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  • posted a message on STX- Strixhaven: School of Mages- Worldbuilding and Story Discussion
    Killian’s sign language spells somehow reminds me of Avatar bending techniques.

    Embrose writing words in Killian’s hand to prompt him to speak was touching, good thing he’s not one of those overused stereotypical bad father trope.
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  • posted a message on Ranar and 2x Samurai of the Pale Curtain
    Just noticed this new reply. Thank you for updating regularly.
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  • posted a message on STX- Strixhaven: School of Mages- Worldbuilding and Story Discussion
    Zimone is, unfortunately, not likable. I understand they want to create a studious genius type, a proud independent female character, but she appeared overcompensated by the writer. She not only solved a puzzle of generations at the beginning of her second year (at 14!), she also easily overpowered the Oriq with that newfound spell i.e. it's as if she had time to practice it already. Zimone also presented a trigger-happy demeanor that feels more like arrogance than confidence. The dean might've been intrusive on Zimone's study and family business, but she did so out of care and legit concern, it's disheartening to see Zimone snapped at her just to demonstrate her "independence".

    Intelligence comes from talent and training, wisdom from experience, it's dangerous to be smart but unwise. Both Zimone and her story feels too much like Captain Marvel, Rootha's self-doubt by comparison was that much more relatable.

    And... Zimone looks so happy on cards, I did not expect to sense burden, anger, loneliness, misery en mass in her story.

    Now, I suspect the writer was told to rush this part of the story given how plot crumbled towards mid-end, which contributes to its lack of logic (such as how the Dean and friends found Zimone and why Zimone lett the Oriq go). The whole story feels as if trying to isolate Zimone in both power, experience, and social relationship. She may be fine with it, since she said in the story that studying is pretty much her life, but one can't help but felt forced.
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  • posted a message on Iname triggers with Hofri ghostmage
    Thank you for the knowledge!
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  • posted a message on STX- Strixhaven: School of Mages- Worldbuilding and Story Discussion
    Rushed. Too rushed. But given how quickly WotC wants to sell cards they cannot have a story linger too long, even if the world deserves a much longer and better story than this. A threat like Oriq should at least be as potent as the Equalists in Legend of Korra, not a pathetic group with a buffoon as head. If there's going to be a next block, I'd love to see the students lead an expedition to the Southern continent.

    The twins don't interest me during this arc, I preferred the time when they interact with Garruk since he makes an interesting mentor for the royal siblings. Funny how he got along with Will better than Rowan, given Will is blue and Rowan is red, and now there's Liliana whom he MIGHT make peace with for the sake of the twins, that'd be a foster family dynamic I want to see, with a white ghost (Gideon) being the odd uncle.

    The best part about this arc, aside from the wondrous plane itself, is Liliana coming to term with the death of Gideon. Rushed, but still a major character development for Lili as she now learned that she must live on for those who passed, remember them, rather than bringing them back to mortal lives. Maturity is when you choose not to abuse power.
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  • posted a message on Iname triggers with Hofri ghostmage
    While we're on the subject...

    I presume if my Yosei, the Morning Star died, it gets exiled by Hofri, but its death trigger still triggers, yes? And if Yosei's token died, it will also trigger its own death trigger even if it's a token?
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  • posted a message on STX- Strixhaven: School of Mages- Worldbuilding and Story Discussion

    By FAR the best part of the Strixhaven stories, this story is so good it deserved to be expanded into a trilogy, with the other students stories interwoven with it.

    The main story has its good points, but it has too much CW teen drama vibe going on, although Professor Onyx is awesome in it. I simply see nothing in Lukka's character motivating him to do this kind of stuff and that is the other week point of the main story.

    The setting itself seems amazing, not just Strixhaven, but Arcavios, it deserves a trilogy with the Plane itself as the star with the five students the main characters, without all the Planeswalker drama. So much potential, an insane amount of potential with this incredible taste of what this Plane could be, that gets one so excited, but then we quickly move on.

    This is the problem with WotC deciding its not in the novel writing business anymore. Vast wasted potential. I really loved Quint's story (and the other 2) and especially Quint's story and I wanted more of that.

    Imagine these 5 characters and in a full sized novel, or better yet a trilogy.

    Proves that a world can have good stories without the meddling of PWs. I don't mind having PWs around so long as they respect the rules of the plane they're on. Despite Garruk's personality, he at least changes his attire base on the plane. He does it to better blend in, to hunt, but it's still more appropriate than Jace showcasing the same style blue robe everywhere he goes, or Liliana baring her breast regardless of custom.

    I'd totally read a story of the five students. They represent young people who're still seeking their growth and destiny, instead of adults who behave like children, such as some PWs. If anything, Liliana being a reformed black mage is perfect to guide young people of potential mistakes; she learned it the hard way. Five students would also make a great team given their magic, background, and personalities we see so far.

    Out of the five students, Killian is likely going to be the group leader. He's disciplined, introspective, and never stop improving, not to mention he already had experience in leading his peers. A leader must learn to question oneself, but not in a self-hindering fashion like Rootha. A leader needs to take charge, where I believe Quintorius prefers to stay back and provide support. A leader needs to have a stronger sense of right and wrong, and Dina is too playful (and daring) for that role. I don't know about Zimone yet, but I suspect she's more interested in academic study of unraveling the real world, rather than making improvement to it; constructive changes requires someone who had suffered intimately. It'd be nice to watch Kilian proves himself outside of his father's regulation, even if Embrose regards Kilian's success a result of fatherly tutelage.
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  • posted a message on STX- Strixhaven: School of Mages- Worldbuilding and Story Discussion
    Quote from Mullerornis »
    To be fair Will flat out compared her to their mother, a known rapist and child murderer, simply because she didn't like to read.

    They're both incredibly awful to each other and I hate the writers for doing this.

    Will's comment was less about studying and more about Rowan's nonchalant attitude towards her responsibility and power, and Rowan indeed has been very imprudent given that she agreed to become a 'student', even hurried Will to travel, yet done very little academic work upon arrival, aside from enjoying the excitement of dueling and socialization, and her statement at the end of the chapter very much went accordance with her brother's view. Rowan literally lashed out at a Prismari student's pet simply because it reminded her of the Witherbloom pest... whereas the witch potion making reminded her of their mother.

    Learning comes only with true humility, and Rowan refuses to acknowledge her lacking. She's too afraid to admit her fear, and too powerful to be criticized; a dangerous combo

    I can see how Rowan wants to run away from the memory of two villains who harmed their father, yet both ironically made her more like what she wanted to escape from. This is where she drew her conclusion on "using any means possible to do what's right," but we all know how frequently that leads to a bad ending.
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  • posted a message on STX- Strixhaven: School of Mages- Worldbuilding and Story Discussion
    Am I the only one feeling that Rowan's "I wish you'd stayed dead," a little harsh? I mean it's her brother we're talking about. She yelled it in front of everyone and showed no regret afterwards, it's a little too sharp after merely a few verbal squabbles. Rowan had always been hotheaded, but I don't believe she was ever cruel.

    If this is WotC's method of pushing Rowan to be a "Dark Phoenix", then it's very poorly done. Her and Lukka are disappointing, and I'm tired of PWs being the catalysts and answers to all crisis on every plane. God, how I missed Kamigawa storyline.

    I'd rather read as story about the face students of Strixhaven. At least they're not bent on interplanar drama.

    EDIT: I love Valentin, his part shows that characters of every color alignment could show compassion in their own way.
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  • posted a message on [C21] Silverquill Statement— MTG Muddstah preview
    There's a surprising amount of white "catch up" cards in this deck, clearly contributed by Sheldon, and a welcomed one.
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  • posted a message on [Judge] Grand Arbiter Augustin IV and Karlov of the Ghost Council — Judge Promos for May to August
    Beautiful art, both of them.

    Quote from foam_dome »
    "Those who say money can't buy happiness clearly don't have enough."

    Spoken like a true 1%er

    He’s half right. Money can’t buy “every” happiness, but it can prevent certain misery from happening, such as unable to pay the medical bills for your loved ones.

    Though in Karlov’s case, it’s also possible that his joy comes solely from gathering more wealth, which indeed buys all of HIS happiness.
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  • posted a message on [C21] Lorehold Legacies— The Command Zone previews
    Which part of alibou's card make her white? The card could be monored imo

    White is the centric of small artifacts (i.e., Eggs, trinkets, equipments), which works best with Alibou's ability. White is also more inclined to scrying than red. Were it mono-red, it probably wouldn't have scrying at all, and the damage might be based on the highest cc artifact instead of numbers.

    Quote from Dontrike »
    Quote from NeedAMedic »

    White gets the most efficient removal, the best 1 and 2 drops, and goes back and forth with green for efficiently costed keyword soup creatures, like Baneslayer Angel

    Honestly, over the last few years is that true? What white removal was super efficient that wasn't a board wipe? What massive white soup creature was there since Dominaria? Blue seems to be getting far better removal and green tends to have far more efficient creatures that surpass white.

    I think that's a problem with WotC is that they don't seem to understand efficiency in 60 cards does not equate efficiency in 100 cards singleton. Yet, for the longest time they tried to create white cards in EDH base on 60 cards mentality, which is why they tend to suck. Instead of a 2cc 3/1, even a 2cc 5/1, they need more cards like Keeper of the Accord, and Archangel of Thune instead of Baneslayer.
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  • posted a message on Modern horizon 2 rumors (Possible leaks)
    I honestly feel that Modern Horizon is more like the original TIme Spiral set than anything else; a place designers can combine old mechanics and create something new.

    I care little for its balancing effect, but is Counterspell a good idea for the format?
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  • posted a message on Where to Find C21 previews
    LoadingReadyRun, never heard of that channel, and its contents appear to be outside of TCG?
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  • posted a message on Martyr's Bargain
    Quote from rowanalpha »
    Quote from FetalTadpole »
    I don't understand what this card is supposed to do. As written you draw a card when a creature you gave indestructible to (forever? I'm assuming it's supposed to be EOT) dies, but your description says you draw a card when a permanent that wasn't given indestructible dies.

    His intention was that each permanent targeted is either indestructible or effectively gains "When this creature dies, draw a card." (and I assume "until EOT" was intended for both.)

    So, first off, only creatures "die", other permanent types "are put into the graveyard". Only a semantical difference, but that's how they are templated. Tadpole is right that the wording needs to be cleared up to avoid confusion.

    Martyr's Bargain

    Choose X target permanents you control. You may have any number of those permanent gain indestructible until the end of turn. The rest of those permanents gain "When this card is put into the graveyard from the battlefield, draw a card." until the end of turn.

    Thank you, your wording is much clearer.
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