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  • posted a message on Why I have no friends, a Kozilek Story
    Quote from Helnas »
    Alright. Ive switched the commander out for the commander who can counter stuff with menace. Still really strong but i get less hated for it.
    Im still the archenemy if i get a few mana rocks going but i dont feel like such a dick for it

    Same! I prefer the newer one and that is one of the reasons. They still recognise me as a huge threat, I've done many comebacks and takeovers with Kozilek and friends.
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  • posted a message on Why I have no friends, a Kozilek Story
    That Voltaic Key is amazing!

    And this colourless futuresight:
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  • posted a message on Why I have no friends, a Kozilek Story
    If this is still alive:
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  • posted a message on Why I have no friends, a Kozilek Story
    Quote from Rasputin101 »
    Is there a reason you haven't included Karn, the Great Creator in your list? It seems extremely good early for cutting out other players Sol Rings, Mana Vaults, Grim Monoliths, etc? You could then include Mycosynth Lattice for multiple win cons. Turn off everyone else's lands with Karn out, wipe everyone else's permanents with Darksteel Forge/Nev's Disk.

    I’ve tested Karn 3.0 both using a sideboard to find mycosynth lattice and having the lattic in the 99.
    The problem is the deck only runs a handful of creatures he’s very difficult to keep alive.
    With the other three walkers I run, I play them, use an ability (which is removal) and can’t then bank on them sticking around. If they live (which is never),great. If the die (they always die), so be it.
    For Karn to be of any use he has to be protected. All that happens with the Karn/lattice combo is every player for a full rotation simply attacks Karn to death and the combo is ended. If you can’t tap your llanowar elves for mana what do you do with it? Smash it into Karn.
    I’m not saying he’s a bad card and in the right deck it’s a table scoop but to run him I need to add so many more blockers it just becomes about trying to get one fragile combo to take.

    I also used to run mycosynth lattice for a while but found it to underperform somewhat so needed up removing it. Without Karn out and only a small number of ways to tutor For Karn, it’ll just be a dead card again

    Also it sucks that he goes from being a 4 mana drop to atleast a 10 drop, just because he will never be able to survive. And its like you say, its because we barerly have any blockers. And people know what's coming.

    EDIT: Thats also why I don't play the other 4 drop. I have both Ugins and Karn Liberated, they're atleast a one for one. A answer for a problem.
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  • posted a message on Small yet satisfying EDH plays
    Quote from d0su »
    Every time I discard Squee, Goblin Nabob to a Goblin Lore or Wild Guess... highly satisfying.

    Simply not casting any spells when my opponent has an early Mystic Remora. Especially when the other players follow your lead.

    Destroying the Howling Mines and still hitting all my land drops while my opponents stall at 4 or 5.

    These spark joy

    Definetly when everyone plays around cards like Remora and Rhystic. Thats so satisfying. And sometimes they really do not have anything to play besides it.
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  • posted a message on What does the ideal meta look like to y'all?
    I just want a good group of players that have fun together. Rest of it sort of solves itself.
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  • posted a message on What are fun proactive decks
    I saw someone mentioning spinning the wheel with Mayael? Why not spin the wheel with Nekusar?

    I like Nekusar as a commander and deck. You can still be that main threat, but wins do not come that easy as some may think. You take quite a lot of focus from the game, but it takes some time to get going. The only "inf" combo I have is Curiosity with old Niv, but its mostly there to make Nekusar into a "fair" Consecrated Sphinx. I don't run Howling Mine effects except for Nekusar. If they're gonna get cards it usually from a Wheel. Sure, it CAN win out of nowhere, but its still a maybe most of the times. Otherwise it takes some pieces to get going.

    Still, It has potential to win quickly, gets a lot of attention, but I mostly chill and pick my spots when to play Nekusar and when I can go for the kill. Dealing with the board with some removal and counters is always nice. I like to wheel if someone tutors. Its even better when they actually ahve to reveal the card, then I can make an assesment for if its ok or not.

    Btw Xantcha is a really fun card to include. It does a lot of work.
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  • posted a message on Why I have no friends, a Kozilek Story
    I get what you mean. I just did a 1 for 1 trade there because it was 5 min before the match and I couldn't chose what to remove haha. But yeah, Azor's Gateway really is a hit or miss. I can easily see it removed from the deck, even tho its a nice 2 drop. And I also understand about the money thing haha.
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  • posted a message on Favorite Legend/Secret Commander in 99
    I guess Xantcha, Sleeper Agentin Nekusar. I added her quite recently and she has done so much damage and impact on the game the few times she resolved. She does what I want her to do. Take some focus off of me, gets the game going and she can be a 1 for X. One game she did like 30 damage. And she isn't my wincon or anything, she's one in the 99.

    EDIT: Otherwise, Sakashima the Impostor that copies Nekusar is pretty darn good!
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  • posted a message on Why I have no friends, a Kozilek Story
    I removed Duplicant for the new Ugin as a test since they fill the same spot.. I still haven't gotten a Blast Zone since there's too much prerelease hype about the card. And I can't spend money however I want atm.
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  • posted a message on Shirei or chainer?
    Shirei is very build around and specific. Often times, the builds I've seen has been stax like decks that groind your opponents out and finishes things with cards like Kormus Bell + Urborg. Chainer opens up a wider/more general playingfield for you. Ye old big mana and reanimating strategies and what not. And I've seen him putting up results as well.

    But good reasoning with how you're gonna start, who knows, maybe you'll order the rest for Shirei later.
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  • posted a message on The Best Draw Cards in EDH
    Quote from Rasputin101 »
    rings of brighthearth
    One of my pet cards. If your commander has an activated ability it's amazing. It doubles what you're trying to do, whether it's stealing with marieke ri beret or drawing cards with arcanis the omnipotent, rings shine!

    Edit: I did not read the title correctly. I thought you wanted best cards in EDH. I missed the draw part but accidentally kinda got it right lol

    I so badly want to build a nice Arcanis deck haha. He's just too sweet. But making a mono blue deck can be quite difficult. Especially now when I don't have my Mind over matter, Force of Will and other cards. Feels like Arcanis will just eat a bunch of removal and will never stick.

    Memory Jar is quite beefy and I see it as one of the best carddraw spells. I think it got banned before or just after its first print in Urza's Legacy.
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  • posted a message on Why I have no friends, a Kozilek Story
    I guess you saw the new update? About wishboard not being a part of the game? I still think new Karn is good enough as he is. He's different than Null Rod since he actually does something! And LOTS OF PEOPLE play artifacts. New karn can also still get back artifacts which have been exiled from our own exile effects like Relic and co. or your opponents exile removal. You can also still play lattice in the deck and it gives more incentive to play old karn as well (which i already do). They still say that its up to the group tho with wishboards.
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  • posted a message on Crazy Plays in EDH.

    I won another match with Lazav, the Multifarious who was a Slippery Scoundrel for 10-12 turns via Commander Damage because Hokori, Dust Drinker was "too efficient" at locking down the board. Aweful round, memorable sequence.

    Nice! Its like when I won through Humility with my Ruhan of the Fomori giant tribal deck. I had Aggravated Assault out and attacked every round against the Humility controller multiple times, 1 damage a time. Funny thing is that it did let me choose who I wanted to attack.

    Quote from Dunharrow »

    Nice play!
    How are you liking Geode Golem? Seems sweet on turn 3 with haste, but i imagine a lot of the time it is not doing as much.

    I play Geode Golem in Kozilek v1 and v2 and it rarely gets to stick.I've attacked like, four times with it and it connected twice. Really sweet both of the times. I do run the two boots to give it haste so it has some support.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Karn, Silver Golem
    Quote from Burntgerbil »
    Great to hear that you're still playing and Karn is getting at least *some* kind of love from you still.

    War of the spark looks alright! So far, I'll be testing at least these couple of cards:

    I'm hoping we get a few more new gems in WOTS and Modern Horizons.

    Haha, yeah, making all of those mana rocks swing is so good. He can create quite the boardstate. Can swing for so much damage.

    And yes, I will also probably test/get all of those cards!
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