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    posted a message on Commander Banned and unbanned announcemnt
    Quote from Crazy Pierre »
    We had a weekly "Gauntlet" event on Sundays in Ottawa for close to 10 years until the organizers moved on.

    Round 1: 4-player pod, no infinite combos. 1 point per player killed, 1 point for last-person-standing.
    Round 2: 2 v 2, but players on same team were diagonal from each other like so:
    You could table talk but if you wanted to ask about casting a card in your hand, for example, you had to show the whole table.
    Round 3: 1 v 1
    You had to use the same deck throughout, so you got some pretty neat showings. Ad Naus won a lot, but then meta adjusted and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben shows up, or Thrun, or Azusa. Entrance was $5 store credit and it was split among top...8? I think. It's been a while.

    Wizard's Tower did pre-con leagues pre-pandemic, everyone got a pre-con and you all battled in a pod of 4. Then next week you could add $X in upgrades to your deck, based on non-foil pricing at the store. Then $50 upgrade, then $100+. Sometimes you got ganged on and it sucked waiting for the next round, but overall it was pretty fun.

    It really is a matter of time until Wizards does this on its own, they don't really need the RC or CAG either way, and they could even incentivize players by allowing the big event winner to make a custom legendary. The salty streamers would have no choice but to get on board because, believe me, they would love to see their face on a Magic card.
    60 card formats just aren't worth it these days because they severely lack the kind of variance that a format like EDH / Commander provides. In a 60 card format you're guaranteed to make the exact same plays as If going on auto-pilot because you have 3-4 of playsets of the same card to dramatically increase your odds of winning. In 99 card Singleton no play is the exact same unless you tutor. It seems as though the lines are starting to become more blurred on this the more functionally identical cards are printed with different names in order to make these decks more consistent than they should be.

    To continue this tangent: A lot of people REALLY value consistency. Myself included. The first cards that go in any blue deck for me are Ponder, Preordain, and Brainstorm. Variance is an extremely dirty word lol. If I build a deck to do a thing, I damn well want it to do that thing. Not everyone specifically seeks out a lack of variance, but I think everyone CAN get on board with with the fact that its incredibly frustrating when your deck doesn't 'do what it's supposed to do.'
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    posted a message on Commander Banned and unbanned announcemnt
    The fact that anyone thinks Golos is banworthy really makes me feel like we're playing completely different games.

    Is he strong? Eh. He's just a ramp/value engine for a durdly deck. Which is what average players always profess to want out of a game of EDH. I played him for a while and he was fun but not broken.

    If he were broken I could see some validity to the argument that he smothers diversity (ie: if he were the best option for 5c commander) but since he's just a solid catch-all commander that doesn't do any one thing particularly well there's TONS of more effective options for almost every conceivable strategy.

    If you want to be competitive you play Kenrith or Najeela.

    If you want to play tribal you play Morophon.

    If you want to be aggressive you play Scion or maybe Slivers.

    If you want to play dragons you play Ur Dragon or Tiamat.

    If you want to ramp and durdle, yeah I guess you play Golos.

    Golos is never about doing the most broken thing, that's not what he does. So I don't see him being the most popular commander as a result of his power level, I see it as a result of casual EDH players just loving ramp and durdle strategies. And there's nothing wrong with that, so why take away casual players' toys? The ban just seems gratuitous, and as much as I hate 'spirit of the format' arguments, removing Golos looks an awful lot like a dagger aimed directly at the 'spirit of the format' and any other explanation feels disingenuous.

    To indulge in some conspiracy theory:

    Coupled with a Worldfire unban, which is definitely against the 'spirit of the format' as the RC lays it out (regardless of the fact that the card is bad), I'm curious as to whether this announcement is setting the stage for something greater. The ban/unban both coming out of left field with no valid explanation for either, and the way both seem almost specifically designed to piss off the playerbase makes me think maybe this is the first salvo in the RC sabotaging its own reputation so that WotC can finally swoop in and fix the format without enraging the more petulant and vocal members of their consumer base.
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    posted a message on Reserved List
    Quote from Simto »
    Quote from Nutrun »
    There is no veracity to that rumor at all. As others have said, this rumor constantly circulates, and if there was any confirmation about the absolution of it, we would be hearing more specific details. Any rumor that states "The Reserved List may be abolished soon" without any specific details or coming from a well-known person in the MTG community should be considered nonsense.

    TCGPlayer has an article about the history of the Reserved List and the last time Wizards was close to abolishing it.

    And why they decide, at last, to not abolish it?

    My guess, like every other decision they make, is money.

    In a roundabout way, yes. The situation can be broken down as such:

    1) WotC made a completely non-binding promise not to reprint the cards on the list
    2) WotC, as was their right, went back on that promise repeatedly via editing the list and using 'loopholes' to reprint cards
    3) WotC wanted to revisit the list one last time in order to abolish it
    4) WotC consulted with members of the community as well as their corporate lawyers to see what people wanted as well as what was legally allowed
    5) The community as a whole came out in favor of abolition
    6) WotC, without further explanation, said that they would not ever be touching the list again and that they were not allowed to say why

    Some additional information about the legal situation:

    1) Folks throw around the term 'Promissory Estoppel' as a reason that people might sue WotC over abolition of the list. Definition: "Within contract law, promissory estoppel refers to the doctrine that a party may recover on the basis of a promise made when the party's reliance on that promise was reasonable, and the party attempting to recover detrimentally relied on the promise." In other words, if people made investments based on the idea that they'd never lose value because the cards couldn't be reprinted, they could sue.
    2) This concept is a joke and would be thrown out in court, specifically in this case because removing the reserved list would actually increase the value of most peoples' collections due to increased interest (as shown repeatedly with high-value reprints of incredibly low-supply cards), and more often than not original printings of cards hold value regardless of reprints because of their collectible status. The key bit in proving Promissory Estoppel is that there ACTUALLY HAS TO BE FINANCIAL DAMAGE, which would not occur outside of a small window where the investors themselves panic dump their positions and temporarily deflate prices before they skyrocket back up due to renewed interest. The plaintiffs would also need to have kept detailed records and prove intent to rely upon said promise. There is 0% chance anyone would win such a case.
    3) Corporate lawyers are not paid to win court cases. They are paid to keep a company out of court entirely.
    4) Regardless of the 100% chance that WotC would win any litigation regarding the reserved list, they would in fact have to go to court in the first place which is a big no-no for corporate lawyers.
    5) Corporate lawyers almost always have clauses in their contracts to prevent their clients from citing them in business decisions, for fear of a bad decision (like the one in question here) following them through their career.

    If you piece all of the above together, regardless of how good it would be for the game, a Hasbro lawyer said 'no' and now WotC has to suck it up and they can't even come out and tell us why due to contracts. Meanwhile, investors get to make free money with no downside risk, soaking up large chunks of the supply do the detriment of the player base.
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    posted a message on Planechase Commander? Hint from WotC Survey
    Please god no, Planechase is a nightmare and once the novelty wears off everyone who has ever tried it grows to hate it. Deckbuilding and skill are completely negated and it becomes all about who rolls better and which random plane helps who the most. I collected every deck to acquired every plane as they were released, including promos, and I can say unequivocally that there hasn't been a worse variant format to date.
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    posted a message on July 2021 Commander Rules Committee Update
    Sorry, I play interaction in my decks, I know that's not common.

    Is it obnoxious when my opponents play Hullbreacher into my Brainstorm or in combination with a wheel? Well yeah, that's the idea. Not going to cry like an infant when someone interacts with my card draw or plays a combo that doesn't even end the game, especially when a single piece of removal or a counterspell stops it neatly.

    Card is good. Card was fun to play and play against. Card will be missed.

    (Card should've definitely been white though, yes)
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    posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    Quote from LeyShade »
    Quote from Dontrike »
    Quote from Cranky »
    Additionally, the mythos that Magic -does- have is that multiple universes exist and the player/planeswalkers pull creatures and spells through time and space to use them to do battle. Dipping into other IPs is 100% unequivocally exactly what Magic is already about, and arguments to the contrary are disingenuous and misinformed at best.

    Well that's incredibly wrong.

    No, it's not. As that's literally how WotC/Hasbro has their copyright filed. That is their literal canonical mechanics, as reiterated as recently as 2020 by marketing materials. You're now at the point of literally sitting telling us how great Magic lore is, and then telling is that the lore of Magic is 100% wrong as compared to your personal headcanon.

    This one killed me. On a crusade to defend the honor of Magic's lore, and literally knows so little about Magic's lore that he winds up attacking it himself. I'M DEAD.
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    posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    Quote from andy_hall23 »
    Some of you need to analyze your thoughts about 'HATE'

    'Hate' is a strong feeling and word.

    MLK said 'Let no man pull you low enough to hate him'

    Hate is what brings evil and breeds *****ty people.

    Its a freaking card game. People been making 'Fake Cards' of like Superman and Wolverine and Batman for like ..years..HELL , INQUEST MAGAZINE did it themselves back in the day ..they had fake cards printed up in the back of the Magazine for years!! You can search them up and everything.

    OH no ..they are making cards with other things on them. Oh well. Be the consumers you know you are if you don't like them ..and not buy them. And if you're playing against them in Commander? Freaking make better decks! Make decks that they don't wanna play against either! Or HECK have some common sense and communicate!

    Some people here are gonna start tweeting Maro and all the people in Magic they can ...and then they'll get blocked and think that because they got blocked or some ***** that its a 'Win'

    Sometimes ...when I was younger I always wondered why us nerds got picked on and beaten up ...the freaking way that some of you have been acting? I can see why there's a bit of that still today.

    You know members of WotC staff received death threats over TWD? I expect they've already gotten a few more over UB, and that says a lot about the mentality of people who are upset about it. The amount of energy folks are putting into trying (and failing) to explain why this is a bad thing is mind-boggling.

    Makes me afraid for how nasty and childish games are going to get in public spaces after lockdowns are lifted.
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    posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    Holy hell, literally none of your arguments make any sort of sense, I'm not even sure where to begin. You really, really just want people to believe this is a bad thing for some reason and can't find a way to back it up. I very much don't understand the level of hate y'all have for this thing that objectively does no harm to you in any way. To live in a world so serene where a company daring to pander to anyone other than you for a millisecond is enough to raise your hackles this much... I can't imagine ever having that level of privilege.

    By all means have at it, the majority of folks will be over here enjoying cool new cards just like the majority of folks were actually quite happy with previous crossovers if you look at sales data instead of angry Facebook posts during a time when everyone had nothing better to do.
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    posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    Quote from Jh216 »
    Quote from Dontrike »

    Seems to me that it's far more likely that fans of LotR and 40k are more likely to buy the cards that feature their favorite characters, scenes, etc. to collect more of the thing they love rather than learning to play the game that they are featured on. I'm sure many in those fandoms are of the nerdy variety and know Magic exists, likely having seen it played at some point. I don't believe Magic incorporating these franchises will bring in new players, but instead just extra buyers.

    This feels more like a quick way to get some cash in the short term while forgoing the long term, I base this on Magic's current personality in the last couple of years. There are FAR more quick FOMO kind of products than ever. This kind of attitude I feel is hurting the game, and based on the bannings and the card power lately that is my evidence.


    It is 100% a corporate sellout by Hasbro of the existing player base that wants MtG to be and stay MtG. They don’t give a damn about people who have been invested in the game for a long time, sometimes even 25+ years, as long as they can grab the quick cash from the latest generation of un-invested casuals and the growing group of conformist snowflakes within current MtG player base.

    And just to point out, reading the forum of the miniature hobby forum I’m also active at it has become crystal clear most Warhammer 40K players think “Magic has no story anyway so having Space Marines in their universe doesn’t make a difference”. That is the kind of new people that will be attracted to the game and you’ll have sit down with you at a Commander table.

    I don't understand this position. These new toys take ABSOLUTELY NOTHING away from existing players. Fun and enjoyment is not a zero-sum game. This adds something new and nice for crossover fans and fans of the other IPs, attracting new blood to the game (which is an objectively good thing).

    As to the comments you're referencing: they're not wrong. Magic's story/universe is absolute garbage compared to the IPs we'll soon be dipping into. Additionally, the mythos that Magic -does- have is that multiple universes exist and the player/planeswalkers pull creatures and spells through time and space to use them to do battle. Dipping into other IPs is 100% unequivocally exactly what Magic is already about, and arguments to the contrary are disingenuous and misinformed at best.
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    posted a message on Read this announcement at your own risk (it involves mtg)
    So here's what it boils down to:

    -These cards will be legal.
    -Everyone will have access to them.
    -No player has the right to force another player to play the game their way.
    -Any player may immediately leave any game they choose.

    If you're butthurt about someone playing one of the thousands of cards legal in format (XYZ) you're absolutely within your rights to get up and leave. You are in no way allowed to force other people to do jack *****, and chances are that all of the reasonable people at your table are just going to stick around and enjoy a fun game of EDH with the cool new cards while you sulk off on your own. Then you're stuck in the position where you need to insert yourself into another table and repeat the process of trying to force them to play the game your way and potentially failing.

    And for what gain? Ask yourself what you even hope to accomplish by gatekeeping certain cards out of the games you're in. Are you the RC now? Are these cards really hurting you? Is your mild annoyance more important than the joy of others, or even your own ability to play the game with the average person?
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