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    posted a message on [MH2] Corocoro.jp preview: :"Gift of the Fae" and retroframe Scale Up
    Quote from CatParty »
    What's the mystery - Who left this baby in the basket?

    No, the mystery is, "Who is the father?"
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    posted a message on [MH2] Mothership 05/21— Bundle Basics and Collector Booster contents
    I do miss classic land arts, just grandeur of simplicity, nothing complicated or overdone like today's lands.
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    posted a message on [MH2] where to find spoilers
    The absence of Professor would only make his words more believable.
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    posted a message on STX- Strixhaven: School of Mages- Worldbuilding and Story Discussion

    By FAR the best part of the Strixhaven stories, this story is so good it deserved to be expanded into a trilogy, with the other students stories interwoven with it.

    The main story has its good points, but it has too much CW teen drama vibe going on, although Professor Onyx is awesome in it. I simply see nothing in Lukka's character motivating him to do this kind of stuff and that is the other week point of the main story.

    The setting itself seems amazing, not just Strixhaven, but Arcavios, it deserves a trilogy with the Plane itself as the star with the five students the main characters, without all the Planeswalker drama. So much potential, an insane amount of potential with this incredible taste of what this Plane could be, that gets one so excited, but then we quickly move on.

    This is the problem with WotC deciding its not in the novel writing business anymore. Vast wasted potential. I really loved Quint's story (and the other 2) and especially Quint's story and I wanted more of that.

    Imagine these 5 characters and in a full sized novel, or better yet a trilogy.

    Proves that a world can have good stories without the meddling of PWs. I don't mind having PWs around so long as they respect the rules of the plane they're on. Despite Garruk's personality, he at least changes his attire base on the plane. He does it to better blend in, to hunt, but it's still more appropriate than Jace showcasing the same style blue robe everywhere he goes, or Liliana baring her breast regardless of custom.

    I'd totally read a story of the five students. They represent young people who're still seeking their growth and destiny, instead of adults who behave like children, such as some PWs. If anything, Liliana being a reformed black mage is perfect to guide young people of potential mistakes; she learned it the hard way. Five students would also make a great team given their magic, background, and personalities we see so far.

    Out of the five students, Killian is likely going to be the group leader. He's disciplined, introspective, and never stop improving, not to mention he already had experience in leading his peers. A leader must learn to question oneself, but not in a self-hindering fashion like Rootha. A leader needs to take charge, where I believe Quintorius prefers to stay back and provide support. A leader needs to have a stronger sense of right and wrong, and Dina is too playful (and daring) for that role. I don't know about Zimone yet, but I suspect she's more interested in academic study of unraveling the real world, rather than making improvement to it; constructive changes requires someone who had suffered intimately. It'd be nice to watch Kilian proves himself outside of his father's regulation, even if Embrose regards Kilian's success a result of fatherly tutelage.
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    posted a message on [Judge] Grand Arbiter Augustin IV and Karlov of the Ghost Council — Judge Promos for May to August
    Beautiful art, both of them.

    Quote from foam_dome »
    "Those who say money can't buy happiness clearly don't have enough."

    Spoken like a true 1%er

    He’s half right. Money can’t buy “every” happiness, but it can prevent certain misery from happening, such as unable to pay the medical bills for your loved ones.

    Though in Karlov’s case, it’s also possible that his joy comes solely from gathering more wealth, which indeed buys all of HIS happiness.
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    posted a message on [STX] Lorehold Excavation— NizzahonMagic preview

    Well it did for like almost 20 years now.

    White/Red basically only had the lifegain + burn going for it, and producing some fringe tokens here and there.

    Equipment and vehicle theme was a thing (and that was terrible as ever).

    All the other mechanics are super combat related.

    Here White/Red gets stuff that doesnt even look or feel white/red at all, much more blue/red in its spell themes (could basically just be Izzet cards and nobody would blink an eye) , and a bunch of 3/2 token production, which feels somewhat Selesnia Green/White , and some form of working with the graveyard, which has vibes of green/black recursion mixed in.

    White basically sacrificed all its identity and just does everything now, just do stuff.

    The White/red themes are all over the place now, but the lorehold themes are much better in any multiplayer / casual format, where any source of card advantage is king.

    Been playing since Tempest, so as far as I remembered white had always had permanent retrieval from graveyard, especially artifacts and enchantment, like using Mine Excavation/Replenish. While you call "working with the graveyard" a GB thing, Resurrection had been arpound since alpha, and Sun Titan is a widely popular card. How about Profound Journey? Emeria Shepherd? White also had token creation effect from graveyard, such as Funeral Pyre/Sanctifier of Souls. Red obviously contributes the spell retrieval part of the Lorehold WR equation. when you combine the graveyard affinity of both colors, you get Lorehold, the passionate historians.

    Lorehold is thematically fine, it's just different from what people were used to after years of Ravnica Boros contamination. The world of WR is much larger than Ravnica, all you have to do is look into older cards to learn about them. WotC was just being lazy and went with a popular design.
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    posted a message on STX- Strixhaven: School of Mages- Worldbuilding and Story Discussion
    I really wish Rootha was a thick, hulking girl.

    And base on the description, Witherbloom remains boring as ever. They could've made it a department that cast magic through physical exercise; weight lift, gymnastic, martial arts, yoga, etc. Individual training and betterment (black) fuels the vital force (green) needed to generate mana. Instead, we get a Golgari lite.
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    posted a message on New Strixhaven Character Reveal - Killian Lu and other "Face Students"
    I wonder if Ink Magic takes inspiration from Chinese calligraphy/painting.
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    posted a message on Secret Lair: Black is Magic
    Was Shalai suppose to be black?
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    posted a message on [KHM] Rally the Ranks— iyingdi preview

    Rally the Ranks 1W
    As Rally the Ranks enters the battlefield, choose a creature type.
    Creatures you control of the chosen type get +1/+1.
    (anyone know what the flavor text says?)

    Shared Destiny finally gets a one-sided version. Maybe Humans wants this?


    "Halvar created a triumphant joint force by rallied the deceased of each clan."

    That said, I think this and Shared Triumph are both great for dwarf-vehicle decks. Think we might see Unicycle here?
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