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  • posted a message on Who are the Guild Leaders for Ravnica Allegiances???
    Quote from Flamebuster »
    I'm wondering if Jace will become the leader of Azorius given his affiliation with Lavinia and the newly disposed Azor. I could be wrong but it is a possibility. We are due for a Jace card in this particular setting...Unless that comes in the next Rav set.

    I kinda like Manite's explanation above. Completely forgot about that but it depends on whether Dovin is susceptible to that sort of thing. Dovin might remain neutral but who knows...


    WotC already state that all Guilds with a PW as Guildleader must be Bolas affiliated. How is possible to be Jace in that case?
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  • posted a message on How Channel works exactly
    The wording of Channel kinda bugs me. It says "Until end of turn, any time you could activate a mana ability, you may pay 1 life. If you do, add {C}." I could be wrong but I don't think there are any other magic cards with such wording about producing mana. Now, it's the "Until end of turn" part that confuses me. Let's say I cast Channel in my first main phase. Can I choose to make, thanks to Channel, for example, 1 colorless mana for each phase and subphase on my turn (1 mana that I have in first main, another one in combat phase, another one in the end step, etc.) ? Is this what Channel allow me to do when it says "until end of turn"? Just to be sure.

    To make long story short : When I cast Channel, I have to declare all in one time how much mana I produce (for example if I declare to create 10 colorless mana and after I start to casting spells or activate abilities, I can't add more mana later on), or I can actually, until the end of turn, add anytime, any amount of colorless mana in any phase and subphase and repeat that action any amount of time I want (granted I got enough lifes) after any spell or ability casted or activated by any player?
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  • posted a message on Help assembling an Eternal Dominion decklist (wizard tribal for on-board control)
    Mind Over Matter : there's lot of advantages if you play this.
    - You're monoblue so quadruple blue on casting cost doesn't scare you at all
    - Excellent way to use uncastable cards after Eternal Dominion is out
    - Infinite combo with several cards, which are also Wizards, so perfect for tribal (Azami, Arcanis). Also combo with Temple Bell

    Play Mirari for more copies on Dominion.

    Dream Halls to hardcast Dominion turn 5 or earlier.
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  • posted a message on Challenge - most "strictly-better/worse-than" cards
    Wood Elemental vs Mistcutter Hydra

    - More versatile mana cost
    - More efficent power and toughness for same mana cost
    - No need to sacrifice lands
    - No need to have untapped lands
    - No need to have Forests
    - Can't be countered
    - Haste
    - Protection from Blue
    - easy sinergy with any card that have counters matter mechanic.

    that's a score of nine i guess?
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  • posted a message on Promos: Lord of Atlantis & Teferi's Protection
    Since when Dominaria Merfolks evolved to have legs? Not a fan of it.
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  • posted a message on Nephilim to Return in 3rd Ravnica Set?
    "players don't liked kamigawa" = mostly because of power level and themes and design.

    Actually MaRo said somewhere that players didn't even liked the lore behind. Too much adherent on japanese mythology (that have near-zero fantasy resonance on western players) and not enough pop tropes of japan mythology (like Theros and Innistrad were for greek and gothic horror myths and expectations). I feel to agree that Kamigawa lore and characters history wasn't really something I could very well relate with (not to mention horrible parasitic mechanics that didn't have any sinergy at all with the previous block, Mirrodin).

    In fact, Kamigawa lore feels so alien, that is more likely that WotC rebuild a new whole "japanese inspired world" completely, than return to Kamigawa once more (which would bind them too much, lorewise). I'm fairly sure that's also something that MaRo already said in his blog somewhere.
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  • posted a message on Nephilim to Return in 3rd Ravnica Set?
    WotC is not interested in making the Nephilim again:

    Thread Closed.
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  • posted a message on Aminatou’s Ultimate...???!!!
    I see that competitive Aminatou's deck are pure control decks that rely only on lands and a high percentage of instant and sorceries spells, so that they won't give anything to the opponent. Basically they just keep doing the plus ability for card advantage waiting the opponents to make some kind of board presence and eventually, steal all. that means that you rarely use her minus ability, if all.

    And I believe that a deck focused for her blink ability will just do her plus and minus abilities all the time, straight ignoring the ultimate, when not favorable.
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  • posted a message on Experimental Frenzy - MTGGoldfish Twitter
    This card seems perfect with Daretti as the red-shifted version of Future Sight. The deck, thanks to the general, doesn't need to play with the hand anyway since 90% of time you will just discard and reanimate from graveyard, and, if you're stuck with lands topdeck Daretti still helps you to chain more spells together, drawing the exceeding lands...and of course, you can always cast Daretti itself with this out.

    Yeah I definitely need this enchantment for that deck Grin
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  • posted a message on Etrata, the Silencer - Command Zone preview
    , NiV is basicallyNiv-Mizzet, Firemind that can't be countered, to be honestly i don't know why they just didn't reprint him, it would be a lot easier for them.

    the new Niv let you draw from any instant and sorceries casted by any player (including yourself). That's definitely not seems to me be "basically" Niv-Mizzet. They actually share only half abilities, but this Niv in EDH is superior (better body, a nightmare for control decks and really excellent in multiplayer in any random situation, a feature that the old Niv didn't have at all).
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  • posted a message on Etrata abilities on stack
    Ahh, great thanks! So it's actually easy to work around her ability, that will make her an excellent Commander Grin
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  • posted a message on Etrata abilities on stack
    Quote from Antiantiserum »
    AFAIK: It is one ability. But the first part, with the hit counters, can resolve independet of the last part, where Etrata would be put into the library. For the first part of the ability to resolve Etrata doesn't have to remain on the battlefield. Once the ability is on the stack you can do all the shenanigans.

    So, if, after she hit the player, and her ability goes on stack, in response I blink her, she still exile creatures and put hit counters, but won't be shuffled because the new Etrata that enter the battlefield thanks to the blink have no memory and connection of the one mentioned in her ability resolving on the stack? So it works?
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  • posted a message on Etrata abilities on stack
    Is it true that Etrata ability to exile creatures and the one that shuffles herself are 2 different and separate abilities that goes on the stack and players can do stuff between them? I mean the sentences are not spaced, seems all part of the same text. But there's a dot, it's not all in the same sentence, so I don't know. If Etrata hit the player, I can play instants (for example a blink spell) to prevent her shuffling in the library or I have to wait it resolve all the ability?

    Etrata, the Silencer
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  • posted a message on Etrata, the Silencer - Command Zone preview
    As an Italian, I find kinda funny that they named her "Etrata". In Italian entrata means literally "[she] entered", and since she "can't be blocked", lead me to think if it's really just a coincidence, or the creative team had the conscious decision to name her with that in mind.
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  • posted a message on Who are the Guild Leaders for Ravnica Allegiances???
    If Wizards decides to make the color balance between the two factions equal (and they might not), knowing that the Golgari and the Izzet are both Bolas aligned guilds, that would make the Azorius, Orzhov, and Gruul led by planeswalkers.

    I really hope not! flavorwise I can't imagine in any way Rakdos guys being on the side of the gatewatch, it's completely against their philosophy. And the Gruul in Bolas side feels very awkward as well. But I'm afraid color balance will prevail, as always Frown
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