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  • posted a message on Pioneer Banned List Speculation
    aggressive threat concealed as an answer

    This is your interpretation of the card, not reality. A threat can win a game. An answer helps you not lose a game.

    Wraths are cards aggro decks are prepared and equipped to fight. It's there since Magic's inception. Verdict is only uncounterable, so you can make your creatures indestructible, exile it with Spell Queller, bounce it with Unsubstantiate, play 4 Smuggler's Copters in your creature deck, or do as we always do : don't overextend to the BF. There's absolutely no reason to ban the card !

    Thoughtseize is another story : it's a proactive play, not a reactive one. It can see play in the same decks you play Gitaxian Probe : in aggro and combo decks.
    The bad thing I see with this card is that it destroys glass-canon decks game 1, it's a bit sad for the sake of variety. However, blitz aggro decks laugh at the card, decks that play Once upon a Time and various card selection spells too. As long as those decks are viable, TS doesn't seem too obnoxious.
    I mean, how many times in pioneer has Veil been cast to stop an actual threat instead of an answer?

    That's not the role of the card anyway. Blossoming Defense, Gods Willing, those cards are great and have never been too criticized or in a ban discussion ever. Not a threat nor an answer card, Veil is a protection / pump spell like you said, that happens to cantrip. End of story. Grin

    The reason of its banning is not what it does (not directly at least), but what decks it helps, i.e. some green decks at the top of the metagame. I personnally have no clue whether this ban is good or not though. I don't really care, it's one SB card in the pool to me.
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  • posted a message on Mono White Devotion
    Nice ideas ! I had completely forgotten about Mastery ! There must be a way to build a very different W Devo deck then, Mastery, Brimaz and Sun Elspeth seem good together.

    I thought of Quarantine Field in the SB, potentially VS PW decks. I think the deck is weak to Oko + baby Tef Game 1.

    The 3-cmc Walkers I'm not a fan of. They're good for aggro decks, like white weenie, but for devotion, you want to go big, and small PWs tend to die under the early pressure and removals of the opponents. Same, nt a fan of History since it dies by itself. The idea remains to take advantage of Nykthos at some point.

    In any devo list, I think Mastery is a must at least in the SB against control and midrange.
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  • posted a message on Mono White Devotion
    Yop there,
    I'm looking for good pay offs in white, but overall I'm testing the idea of playing lifelinkers against the aggro part of the meta, and the best cards that enable Nykthos :

    Bishop is a good blocker early, which leads me to an Angel shell. Resplendent is a decent mana sink, Thune is super strong with Bishop, Tithes and Rays are enough to slow the opponent.
    Always Watching is really good at making the board unbeatable. It feels necessary with Initiate, very weak to Ballista and Slash decks. The enchant also gives Reckoner the ability to attack no matter what, and strengthens Tithes.
    Oppressive Rays is a great Nykthos-y way to slow down aggro decks.

    This iteration of the archetype tries to not die in the early turns, and power up big plays, without going to big. I didn't find a way to ramp efficiently towatds Angel of Serenity but that would be one of the best payoffs in an Angel shell.

    The things I didn't like were the WW creatures : Anafenza, Tomik, Knight ot White Orchid. Pridemate requires an even more spcific shell, and after a bit of testing, I felt I wanted more lifelinkers for a bit more synergy with Thune and Resplendent, thus why Initiate it is.
    I also didn't like the 1-cmc creatures that gain life, they're too weak, only gain 1 per turn, meh. While Landing can ramp and always give Nykthos a mana, and Thraben... well he's just good.

    Anyone tried to brew around white devotion ?
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  • posted a message on Ux Ensoul
    I think I have my answer to Skilled Animator : he can crew Copter and if the 5/5 is destroyed, Animator is still a body on the BF.
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  • posted a message on Ux Ensoul
    Yeah, All that Glitters is the reason I played the Sirens !

    Is Skilled Animator better than Tezzeret's Touch or is it only because of the mana cost ?
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  • posted a message on Temur Midrange
    Stubborn Denial indeed needs a lot of support, and cheap enough creatures so you can keep mana open. Would fit better in Temur Coco. I think you're right going for removal spells / threats instead.
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  • posted a message on Temur Midrange
    Well, Temur Energy proved to be competitive in standard, Temur Dragons didn't (Gruul Monsters had something with Dragons though). Not saying it's a sufficient argument, but I want to add that similar midrange decks (Sultai, Jund, Abzan) that I tried and watched played by streamers with a classic approach aren't very convincing (even Sultai that is praised by a few people).

    Temur can play Glorybringer, and maybe Sweltering Sun (or Mizzium Mortars) and Wild Slash in the main, for a more controlly approach. But I don't see Knuckleblade being better than Brazen Borrower (or Bonecrusher Giant) if you want to keep mana open for Scorn, I'm not even speaking of the ogre's tough mana cost.

    Also, the energy shell gives better mana fixing (especially now that Oath of Nissa is banned), while your list is greedier, which will lead to more mulligans. Scorn is good in a primary blue list, but here it's primary green, so Stubborn Denial would be easier to cast (especially if you want to force Knuckleblade).

    The thing with Dragons is that better shells exist, i.e. Esper & Grixis control, while Gruul Monsters can turn into a dragon shell and have better mana (blue is useless). It's hard for me to believe Dragons belong in a Temur shell, but I'll be curious to test a more elaborate list you tested yourself, one that gave you satisfaction. Wink
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  • posted a message on Pioneer Banned List Speculation
    I imagine you are probably right... but that ain't gonna stop players from despising combo and demanding it be categorically banned.

    Opponents hate playing against combo, opponents hate playing against control, opponents hate playing against tempo... good thing God gave us midrange, amirite? Nobody could ever hate midrange...

    Isn't this stereotypical flaming 201X style ? Laughing
    You are very disrespectful to players and Wizards staff, but I guess you know better... amirite ?

    This format is not meant to be Modern bis, nor Modern "watered down". It's meant to be its own thing, and Felidar doesn't belong here from W's perspectvive. So be it.
    It'd be more accurate to say opponents hate to play in a narrow 3-deck metagame, hate to play matches that last 90+ minutes, they hate to watch their opponent durdle and combo off for 5 minutes, they hate to pack SB cards in their maindeck. All of this is justified !

    I personally don't care to see cards banned, I'm only impatient to see the format settle down so I can really taste what Pioneer is supposed to be.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Humans
    25 lands ? Confused

    I know Humans pretty well, the cards you mention have been put aside for the ones I choose to play.
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Humans
    Charming Prince comes handy when he can reset an exerted GBI ! Besides, I don't always exert him, only when I need to gain life or to get passed a big blocker.
    I'm not sure what I could play instead as well. Tomik is better than it seems, his stats alone are impressive (2/3 flying for 2). Lavinia can be useful in a few MUs. Otherwise more 1-drops is also an option. As long as I stay in white for Brave (otherwise Warkite Marauder would be a nice spice).
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  • posted a message on Jeskai Humans
    Yo, I feel like I can share my Humans list, and there's a couple cards worth discussing :

    Dauntless Bodyguard is the less sure of the 1-drops, all options are whatever, but I like the idea of making Midrange and control life more difficult with him in the deck. Another option is Mardu Woe-Reaper, but I just think the choice of the 1-drop here won't change much anyway.

    Giant Killer is narrow but could be in place of Declaration in Stone.

    Charming Prince proves to be great with Ref Mage and Lieutenant, nothing surprising.

    12 3-cmc creatures may seem a lot, but I had no problem casting my dudes with 21 lands. they're all so strong that I want to play them all.

    The deck doesn't splash green for Coco, and I think it wouldn't make the deck better. A least there's a decent chance the best Coco deck is not tribal Humans. On the other hand, playing only white reduces the power of the deck.
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  • posted a message on Temur Midrange
    Mmh, I wouldn't be very original and start with Standard Temur Energy + Oko.

    Harnessed Lightning is so much better at killing creatures than any other red spell, I don't know but it appeals me a lot. I remember Hydra was real tough to kill too, so if i can give it trample with Scions, it should work fine.

    The main reason to play simic is Oko anyway. It's the best and actually only real good card in those colors. From there one can splash red, white or black and have a decent deck.

    A trad list would be something like that :

    Not well built, but the idea is there.
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  • posted a message on Pioneer White Weenie thread
    Its main competition is Humans though (and not specifically mono white, humans can go Jeskai very easily). You said 2-drops were bad for weenies, but Humans have very good 2-drops. Hopefully Copter can fill the slot so easily in any aggro deck ! And if you have Mutavaults, you can still attack with one when you have nothing to do on turn 2.

    I doubt Humans is weaker than White Weenie because both decks can play the same white spells and SB, Mantis Rider is the best 3-cmc aggro creature in white, but who knows. the maindeck Selfless and Militants are really where your deck gets spicy. Very good cards.

    You did beat very strong decks overall, so it's promising !

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  • posted a message on Knights in Pioneer
    Mimic is a bad Lord, but not because he's an artifact

    Not what I said. Wink
    He's a bad lord, period. And only artifact decks can use him as a filler card, or a role player (see Hardened Affinity in Modern).

    What makes it unreliable?

    Easy question. Most of the time you have the same amount of lands as your opponent, so its ability is dead. Playing 4 copies is suboptimal too. If you want the card, it's because it's a first striker, the rest of the textbox is super situational and subpar in the deck.
    If I'm in the play I'll just hold him, and play the other stuff in my hand

    I think this is the trap. If you force yourself to hold it, because you want... a Plains ! rather than a fast first striker on the BF, then I don't understand. A Plains doesn't win you the game (the new mulligan rule makes KoWO less interesting too in mana screw situations too), while - for instance - holding Blacklance Paragon and giving your biggest creature lifelink can win you the game.
    Imagine if you have both Paragon and KoWO, your aggro deck is suddenly holding back 2 cards in hand... Confused

    The same applies for Order of Midnight, but the card looks a bit better than KoWO. On turn 2 it's always a 2/2 flyer, you don't hold it, and late in the game that's a 2 for 1. Nice !
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  • posted a message on Pioneer Banned List Speculation
    I mean why would you want to have all the answers in your deck in game 1, are control players now a days that greedy?

    It's not about control. UWx Control has D Sphere & Verdict, they have all the answers game 1... Uhh
    I didn't mean you need enchant hate maindeck, only that naturally, that kind of hate doesn't belong in main decks, which makes Leyline a very specific permanent type that steals game 1 too many times.
    think its too early for them to sack abundance right away, people will eventually put enchantment/artifact hate in their SB.

    Players already do that and still fail at beating the deck. Because hate happens too late or is too narrow. I don't think it's a matter of players adapting their SBs, the main decks are already too weak right now. Once the decks will be built optimally, once we see the power level / potential of the format, Wizards can discuss that card again.

    I like their approach, they give a chance for decks to rise without a wrench or two in the gears, wrenches that happened to warp the meta in a snap.
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