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    posted a message on Willbreaker questions
    Quote from Craterallus »
    "For the erratic portal specifically as the controller of the creature you choose whether to pay the 1 or not."

    Which, if I am understanding you correctly, is me. I control the creature because I took it over with willbreaker when I targeted it with the erratic portal.

    That's an interesting point about targeting with spells which only target creatures opponent controls. So like, a Harbinger of the tides would target a tapped creature an opponent controls but with willbreaker in play I would gain control of the creature targeted by Harbinger of the tides

    Correct. Erratic Portal only cares who is the controller of the creature at the time it resolves so you as the current controller would decide.

    Harbinger of the Tides has a 'may' clause in its ability that you decide on resolution so you wouldn't have to return it if you didn't want to, but because it specfies tapped creature an opponent controls if you control the creature or it becomes untapped before the ability resolves it will be countered for lack of a legal target so you don't get the option. Similarly Petty Theft specifies '...an opponent controls' so you would gain control of the creature and then the spell would be countered for lack of a legal target.
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    posted a message on Inalla + Realmwright
    Realwright has a static ability that only works as long as it is on the battlefield and each instance is separate so if you name Mountain with the copy and it leaves the field you will no longer have the added mountain suptype.
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    posted a message on Cowardice questions re:targeting
    Quote from Craterallus »
    I thought so.

    So the same would hold true for temporal distortion ? Putting an hourglass counter on a card does not count as targeting and will not trigger cowardice?

    Correct. Because Temporal Distortion does not use the word target it will not trigger Cowardice.
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    posted a message on [M21] Sublime Epiphany
    At 6 mana it's too expensive to see any real competitive play, but holy smokes my johnny senses are tingling. When you can get the value out of this it's awesome.
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    posted a message on Banned and restricted announcement June 1st and change to companion
    Quote from Borealis »
    Phasing 101:
    Your creature does not leave or enter the battlefield.
    It is considered to just not exist on the board.
    It returns during your next untap step.
    Any auras or equipment attached to it are also phased out and phase back in when it does.
    Any counters on it stay on the creature.
    This does not kill tokens.

    Flicker 101:
    Your creature leaves the battlefield, then returns to the battlefield.
    It moves from the battlefield to the exile zone then back again.
    The duration is based on the card.
    Any equipment attached to it fall offs, while auras are permanently exiled.
    Any counters on it fall off.
    This kills tokens.

    Flicker was originally part of Phasing. More likely than not, Phasing will be easier to grasp for new players when they interact with it on Arena than in paper.

    I mean you are getting several things wrong in your explanation of it so it seems like it's harder than you think to understand it.
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    posted a message on Ban and Restricted announcement on 18th May 2020
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Quote from NGW »
    The important takeaway from this:
    Cards that are banned in Vintage are not legal in Commander.

    But that’s only

    And the throw cards in the air

    I think restricted is what’s happening

    And almost no brainer Lurrus of the Dream-Den likely to get the restricted

    Restricting Lurrus doesn't do anything though. You already can only run one copy because his companion ability makes him unuseable in the main deck at the same time.
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    posted a message on Kaheera question
    Quote from The Fluff »
    If I don't have any copies in the sideboard, I can't declare it as a companion?

    guess I'll just use it as a normal creature then. All creature in my deck are cat, so I satisfy his requirements.

    The requirements only apply if you want to use them as a companion. If you want to use them as normal creatures you can simply slot them into your deck with no deckbuilding restrictions. Only if you want to put one in your sideboard to be specially cast as a companion do you need to meet the restrictions.
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    posted a message on Multiple Harness the Storm, 1 target in graveyard
    It is a new object because it changed zones. You will be unable to cast it with the second trigger.
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    posted a message on Hostage Taker and Uro
    If a card would go to any players hand, graveyard, or library other than its owner it instead goes to its owners respective zone. So if you cast Uro in this manner it will enter the battlefield, you will draw a card, gain 3 life, have the option to play a land, and then it will be sacrificed and put into your opponent's graveyard.
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    posted a message on Opponent stalls and drags match for over 40 min.
    It's always weird to me when people do this. They are wasting their own time too.
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