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    Quote from headminerve »

    Saving a Champion is not a very outstanding play, is it ? Shocked

    I didn't mind blanking their last card in hand and my plains already on the battlefield, along with 2 hooms i could play next turn in hand Smile But yeah generally i agree, Champion is not the best target for Resto Smile Either way i really really like having 2 copies of Resto in my deck Smile
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    I attended an event in my LGS yesterday aswell with 31 people playing. I sleeved up 2 copies of Restoration angel aswell and i must say i was impressed with the card. I saved my Champions from spot removal on several ocassions and flicked my Kessig malcontents for win aswell.

    I ended up 3-2, but i had a lot of bad luck in my last game.

    Game 1: Junk 2-1
    He played version version with Loxodon Hierarch and Siege Rhinos. Meddling mage on lingering souls sealed both games with mantis and Kitesail bashing in.

    Game 2: Humans Mirror 2-1
    Close matchup which was closed by my Hostage taker taking his reflector mage and in next turn casting stolen Reflector with another Mantis of my own.

    Game 3: UW Control 0-2
    I felt hopeless. I named verdict with Meddling Mage, had 2 Kitesails in game and still lost without a chance. I feel this is one of the worst matchups for us, or my opponent just have extreme luck with their answers to my threats.

    Game 4: Ad nauseum 2-1
    Close game i ended up closing the game with Kitesail freebooter and 2 copies of Phantasmal Image, taking their cards. In last game i was saved by 2 Damping Spheres i had i play, as he pathed my Kitesail with Angels grace, but he had to pay 3 mana to play it and he couldn't. Wild matchup for sure!,

    Game 5: BW Eldrazi 1-2
    Won game 1 with mantis turn 2 followed by Phantasmal Image and Thalia Lieutenant. Game two he made a huge mistake and forgot do put sideboards cards out so he played 75 card deck. In first few turns he play Push, Push, Collective Brutality, TKS, Lingering Souls and Reality Smasher. I was ready to flip table Smile
    Game three was close, but he managed to close the game with Lingering Souls and Reality Smasher.

    I feel Humans are really good atm, i also really like inclusion of Resto Angel and Damping Sphere in SB.
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    20 lands was been working perfect for me. Having 2x Avacyns pirlgrims secures that i can cast my spells on turn or even a turn before, so lands are not an issue for me. I actually like having a Reflecting pool as i can cast Path/CoCo of it if i have rainbow land.

    Cage is in SB as there is alot of control in the field, aswell as Hollowine/storm. The card hurts them more then it hurts me as it shuts down alot of their deck, whereas i can still play my creatures which will have impact one was or another.
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    So as i said, here a little report from monday in my LGS where i went 5-0 with CoCo list.

    The deck:

    I switch between vial and CoCo list often, this time i had succsses with CoCo list.

    Round 1: Naya Zoo

    I was facing a bit out of the box Naya zoo, without goyfs etc... Game 1 i went Noble into Mantis rider and lack of removal from his side, allowed me to close up the cgame quite fast. Game 2 he went noble into Loxodon Smiter in Loxodon smiter and eventually closed the game with Knight of the Reliquery and paths as a backup.
    Game three i was on the play and i opened up with Noble into Mantis rider on turn two. He played Noble into smiter again. My turn three i played Freebooter, revealing CoCo, land and three Path to Exiles. I took CoCo and followed with Meddling mage naming Path. Immediately he had drawn 4th path and conceded.


    Round 2: Blue Moon

    I really like this matchup as Blue Moon doesn't have enough answers to out board flood. Game one i took over with Mantis turn 2 int CoCo turn 3 revealing Mantis and Thalia's Lieu and that closed the game.

    Game 2 was a bit hard, but eventually i managed to grind through Chandra, Anger of the gods and later in the game Strombreath Dragon. I forced him to play anger onto my board full of x/4 and killing my Mantis with Chandra, that allowed me kill Chandra easily and while he tapped out for Young Pyromancer i Went EOT CoCo into another CoCo on my turn. I revelaled Mantis, Mayor with first CoCo, and Thalia's Lieu and reflector mage to bounce him Pyromancer. I went wide enough to beat Stormbreath Dragon.


    Round 3: Jeskai Control

    Hard matchup and resolving CoCo is quite hard. Game 1 i took over with my Mantis riders that were big enough to avoind Helixyes and Bolts and later on to force chump blocks from Colonnades. Took a Cryptic with my Freeboother and named Verdict with my Meddling mage.
    Game 2 i flooded out and it was game over quickly as he managed to respond to all my threats.
    Game 3 i managed to developed a nice board with Champions that were out of Helix/Bolt range, and were both in topdeck mode. I locked his 2x Cryptic in hand with my Meddling mage and he immediately found a both from the top to remove my Mage. I the nhad top decked a Path and attacked with the team instead of tapping down my creatures he decided to activate colonnade, which i pathed in repsonse and had enough damage to win game 3.
    Overall hard matchup, really draw dependent, you need your Mages, Freebooter and big Thalias.


    Round 4: Eldrazi Tron

    Game 1 Had god start with Champion into 2x Noble Hierarch into Mantis ride and game ended on turn 4.
    Game 2 Big Thalia did an awsome job coming down on turn 3. Followed by Freebooter taking All is dust and couple of Thalia's Lieu, i forced my opponent to use Ballista in a way he did not want to use them. He thought he kinda stabilized with Enbringer, but i pathed him in response and swung for lethal.


    Round 5: BW Eldrazi Taxes

    Again Big Thalia did ALOT. Forcing them to have lands tapped and creatures tapped helped alot to get them to 6-9 life. Their BoB bit a few more life points and eventually i closed the game.
    Game 2 Was kinda up and down. He managed to Tidehollow sculer me and follow with Wasteland strangler, killing my Mantis rider. We clogged up a board a bit and eventiually we were both on top decks. Few trades were made and i was left with Reflector Mage and he was left with Thalia v1. I topdecked an Izzez Staticaster, killing his Thalia. He topdeck a Leonin Arbiter and i topdecked ANOTHER Staticaster, which allowed me to clear the board and swing for lethal.


    Overall for my meta i believe CoCo is the right decision. I like Vial version aswell, but it's really hard to rebuild after a boardwipe, whereas CoCo can always be a game changing topdeck. I really feel like Humans will stay t1 deck for a long time especially with new humans being printed in basically every set.
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  • posted a message on Modern Humans
    I still play CoCo occasiaonally.

    I went on LGS on monday and went 5-0 with CoCo list. I'm forcing myself to write a short report and i might finally do it tonight Smile

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    Based on the list i played?

    +1 Champion of the Parish
    +1 Mayor of Avabruck

    I'd probably shave a copy of Meddling Mage and maybe 1 big thalia or a copy of Path (in the MUs yesterday i really liked Thalia).

    I'd add RiP instead of Relic in board.

    Regarding the mana base i was satisfied with it, but it could probably need a bit more tuning.
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    Hey everyone,

    Occasional lurker here! Just wanted to give a short report on the MCM trials for Barcelona that we were having today and i ended up winning it with 5c CoCo humans.
    The list itself is a bit improvised as i decided to participate very late (yesterday evening), so i hadf to work with what i managed to scrap together.

    The deck:

    As i mentioned it was a sort experiment, especially because i was missing Rest in Pieces, so i decided to fill the slots in SB with cards like Grand Abolisher.
    The mana base ended up working just fine, i liked the addition of the reflecting pool over one Unclaimed territory.

    Playing field was 11 players, creature heavy meta, so i knew i had some tough MUs infront.

    1st round: BYE

    2nd round: MonoG Elves
    Game 1: I open with noble t1, followed by a Thalia v2.0 turn 2. I basically rode her to win, as i was bulding the board while elvse all came in game tapped.
    Game 2: Started out a bit slow out of the gates, only playing Avacyn's pilgrim turn 1 and Thalia's Lieutenant t2. He curved out perfecly with turn 4 having 3 Elf lords on the tabble and eventually followed by Ezuri for overrun win.
    Game 3: I open with Champion, followed by 2 nobles on turn 2. He played CoCo turn 3, hitting 2 lords, followed by a ezuri a turn later, adn eventually i got overrun by elves again.

    3rd round: BW D&T.
    Game 1: I start fast with champion, noble and avacyn's pilgrim by turn 2. He takes my Kitesail with Tiudehollow sculler, which i path. I play Thalia v2.0 and see a grumpy over the table, followed by a scoop.
    Game 2: Noble into Mantis rider combo turn 2 really showed its power. Flased in Izzet staticaster to take care of his Flickerwhisp, followed by 2x Thalia's Lieutenant for eventual win.

    4th round: UR COntrol
    Game 1: He starts off quickly with turn 1 and 2 Delvers, which flipped on turn 3. I managed to take care of both of them, but the pressure with Young Pyromancer and Grim lavancer was just too much for me to develop a proper board state. Pyromancer with counter and Snapcaster in hand was too much and i scooped.
    Game 2: Borded in Izzet Staticasters, Relic and Grand abolisher. Manged to draw staticaster just in time to take care of two copies of Delvers on board. Played champion followed by a CoCo that resolved and i hit 2x Thalia's Lieutenant, making my champion huge. He casts Pyromancer with i staticaster, and he follows with Threads of Disloyalty, stealing my Champion. He played yet another copy of delver and snapcaster, which made champion even bigger. I managed to close the game with 5/5 Mantis rider, as my opponent drew nothing but lands untill end of the game.
    Game 3: After seeing him fetch first two times for basics i played Meddling Mage, naming Blood moon, which he had 2 copies in his hand. I land a Grand abolisher and with help of Thalia's lieutenant i manged to keep him out of range of Grim Lavamancer and Electrolyzes. I resolved a CoCo, hitting Reflector mage and Mantis rider and top decked another copy of CoCo, which borught another Reflector Mage and Lieutenant on the board. Second Meddling mage named Snapcaster, which cut him off 2 copies of Vapor snag in graveyard and i managed to close the game with fliers.

    Top 4 - Semi finals: Blue steel
    Game 1: Opponent mulled to 5 and and i managed to close the game turn 4 with fast Thalia v2.0, champion and resolved CoCo.
    Game 2: Kept a rather iffy hand, but got a land i needed off the top, so i curved out with Mantis Rider on turn 2, followed by a resolved CoCo, that brought Thalia v2.0 and Reflector mage to the board, making my way clear to attack and close the game.

    Top 4 - Finals: Jund
    Since neither me or my opponent are going to the Barcelona next weekend, we decided to split the finals and dice roll decided i won Grin

    Summary: After testing both versions online, i really like CoCo version today. On several occasions, having vial t1 o t2 would benefit me as much as i benefited from CoCo. I also loved Kitesail Freebooter in most matchups. I think the card is bonkers.
    Since there is some control in our Metagame i think i might actually stick to Grand Abolisher in sideboard as i REALLY like it in my MU vs. control.
    Definately missed and extra copy of Champion and 2 copies of Mayor of Avabruck.

    All things consider and that deck was basically a mixture of lists with some forced solutions i really liked the deck. Tomorrow we have another tournament so i might test it out again, this time hopefully with a bit more consistent list.
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  • posted a message on [PRIMER] Sultai Control (BGU)
    What was your score in the end? Smile
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  • posted a message on BUG Control
    Is probably similar to what my final list will be by the time release day hits. Assuming, Villainous Wealth is real, this deck gets a pretty powerful late game tool that is something I don't think even Mauler compares to. Disdainful Stroke is also pretty clutch.

    I'm guessing the temple of Plenty is temple of Mystery?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] BUG Control
    Quote from selith69 »
    So -- I been looking at all the cards spoiled thus far, and besides Sultai Charm and the fetch-lands -- I really dont see many cards that will improve this arch-type (in its current form anyway).


    For me so far what's spoiled, Sultai looks one of the weakest wedges out there. Temur and Jeskai look super strong and Abzan isn't far behind. I guess we will have to see the whole set spoiled before we can really judge, but so far it's not looking pormising i think :/
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  • posted a message on BUG Control

    This seems rather good.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] BUG Control
    Quote from Minowara »
    That is a mis-play on your opponent's part. He should let the stack unwind before playing the second pump spell. I don't see how golgari charm is worthwhile enough to bring in against RDW -- how is it better than the spot removal we already have?

    i know that was a missplay, but i was often able to trade 3-1 with golgari charm, and was able to use spot removal on things that golgari charm couldn't hit. For me Golgari charm was nothing but value against RDW.
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    Quote from airgaps »
    I played a bunch of matches vs WR burn and mono R superaggro. My thoughts:

    WR burn: Bow of Nylea is extremely good vs WR burn. Sadly in game 1 I found it very difficult to win the match, IMO is almost an auto loss. But game two with discard, cheap counters and bow...is a different story. Also the sphinxes with their hexproof went a long way in these games.

    Also in some of the matches something I did not understand happened, if any one could explain it would be appreciated. I play Nissa and animate a citadel. Next turn he plains Chained to the Rocks. I thought the land would be removed, but... oh surprise... he got control of it as a land !! What is the rule for this ? I thought it was weird.

    Mono red: I lost miserably to it G1 also. He would kill me so fast that it was not even fun, specially if he went burning-tree and creature in t2. G2... well it depends on the Hornest Nest. What do you guys think of Golgari charm ? 2 in the 75 ?


    If he tried to play the play that he exiled with Chained to the Rocks, nad tapped it to get mana, then you've been screwed over. As trapped said, it is simply exiled and noone can play it unless chained to the rocks is destroyed. In that case you get the land back.

    Otherwise i've playtested alot yesterday mostly vs. RDW and WW soldier and i'm definately gonna run 2 Golgari charms in 75. Before sideboard i played 10 matches against RDW and went 1-9. After sideboarding i brought in 2x Golgari charm, another abrupt decay, 3x Hornet nest and 2x Dorwn in sorrow. I won 8-2. It is just awsome when you can say no block, and he spends a Maaka and Titan's strenght on a Firedrinker Satyr and you simply pop it down with Golgari charm. Will definatelly make room for 2 copies in my SB.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] BUG Control
    I just came home from a 20 players event and went 3-2. I will post exact Decklist later today

    Round 1: Jund Monsters Lost 0-2

    He had godlike draw, Mystic into Carytid into Stormbreth Dragon, which i dissolved. Turn 4 he plays 2nd SBD and i pop Downfall on him. Turn 5 comes 3rd dragon to which i had no answer to and lost. Game 2 i kept an iffy hand and got stuck on 3 lands, while he repeated the first 3 turns from game 1 and casted xenagos turn 4.

    Round 2: Junk midrange Won 2-0

    Had nice hand, and a start with 2 carytids. Dissolved his banishing light on my Kiora, managed to land Nissa nad rode them to victory. Game 2 borded another copy of Abrupt Decay and counter, managed to ulti Kiora who was protected my Hornet Nest and Carytid.

    Round 3: RW Burn Lost 1-2

    Nothing much to say here, tough matchup lost game 1 quickly to double boros charm and double skullcrack. I managed to stabilize in game 2, got Kiora and Jace online, and my hand filled with counters. Game 3 was kinda the same as game 1 and it was all over before i could stabilize.

    Round 4: Mono Red Aggro Won 2-0

    He had explosive start in game 1 but i managed to get down 2 carytids and prepared a Aetherspouts for a blowout. Nissa with double Citadel took over onwards. Borded in removal, and Golgari charm, who did the blowout in game 2 on his board of 3x faridrinker satyr and 2x Firefist striker. Managed to stabilize and took over the game.

    Round 5: Mono Black Devotion Won 2-1

    He was screwed game 1 so i managed to close that one quickly with Kiora and Garruk. I lost game to double pack rats and 2 mutavault. I had jace online digging for aetherspouts but couldn't find one so i lost pretty quickly. Game 3 was long and grindy. I played Pithing needle on his rats, killed his demons but he managed to land Liliana. He managed ti tick Liliana to 8 and i casted Jace's Ingenuity and found Hero's Downfall which took care of Liliana. I also had to find 2 answers for his 2 Lifebane zombies. One came in for of Kiora, bubbling up one and other cam in form of Abrupt decay who took care of other one. I managed to ultimate Kiora and he scooped.

    Overall i pretty happy how the deck worked so i feel really confident about WMCQs. For me today MVPs were Kiora, Nissa and Aetherspots. I didn't miss Courser one bit, except against burn, but that few points wouldn't really make a differance as he had too burn burn in his hands. I finished 8th overall Smile

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