECK: (3) White spells --- troubling [2 helix and 1 ajani, vengeant]
    SIDEBOARD: (9) White Spells --- reassuring

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