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  • posted a message on [STA] Divine Gambit— Jorge Luengo preview
    Quote from Guardman »
    You know what, I am going in the opposite direction. I am actually going to say that I have used it pretty well in limited. It's cheap removal that can usually be gotten late. Kills Narfi dead, for good. And once the opponent gets empty handed it is basically a two mana unconditional exile.

    Yeah it's sort of like Path to Exile where you don't really want to be doing it on turn 2/3, but when you cast it on turn 7 it's reasonable. This isn't as good as path of course, but similar.
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  • posted a message on Lotus Seed
    Seems fine. I'd probably make the name something more planeswalker-y if you have the loyalty removing ability or maybe some neat flavor text like, 'In times of great need the Lotus was known to find other sources of mana to feed from'
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Eradicator Valkyrie— Carlos Romao preview
    How relevant is hexproof from walkers in standard right now? Cause otherwise this feels like Nighthawk Scavenger for one more mana. The boast ability is cool and all, but saccing one of your one creatures to make them sac one of theirs is one of theirs is medium at best. Maybe it'll be better than I think though with making blocking akward.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Search for Glory— Rodrigo Septién preview
    Quote from leslak »
    Oh are we doing "gideon found things that he disliked in theros amusing in other planes" again?

    Card is good, a worse Idyllic Tutor for enchatments but you can pick lands (snow and legendaries) and some historic cards? And you still can gain up to 3 life? Yeah, card is good.

    You can also pick snow cards that aren't permanents. Not sure how relevant it will be of course, but a card like Blood on the Snow being a snow wrath could definitely be important.
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  • posted a message on Does a +1+1 counter remove a -1-1 counter
    As a state based action when plus counters and minus counters are both on a creature you will remove X counters of each type where X is the lesser number of each type. So if you have 2 minus counters and 4 plus counters you will have just 2 plus. If you have 10 minus and 1 plus you will have 9 minus. The main take away however is that this happens as a statebased action. So if an undying creature with a plus counter on it has enough minus counters placed on it for it to have toughness less than 0 it will go to the GY as having both types of counters on it so it will not trigger undying.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Blood on the Snow (LEAK)
    I dunno it seems reasonable as a 1 of in standard if there are other reasonable snow pay offs. Wipe the board and bring back Teferi, Master of Time (or other planeswalker/creature) seems like a pretty strong play against a lot of decks. It's not a 4 mana wrath to clear the board and make sure you live spell, but a turn 8/9 wipe the board, get some value, and start setting up.
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  • posted a message on [KHM] Rise of the Dread Marn (Leak)
    This is a great use of foretell, very skill intense as the enemy knows it's coming, and yet hard to stop especially at the low cost of a single black mana.

    You exile the card face down when you foretell so theoretically they won't know for sure it's coming. Of course if only one foretell card sees play in a deck they'll know anyway.
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  • posted a message on New Card type: Plot
    So right off the bat you have to have a way to set at least one 'start' or 'end' effect because right now you can never have a start or end since there's never a start or end to do the opposite of.

    Your effects thematically don't make a lot of sense. What makes this a 'plot'? Like a plot would make more sense if you had to play another plot on top of a starter plot and it gained effects based on how many there were or what choices were previously made. Like if it were 'Plot- draw a card for each plot before this' and 'Plot- Final plot sacrifice all plots you control and each opponent sacrifices X creatres, loses X life, and you draw X cards'. Or if you had Plots that were specifically a start and ones that were specifically an end.

    And as a side note your current effects aren't powerful enough. Unless you do a mutate type deal where with every new plot the previous plot effects happen again.
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  • posted a message on Livio and Bouncing MDFCs
    Quote from Ebonezra »
    OK, so the language of the land side still says "You may play this with the land face up?"

    Yes, but it refers to the specific game action 'play' a land. When something is entering the battlefield from exile like with Livio you cannot choose to 'play' it. It just enters the battlefield face up.
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  • posted a message on Livio and Bouncing MDFCs
    When a double face card enters the battlefield it will always enter face side up. The only exception is the new double face cards from zendikar rising with a land on the back. These are able to be played as a land, but only following normal land drop rules (once per turn, sorcery speed, etc). When a card enters the battlefield from exile as with an effect like Livio you cannot choose to 'play' that land it just automatically enters as the face up side of the card.
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  • posted a message on Hapatra ruling
    Quote from Hard_Gim »
    Hello, I was searching about Hapatra and Phyrexian Hydra and found this post.
    My question was more about how Phyrexian Hydra ability works.
    Do we put a stack of -1/-1 counters in one go or do we put multiple times a -1/-1 counter ?
    Reading the card I am a little confused, I was doing it in one go but my fellow players said it reads a 'Put "A" -1/-1 counter on Phyrexian Hydra for each 1 damage prevented this way' so it is one at a time.

    You put them all on in one shot. Basically you prevent all the damage, calculate how much damage is prevented, and then put that many counters on the Hydra. Also in general you should just make a new thread if you have a question. It makes it easier to catalogue and for people to search for answers to questions later if they are separated out.
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  • posted a message on Mono-Colored Fetch Lands
    If your only goal was a cheaper fetchland you could just do a Bad River cycle, but with the fetched land entering tapped rather than the fetch land. They'd definitely be worse enough than current fetches that no one would run them except as a budget option.
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  • posted a message on Slowly getting back in and I have a question.
    Quote from Shadow345 »
    Because banned as companion was 'too complex' which is a complete underestimation of the intelligence of the average player.

    When the average player figures out deodorant I'll have more faith in bans like that.
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  • posted a message on Shiny Impetus destroyed by instant during an attack. Does it still trigger?
    Once attacks are declared the triggered ability occurs. Once an ability has triggered (or been activated) it resolves independently of its source so even if the source is destroyed the ability will resolve like normal unless the ability specifically requires the source to still be around. In order to prevent the trigger they would need to destroy the enchantment before attacks are declared.
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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted announcement September 28th
    I'm not sure what people wanted. They were never going to ban 4 cards from a deck so they picked the card with a lot of utility that has been causing problems. Let's give it a week to see how the metagame changes before we start screaming. At the very least this give counterspell decks a better way to combat the deck now that one of the biggest sources of inevitability is gone.
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