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  • posted a message on 31 new digital-only cards for upcoming Jumpstart : Historic Horizon
    Also, Inspiring Commander is a massive color pie break.

    Absolutely not. It fits in the "draw only within a subset theme that white cares about"*, and white cares about drawing off for little creatures (see Mentor of the Meek)

    *White has a very narrow band of card drawing where it's focused on having to use a specific strategy (like say having a deck full of Equipment).

    In fact white has already unlimited card draw for equipped creatures (Stone Haven Outfitter) or Aura, Equipments and Vechicles (Sram, Senior Edificer or because it gain life (Dawn in Hope) This is in total spirit of white card draw, there's no way you can tell me it's a massive break since it is exactly the type of narrow card draw white do since forever.

    Well that's entirely what they're doing this time

    Seems I misread MaRo answer somehow. But anyway, doing a Shandalar videogame cards 2.0 doesn't seems that great idea and I believe that any single card design could and should work in paper too (for example, even if isn't tournament or edh legal, you could play Urza, Academy Headmaster in paper by simply printing in a piece of paper all his abilities and just throw a D20 for the random result of each slot). What I'm saying that those card should be printable and playable also in papaer, I'm opposing the whole concept of "online only" thing for very little gain for a bunch of gimmick and silly designs and nothing else.
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  • posted a message on 31 new digital-only cards for upcoming Jumpstart : Historic Horizon
    Quote from penguinarmy »
    I'd be more okay with digital only cards if they did things that would be impossible or impractical to do in real life. Example: an artifact that gives you a random card into your hand based on some color mana you pay into it (pay U get a blue card, pay WU get a white and blue card).

    Which is exactly what they not did last time they did the "digital only" cards. What is the reason to not have Inspiring Commander as a great card legal in EDH or even standard? Nothing. This is the kind of stuff I'm pissed of.
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  • posted a message on 31 new digital-only cards for upcoming Jumpstart : Historic Horizon
    Didn't see a thread yet about it, so I will post it first.

    Apparently,Wotc had again the "great" idea to create for Arena-only players, cards that will never see the light of day on paper form.

    Here a screenshot of the wizards article about this product (that is currently obscured in the mothership site):


    We know the names of two cards already, but we dont know yet what they do :
    Ethereal Grasp
    Tome of the Infinite

    Mark Rosewater confirming this while also accurately avoiding to answer why they need to do this:

    I have to say I'm not a fan at all of the whole concept of "online-only" cards that are legals only in those digitals formats. It is an extremely frustrating concept for paper only players that enjoy to play Magic within all cards and strategies availables.
    It is not the first time they do this. They already did this with introduction cards for beginners
    . The worst thing is, that even if the cards never meant to be constructed playable, in fact few of those were good enough that would be today even staples in EDH casual games (Yes, Inspiring Commander, great draw engine extremely need it for monowhite or boros decks, I look at you)

    Now what if this time they make again, even unintentionally, new cards actually playable and extremely fun to play in multiple formats but that we will never have a chance to play them in any LGS tournament of any format or even in casual kitchen table games (I mean sure, printing them proxy is always an option, but is not normal that is the only default way to play them and not the extrema ratio way)?
    That's why I'm definitely NOT A FAN of this. It's even worse than the whole "Universe Beyond" thing (and I'm in favor of that). I mean, at least I know that in a way or another I will be able to play the UB cards in some way, those will never be legal in Commander despite being in black border and perfectly functional within the rules and color pie, no matter what.
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  • posted a message on Dominaria United and Kamigawa Neon Dynasty - New Sets 2022?
    So Samurai Jack : the Gathering, basically
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  • posted a message on [AFC] Reckless Endeavor
    Quote from Xcric »
    can we talk about how ******* ***** terrible it is because of how random the results are at 7 god damned mana instead of focusing on the dice that anyone who runs this card will bring with them?

    I actually love it, it's definitely my cup of tea and I'm already running a proxy of it in some decks. It's a high risk, high reward card and for those who love to gamble it's ideal.
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  • posted a message on [AFR] Eyes of the Beholder— Destructoid preview
    Or you could just play any other 1BB or 1B removal and get way way WAY more for your money.

    This is just awful no matter how you look at it.
    This kills Blightsteel Colossus. Where is your Doom Blade now?

    Thank you, but I prefer nowadays Baleful Mastery XD
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  • posted a message on Asmodeus last ability and Mairsil
    So, let's say Mairsil, the Pretender exiled with a cage counter Asmodeus the Archfiend (among X more cards with cage counters) and I activate the last ability Asmodeus has with Mairsil. What happens? Do I effectively returns Asmodeous and all cards with a cage counter in my hand again or nothing happens?
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  • posted a message on [AFC] Reckless Endeavor
    The entire point of playing in paper is to not have a smartphone at the table, be "social" instead of anti-social.

    Being social has nothing to do about knowing the exact errata of a card or knowing how a card behave with other cards or knowing what card is legal to play and what is banned in what format in that moment. Unless you play in a high-tournament level where an expert Judge is always available, in regular FNM and LGS little tourneys (standard, modern or draft doesnt matter) very rarely (at least in my place) there is a guy that knows all the rules and thats why Internet is necessary in order to clear game rules controversy, which happens literally every single day, all the time, everywhere, for everybody.

    Its a card game, all you SHOULD need is the cards, which SHOULD explain themselves without the need to have oracle text for substantial rules to them

    Maybe in theory, but in practice, many cards differ greatly from what is actually printed in their rules text and that's especially true for an eternal format like commander where you can play cards from every expansion of every time (it's literally impossibile for example, without checking internet errata, what exactly is phyrexian and what is not since there's no real consistent criteria, or also many cards were printed without the correct text for mistake like Marath or Hostage Taker, or some cards works in a extremely counter-intuitive way because of how game rules changes over the years like for example being able to still doing damage and untap despite a card like Reconneisance says and was originally intended to remove the creature from combat exactly to preven that, and so on)

    So yes, this game it's a great and utter mess, and there's absolutely nothing you can do to fix it. Doesn't matter what in your head this game "should" or "would" be. The only thing matter is what this game IS effectively, and how players resolve their everyday problems, which is, inevitably, using the internet in a way or another. And the "issues" of dice roll is just the little tip of a big mess of iceberg that players need to pass in order to play properly and with all kosher crisms this game.
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  • posted a message on [AFC] Reckless Endeavor

    This is a really privileged statement. I played Magic before smartphones existed, and I play it in no small part because it is not a digital endeavor. There are PLENTY of people out there without smartphone, be they poor or just young kids who should not have one yet. Does it help in some cases, sure, but you absolutely should not need one.

    Sure, I played also Magic before Smartphone existed, and in fact me and my noob friends was interpreting the games rules or cards texts in a *****ty and completely incorrect way all the time. I'm just saying that if you want to always play a 100% correct and legal way to play Magic you absolutely need to have internet, because it is simply insane and impossible to just read and perfectly remember all the over 900 paragraphs of rules of Magic (that exist only in internet) or the Oracle text and erratas of all over 23.000 unique cards (that also exist only in internet), or knowing perfectly all card's interactions for common mortals that are not level 5 Judges, and that's why my point was to just counter the argument that D12 should be "too much" to handle for casual players, while this is clearly not true at all, and in both casual and tournament setting you have everything you need to play with those cards with no problem.
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  • posted a message on [AFC] Reckless Endeavor
    So thats the text book example of a problem that doesnt need to exist in the first place, and you use a APP to solve that problem ... which can be entirely avoided if the card doesnt use a D12 in the first place ... which is the entire point of critique that using a D12 is awful card gameplay design.

    You always need the Smartphone and Internet Connection for Magic play, especially in tournament setting. You need it to set life totals (because d20 can always be moved by the table and mess the result), you need it to check what's the correct oracle text / errata of any card you wish and last, but not last, you need it to check how interaction between cards works or what is written in the comprehensive rules about a specific rule, since this is already the most complex game in the world

    So yes, to play properly this game you actually need a smartphone and that's no big deal because as I said, everybody have a smartphone and an internet connection. Having an app for dice rolls isn't worse or more difficult than doing anything I listed above..
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  • posted a message on [AFC] Reckless Endeavor
    If non of that bothers you, your spider-senses for recognizing awful card gameplay design doesnt work anymore.

    Or maybe, *gasp*, what is fun gameplay is largely subjective to people, so would be a bias to think that simply because you don't like certain mechanics, that means are absolutely a bad mechanic that lead to awful gameplay for all players. Because it clearly isn't.

    I will bring here my experience of playing Commander with silverbordered and even custom made cards (some of which even have cards that make you roll a D30 with 30 different unique effects) with many different playgroups since 2011, and nobody, in this 10 years ever was bothered from the fact that out games was filled with random mechanics. Au contraire. And that's because doing things at random is actually fun for most people, especially in casual play and edh is most of all a casual format. Why is it fun? Because each time you play said card is a refreshing new experience and some (like me) really love the thrill to gamble, and that's a process exciting for all players (for opponents wishing you to fail and for you wishing to success). It would be fun for everyone this? Of course not. But, unlike you, I don't have the bias of saying that simply because i like/hate a mechanic, than all players should share that same feeling, because our subjective percetion of what is good doesn't simply apply to everybody. Almost all mechanics have their niche admirers and almost nothing appeal to absolutely everybody, which means that as long a good part of players actually have fun playing said mechanics, it means is good design space worth to be explored.

    And besides, everybody have a smartphone, and everyone can download any type of free randomizer, so it's really a non-existent issue on today technology even if you use the argument of "I don't have money / don't know places to buy the correct dices",. You are talking as players are still living in the 80', but what wouldn't work then, it definitely do now, so easy actually that your complaining sounds a bit ridiculously even.
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  • posted a message on [AFC] Reckless Endeavor
    Quote from leslak »
    D12? Well commander players better buy dnd dice sets XD

    Finally I will make good use of my hundreds of D4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 and maybe even my d3, d24, d30 and d100 for good use in my commander games other than be used for counters and who start first XD
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  • posted a message on [AFR] True Polymorph— TCGPlayer preview
    Quote from seilaoque »
    Quote from FunkyDragon »
    But that means you have to play Darksteel Relic, and who want to waste a card on that?

    Much better Darksteel Ingot. You Path of Exile for good target commander but at least a mana rock is never a dead card in hand.

    you could do it with Darksteel Citadel as well...
    anyway, as commander is a 1of format, if you're planning to do this, you'll have to play all of them anyway.

    Not really. Depending of which colors you play, you got plenty of tutors, so 5-10+ tutors ( between land, artifact, generic tutors) are always 5-10+ virtual copies of the Darksteel Citadel you want in that moment.
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  • posted a message on Mairsil the Pretender and new D&D cards
    So let's say Mairsil, the Pretender exile Vorpal Sword and copy the "a player lose the game" activated ability. Does it work? Mairsil need to have at least any equpment to be an "equipped creature"? Doesnt do anything at all?

    Also, let's say Mairsil has the ability of The Deck of Many Things (or any D20 dice roll card for that matter). It's all the card one only activated ability and works normally with Mairsil?
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  • posted a message on [AFR] The last cards of the set
    Quote from redcodekevin »
    That's it? 3 dungeons?

    Yeah they said it since the beginning
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