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  • posted a message on [ELD] lovestruck beast
    This card is good in a GW Tokens shell. Tons of 1/1s already, just have to be aware of the various pump spells / abilities of Trostani, Ajani, Loxodon, Flourish... Another detail is that it doesn't help in one important department : flyers. W&S.
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    My SB is very diverse because in most matchups we don’t want to SB too heavily to maintain the core of the deck, and thus I felt compelled to pinpoint very specialized cards to help in difficult matchups.

    The better cards in the Humans SB are the ones that have multiple MUs to shine. And you want them to be proactive. That's why Spyglass is suspicious (and almost nobody plays it).
    Dismember was a first exception because we didn't have Deputy, I think this removal is now almost obsolete in the SB, and I would never play more than 1, while in the past some players liked 2.
    Grafdigger's Cage is another exception, its effect is not on a creature yet, it costs only 1, but the effect is unique.
    Damping Sphere is the last exception I can think of. But Phoenix decks may be dead now, only Tron remains.

    Once you start to invest 2-3 mana for a noncreature card, and on top of it helps in a MU where you have other options available to help, it becomes hard to sell.

    About the Burn matchup... please correct me if I’m wrong, but Meddling Mage and Freebooter should be used to aggressively block Burn’s attackers

    Yeah, their creatures can deal way more than their spells. They shouldn't make the mistake to attack with Med mage being able to trade though. Swiftspear is their best creature, they can bluff all day long.

    Kambal isn’t as good as I though he could have been. Rather than punishing Control (a role Burn takes against Humans) with Kambal, we’re probably better fighting attrition with card advantage (thanks to Militia Bugler).

    Kambal is bad unless you're in a very specific / narrow metagame. Card is a trap many players want to add because it checks all the conditions I mentionned above, but in the end it's a bad card in many MUs where you think it's gonna pull weight.

    One big mistake Humans players do is to forget that being aggro is the best way to win with the deck, even post-SB. They dilute their aggro gameplan for fancy interactive cards instead. Kambal is super passive on top of it, it doesn't do anything and gives the opponent flexibility with their plays.

    Mulliganing aggressively to Auriok Champion is probably the way to go.

    No matter what some say, Burn is one unfavorable MU for Humans, so don't be too disappointed. Auriok is good along with Knight of Autumn in the SB. That Dryad is gonna be mandatory now SFM is back and artifact decks in a very good spot. I'd suggest to add 2 Knights along with 2 Aurioks.

    Should we start thinking about Tajic as a main deck solution in our few flex spots?

    I think he's good VS Anger of the Gods & the like, and when there's no creature facing it, and that's pretty much it. He's not proactive enough for me, in the same vein as Kambal. Your opponent can kill Tajic, then kill your other creatures. Only good in a narrow meta.

    Other than that, I can see that we’ll probably have to swap Freebooters for Unsettled Mariners, except that this gives more room for Combo to thrive.

    Mariners have not shown to be good yet. I already explained why FreeB is usually better than Mariner imo a few posts ago. Where do you see the card be good ?
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 26/08/2019)
    Now G's Vengeance is far from causing any issue ! :p

    We just have to wait & see what SFM brings to the meta and enjoy the new cards from Throne. Exciting times !
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 26/08/2019)
    Modern loses a combo card and gains a midrange card. It's a double imbalance.
    The format was very linear while control / midrange had to find its narrow spot in the mix. Now Wizards tells us "we want the opposite : midrange / control are here to fill the room, and combo decks need other ways to predate the metagame".

    In my opinion that's a very interesting take.

    The second intention seems to be : release the tension in the sideboards. This is a clear plus in favor of the format.

    Finally, I like the fact they're not afraid to unban and observe what SFM can do. They can still ban it again like they did with Golgari Grave Troll. People (pros included) are very prolific and often mediocre at speculating about cards, but nothing's better than put the beast in the arena and look in the eye of Reality.

    I as a Humans player will suffer from the Tron popularity and various SFM control decks, but I'll enjoy what is one of the biggest shift in Modern in long time.
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    Your main deck relies on having Vial or mana sources a bit more in the MUs where you want to land Big Thalia. Just be aware of this when you look at your opening hand. I don't think she's better than Crusader or Mantis VS Hogaak though.
    Big Thalia is good vs Tron, but often gets bounced by Titi or bolted before Phoenixes come back, so her power is very relative. It's a gamble that may pay off in your favour !

    Your SB is very diverse, and this is usually something you do either because you don't know the power of the cards and you want to test, or because you know exactly what you're doing after analysing the expected meta. If I were you I would narrow down a little. I'd probably play 2 Crusaders and cut Icon of Ancestry. This card is a 3-cmc noncreature spell. In my book it's a big no (only 19 sources to cast it). The max I wanna pay is 2 mana for a noncreature spell. Now you have a reason to play this card. Will it be stronger than a proactive Crusader ? Idk !

    Spyglass is suspicious too. It's a card that prevents from losing, but doesn't help you win. You already have a million cards vs Urza, and I bet a 2nd Cage over the 2nd Crypt would help more VS Copycat and Vizier if you really expect them. The more reactive cards you play, the longer the games will last, and that's how some combo decks take over Humans usually. Don't give those decks time, aim for the godlfish aggro start.

    These are just general suggestions, I may be a bit off about the power of certain fancy cards I haven't tested myself. Wink
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 08/07/2019)
    That's funny, my sentiment is different as well. In Modern, every top deck has a completely different package of cards. If I take a look at the stats, not a card is played more than for 20% of the meta share. We have a glimpse of what happens in legacy with Looting, but tbf, it's far from being hegemonic. Also popularity and money have a big influence on the metagame. Right now Hogvine's popularity is exaggerated, but everyone has to follow the track somehow. It's very hard to figure out what deck to play amongst the top 8 decks right now.

    I have a different experience with Legacy. There, it's pretty much split by 7 cards to define the big archetypes (Jace, Daze, Chalice, Vial, Loam, Griselbrand & LED, e.g. cards that almost never overlap in decks). You pick a card and build the better deck with that card. Besides, you either play Fow or you play against it. It's a very specific dichotomy we don't experience in Modern. The popularity of a deck never goes through the roof (the Eldrazi era being a special case). The format remains way more stale, I don't feel like I changed my way of playing it in years (Delver redefined legacy forever but that's when I started playing Legacy so...). Even bans didn't really change much for me, and I'll never switch amongst the top 8 decks of the format like I could do in Modern.
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    Crusader looks like a very good idea right now ! As you mentionned, Hogvine and Jund are popular, so there's that. Various Shadow decks are on the rise too, it's usually a decent MU for Humans but maybe the Mardu version is different. All in all, Crusader is a yes for me. Food for thought, Chameleon Colossus is also a Human and has been great in Elves VS BGx decks in the past. Prolly good VS Hogaak.

    On the 4-Thalia topic: as long as phoenix is one of the best decks (if not the best) in modern you want 4 thalia, I think thats a no brainer.

    And there's quite a load of noncreature decks too, like that new Urza thing, and our usual predators Tron and UW control. Those 3 MUs look way worse than Phoenix decks tbh.
    I think we can beat Hogaak without playing to much gravehate

    I agree, there's always a way to play proactive and win with Humans. Noncreature spells are always horrendous in the SB, the fewer the better. I never played more than 1 Dismember and 1 Cage for example, because the 2nd copy is always so much worse. We have enough creatures at our disposal to adapt to MH1 imho.
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    1- Yeah Humans want a good quantity of permanents on the board, so a pitch card like Force is very hard to sell. It's a card that will see play in a narrow metagame where noncreature combo decks are utterly dominant. It happens only in FNMs and ProTours though.

    2- I wouldn't see say 4 is the right number of Thalias. It changes from event ot event, and in the end it's not all that important. I'm a bit off with the meta right now, but I'd say you decide whether you wanna play the 4th copy the same way you analyse the meta you're gonna face when you build your SB. Most of the time 3 Thalias is the right number, so you need a very good reason to add the 4th.
    Mariner looks great in a meta full of interactive decks, not so much against proactive decks. The format is pretty much split with the 2 approaches, so it's hard to figure out how good it can be. Now what makes interactive creatures good in the main is the fact they have a relevant body on top of their ability. Thalia has FS, Freeb has flying, and we all know how bad Med Mage is in combat, in fact it's rarely involved. Mariner has those same underwhelming stats, and I don't think I want 6-8 vanilla 2/2s in the main.

    3- I agree with Cage, I think it should be a 1-of in every Humans SB, no questions asked. However, it's like Force, extreme measures can be taken in a narrow meta, where you know what you gonna face. Leyline and Surgical are not good cards in a wide meta (big event or online) though.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] BR Vampires
    My suggestion would be to make your maindeck as good as possible against certain MUs, and help the remaining ones via your SB.
    Don't try to be good VS everything in your maindeck, it's impossible with vampires.

    Engineers come off your opp's SB, so your X/1s can be cut in favor of Aetherborns for example. But Aetherborns are good at protecting Sorin too, so they may be worth the maindeck anyway.

    White offers the Lord but also Adanto Vanguard, which pumps Knight of the Ebon Legion proactively if needed, and is good with Sorin's +1.

    Besides, I really like Falkenrath Aristocrat over the other 4-drops, be sure to stop Mantis and Phoenix looks important. It misses a good recursive vampire on top of Bloodghast though. This deck needs another good vampire, no matter what kind of deck I want to build. Still short a card for being competitive imo.
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  • posted a message on Mono W Equipments (PBJ)
    I have a first draft for the deck, but I think it has to be in Boros colors and is probably not quite the same archetype as the one depicted in this topic.

    I ain't sure the Givers are right and how many Paths are necessary. Could be 4 Path + 2 Spellskite instead.

    I ain't sure about the manabase, if it's worth going down to 15 lands, and what split is best among Canyons and Vantages. The fetchlands are right though, it fixes red and thins the deck a bit. Nexus is both an artifact and a threat, looks superior to Darksteel Citadel in a list with Engineer.

    Mortarpod is a necessary target for Gift in case we have equipments but no creature. I ain't sure Husk is necessary as a 1-cmc target though.

    Puresteel Paladin doesn't seem good as there's no room to play a million equipments and it's hard to get Metalcraft. Engineer on the other hand goes rolling with just 1 artifact, it's way more convincing on paper, and the effect is what the deck wants. It tutors and plays around Meddling Mage as a bonus.

    Goblin Gaveleer seems worse than Skirge, and the mana isn't great, I wanna play as few red cards as possible.
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  • posted a message on Vesper lark and Thunderkin Awakener elemental's
    01/08/2008 This will count the number of symbols in its mana cost while it’s on the battlefield. The ability functions while it’s in other zones, but since it isn’t a permanent while in those zones it won’t count itself.

    It means you can't "reanimate" a Crux if you have another one on the board.

    It doesn't mean it's a bad card to have 4 copies of. If one is already reanimated, you can probably target something else with Lark and Awakener. But it's true it can lead to the situation you described, and it's impossible to have 2 on the BF.

    Flickerwisp can exile the Crux you got with Lark, so you can attack with Awakener and target another Crux.
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  • posted a message on Vesper lark and Thunderkin Awakener elemental's
    Interesting archetype !

    So, in terms of interesting elementals with either toughness or power = 1 or less, outside of the 2 staples Awakener and Lark, we have :

    Flamekin Harbinger

    Runaway Steam-Kin

    Wispmare (SB)
    Omnath, Locus of Mana
    Mirror Entity
    Ball Lightning
    Lightning Skelemental

    Spark Trooper


    Multani, Yavimaya's Avatar

    Cytospawn Shambler

    There are some more Maro-like creatures, some more Flamekins, but they seem bad, Smokebraider being intriguing enough in my eyes though.

    The 0/0 and */* are good because they synergize with both our enablers. Crux seems stronger than Multani and Shambler.

    Skelemental is stronger and easier to cast than both Groundbreaker and Ball. Not sure we want more than 4 cards like that, and Trooper is better as copies #5-8.

    Flickerwisp seems to good to pass, as it's interactive with the opponent, evasive, and synergizes with Lark and a few others.

    No list yet, but I'm working on a draft.
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    Humans usually beat graveyard strategies outside of Living End. A key SB card is Auriok Champion, which gains life as the opponent recurs creatures from his yard. Reflector Mage is super key in the main.
    Our bad MUs are decks with sweepers (Tron, UW control, Living End, Anger of the Gods decks), and this new boy doesn't help in that department.

    Now on its own, Apostle has pro black, which is inefficient VS Phoenix, Hogaak or Vengevine. It's already hard to handle a GY with Scooze, so paying twice the amount while we play Ziggurats seems awkward af.

    All in all it's a bad SB card for the deck imo, but it might see play for a very narrow metagame. Until proven wrong the card doesn't quite fit the metagame. Even then, a card like Remorseful Cleric might be better suited.
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  • posted a message on Kethis The Hidden Hand Mana Source Preview
    Oath of Nissa, Flagstones of Trokair, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Eiganjo Castle, Mox Amber and Vivien's Arkbow come to mind. The idea isn't to mill cards, it's just to discard the right one and reanimate it while playing a bunch of legendary you proactively sacrifice (either because of the legend rule or with abilities like the new Elvish Reclaimer). Yawgmoth, Thran Physician is another discard outlet, Liliana of the Veil too.
    Thalia, Guardian of Thraben is an obvious BFF.

    I don't know what to do in standard with it, and in Modern it's probably super janky, but wow it offers some spicy deck design space.

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  • posted a message on Modern Zombies
    The 3-drop slot is crowded, and this isn't clearly better than all the other average options we have. It's another average card. A no for me.

    The 7/6 dinosaur is a real contender though.
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