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    posted a message on Your most favorite unban in Modern and why?
    Valakut, created basically two decks on it's own with very different playstyles. Sadly, both of them suck nowdays XD

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    posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 01/10/2018)
    Quote from The Fluff »

    Agree on what you said about Pod. BP has so many new toys to play with, it's power level would certainly be much higher if unbanned now.
    Although it feels nostalgic in a nice way. Remembering those good old days when people are talking about what to put into their pod decks. Smile

    Oh, and sorry to hear you experienced a lot of bannings.

    I mean, that happens when you play a lot of "broken" cards ^^

    Also, while a card can be pretty "garbage" on its own it is always the setting which matters. This means, that something like Seething Song on it's own would be fine, but couple it with the other acceleration and synergy cards (Electromancer, Ascension, newly Baral) the card gets busted. Hence, context is important.
    Quote from gkourou »

    No Banlist Modern at SCG happened, and no Twin were in there.

    I believe Twin would be weaker than before. Which would make it an unban competitor again.

    I agree with @Wraithpk, cards should not be unbanned only if they increase diversity, they should be unbanned if there is no reason to be held into the prison. Now, there are various people believing Twin would be fine again.

    Also, in the positive side, it means even more interactive Modern and with Dredge potentially becoming tier 1 again, it means even less bannings.

    Just my views.

    Dude, never ever compare NBL Modern to normal Modern, it would be the same as comparing Legacy with Modern. Those are two completely different formats while sharing 99,9999% of the cards.

    Most busted deck in NBL Modern? Tezzerator. The deck is hot garbage in Modern.
    Most consistent and probably the best tempo deck? UW Death and Taxes, again, Death and Taxes is at best Tier 2, on most occasion Tier 4+, in Modern.

    Just because Twin had basically no showing in NBL (which mainly stems from a really bad deck building and not knowing how to play the format) does not allow the conclusion, that it would be fine in normal Modern...

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    posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 01/10/2018)
    Quote from tronix »
    its been long enough to where twins passing is just another historical event for the format. its only worthwhile to refer to it as such, but that doesnt mean there isnt anything to be gained by discussing it. its qualities, the environment it dominated in, why it was popular, why it was unpopular, etc. we can juxtapose these things to the current state of affairs for more insight.

    i do agree with aazadan though that the difference between the amount of twin and pod talk is telling. id chalk that up to a relatively small number of active posters here, and a high percentage of them (including myself) happened to be twin players. meaning we are more willing and able to provide input on the subject. unfortunately that presents an ever skewed conversation that mimics a couple of old geezers reminiscing about the glory days of old.

    I played Pod, close to all of the different versions (be it Kiki-Pod (loved the deck), Angle Pod, Melira Pod, value Pod and so on) and I would never advocate an unban of the card given the current Metagame. I "know" (know in sense of: I played the deck a lot, played against it a lot, have experience so I make an educated guess) that Pod would break the meta apart, again. Hence, I do not "lobby" for a Pod unban, cause why should I if I feel, that Pod wouldn't be healthy for the metagame?

    I got personally hit by a lot of bans, be it GSZ, Second Sunrise, Pod, DTT/TC, Seething Song (rip Increasing Vengeance Ritual Gifts), DRS and GGT. Did I play the "broken" incranation of the card? Only in the case of TC and Second Sunrise (GSZ = Counter Cat, Pod mainly Kiki Pod (but when I wanted to win a tournament), DTT Scapeshift, Seething Song = Ritual Gifts, DRS = BUG Midrange and GGT in Zombieloam). Am I sad, that I can no longer play those decks at all basically? Yes, but ***** happens to say it this way.

    Would I advocate for an unban for any of those cards? Not on the current powerlevel, not with the decisions Wizard has taken in the past and also, not with the current approach to Modern.


    PS: Fun fact: So far I have a 100% hit rate on the unbanned cards, aka what influence they will have on the format ^^
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    posted a message on Grishoalbrand / Griselbrand Reanimator
    Tinkering around currently. Went of an old brew of mine where I was not playing a Griselbrand deck but an Ooze deck. Having nothing solid so far, but Secrets is nuts in that deck so far (you can reliable tutor for X=3, which is nice).

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    posted a message on [GRN] Guilds of Ravnica previews and spoilers: Modern edition
    How I feel right now:

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    posted a message on Counter-Cat (Nacatl Delver)
    As I said, made a longer break from the deck, so take everything with a grain of salt:

    - Unsub because it does a different Remand impression while not not sucking that much against several decks. It is basically a bad Vapor Snag (cause 2 Mana) or a bad Remand (cause no card draw), but does both things at once.

    I liked it in different decks I played over the past few months (UG Storm, RUG Eternal Command, Jeskai Ritual Gifts,...), so I gave it a shot in Counter-Cat. My conclusion: It was not that bad, but also not that good. I would play it over Remand going forward, but I doubt, that I would want a Remand effect to begin with (not that much you really would want to Remand and not straight up Mana Leak).

    - Isochron Scepter: Pet card of mine and it looks good in match-ups I do not really like, such as Control (VERY unlikely that they have any form of Artefact hate game 2/3). Sure, a second Helix would be nice to have (and I missed it), but that is a different topic.

    - Hazoret, I realised why and what he is for when I was playing the deck at the PPTQ. Would I play him now? Maybe, still not that sure. The decks he is good against are not that common in my metagame.

    - 18th land, as I said, I will switch (finally) over, dunno yet what land I will play though (and what's more important, what I will cut).

    - Send to Seep, I just love that card. Sure, pure tempo card but it buys more than enough time to finish the opponent or to stall out the game. Drew it three times and it was always nuts. I might even consider running two maindeck copies, since I have Path, I do not really need it.

    - Remand, cause it is Remand. But as I already said, I doubt that the deck really wants a Remand effect to begin with in the current metagame.

    - Mutagenic Growth, I neither like the card nor it really fits my playstyle. I know, what the card does and I know why it is good, but in the specific sub metagame we have here, I really dislike it. It does close to nothing against ADN, Bridgevine, UW Control, Hardening Scale Affinity and KCI. It is only good against those decks, close to nobody is playing here (from the 20+ guys only 1 or 2 play Humans, Jund, GDS, Hollowed One,...). If I would play the deck at a large scale tournament (aka GP) I would add them most likely, but that is a totally different story.

    -2nd Chart a Course, since I only run 1 Looting, I run the second Chart since it kinda fills the same role, "late" game card advantage (discarding bad cards, or just draw more)

    Remaining SB stuff: I have no idea regarding Spreading Seas. I never really liked that card (noticed it again in this tournament, where I wanted it against Naya but it was to expensive all the time). I would rather play Sea's Claim tbh. In general, I do not mind the fair match-ups but Control (Midrange is doable cause of Huntmaster and the two Chart a Course), so I would rather include stuff which deals with:
    - Humans (didn't play against this deck yet with Counter-Cat, but maybe Firespout or more targeted Removal?)
    - Tron (realistically you need 1-2 turns here)
    - Dredgevine/Hallowed One (Surgical is nice against both of them)
    - Hardening Scales Affinity (way harder match-up than normal Affinity in my experience, cause you have to have Path or you are screwed) / normal Affinity (no problem imo)
    - UR Storm (Surgical and the MD counter suit I played is usually more than enough here)
    - Counter's Company (*puke*)
    - UW/Jeskai Control
    - KCI (no idea here but Damping Sphere, which I absolutely hate in this deck, or running something like Stony or Kambal with a resulting B splash).


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    posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    Based on history, 5 bucks and than rise again.

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    posted a message on Counter-Cat (Nacatl Delver)
    After some rather frustrating weeks playing different decks, I decided to fall back to Counter-Cat at the local PPTQ:

    Took basically my old version, looked what has changed (here), adapted my list slightly and changed the SB to fit our metagame better (lots of graveyard decks (second Surgical) and Control (Isochron Scepter)). Though, while I can understand the Mutagenic Growths in the MD, I never was a fan of them. The only thing I missed was an additional Helix, but nothing I can do there :/

    Round 1 vs GW Counter Company (with Knight, Rallier and co)

    Game 1: I resolve and was able to stick a flipped Delver, who beat him basically to death. He needed some help from a Goyf to get through the Courser the Opp had (regarding life gain).

    Game 2: I have a decent board position with flipped Delver and Nacatl, but punt away the game when I bolted the Vizier instead of the Druid (sum sickness) and thus he was able to Chord for another Vizier into Infinite mana into Recruiter into Balista.

    Without that punt I might have won, but his hand was pure gas so it would have been though either way

    Game 3: The tl,dr is: I kept a iffy hand (2 Goyfs, 1 Mandrills, 2 lands, 1 Path, 1 Vision) since I only have one interaction spell at all and two rather clunky creatures (cause they are two drops) combined with him casting 6 Collected Companies led to my demise. However, I got him down to 5 and would have need only one turn more (EE did wonders here).

    Boarding: -2 Spell Pierce, -1 Remand, -2 Nacatl (though for him to get through that clocked board), +2 Pyroclasm, +1 EE, +1 Isochron Scepter, +1 Snapcaster Mage

    Was not sure about the Huntmasters but I felt, that they were to clunky and the risk of getting comboed to death is to big for me.

    0-1 (1-2)

    Round 2: 8 Rack

    Welp, fk me XD

    Game 1: I mull down to 5 and die

    Game 2: He kept a one lander with lots of upside (3 small pox) but never drew the second land. I beat him down with 2 Nacatls and a Delver while having Spell Pierce and Snare up

    Game 3: Mull to 6, kept a decent hand, he reks me with Small Pox and races me due to Mutavault and 2 Rack effects. I had not the 4th land for Huntmaster to turn the game around :/

    Boarding: -4 Paths, -1 Send to Sleep, -1 Faithless Looting, -1 Unsubstantiate (does nothing here), -1 Mandrills; +2 Huntmaster, +2 Isochron Scepter, +1 Negate, +1 Ancient Grudge, +1 Destructive Revelry, +1 EE

    0-2 (2-4)

    Round 3: GDS


    Game 1: He kepts an one lander with huge upside, but didn't find the second land in time before getting beaten to death by a Delver backed up by 2 Bolts. However, that game was done even if would have found a second land earlier, since I had 3 Paths in my hand XD

    Game 2: He plays aggressive, lands a Tasigur but nothing else (Death Shadow ate an Mana Leak). He plays aggressive with his lands and shocks himself once unnecessary (dropped won to 9 from 12) and thus my Delver was able to close out the game. Highlight: Playing around Stubborn Denial by Unsubstaniate the Tasigur so that I can bolt him.

    Boarding: -1 Spell Snare, -1 Thought Scour, -1 Lightning Bolt, +2 Huntmaster, +1 EE

    No Scepter here because of the Commands.

    1-2 (4-4)

    Round 4 vs Elves

    Game 1: He starts with an Dork, into Druid, 2 Sentinel, into more stuff into CoCo for two Shaman of the Pacts to kill me.

    Welp, happens

    Game 2: I have a removal and counter heavy hand, but only a Nacatl for beatdown. Because of this I had to leak the Elite, cause of the bodies. Than Nacatl did Nacatl things, blocked, attacked, waited for Goyf and finally an EE to clean up the board into double Goyf attack was enough for me to win that game

    Game 3: Similar to game 3, I just had to tap out at one turn to resolve Goyf + Mandrills (to get a real clock going), so was able to do w/e he wanted to do. Was only a Lead the Stampede which whiffed (only one creature) and thus I won the next turn.

    2-2 (6-5)

    Boarding: -2 Spell Pierce, -1 Remand, -1 Unsubstaniate, -1 Wild Nacatl, +2 Pyroclasm, +1 Engineered Explosive, +2 Huntmaster of the Fells

    I rate Huntmaster higher than Snappy in this match-up, especially since they come alive in roughly the same time frame.

    Hey, still live for the top 8 XD

    Round 5 vs Naya big Mana Moon (Blood Moon, Infernal Titan, Glory Bringer, Utopia Sprawl, Arbor Elf, Madcap MD, Fierly Justice..)

    Welp, fk me.

    Game 1: I clocked him early with double threat (Delver + Nacatl), he Beast Withined my U producing land, went for Madcap Experiment, I pathed the Emperior and got him down to 4 in the following attack. However, he blobbed the board, killed my Delver with another Beast Within and survived with one life.

    I was not able to burn him out, since I had no mana for it (he had Moon out, I had only a "Mountain" but no white for the Helix Slant ). From his start (Basic forest into Sprawl) I knew he would run Blood Moon, but I only drew 2 lands and thus I was not able to fetch up the Island so all my juicy U spells rotted in my hand (Send to Sleep, Cantrips, Snappy (would have been enough, cause there was a bolt in the grave),...)

    Game 2: He had an Abor Elf, but I had no Bolt, just a Path. So I went Delver go, he plays Arbor Elf, I played Nacatl and Path his Elf in the upkeep. He plays a land + Sprawl and go, I went land attack for 6 (Delver flipps were REALLY nice all day long) and kept up Unsubstaniate. I also fetched out a basic Island.

    He wents BBE into Moon, welp fk me. I Unsubstanite the Moon and hope, that I get more turns. I played Goyf, he blobs the board (not playing the Moon), I crashed in, he dropps down to 4, he kills my Delver (Firely Justice), kills the Nacatl (BBE) and chumps the 5/6 Goyf (Bird). He draws a Chandra, upticks her and start to shoot me. I get one Bolt in, he drops down to 1 and I just need another Bolt to finish him off, but I never drew it before Chandra ulted and he killed me.

    What makes this even worse, I had the Bolt on top >.>'

    Boarding: -1 Remand, -1 Spell Snare, -1 Chart a Course, -1 Nacatl; +2 Isochron Scepter, +1 Destructive Revelry, +1 Negate

    Bye bye top 8 contention :/

    2-3 (6-7)

    Round 6:

    Opp didn't show up and thus got a bye.

    Overall 3-3, which is somewhat fine, since I should have won the game against GW Company (I'm sure I made some misplays there) and against Naya Big Ramp Moon. Deck was bonkers and really fun to play, would play again. I liked all choices, just maybe I want the 18th land back in the list, since I noticed, that I really want 4 lands for Huntmaster, Snappy, Chart a Course and some heavy cantrip lines.

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    posted a message on Raphael Levy's Loam Pox
    The thread is titled "Raphael Levy's Loam Pox". That is what this thread is about whether you want it to be or not.

    The development of a deck with smallpox AND loam.

    Any deck that isn't using loam and pox, does not belong in this thread. It's that simple.

    I have been playing Loam based strats on and off since the inception of Modern (used to play Loam back in old Extended, Astral Slide or 4/5c Sunburst Loam says hi ^^ ). Pox sucks Balls nowadays.

    That the thread went from a Loam focused deck which tried to utilise Pox towards a Loam focused deck which utilises Zombie Infestation (and other tools) due to the fact, that Pox sucks nowadays is just deck development. Nearly close to all decks have made those developments, especially when cards either got banned, unbanned or freshly printed. Did the respective decks names changed when changes got introduced? Sometimes yes and sometimes no.

    So, why does Pox suck nowadays? The majority of the metagame can just "ignore" it (it has no big influence, Titanshift, Lantern, Storm, Griselbrannd, GW Value Town, Company decks in general and many more), a lot of other decks it is a nuisance (Tron, Humans if they do not have a Vial start, Death Shadow,...) and there are only a few decks, where it is really good (and even there it is sometimes debatable).

    Of course, getting the wet dream of going turn 1 discard into turn 2 Pox killing a land and a creature into turn 4 a 3 CMC Planeswalker is good, but if you want to do such lines, than BW Pox is just better, cause they have the better Planeswalkers (3/4 CMC Gideon vs the 5 CMC Green Walkers) while also having way better Sideboard tools which makes them better in the post board games (BG sideboard cards kinda suck balls). Furthermore, they can play Lingering Souls, which is just bonkers with Souls.

    So yeah, there is currently just no reason, to play a BG Loam Pox deck, maybe a BWg version could pan out to incorporate the goddess of white while still having access to Loam, but I dread the manabase already (wanting BB on turn 2 and wanting WW on turn 3 *puke*) AND I kinda think, it would make the deck overall worse. Loam is never really good when you are "just" returning lands, you always want something to do with it. The only exception for this was Canadian Tresh in Legacy, where you played it in the SB for the Mirror, where you just needed that exact effect, getting lands back (Strip Mining the opponent who has only 7 mana sources in the deck with repeatable Wastelands thanks to Loam is pretty good).

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    posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 16/04/2018)
    Quote from pizzap »
    NBL Modern is a different format than Modern, so I don't think it has any use for predicting unbans.


    As a NBL player and crafter, I get really mad on how bad most of the top 32 decks were designed. I'm also surprised that nobody played Tezzerator (arguably the strongest Control deck), Affinity(with Skullclamp, only one guy in day 2) and Dredge, however, I attribute this to the lack of knowledge about the format than anything else.

    Though, the deck BBD played is REALLY good (from a deck design perspective), it's Eldrazi match-up is really good.

    Also, something people need to realise about NBL Modern, the angst from Combo is an illusion, Control decks either play Chalice or Top + Counterbalance, the "Tempo" decks have enough disruption (be it Discard, Counters (MM, Spell Pierce, Leak), or hatebears (Thalia says hi)) and all other decks have either a combination of the last mentioned things, or can just race you.

    So yeah, for me it was expected that the metagame will look something like this, cause it is the "lazy" approach (people knew what is obviously good so they played, for the next layer they didn't want to invest enough time).

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