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  • posted a message on Drowned secrets
    Is this playable in a Modern mill deck? It certainly seems strong.

    It might see fringe play in budget or mono-blue decks. On turn 2 mill would much rather play Glimpse or Breaking, not a 2 mana enchantment that does nothing on its own. It could be better than I'm giving it credit for, but i doubt this will make it into modern mill
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  • posted a message on Name and Number Crunch
    Well, guess I was wrong. Oh well. Being a Dimir fan myself I'm happy, but I do echo some of the comments in the Mnemonic Betrayal thread about the overall skewing of mythic support towards Dimir, finding it unfair that they get 4 mythics to the other guilds' 2.
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  • posted a message on Who are the Guild Leaders for Ravnica Allegiances???
    We know Azorius is getting a new leader from Assassin's Trophy. With that, we have two blue aligned walkers over the two sets. This, to me, rules out Simic. Following the logic of balancing colors amongst the walkers, Orzhov becomes the next option, giving both black and white their second walker. This leaves Red and Green as the only color combo represetned on one walker thus far, meaning Gruul is the third Bolas controlled guild in Ravnica Alliance. (based on my speculation)
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  • posted a message on Name and Number Crunch
    We now have the Mono-white, Izzet, and Boros mythic rare cards. This leaves one mythic left (unless I missed it, which is possible). I still feel that this will likely be an artifact. I understand that, based on previous Ravnica sets, the multicolor break down has been the same across all guilds. However, I feel they gave Dimir two mono-color mythic cards in the place of a second two-color mythic with the purpose of adding in an artifact/land mythic.
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  • posted a message on Name and Number Crunch
    Quote from Lathiel »
    So, here is the mythic distribution so far...

    Golgari = Vraska / Underrealm Lich
    Dimir = Lazav
    Izzet = Ral
    Selesnya = Trostani / March of the Multitudes
    Boros = Aurelia

    White =
    Blue = Dream Eater (Dimir watermark)
    Black = Doom Whisperer (Dimir watermark)
    Red = Arclight Phoenix
    Green = Nullhide Ferox / (Impervious Greatwurm, but its the BaB exclusive, Seles watermark)

    Which means there are 3 left, one of which is speculated to be an artifact, leaving 2 coloured ones.
    So most likely candidates are; a White one, and a Boros one.
    If there is NO mythic artifact, then Izzet will probably get it.
    Dimir already have 3 mythics.

    In terms of guild legendary creature rares:
    Golgari = Izoni
    Dimir = Etrata (no card yet)
    Izzet = Niv-Mizzet
    Selesnya = Emrara
    Boros = Tajic (no card yet)

    Your mythic count is off by one, as you're including the BaB card, which is not considered one of the 15 set mythics. Based on what we've seen Boros and Izzet will both get their watermark on a mythic, which will likely be guild colored. There will also likely be a mono white mythic. This leaves one mythic slot left, likely for an artifact, possibly a land, or fringe case a five color something.
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  • posted a message on Name and Number Crunch
    Glad I didn't speculate on mythics as I was thinking about yesterday, as I would have been dead wrong. I count 10 mythics as of this point, meaning 5 are left. One is going to go to Trostani (or whomever else is leading Selesnya) and one is likely mono white. This leaves three left to speculate. I doubt Dimir will directly get any more (they have three). Boros and Izzet both will get a mythic (though I don't know whether they will be one or two color), which would give each other Guild with two mythics and one left over mythic slot. This will likely go to either a land or an artifact (the later being more likely imo). There is a small, fringe possibility of it being a five color card, but given some of the extremely heavy colored costed cards I find it rather unlikely.
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 9-13
    Quote from Rhandall »
    Can I cast a sorcery at the end of my opponent's turn with this card? Thanks a lot for the answer

    I believe no, as the normal timing rules would still apply (like with Flashback). So while you could target a sorcery during your opponent's turn, you still can't cast it unless you somehow gave it Flash
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  • posted a message on Price of Fame TheAsianAvenger preview
    With Fatal Push rotating out, this should easily fill some of the slots. I know I was running fewer Push in favor of Cast Down recently, and this seems like a perfect replacement to take care of everything Cast Down can't hit.
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 9-11 Guildgates and more
    Quote from the_jevry »
    Quote from Antiantiserum »
    All them Gates- - -

    *takes of sunglasses*
    my god
    the second guild infiltrated is BOROS!
    boros my babe!
    don't do this to me!

    I'm pretty sure it's been confirmed that the two Bolas guilds in GRN are Izzet (with Ral as leader) and Golgari (with Vraska as leader). The interesting thing to speculate on is which three of the next set will Bolas have. Given Assassin's Trophy we can assume Azorius. An argument can be made for any of the others
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  • posted a message on Assassin's Trophy
    If you're going to pre-order, get on it early. Star City Games already has pre-orders at $27, which is crazy but understandable given the hype and extreme potential this card has
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  • posted a message on Assassin's Trophy
    I thought it was creature removal and thought it was great. Then I saw it was PERMANENT removal and now need 12 (have a lot of GB decks)
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  • posted a message on Name and Number Crunch
    Possible, but I think (not sure how it would fit in the crunch) they might to different versions of Duskmantle, House of Shadow and the like as the uncommon land. I'd hate to think that 15 non-basics in one set could etb tapped. I know shocks have the ability not to, but have a cycle of lands that don't etb tapped naturally would be nice
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  • posted a message on Name and Number Crunch
    Nice, thank you.

    268 is likely Highland Lake and 272 is likely Foul Orchard
    I'd estimate Vraska is going to come in around 215

    Given that there are 6 land slots (min) I suspect that each Guild may get a utility land, along with the known Shocks and Guild Gates.

    If I may make a suggestion, adding card tags to the known cards might be helpful.
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  • posted a message on Brudiclad, Telchor Engineer
    Quote from 13055 »
    If you choose to make all your tokens copies of token-Jace, those new Jaces go to the graveyard because they are Planeswalkers without any loyalty counters.
    This is incorrect. This states that the copies of Jace come into play exactly as Jace is printed, i.e. with 3 loyalty counters placed on them.

    Actually the first quote is correct. The key difference is what is happening. The tokens are not entering the battlefield, so they do not enter with 3 loyalty counters. The tokens are already on the field and would become Jace, meaning they don't lose or gain any counters. This would leave all tokens with 0 loyalty and thus go to the graveyard.
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker Masterpieces
    The eighth and final one (for this set as I’m sure there will be at least one more) will have a name coming after Tezzeret. This likely points to Vraska. Why? Look at the numbering. Tezzeret is card 7/8, with the other six all appearing before him. Karn and Jace will both likely be in the next set, Karn will likely be Scion of Urza and Jace will likely be a new card printed in the set like Ral
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