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  • posted a message on Commander 2020 lore
    Totally getting the Copper-coloured matte Dragonshield sleeves for my Mardu Precon deck. Smile
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  • posted a message on Core Set 2021 Speculation
    Some of these speculations seem pretty baseless though I share in ya'lls' hope for a few of them. I especially hope to see Davriel again as well as another oddball Monowhite walker that hasn't shown up in a core set yet.

    We know this is going to be a Teferi-based core set but I cannot determine whether it's gonna be a look at Teferi's past or a conclusion to the Zalfir arc. If the former I think we could expect a lot of callbacks to the Invasion and Mirage storylines, such as Phyrexians, Urza, the Jamuraan nations and the Weatherlight. If the latter is true then I expect to see more Jamuraan and Mirage callbacks but with a much looser theme.

    Blow are some of my guesses and a few of my hopes

    Mono blue PW: Teferi
    Mono black PW Davriel, Lili, or Ob
    Mono red PW No clue
    Mono white PW Teyo, or Elspeth
    Mono green PW Garruk, Yanggu, or even Arlinn
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  • posted a message on Home Interview of MaRo by The 'Professor' at Toarian Community College
    I'm optimistic. weirdly so all things considered.
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  • posted a message on Home Interview of MaRo by The 'Professor' at Toarian Community College
    Maro talks a lot, but he really didnt say anything worthwhile.

    They still make sets like they used to and work from home ... yea wonderful.

    And they want you to play digital for now, till they get paper magic back, then you can play however you want again (but actually play both digital and paper, to spend double the money).

    Nothing else of worth was said.

    I think there were actually a lot of noteworthy tidbits. One of the most important being that they are aware that some might being feeling anxious about the company's commitment towards paper, face-to-face Magic and that the crisis and Wizards' response to it may reflect a 'hollowing' out of the offline community. MaRo effectly said that while digital MtG is becoming increasingly popular, it still doesn't represent the majority method by which the game is enjoyed by most players and that they remain dedicated to supporting a game that is largely played offline, often in a local gamestore environment.

    That is not to say that there couldn't be any PR tricks here such as the avoidance of contrary evidence and the emphasis of those facts supporting MaRo but as 'the Professor' stated, the point of this interview isn't to critically analyze WotC policy but come together as a community and reassure one another and learn how MaRo (and I assume WotC) wants us to understand COVID's impact on the game and its creatve process.

    Another major point I found was that we might see more individually created designs as a result of this crisis. While team meetings and cross-company co-ordination is still happening, it seems as though MaRo and maybe a few others are perhaps spending more individual time making cards as opposed to doing other company-associated activities relevant to their job. Expect more cutesy cards and mechanics that individual creators have more personal associations with rather than team-associated experiences. The most important job would therefore be to try to maximize the good that comes from that while taking measures to diffuse any negative consequences that could also arise.

    I think as a fan-base we are sometimes a bit overly-negative. Why not take a deep breath and celebrate what we all share in common?
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  • posted a message on Home Interview of MaRo by The 'Professor' at Toarian Community College
    Somewhat comforting interview of MaRo by The Professor on COVID's impact on physical play and R&D:


    WoTC seem to be well-oiled card making machine. I'm impressed at how well they've adapted to the crisis in making the products as far as design goes.
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  • posted a message on "Children of the Nameless" Free ebook removed from Mothership
    Quote from 5colors »

    When we learned more about behind the scene for the Bolas arc they said Dovin and Kaya had been created for the Ravnica 3/War of the Spark storyline and had been put into Kaladesh and Conspiracy Take the Crown to introduce them some before hand and I wondering if they did something similar with some of the other planeswalkers such as Dav, Yanggu, Vivien and Angrath for War of the Spark and future stories. Maro said Kasmina is a character pulled from a future storyline they decided to give a tease for. Sanderson said originally Dav was also a future character that was being in the process of being in a currently drafted story (wanna say they needed a mono-black character and rest was up to Sanderson) which might have been War of the Spark but might also been little intro set for a bigger story line*.

    *like main set big not necessarily being big story arc.

    I think you're on to something here.
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  • posted a message on Return to Amonkhet ideas
    I would like Nissa or someone 'nature-themed' to return there and help heal this place. I really enjoyed the visuals of Amonkhet and I think a 'Dusty-old Egypt' theme would feel best if those exploring the past worked successfully towards building a future for the plane.

    Death and Rebirth are powerful themse in Egyptian Mythology and maybe Nissa, Hazoret and Samut could find something within Amonkhet's past that could help rekindle life for the plane. Such a story would need the following elements:

    Setting the stage:
    Good worldbuilding on how locals have adapted to problems old and new. Remember this is a people who had every menial labour done for them by zombies. Not only do the locals need to forage and grow thier food in a pretty harsh place (TWO SUNS!! No night?)but they would have to relearn the old ways of agriculture, child-rearing and social organization absent of most of thier mummified staff. (Some necromancers though I imagine though would remain alive and useful)Luckily, Hazoret was originally a goddess of hearth and home. Family, industry and innovation in addition to the warrior's zeal she has come to represent are important domains for a people lacking cultural memory of these things. For these reasons, I think it makes sense that she would be a character that would largely remain at whatever home-base the people devise amongst the ruins of Naktamun. There are gods, demons, undead and wors amidst the deserts of thier world that she would need to guard against. Maybe there's even a time crunch that spells impending doom if the searchers fail? The Locust and Scarab god returning with an unholy horde, driven mad by their God Pharoah's fall from grace.

    This would also allow a real sense of danger for those main characters who must journey into the desert largely alone (without gods or huge armies) in search of answers. Maybe there'd be several Crops or teams that would go out and venture forth (Stargate SG1 vibes)

    The Journey:
    Isrealite forays into the wilderness, Horus's exile in the desert, I could go on. The hero's journey needs to take them far away in thier search for answers to problems, but as this would be a "dusty old Egypt" I expect that much of the danger would be found amongst trap-filled ruins with secrets of the past to unravel.

    The Discovery:
    Something about the plane and its past people is discovered, perhaps with a problem attatched. The heroes have to undertake drastic measures and there may be personal sacrifice invilved. In a Nissa story, this would probably involve her metting face to face with the Plane's Worldsoul and figuring out some way to heal or 'reset' the world's leylines aright, and it would come at a steep price. Maybe someone has to die or give up something. Again Life and death were very cyclical in Egyptian myth. In the past, such 'mendings' usually required a planeswalker's spark of something equivelent.

    The Climax and resolution:
    Home is endangered and the Heroes must now return with the knowledge or power they recieved. In the process, gods are killed and perhaps reborn, loved ones perish but the world and its people are largely saved, even if barely. Amonkhet's people have re-inherited thier earth. To make the future even more clear from the Bolas-past. Perhaps the gods leave to heal the plane at large?
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  • posted a message on Commander legends speculation
    The If/When theme on Maro's Blogatog site on April 26th might give some insight as to what we might expect. Highly speculatory I know and it's only his opinion on if or when we can expect certain things in the future but since this thread is already speculatory I might as well send a link.



    I'm excited that Davriel is a "big when".
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker Points are being removed at end of May
    I'm actually surprised it took them this long. Nearly all companies with an online presence requires an account with thier main site now. The use of big and small data is key to any company's growth.

    Kinda scary but it's nothing new.
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  • posted a message on Speculating the Plotlines for Zendikar Rising
    Not takers eh? Darn
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  • posted a message on "Children of the Nameless" Free ebook removed from Mothership
    Well this is good news:


    I totally expect him to be in the 2022 Core Set, or perhaps a suppimental, non-standard set. I do not however expect him to be in any non-core, standard legal sets anytime soon as everythig coming out has been in the works for quite some time. He barely made it in WAR and that was only because they needed a new Mono B planeswalker with a discard theme, which Dav happened to fit perfectly.

    Interestly in Maro's article today he talks about the struggle they had with trying to include a three-colour planeswalker before they settled upon Narset, and Nahiri as R W B was mentioned as a possibility. While this was a hypothetical exercize and doen't mean Nahiri is necessesarily in these colours per se, I think it does confirm the fact that WoTC still sees Nahiri as a revenge-bent and a possible antagonistic force. Black isn't necessarily evil I know, but it often ends up there and the fact that they considered it for Nahiri fortells her being in a dark place still. I totally expect her and/or Sorin to be antagonsits in the Zendikar Rising set, with thier grudge endangering Zendikar's recovery.
    I know, grossly off-topic. Sorrynotsorry
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  • posted a message on [IKO] Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths- Ebook and Story
    I miss when the creative team releaseD weekly short story articles on the Mothership website every Wednesday.

    I miss when they had control over the lore.

    I actually miss the Gatewatch saga, which I was never an opponent of.

    I miss looking forward to the lore each week. Like episodes of a TV show.

    I miss arcs like Battle For Zendikar, Shadows Over Innistrad, Amonkhet and Ixalan. For example. Looking back, there have been some amazing stories in this game and from the Gatewatch era. Magic Origins was such a fond time for me too.

    I miss Kelly Digges and Alison Lurhs

    I miss actually longing for Theros to get similar treatment to all the other blocks that got weekly stories.

    But most of all, I miss the time before Nic Kelman and his friend Greg Weisman outright annihilated this entire franchise and compromised my love and passion for it. None of this as any criticism to the author or book here, I just can’t believe where we are in general on this storyline forum, where I’ve made some of my fondest posts before. Now I don’t even have the heart to open a thread here and read it thanks to Kelman and his gaggle of goons. (No, that doesn’t include Wrexler, Kate Elliott or Sanderson)

    I don't think it's been enough years to remember the old paradigm through rose-tinted glasses. Battle for Zendikar's storyline was a mess, and the writing quality was more often than worse than than what we have today, minus a one or two examples; I do however agree with those who associate most of the current storyline's issues with Nic Kelman's management of the file.

    I like the Gatewatch. I also like storylines and narratives beyond the Gatewatch though I kinda feel like thier use of such a breathing room is peculiar. I thought Eldraine was well done and while the writing quality of Ikoria's story was similarly exemplary, I do question the cliffhanger and the main character's sudden face-heel turn. If the ride were slower and longer I think it would have made a bit more sense.

    None of these stories really connected or lead to something beyond themselves aside from Garruk being cured and our realization that there's a 'meddler' on the loose. I was okay with Eldraine being a cute stand-alone but by now I'm feeling kinda restless.
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  • posted a message on [IKO] Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths- Ebook and Story
    Quote from user_938036 »
    The sheer amount of mutations happening on the plane is a relatively recent thing so its not as though there had been no patterns of stability to the pane's past.
    Quote from Flisch »
    Sure, you could say that the whole mutating thing is recent but A) it's still not aesthetically pleasing if you don't know the history and as such have a special connection to it (like Dominaria does) and B) in that case you really need to show hints as to what the world was before, with ruins and so on (like Dominaria does). For all intents and purposes, Ikoria has no "before state".
    Where is it stated or hinted that the mutations are a new development? With only one person mentioning it I assumed it was wrong but two people and now I'm looking for a source but can't find one.

    It's near the beginning of the book when the General and his daughter are debating the danger of Lukka's bond. It's not that mutations themselves are unheard of but rather the sheer degree and number of these mutations relative to what occurred the past.

    Just finished reading the book, skipping parts I found less interesting.

    Overall, I am actually a little bit disappointed, because although the writing was fairly good the worldbuilding felt a bit shallow and there are large discrepencies between the book and the cards. It's as if the people making the game product weren't aware of the author's narrative aside from a very broad sketch.

    Lukka does not meet the flying cat on the parparet and throughout the book is far more dismissive of the beast than the cards depict. Sure, he feels some pain when the beast dies but that is not the reason for his wanting to invade Drannith. In his heart, Lukka just wants to return to his old life but maddenly tries to achieve that by committing himself to acts he cannot return from.

    From what Maro said, we know this set was pulled from its previous slotted and planned release to the present when it as determined to make Eldraine only a single set. While I don't know if this was enough to rush the developement of its worldbuilding (Theros seems 'whole' enough aside from the lack of an actual story), I do wonder if that move had an effect.

    Y'know it's funny but I'm actually beginning to miss a general central arc of some sort. I liked Eldraine but I'm not a fan of Ikoria.

    Having now read the book, I can confidently agree that the Ozolith's manipulator was likely a planeswalker, who seems to be abe to use people's own motivations to bend and twist them to his will. Unsure whom it was but probably someone whose narration we havn't seen before.

    Edit: I was confused on Jirina's comment to Viv on what to relay to Lukka if she see's him. I mean the guy's a murderer, killing hundreds if not thousands of coppercoats and civilians. Lukka's a sad little man who let his own inflexible desires and a schemer get the best of him.
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  • posted a message on [IKO] Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths- Ebook and Story
    Quote from Mullerornis »
    Well, there are slurrs against Lavabrink. And Skysail is nomadic.

    True. Skysail is nomadic, though I meant terrestrially nomadic where camps are regularly packed and moved to a new spot as opposed to being vehicles in which one lives in. Though even this is fair but I'm just surprised nomadic living is an exception rather than the rule.

    Edit: cooperation or even mutual toleration need not require all parties to think highly of or even like one another. Are there any examples of wars and battles between the three major sanctuary cities?
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