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  • posted a message on [Deck]Merfolk
    (In response to FANAttiC's question about Night's whisper v. Dread of Night) Yes, I did. Derp.

    I am playing in a large tournament this weekend, and seriously considering trying out a dark merfolk list. Either that or a list that is more geared towards mana denial, with some B2B main. I don't know. Just super on the fence about what to play in general.

    I am still without chalice's as well, so that limits what I want to do.
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  • posted a message on [Deck]Merfolk
    Quote from FANAttIC ยป
    Obv answer are Elves and D&T, fire for one and watch the world burn.
    The problem is it rarely kills Delver when it flips and it can easily be countered, while not doing a lot vs Eldrazi, Lands, Storm and other tier1 decks.

    That was my thinking. Sure, it shores up two of our difficult matchups, but I cannot figure out what you would cut mainboard. I could easily see 2x SB. Also, Night's Whisper, because DnT.
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  • posted a message on [Deck]Merfolk
    ....anyone go to EW, and see the guy playing "Dark Merfolk"? I have been toying the idea of a black splash lately for Fatal Push and Thoughtseize. From what I understand, he was swearing by 2x Toxic Deluge MAIN! I would be incredibly interested to see a list, and see if it matches the brew I have been contemplating.
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  • posted a message on [Deck]Merfolk
    Hey guys, been a LONG time lurker on this thread. I have played merfolk in modern for a few years, and have played Legacy any chance I can get. This thread has always been super helpful, and I love the discussion that is constantly running here.

    This is my current list, that I was running at a small weekly last night. I realized how dumb I was, and forgot a 15th card for the sideboard. I believe I was going to run Vclique. In hindsight, they probably would never have come in. (EDIT 1/2 way through post: I just remembered why I only had 14. a friend was going to let me borrow 1x flusterstorm and it never happened. That would have seen some play) I am Dazeless (took them out of my normal list) and Chaliceless (don't own them, debating on whether to pull the trigger and buy). This iteration leans heavily towards disrupting the opponents mana as a resource

    Creatures (27):

    4x Cursecatcher
    4x Silvergil Adept
    4x Master of the Pearl Trident
    4x Lord of Atlantis
    4x True-Name Nemesis
    2x Smuggler's Copter
    2x Tidal Warrior
    3x Phantasmal Image

    Artifacts (5):

    4x Aether Vial
    1x Umezawa's Jitte


    2x Stifle
    2x Spell Pierce
    4x Force of Will


    2x Cavern of Souls
    3x Mutavault
    4x Wasteland
    11x Island


    2x Graffdigger's cage
    2x Submerge
    2x Dismember
    2x Harbinger of Tides
    1x Spell Pierce
    2x Pithing Needle
    2x Echoing Truth
    1x Null Rod

    The weekly was a little over a dozen players. I was expecting a heavy storm/delver meta.

    M1: [Win] Vs. Grixis Delver (2-1)
    G1 (on the play)
    Kept what I thought was a good opener, mix of lands and creatures. His was apparently better, as he jokingly showed it to the next guy over and asked if this was good. I T1 cursecatcher, he T1 Delvers. when I offered up the trade, he took it, then forced my silvergil. His T2 was delver Delver. They flipped next turn, I played nothing relevant.
    G2 (on the play)
    Good interactive game. Took him off tempo stifling first fetch. Couple of counter wars. Eventually TNN comes down off of Cavern, and it was the key to victory.
    G3 (on the draw)
    He had to mull to 5, so I spent T1 and 2 doing nothing with a stifle up. He assumed I had a slow draw and on T3 popped 2 fetches with 1 basic in. I stifled the first, he force pitched force. Now he had plenty of resources, but no real gas in hand. A couple lords, a wasteland and TNN sewed that game up.

    M2: [WIN] Vs. Jund (2-0)
    G1 (on the play?)
    Forcing an early Liliana eventually lead to a win. it became a goyf v. truename battle. a 3rd phantasmal image copying another true name got me there.
    G2 (on the draw)
    The first appearance of Roflcopter, and it did work! Enabled me to smooth my draw, got in 6 points of damage. I always seemed to have the right cards for this match, and I feel a large part of it was because of this. I copied one goyf, then got TNN online.

    M3: [LOSS] Vs. Jeskai Stoneblade (2-1)
    G1 (on the draw)
    Got mauled by batterskull and SoFaI. Nothing to really see there. Stifle made a brief appearance for a fetch early, but got dazed. Since I have removed them from my deck, it appears I forgot that the card exists. Also, played Roflcopter, but he kept swordsing it's crew.
    G2 (on the play)
    Stifle got him T1. He started playing around it, but it was too little too late. The only threat he eventually landed was a JTMS, which got echoing truthed on my turn, and then wasted him off of his tundra (4th mana source).
    G3 (on the draw)
    This was my major punt for the day. Midgame, I had a Lord of Atlantis on board, he had a TNN. He started racing me, TNN against my Mutavault. And I FORGOT MY LORD. As the game would have concluded, he got me while on 1. If I had remembered the Lord just one time out of the 3 turn cycles he could have attacked, I would've had that game.

    M4 [WIN] vs. Red Gomblin Stompy(?)

    (Pre match notes: The guy told me it was mostly a brew)

    G1 (on the draw)
    Hand I kept: 2x Wasteland 2x Island, Silvergil adept, spell pierce, TNN
    He goes T2, Badlands, exile Simian spirit, exile Simian spirit, Goblin Rabblemaster, enter combat, make a goblin, swing for 1. I went T1, waste your badlands. (New lesson to learn: Don't try to tempo an aggro deck!) He goes mountain, swing for 6.
    I went in the tank, thought about it and realized I had about 0 outs. Go to game 2 with only showing him a single waste.
    G2 (on the play)
    All I really remember from this game was him trying for Jaya Balard (forced) and then slamming a Boldwyr Heavyweights. For those of you who have never seen this card (like me) it is an 8/8 Trample for 4. but it has an ETB trigger that allows their opponent to go find a creature card and put it on the battlefield. So I went and found a True-Name to pair with my other true name, and then imaged a true name. And thus won the damage race.
    G3 (on the draw)
    Roflcopter made a second appearance, and once again, did great work. Didn't even use the looting ability that much, just was nice to have another form of evasion against a nonblue deck, while granting all my creatures pseudo haste. Another Boldwyr gave me a 2nd Truename, but it was honestly a "win-more" moment at that point.

    Overall, it was a great night. I had a blast, got to try some new things, learned some valuable lessons, and above all, I got to play Legacy. I know that a single result at a small weekly is absolutely nothing to base any sort of conclusion off of, but I really did enjoy the inclusion of the Smuggler's copter. I have a third copy, and am debating on adding it, but going to stick with this current list for a few more times. I didn't see tidal warrior often, so can't speak much to his inclusion. Stifle was RARELY a dead card, and the psychological effect of playing it was more than noticeable.

    Curious as to thoughts and reactions. Also, if I can get more chances to play, will happily put up more reports if it is requested. If they are too wordy, or just plain not helpful, let me know, I won't take offense! Cheers!
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Merfolk (3/2012 - 11/2015)
    why wanderwine hubs in a mono blue lsit?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Merfolk (3/2012 - 11/2015)
    Hey guys, long time player, long time reader, first time poster.
    My meta is starting to become really REALLY heavy on grixis twin. And I am having difficulty winning that match (went 0-2 last night in my one matchup against it) The pilot is VERY strong, and had the luxury of playtesting against merfolk 10x time earlier just yesterday, so he knew what to play around. I managed to stop the combo a couple times with snags and pierces, but then tasigur came on board and I just couldn't deal with a 4/5 late game when he had been destroying my creature base throughout. I couldn't counter removal because I was sandbagging for combo. Kira WAS NOT drawn during my games (1 main, 1 side). Neither was dismember. Was it just bad draws for me? Is there any silver bullet SB card that I am not aware of that sets the whole deck back? This is the one time I have considered throwing monastery siege in SB just to go up against them, because I am of the school that a 3 mana enchantment is just too slow, but it seems it might be worth it for this match-up? Help!
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