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The Limited Archetypes of Core 2019
Magic Market Index for June 22nd, 2018
Magic Market Index for June 8th, 2018
  • posted a message on [POLL] What cards do you want banned or unbanned in the July 2, 2018 announcement?
    I know that I, for one, have almost never lost to Affinity before turn 4

    You sir haven't played enough Modern then. I still lose to Affi or win with it on Turn 3. This involves one of the goldfish openings, nothing more. Not losing to Affi on T3 is like not losing to Humans on T4.

    About Summer Bloom, it's not coming back also because some cards will be printed and help the deck become better anyway, at some point (that's all I hope for Amulet players, because this archetype is super interesting / rewarding to play). Cards that will be unbanned are the ones that haven't hurt Modern yet.

    KCI is the first combo I've seen managing to win through 4 Meddling Mages.

    You've not played / watched the format enough then. Med Mage wasn't played in the format before, that's why you never saw it beaten by another combo deck to begin with. Actually it was bad enough so it wasn't played, because combo decks could win through it anyway. I mean, Valakut, Vizier Company & Infect can be considered as combo decks and they win through Med Mage pretty easily.

    Ban a deck (essentially) that isn't even doing well right now because it'll allow some aggressive printing

    Storm is doing ok (Tier 2 isn't nothing). They banned Pod because it was getting stronger as cards were printed. Printings were already aggressive and Wizards didn't stop. They print whatever they judge good to print, they won't stop because it makes a Modern deck degenerate. They actually don't spot it when it happens, they don't even spot it when they break Standard in half with broken cards or combos. :p
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  • posted a message on An Angel brawl deck in the future?
    We need a Sarkhan for angels then. Dragons can be a Brawl deck now thanks to the cost reduction Sarkhan provides. If ever the cost reduction comes on a non-legendary creature, the deck won't be viable in Brawl but might be in standard !
    We had a ton a dinosaur-related creatures and some of them reduced the costs of Dinos, so one may hope.
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  • posted a message on GW Angels (Lifegain synergy with M19)
    Hello there,

    the idea of this archetype is to gain a ton of life to naturally fight aggro decks, while making CA thanks to X-4-1 creatures.

    On turn 1, you play either Fountain of Renewal, Ajani's Welcome, or Sacred Cat.

    On Turn 2, you either start to grow an Ajani's Pridemate or you play Glory-Bound Initiate to ideally generate an Angel token the next turn.

    On turn 3, you want a Resplendent Angel to etb so you may generate a token at eot, or you can cast either Sunscourge Champion or Aethersphere Harvester to set up a strong attack the next turn.

    Here's a first draft :

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  • posted a message on Brawl Deck Wins (All-in-Red)
    You may be right about Mare and Motivator, I'll test that way.

    I think Thud is good though, I rarely need to instant speed sac a guy, and if I do, cards like the new Oracle and Munitions do the trick. What I like is that 1 mana is easier when I want to sequence Treason effects + a sac outlet. Fling is 1 more mana than Oracle, Thud and Munitions, so I think it's a bit worse. That said there's a chance both should be played.

    The last card I'm interested in is Inferno Hellion. I'll test it because why not but I don't have big expectations. The lack of haste should dismiss it.

    A card I saw you mention in the Hazoret thread is Dismissive Pyromancer. I don't believe it's good enough, but can you give me your feedback after you tested I a bit ?
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  • posted a message on UBx Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Control
    Are you guys pretending Tezzeret the Seeker isn’t a card that we can’t currently play who does this new joker’s ultimate immediately?

    The double negation lost me. XD
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  • posted a message on Transmogrifying Wand LRR
    At first glance I read :
    Tarmogoyfing Wand
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  • posted a message on UBx Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Control
    He's meant for a different build than what we usually discuss here. 5 mana is the end of the world, even 4 mana is so expensive that I don't know if anybody dares to run 4 Tezz anymore (I've been down to 2-3 since 2016). 4-cmc SB win cons are already awkward to play, so 5 mana : not for me.

    When we have a Bridge, we don't want to draw 3 cards a turn, because we can't cast them all. How many times did you guys decline finding an artifact with Agent of Bolas's +1 ability while there was something to pick up ? I remember I did it quite often.
    Also he makes a 1/1 token... Yeah it reminds me of Sorin PWs in BW tokens, and why that archetype is not good enough.

    All in all, the thing that strikes me is that it doesn't help the archetype's bad MUs at all. Not more than Agent of Bolas. Not more than Teferi.
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  • posted a message on "Novice Knight"
    If there's an aura deck to build in standard, it's right now. This into basically anything is good : aura, Sram, Bodyguard, Vanguard.
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  • posted a message on Core Set 2019 Spoiler Discussion Thread
    I think this merfolk wanted an ability like flying or shadow

    Mistcaller don't need evasion since Lords give Islandwalk at some point. Don't need Flash either since there's Vial.

    Sarkhan is a 3 mana Insolent Neonate to me.

    Stitcher's Supplier looks powerful. Would Aristocrats be interested ? Delve creatures on turn 2 ? It's 7 cards in the yard, it has to be strong somewhere right ?

    Runic Armasaur is like a passive Tireless Tracker, or a different kind of Courser of Kruphix. Chord / Evo decks can have it as a silver bullet at the very least. The 5th toughness blocks H1, Tasigur, big Humans... Tempting.

    There are like ten other payables already for Modern, niche applications but still, this set is something !
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    I played with it a bunch against Burn, Affi, Bogles and Jeskai. Didn't take the time against other decks. It does what he's asked to, i.e find the SB pieces in G2-3. It has been great in MUs where the SB pieces are backbreaking. So the MU where it was the least impressive was Jeskai, because we have nothing unconditionally strong against them.
    It's very strong when you have Vial on the board. I could see it being good in a Copycat deck with Vial.
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  • posted a message on UBx Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Control
    It looks redundant along with Foundry. And one strength of the deck is that it's immune to creature removal G1. At best SB material, plays around Stony and Kommand, and makes better value off a sacrifice than Foundry and plays well with Bridge (while Antiquities War or TKS or Ensoul are nonbos). It might be the best wincon off the SB, since most things we have is subpar in UB.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 16/04/2018)
    I'm not sure how complaining about Stirrings being green makes an argument against it. If the card was blue, well Stirrings decks would play blue... It wouldn't make the current Stirrings decks worse (Amulet, KCI, Tron, Lantern, none dislikes blue).

    Now, I also see the discussion lean heavily towards "if Stirrings is legal, Preordain must be unbanned". It's short-sighted : the issue I have with this is that it completely ignores the fact Stirrings + Preordain in Modern = combo decks being dominant (both cards will happily combine with Mox Opal btw). I'm open to debate on this equation, but that's what I believe so far. I'll play Modern no matter what it looks like, but it's a huge fear for most players to see linear decks take the cake.

    However, I get the point that it's easier to nerf the format rather than buff it by unbanning something strong. Making the format stronger is scary because we easily see what decks would suffer / disappear, but we don't see how good Modern could actually become. I also believe now is the most sensitive time in Modern's History to consider making it stronger, since the overall diversity and unsolved aspect of it make a lot of people happy, or at least, less complaining than usual.

    That's why SFM is so likely to be unbanned before a cantrip, she doesn't make the linear strategies stronger.
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  • posted a message on "Departed Deckhand"
    Is this a pirate that became a ghost or a ghost that became a pirate?

    Maybe it's a spirate ?
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  • posted a message on Brawl Deck Wins (All-in-Red)
    Up !

    Spoiler not full yet, but there's already great additions to the archetype !

    For sure in my list :
    Act of Treason (those effects are super strong in the format)
    Dark-Dweller Oracle (synergy with Kari's token and "gain control" effects)
    Lightning Mare (the deck lacks good aggro 2-drops)
    Thud (cheaper Fling, not sure I want both cards though))

    And potential cards that make me scratch my head :
    Guttersnipe (I think it's a trap, more for Adeliz)
    Goblin Motivator (redundant Bloodlust Inciter, not sure we want 0, 1 or 2 of this effect to accelerate Kari on turn 2)

    With the printing of so much life gain though, the archetype is going to face more resistance :
    Fountain of Renewal, Diamond Mare and Shield Mare will see a lot of play. Ferocidon is even more clutch now.

    List above updated. Cuts are Heart-Piercer Manticore, Fling, Rigging Runner, Limits of Solidarity.
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  • posted a message on Mothership Spoilers 6-19 Omniscience
    Overall this set makes me wanna play Brawl more & more.

    I luv me Chromium ! Great art, great flavor, great finisher design.

    The Mares are pretty good even for constructed (niche applications).
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