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  • posted a message on [HTR] M'Odo, the Gnarled Oracle
    Well, yes, but by that logic, Ancestral Recall is totally fair if you put it in a deck where it will only draw you bad cards. How a card functions in an underpowered deck is a really poor metric for measuring how busted a card is.

    Mind that I talk as a casual-minded kitchen table player, not as a competitive, tournament-setted one. Under that metric, yes, theoretically, even Ancestral Recall could be played with fun and relatively fair use, under casual hands. Stuff like Possessed Portal, Armageddon or Stasis no, however.

    And power level aside, this is just not a well designed card.

    This is actually very well designed, for what is meant to represent for the designers. Somebody says that if people want to play vanguards, should play vanguards and not commander. Well guess what, this cards mechanic is actually entirely based about a Vanguard card, Momir Vig which is so popular and appreciated that in fact there is a whole official format dedicated only for this vanguard.

    Now, this card isn't mean to be legal in any sanctioned format, so it's silly to complain about the power level (since the risk to breaking any metagame is basically non-existent), so yes, let's talk about design and aesthetic. Because there's a lot to unfold here (and I myself could still missing few things going on with the card ):
    - As we said, this card is actually based on a Vanguard MTGO existing only card, and that's exactly why not only it have an eminence ability, but I feel designers purposelly meant to not actually ever cast the card exactly for the reason to mimic as much close as possible the functionality in paper magic of the Momir Vig Vanguard which works only in Command Zone. They still decided to make it blatantly overpowered by removing the sorcery speed and once for turn restriction, but as a Timmy Player, I can't really blame them. Grin Seems that in these very rare chances when they don't design and develop cards remotely legal in constructed formats (or doing silverborder silly stuff), they just love to play busted and overpowered cards and if they have fun with those, who are we to judge them?
    - Order of the symbols of mana cost altered, exactly for the reason to read it as "BUG", yes.
    - His name is "M'Odo" would never guess is a reference of MODO as the official Magic Online program right? Grin
    - and, guess what, his entire name is actually an acronym for MTGO.

    So, the whole fil rouge that makes this cards as we see it, is his connection and a homage to Magic Online (the card was designed under the works of MTGO Designers, is mechanically based on a MTGO only vanguard, and the whole flavour is a meta-joke about MTGO).

    So, if we see the card under this light and forget about any competitive and degenerate interaction, it is actually, imho, not bad at all. Smile
    Well, at least, I appreciate the aesthetic and work behind.
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  • posted a message on [HTR] M'Odo, the Gnarled Oracle
    I'm sure that if you purposelly underpower your deck with no infinite or degenerate combo this could be genuinely very fun and exciting to play with and against. Of course it would be insta-banned anyway even if this was legal in any commander-variant format Grin

    Surely, the most exciting sultai general ever. I would have put a bit of more restrictions because doing it at instant-speed and more times for turn really feels busted, but I will proxy and try this at my kitchen tables.

    And apparently there are 2 more of these cards around. No news about them yet?
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  • posted a message on Spellseeker, how good is it, and which decks do you play it in?
    I guess this guy is nice in competitive, but it doesn't make the cut in my decks (as I play lot of ramp and splashy spells and few nonpermanent stuff, namely just in blue stuff like Bribery, Blatant Thievery or Expropriate). My blue eternal witness is Archaeomancer, I play that for card advantage recursion (with Brago, Roon or others) and make easily gg with any extra turn card in grave.
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  • posted a message on GRN Key Art W/ Vraska
    Quote from krishnath »
    I say its more weird for Vraska she is BG which is a pretty powerful color pairing in Legacy, Modern and EDH.

    Course the problem in EDH is a bit different hard to fend off attacks from 3 other players while only getting value every 4th turn. Although again in BG that should be less of an issue.

    You do not play a planeswalker in Commander/EDH unless you have a way to protect it and the willingness to do so. Otherwise it is just an overcosted sorcery spell.
    That said I have gotten a lot of mileage out of various planeswalkers in the format, including Vraska.

    I play lot of planeswalkers in my decks and I can say that the form of card advantage and versatility they give as permanents is always superior compared to nonpermanent spells. Yes of course is better to play PWs with an empty board or a single threat that the PW can care about it, but even if they dies they always assure you, in addition to their ability also free fog effect which is nothing to score off (and that happend if you don't have creatures that can protect them).

    For example, if I would have to cut a Maelstrom Pulse or a Vraska the Unseen I would cut the pulse and keep vraska for the same effect for the simple reason that, for only 2 more mana, vraska could do, in power, much more advantage than a pulse over time (unless I'm against token but that's a corner case). Yes, vraska could simply do a vindicate effect and dies, but so does always the pulse so at least the PW give me the chance to do much more giving a more favorable board position.
    In general I would say that in EDH everything that can be done by a creature is better than the same thing done by an istant or sorcery, and anything done by a PW is better than the same thing done by an artifact, enchantment, istant or sorcery (because of the versatility of 3 or more powerful effects and the fact you don't never need to spend extra mana to do those abilities).
    Is better, also because permanents are more recurrable from graveyard to use them once more.
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  • posted a message on GRN block war of the guilds?
    Quote from krishnath »
    Prediction: Teysa hires Kaya to kill the ghost council.

    How Tesysa should even know that Kaya exist? I mean unless Kaya is willingly going on Ravnica on her own will, but why in that case?
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  • posted a message on Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle
    Quote from purklefluff »
    Quote from purklefluff »
    still really high on this card.

    woken up in the morning a few times thinking about it haha. That's quite an achievement for something that obviously isn't hard-nosed competitive Modern!
    You're welcome. I think I got an infarction during my early days for spamming about it Grin

    Don't blame you. It's amazing =)

    First chance I get, this thing is getting its own commander deck.
    And now my blogatog post made it easier for Maro to sell Return to Kamigawa to the powers that be. Successful year is successful. Grin

    I'm dying to get this. On the bright side, I am still waiting for the rest of the cards for his deck to arrive in the mail anyway. So I can be patient. It's also my birthday today, so this surprise was welcome. I am going all out on this deck, except I changed my mind about a Sylvan Tutor since I had no room for any more cards. In the meantime, I need to shave off 7 cards. I made it down to 107 so far. Hopefully I'll have the build streamlined by the time the 10th rolls around.

    I can't forget when I first saw this thread Grin

    btw, while Arixmethes is a land, does he still have his CMC? For Devotion purposes?

    I believe yes, likewise Theros Gods give of their own devotion regardless of their status. There's no rule baggage that says anything that is a land can't have a mana cost, so it should work just fine.
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  • posted a message on GRN Key Art W/ Vraska
    Quote from Giulio »
    i really hope for a playable b/g planeswalker finally...

    To be honest Vraska has always been a playable planeswalker, at least in EDH and Standard. She may not do the cut in modern or legacy but almost no planeswalker do the cut there.

    I bet one million dollars that this art will featuer her guild-leader card, it would be really cool to see at least one planeswalker as the guild leader instead of a legendary creature (probably her mana cost will be something with BBGG, but I'm not so sure in that)

    That bug reminds a bit of a baby firefly, and his head vaguely resembles the golgari symbol which is cool.
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  • posted a message on Leaked Announcement - New Masterpieces and Reserved List Update

    That's what I'm saying. There's plenty of threads to talk about the RL, why now everyone must talk about it inside a completely fake news?
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  • posted a message on Wizkids release Icons of the Realms: Ravnica collectable figures
    Oh God, I love that Deathpact Angel EEK! Screw DnD, this is extremely good stuff worth to collect alone.
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  • posted a message on Leaked Announcement - New Masterpieces and Reserved List Update
    Quote from BB84Prez »
    It wouldn't be the first time I have experienced C-level execs say "we will not do..." and then literally the next month they do what they said they wouldn't do. It's amazing their resolve to keep people motivated to basically show no change in course until a change is formally announced.

    I am NOT saying this is what is happening at WotC, but corporate execs do not care about their peons and let everyone know their plans at all times. It's need-to-know basis. They would not let things like this to leak out into public until it is meant to be public knowledge. They tell the minimum amount of people and if someone blabs, it's their butt on the line. The two accounts of denial from WotC are legit IMO. Card leaks are completely separate from this because that is third party, and stuff like that happens and is why contracts and courts exist.

    In a dystopian world: WotC chief says: "Bob we need to make more money because Hasbro is breathing down our necks.
    Bob: Ok, we can resume Masterpieces because they increased booster sales.
    WC: Great! what cards should be put in.
    Bob: Well we run out of ideas on that one, since people didn't care for the last set of Masterpieces/Inventions we put in there.
    WC: What cards are the "community" crying for.
    Bob: Reserve List cards. They claim they can't play Legacy because they don't have the access to the cards at a lower price point, but most want them for Commander which we just bent them over on. My bad. The Masterpiece Counterspell is hovering around $90, Beta ~$550, and all others are $1. I'm pretty sure people have Counterspell, but the original is not a buck so maybe the collectors we promised won't sue us if we changed our policy again. They won't trust us anymore.
    WC: Hmm. I like money Bob. The older collectors will sue us, but the newer players who never played in the 90s will be over joyed and shower us in cold hard cash just for the opportunity to crack one open on our current cardstock. I'll be swimming in it like Scrooge McDuck. Make it happen, but tell Maro to keep his mouth shut or he's fired."

    I never understood the "sue" point. Never existed a legally binding contract between WotC and any random RL card collector. From what laws a court should even listen the reasons of something that is founded by basically nothing?

    Also, people are everyday since 10+ years ago, hoping and speculating about the RL getting rid off, and WotC never ever gave a slightest hint of this ever happening. why this time should be different just because somebody made a fake of a WotC announcement, is beyond me.
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  • posted a message on [Guilds of Ravnica] "Macabre Hatchery" Black Prerelease Promo Leak?
    Quote from beren camlost »
    Really cute design. If it's not real, it should be.

    Fits right into the mega-cycle of:
    Cone of Flame
    Incremental Growth
    Incremental Blight
    Bestial Menace

    Wow. Just now I am noticing this pattern. Surprised there's nothing on white yet.
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  • posted a message on Leaked Announcement - New Masterpieces and Reserved List Update
    Yeah, this thread can be closed and archived. just everyone at the R&D confirmed this announcemente is fake as a 1000 dollar bill.
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  • posted a message on The last sorcery magus (Green)
    Quote from krishnath »
    This answer of MaRo strongly suggest that all Magus are tied by one thing : the Reserved Lists. So is highly likely that also the green magus will be tied to that list:

    If that's true, then Eureka Magus has much stronger chance to be printed than Channel one (but isn't obviously definitive since Balance wasn't a RL card and get printed)

    Note that he is talking about the three original cycles of "magus's", and not the current cycle. Only half of the current cycle we have gotten so far are cards from the reserved list. Both Balance and Mind's Desire are not. It seems the only qualifier for the current batch is that the card is a sorcery and powerful.

    I say, Iconic it's a more fitting word. All Magus represent iconic cards (which, of course, are also all pretty powerful on their own, that's why they are iconic in the first place). But how we can judge how much a card is iconic for the game? Well, a criteria could be, among the other things, throwbacks and meta-references of other cards of said iconic card...But looking at the Vintage/Legacy banned, restricted list, is a very fitting criteria, because it seems that almost all Magus comes anyway from there. Anyway, are cards that made the history of the game, and older players recognize them as such.
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  • posted a message on The last sorcery magus (Green)
    This answer of MaRo strongly suggest that all Magus are tied by one thing : the Reserved Lists. So is highly likely that also the green magus will be tied to that list:

    If that's true, then Eureka Magus has much stronger chance to be printed than Channel one (but isn't obviously definitive since Balance wasn't a RL card and get printed)
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  • posted a message on Loyal Unicorn cmdr decks preview
    Quote from Commander2099 »
    I think Burning Oil is clearly an example of how red is "nerfed" to be able to give it a mono-white flashback.

    I guess my question is this: What part of White's color pie is "preventing damage to (just) attacking creatures"? Of all the possible things white could do here... they choose this ability.

    Sometimes they just try and bend new things too, you know? Just like they did with the new red enchantments that punish player to play enchantments. Even if this was the first time they did this specific ability to white, doesn't mean that is out of color pie - it means just that they are exploring the bounds of said color pie, and this is one experiment as many others.
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