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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Primer] Wx Heroics
    Even though this is W/r Heroics, I figured I'd pitch a Rakdos Aggro/Heroic take here. Agent of Fates and Tymaret are neat cards and I want B/R Heroics to be a thing. Hopefully Born of the Gods has some nice additions. I know at least there is a B/R Temple coming.

    The goal is to hit hard and fast, doing damage where you can, and destroying potential threats. To be honest, I've not put much throught into the exact machinations but it wouldn't be too far off of a standard aggro with combat tricks.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Primer] Wx Heroics
    Don't see why you don't just run Coordinated Assault instead of Dauntless Onslaught? First strike can be just as valuable as +1/+1 for two less mana.

    Chained to the rocks is a more economical than Banisher Priest and will compliment Ethereal Armor. Would reduce your 3-Drops a bit as well.

    Also, I'd say focus on either a weenies build or boosting the hell out of a single creature: your deck seems to be trying both. If you choose the single-creature I'd say drop Brave the Elements for Gods Willing.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Primer] Wx Heroics
    Could run a couple removal spells. Two Detention Spheres by chance? Swift Justice is also another cheap single-target trigger.

    If you feel like you're wasting spells, or want longer lasting effects, you could run Eidolons and EtherEal Armors or Auras in general. Detention Spheres would add removal/boost Ethereal as well. I would advise not going full aura and keep some tricky instants.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Primer] Wx Heroics
    Tested out that Enchantment based version of my W/r deck to slightly distasteful results. It went well, overall, but Heliod and his Spear's activated abilities don't gel well with the land I had avalable: I'm putting Ajani back in and dropping the spears.

    Ethereal Armor, however, was pretty neat. I think I'll run those instead of Coordinated Assault for a little while. Between Hopefuls, Ethereals, Madcaps, Chained, and a single Heliod I'll have 15 Enchantments. Should be enough.

    On the topic of the B/W Deck: I've been very interested in it and ordered all the cards I needed to make a casual deck. I've been trying to find decent 1-2 Drop alternatives to Aoi's deck but have come up short. Anyways, what's your opinion on Baleful Eidolon and Scourge mark?

    Also, do you think a R/b Heroic Deck is functional? I feel like White plays too big a role in Heroics, but Akroan Crusader/Agent of the Fates deck seems interesting if there's enough to build around.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Primer] Wx Heroics
    Quote from kay19
    Ruzhyo, did you had a chance to playtest in FNM?

    I did not play the second, enchantment based deck, no. I played the original and quickly swapped out the Anax and Cymedes. 5-Round Swiss, 3-0 on three, dragged the other two matched to three rounds. Came in 6th out of 18. My Chained to the Rocks finally arrived so I'll be giving the enchantment-based version a shot. I'm still unsure wether or nto I should run 1-2 of Heliod and his Spears. I'll post here with deck-list and results.

    A general problem problem I have is bad hands. I'll get mana locked or flooded, have all or none of my heroic triggers. I'm not sure if it's Creature/Trigger/Land Balance, bad shuffling, or just bad luck.

    Slightly unrelated: What are some ways for a W/r to shut-down a Corpsejack deck? I've gotten some Rest in Pieces, but that style of deck can always one-up me in one way or another with Regeneration and sudden-buffs. I've added a couple Rest in Piece to my sideboard but don't know of other options.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Primer] Wx Heroics
    Anex and Cymede may work. Slapping T4 Madcap Skills/Boros Charm would be a quick deal-sealer with whatever else I've out, and It'd be a good wall should I need one.

    The problem is justifying it over Fabled Hero, dropping Ajani after a T2 Precinct Captain/Buffed Hoplite, or a Phalanx Leader+Coordinated Assault on a Favoured Hoplite... but I can see uses as a T4 drop. T4 Anax+Coordinated Assault with a Fabled Hero would be sexy in some ways.

    It's temporary heoric ability's issue: A defensively-used instant wouldn't carry anything over to my turn. Another issue could be my lack of field-presance outside of one or two other creatures, assuming that I don't have any impediments.

    I'll give AnC a shot and see if it fits, though I know it'd much better suit a Boros-Weenies sort of deal.

    Ethereal Armor I've ordered a few days ago. I've considered Enchantments over Combat Tricks, but I would most likely move into an Enchantment-Based Mono-White Heroic/Devotion deal. The big advantage to combat-tricks is dropping them defensively where as enchantments broadcast your intent: I much prefer the "surprise wall" or mid-combat powerhouse that instants can create.

    Using your advice I made this adjustment:

    Also, sorry for not reviewing your deck. Still getting into the game and I've decided to focus on Boros-related cards. Part of why I took to Heroics is because it was cheap and interesting.

    EDIT: Actually... Looking into Hopeful Eidolon, Ethereal Armor, and more Chained to the Rocks... Hmm.

    How's that look?
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Primer] Wx Heroics
    Quote from Ruzhyo
    I may prefer the latter option. Heroic Weenies seems a bit too... Fragile?

    Decided on some changes and took this new deck to FNM. Came in 6th out of 22 people. The core of the deck wasn't bad by any means but I felt as though I had some dead-weight.

    I'm still a scrub at this and have a tendancy to mash devotion/WW/heroics into one, so again, I ask for direction and an outside perspective.

    The main strategy, as it's lined out in the Primer is...

    T1: Favored Hoplite
    T2: Madcap Skill on Hopelite
    T3: More Targetting Spells + Boros Charm

    I figured Ajani could provide similar penetration to Boros Charm and benefit my non-heroics. I have a second one to run. If I run a second Ajani I pay -2 Imposing Sovereign and run +2 Precinct Captain.

    Also considering Banisher Priest or Fiendslayer Paladin instead of Soverign/Captain or even Spear of Heliod. I've Priests and Paladins incoming.

    I like Spear of Heliod but it may not fit well with Heroics. The mana for it's activated ability doesn't jive well with my deck's speed, either. It has helped me the few times I did play it, however. Swap candidates include another Ajani or Chained to the Rocks.

    I've flirted with the idea of Heliod, God of the Sun himself but he seems to benefit more from WW/Devotion Decks, or at least decks with Nykthos. I've no mana-ramping strategy but he'd be a great wall or target for Ajani.

    Sorry for the chaos. Typed this up quickly while at work.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Primer] Wx Heroics
    I may prefer the latter option. Heroic Weenies seems a bit too... Fragile?
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Primer] Wx Heroics
    Hey guys. First post. New to MTG and Tournament play in General. I skimmed the rules and such and found this post.

    My deck needs a little bit of direction if anyone has any comments.

    I took my first draft of a previous to FNM. Played a RDW and beat him 2-0. I then played four Mono-Black Controls and went 1-8-0. This deck is as-of-yet untested. I felt I needed more removal or control-counters.

    The lone Soldier of the Pantheon is there because I felt four Imposing Sovereigns redundant. I'm also unsure of my number of Imposing Sovereigns, Precinct Captains, Boros Reckoners, and Fabled Heroes.

    The Magma Jets are new additions: I felt I needed some removal. I'm considering shocks or lightning bolts instead.

    I've ordered some Wear//Tears to counter Mono-Black Whips/Connections, Skullcracks for Gray Merchants, and am considering Madcap skills instead of Martial Glory.

    If you've any modifications, mind giving some turn examples? I'm still trying to think in terms of T1/T2/T3 plays... kind of playing on the fly atm.
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