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  • posted a message on Primer: Black/Red Vampires

    Black/RedVampires: Blood Runs Through The Night

    The Deck in Perspective

    Since the release of Zendikar Block, Vampires has become a rather influential player in the Standard format. But with the rotation coming this October, it is time to prepare the deck for changes and a new success in Modern. Modern currently is run by fast combo decks, 12Post, and Zoo. If people remember Vampires can succeed in almost any metagame and with the worst matchup being Valakut being banned in Modern, I think it is time for a renewal of the deck. So grab your stakes if you hate us, because it is time for a port to Modern. The deck has posted some of the best results in major tournaments since the creation of CawBlade and still it is being vengeful in Standard during its last weeks of infamy.

    Why Vampires in Modern?

    Vampires is one of those decks which can struggle through various forms of hate, and with control not being a deck to fear; it would seem as though Vampires is a deck many people think is too slow. Typically in Modern you have to win by turn 4 at the latest, and it seems like Modern is slightly faster than Legacy at the moment due to the lack of Mental Misstep which also gives Vampires an edge. The big reason why I feel it is time to make a Primer for Vampires is because of all of the cards available at our disposal with Modern. So the next phase is explaining the cards and options we have with Modern.

    The Nocturnal Suspects


    Vampire Nocturnus: This card originally was the ace in the hole in Mono-Black Vampires before Red was decided to be better when played with Vampires. It gives Vampires a major edge in Modern, and with various types of swords and equipment available, he holds his own.
    Pulse Tracker: This guy is one of the reasons I like the deck, he is a beater.
    Viscera Seer: Melira runs this as a piece to their combo and with Vampires having different ways to win, you want this one if we run the Kalastria combo.
    Kalastria Highborn: For Vampires to be viable in Modern this needs to be run, and seems like a solid clock for most decks like 12Post. This is a given creature in the deck.
    Dark Confidant: Depending on the list, I would run Mr. Bob because he is going to provide us insane card-advantage and gain the upper hand against decks like Zoo. I don't think he's a 4 of, but I am thinking he's pretty solid.
    Bloodghast: Bloodghast is iffy, because he doesn't have haste immediately, and that can hurt in a fast metagame. I do like this card, but maybe not in an aggro version.
    Vampire Lacerator: If anyone remembers Carnophage when Mono-Black aggro ran it, this guy is very similar but one big difference is that he's a Vampire. This card is a must if the build is aggro.
    Vampire Nighthawk: A 2/3 Flyer with Death-touch and Lifelink is very good in Modern. This card needs to be at least a 3 of in a new Vampires build for Modern. A lot of people have cut this guy in Standard, and I think that's a major mistake.
    Gatekeeper of Malakir: Cruel Edict on a 2/2 Body
    Vampire Hexmage: With decks in Modern relying on putting counters on things like Pyromancer Ascensionand Planeswalkers, I think this card would be wonderful at least in the Sideboard.

    Other Possibilities

    Mirri the Cursed: A 3/2 with Haste, Flying, and First-Strike plus having the ability to become bigger from damage to creatures seems pretty relevant in the current Modern metagame. She is something I would consider running as a 2 of or something. Just the ability to be a win condition with a Sword on her makes too much sense not to play her.

    Moroii: A 4/4 Flier for 4 Mana seems like a solid choice if we were to go a route involving Blue versus Red. I still think Red offers the best answers to the current format.

    Spellskite: I have this card in my Sideboard for Type 2 and I have been very impressed with how many games I can win with him out. Definitely a consideration at least for the Sideboard.

    Phyrexian Revoker: Sideboard, but I probably would stick with Pithing Needle instead.

    If anyone hasn't noticed the list of creatures is rather small because it is a tribal based deck.

    Other Spells

    Card Advantage

    Night's Whisper: This is an idea versus running Dark Confidant. It draws you 2 cards and is 1B to play. Nothing can beat Bob though.
    Aether Vial: Since this card is still legal, why not take advantage of it. Vampires are all small so it seems like a great way to deal with Zoo. I do not think Gatekeeper is playable though if Vial is in the picture.

    Thoughtseize: The best discard spell at Vampires disposal
    Blightning: I think that in order to survive in the current state of Modern you need to run disruption. Blightning fits very well into the theme of Vampires.
    Inquisition of Kozilek: Not as good as Thoughtseize, but if you are on a budget it would work.
    Extirpate: Very solid spell against Combo, and any deck practically that relies on the graveyard.
    Molten Rain: Good tech Sideboard against 12Post, or Tron decks.

    Dismember: Unnecessary since Smother, and Go for the Throat exist. Maybe Sideboard?
    Smother: This card is a house in the current metagame which is Modern. It kills everything but Primeval Titan and some others like Emrakul. I would highly advise this card!
    Go for the Throat: Our answer to half of the meanies in the format. I still think Smother is better cause it gets Inkmoth Nexus, and artifacts Affinity has.
    Lightning Bolt: Bolting something will always be my favorite choice in Magic. We should be running at least 3 of these, and possibly 4.
    Terminate: Also a decent option in terms of removal
    Bituminous Blast: Worth consideration since you could land a Nocturnus off of it plus its a great answer to Zoo, or in response to Splinter Twin.

    Sword of War and Peace: This is a house in Standard, so I can't see why it wouldn't be solid in Modern. I am running this in Vampires at the moment in Standard.
    Sword of Light and Shadow: If you cannot afford this, go for the Scars Block swords.
    Sword of Fire and Ice: See above statement


    Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth: The one good thing about this card is that it guarantees us that we will have the Black mana for Nocturnus or other cards.
    Marsh Flats: Pretty self-explanatory
    Verdant Catacombs: See above statement
    Lavaclaw Reaches: Man lands are still good even in Modern, and I would suggest a 3 of for this.
    Blood Crypt: The one nice thing is that Vampires will have various options due to having access to shock-lands in Modern via fetch lands.
    Tectonic Edge: The key to 12Post's demise, and various other decks.
    Bojuka Bog: Good for removing the graveyards of opposing Storm players or to stop Goyf from getting too big.


    Rain of Gore: Deals well with the Melira life combo and Soul-Sisters.
    Blood Moon: We will be running a decent amount of basics to make sure this does its job against 12Post.
    Pithing Needle: Solid against a lot of cards, i.e. Knight of the Reliquary, Viscera Seer, Elspeth, Knight-Errant, etc...

    That is all I can think of for now, please post lists and ideas for me to add to the Primer.
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  • posted a message on R.I.P. Vampires?
    I am 6 weeks running hot in events with Vampires and I do have secret tech, but very few people are going to get a hold of it. The key is running maindeck Nighthawk, and sword of war and peace. That is all the tech I will give away. I have 3-1, 4-0, 3-1, 3-1, 3-1, 3-1ed and gotten anywhere from 5th to 2nd to 1st in these events. The deck is not dead, and I will show people this at an IQ this weekend.
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  • posted a message on Modern Daily Results
    His list is more GW Maverick versus Death and Taxes as he is lacking the combo.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] W(x) Death & Taxes
    I agree with Daugarten about cutting revokers and keeping Kitchen Finks maindeck. Kitchen Finks helps you in your worst matchups ala Zoo, and aggro decks. I am finding that the deck has some inconsistency problems and I have decided that adding Emeria, Sky ruin might help the late game against a lot of decks.

    1. I have been considering suppression field but it would mean cutting vials, and nobody wants to cut vial.

    2. Timely reinforcements is decent against Zoo, and has helped but not before they regain control.

    3. To beat combo like ascension, etc... Angel's grace is needed, and I dislike mana tithe because it does nothing against most decks.

    I would recommend hokori in the SB against control and at least 3 ghostly prison. Zoo is a problem matchup and I am not sure what to do to fix it.
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  • posted a message on [ISD] Innistrad Art Gallery

    This looks too much like Sword of Light and Shadow because if you look at it closely, there is a shadow on the side, and the left side is light, plus the theme fits it so well. I expect they will reprint all of the swords from Mirrodin block for newer players to mess with. I think it will be like Scars block, and honestly the steam rising suggests raising the dead on a creature from a graveyard which is what the sword did. I am speculating massively on this card and have a feeling a lot of cool stuff is going to be reprinted for this set.
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  • posted a message on [ISD] Innistrad Non-Basic Lands
    It is very possible though or at least enemy fetch lands could also be possible. Remember those lands are probably worth nothing like Llanowar Wastes etc... They have to make money off of the set and it will end up like Zendikar with nuts stuff like fetches or shocks.
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  • posted a message on [ISD] Innistrad Non-Basic Lands
    I have been thinking about why they would reprint Ghost Quarter, and it dawned on me that the shocklands may be coming back.

    Think of the following plus the artwork I saw on MagicTheGathering.com that would suggest it. It is called concept artwork, but look at the picture above the preview for the new Liliana.

    To me this looks like a new picture for Watery Grave, and really all of the lands in Ravnica block fit the theme. The other big thing that would suggest this is the official format Modern and being able to have players not have to spend obscene amounts of money on the lands. The availability would increase, but this is just a speculation.

    These all fit the horror theme of Innistrad on the side where humans are not welcome:
    Watery Grave
    Overgrown Tomb
    Godless Shrine
    Blood Crypt
    Breeding Pool???(This one wouldn't fit, but could)

    These represent the Church of Avacyn, which is the group of humans and clerics that represent it.
    Hallowed Fountain
    Temple Garden
    Sacred Foundry

    My guess though is that a lot of horror based reprints are coming to feed the hunger for Modern as well and bring the prices down to Standard level versus Legacy.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] W(x) Death & Taxes
    Dau what's your list? Let me know
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  • posted a message on [Primer] W(x) Death & Taxes
    Grace is for Pyromancer's combo btw, and it hasn't really been useful other than that and Burn decks.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] W(x) Death & Taxes
    With the metagame as is, I would say finks saves me in a lot of games I should lose. Finks must stay in the deck, needle is much better and can't be burned out.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] W(x) Death & Taxes
    4 Ghost Quarter
    2 Tectonic Edge(Not sold on this, and it cuts into the manabase)
    16 Plains

    4 AEther Vial
    4 Path to Exile
    3 Oblivion Ring

    3 Kor Firewalker(noticing an increase in Zoo, and burn!)
    4 Serra Avenger
    4 Leonin Arbiter
    4 Kitchen Finks
    3 Stonecloaker(4 was too many!)
    4 Flickerwisp
    3 Mangara of Corondor
    2 Aven Mindcensor(not sure about this)

    2 Porphyry Nodes
    3 Angel's Grace
    2 Hokori, Dust Drinker(very good against control)
    3 Ghostly Prison(Aggro)
    3 Pithing Needle
    2 Leonin Relic Warden(to cheat out against various decks)
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  • posted a message on [Primer] W(x) Death & Taxes
    If you want to see my list, get on MTGO. M_Margolis1987 is my username
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  • posted a message on [Primer] W(x) Death & Taxes
    Round 1: I played against the stupid burn deck, and lost gm 1, to well-placed bolts, etc...

    G2: I won by locking him down with arbiter, and finks with avenger and other fliers

    G3: He was at 7 and top decked 2 burn spells to kill me which was not what I was expecting. I drew lands for several turns. (Me thinks that Kor Firewalker is going in the deck somewhere)

    Round 2: UW Control

    G1: He top decked

    G2: He ripped and top decked while at 1

    Results say this deck is awful atm
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  • posted a message on [Primer] W(x) Death & Taxes

    The worst matchups seem to be aggro based, and the deck is not super easy to play for someone who has know idea about it. I think Zoo is the worst matchup, and 12Post is not an easy matchup but at the same time not a bad one. You just need to mulligan differently with them. I would recommend going to 4 arbiter maindeck as it makes ghost quarter into strip mines, and affects the elves, and 12post matchups dramatically in our favor. The deck is meant to be a midrange combo control deck. I agree that Avengers cannot be cut, but I would consider possibly adding mirran crusader in the board for the zoo matchup.

    That is all I can say right now, I am somewhat impressed with nodes, and not sure about vat.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] W(x) Death & Taxes
    To any of you who are interested in seeing this deck in action. I am playing in the 4 RD daily for Modern on MTGO and will post my matches, and a description. I have been keeping my list under wraps for various reasons, but I most likely will share. My name on there is M_Margolis1987, if you'd like to watch the matches.
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