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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Primer] Wx Heroics

    Seems solid. I feel 3 AnCs may be one too many, but let me know how it goes.
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  • posted a message on U/W Heroes/Monsters Deck
    The bestows cards aren't good Heroic enablers. I play a W/r Heroic running 21 lands and the match is usually over by the time I hit 5 mana, one way or another. The neat thign with Heroics is that you can get a pretty powerful creature and with or using neat utility early on... having all your triggers cost as much as they do is very counter intuitive.

    Blue has some nice heroic enablers available, such as Aqueous Form, Triton Tactics, and Hidden Strings, all of which allow boost a your multiple creatures, much sooner than the bestows or Dauntless Onsalught.

    I'm not sure how I feel about Wingsteed Rider with Aqueous Form available to blue. Wingsteed has evasion, yes, but any other 1-Drop or 2-Drop can outclass it and attack on T3 if you've an Aqueous Form. The other benefit is that you get to scry each time you attack, allowing you a better chance to draw what you need.

    There's a 15~ Page Heroic thread with a Primer, which can be found here. Great W/us to look at one the last few pages.
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  • posted a message on New to Magic: Going "beyond casual"?
    I've played the game's Standard format since the release of Theros. I'm no stranger to TCGs, and picked it up easily after learning some of the magic-related nuances, but going to local events has been a somewhat alienating experience.

    The more serious players talk in lingo, of mechanics and trends in the meta that I've yet to grasp, among other things that I find myself Googling as I sit there. I realize most of these players have been involved with the game for years, but I'm curious as to what they tune into. What reading material to you recommend for a new player who wants to step up his game, or at least remain "current"?

    In addition, is there a good resource out there for deckbuilding? Most of my decks are constructed with no real wisdom behind them other than trying for a decent curve and manabase. The greatest resource I've found was eyeballing decks ismilar to the ones that I want to play, and trying to understand how they're meant to play-out.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Primer] Wx Heroics
    Yeah, W/u benefits from Mizzium Skin, but I run Ajani in my W/r. Anyways, this is the deck as of last TNM.

    This is the deck I'm considering running Brave the Elements over Ajani. I've ran this mock-up for four weeks, each week its performance getting worse due to the meta/sideboard changes.

    If my threats aren't answered by T3 or T4 i can usually pull a win, but people are quick to catch on. I'm unsure how to adjust it other than trying for more protection, or maybe switching back to instants over enchantments.

    I found 4x Fabled Hero to be too much. I removed two and added a couple Boros Reckoners, which provide defense and utility for a more-managable mana cost. I'll swap either of them with Fiendslayers as-needed.

    Tried Heliod himself, but a 4-drop can be a pain in this deck. I usually don't have enough Devotion/mana to keep him online/get his tokens, otherwise the Vig is neat. I really wanted to drop him with Ajani the next turn but it never played out.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Primer] Wx Heroics
    Quote from Selerox
    OK, the updated and much more heavily Boros deck. I'm finding this one is much more able to "go wide" but less able to punch single creatures through than the W(r) Enchantment version.

    Just curious what people think of this set up. I'm not 100% sold on the balance of the enablers right now. I'm tempted to drop Madcap skills in there, but I'm unsure what to take out to do that.

    Not sure how I feel about Akroan Hoplite. You may benefit more from Battalion creatures (Daring Skyjek comes to mind), or maybe Young Pyromancer if you want to better commit to the swarm theme.

    Imo, enchantments are best if you focus on pumping a single creature more than the token-swarm aspect of heroics. The downside to enchantments, as has bene mentuoned, is getting 2-for-1'd. You'll know which way you want to sway with more
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Primer] Wx Heroics
    Quote from Dalix
    So the above list got me a nice 0-4 at my last FNM ... BUT! I was able to get some more cards to help fill out my deck appropriately. I also made a few changes and completely fixed my sideboard. Here's the update:

    There is a ton of Mono Black Dev getting run in my meta, hence the preponderance of protections in the main board. I am also thinking of changing the land base a little since I have more double white costs.

    I'll have to scope out the W/R version you're all talking about to see if I can have any more success with it.


    I run the W/r enchanents, and it's been difficult facing control decks or decks with a lot of removal. I've been thinking of dropping my two Ajani for two Brave the Elements. Dimilar evasion, sans double attack, but more protection. I'll post what I'm running when I get the chance.

    Your decklist looks a lot like what I've been working on, with the exception of a Fabled Hero Playset: I've a Fortune Hunter and Bident. Tried it in three casual matches and it played well, but I've not seen any of the aforementioned cards.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Primer] Wx Heroics
    I'd say splashing colors adds a nice flavor. Red and blue get nice enablers. Black seems too clunky at the moment and I've no comment on green.

    As far as enchantment vs instants go: it all depends on how you want play and on the colors that your use.

    Ethereal Armor's a staple if you go the enchantment route, and if you splash red Madcap Skills is a greta threat.

    I think Blue and Red have the best instants: Red for damage, and blue for manipulation.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Primer] Wx Heroics
    Let me know how that goes, and if you've trimmed any of the 3-Drops.

    Facing too much removal in my local meta. Among other factors, a couple people that I've droped in T3-T4 before seem to account for me now, and I haven't had a good run with my W/r the last couple of weeks.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Primer] Wx Heroics
    Four Anax, as a legendary creature, may be too much. I'd drop at least one, and consider Legion Loyalist somewhere. I think 1-2 Legion Loyalist would be nice for your deck.

    I'm not a big fan of Dauntless Onslaught, but your experience may vary. If Dauntless seems to be a dead-draw mot of the time, Madcap Skills (evasion) and Titan's Strength (cheap, scry). You lose a second target with either card, and Madcap doesn't give well with Young Pyromancer, but they're worth considering.

    How's your balance between plaisn and mountains working for you, by the way? I realize it'll look different should you get shocks/scrylands.

    Slightly off topic, but I've always wanted to do something similar to your deck with Purphoros and an Assemble the Legion, or maybed Murder King Tymaret.
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  • posted a message on Singles Pricing at Brick and Mortar stores
    My LGS typically undercuts the TCG Player Shops/lows. They have a real-time online inventory with all the prices listed. If something on your wishlist pops up, you get an email notification. It's pretty neat and they've earned my loyalty. It's a shame I live 40~ minutes away.

    Assemble the Legion
    TCG Player: 1.99
    LGS: $.90

    Eslpeth, Sun's Champion:
    TCG Player: 18.90
    LGS: $17.70
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Primer] Wx Heroics
    Yeah, Blue has a bunch of great instants. The only auras I'll run 100% will be Aqueous Form and I may run a couple Ordeal of Thassas... but if I drop the Ethereals I'll have to rethink my Hopefuls. Perhaps Judge's Familiar or Cloudfin Raptors?

    Also, I run five three-drops with 22 Land in my W/r and I do fine.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Primer] Wx Heroics
    Quote from kay19
    I understood it. He's saying on Aoi's Orzhov build on page 7, that the only cards he lacked, besides Godless Shrines, were the Agent of the Fates. He then dicusses that the deck drawing/playing is tough with creatures that require 2 white or 2 black mana's. I.E- FiendSlayer Paladin, Agent of the Fates, NightHowler, Fabled Hero. In the tournament I was in, I got screwed when I had two plains & one swamp mana, and the card in my hand were Agent, Nighthowler, Gift of Orzhov, Ethereal Armor, Gods Willing. Could not get any creatures out


    Tried it out tonight in casual games: Games where I only had three drops killed me, amd often I lost them if I didn't drop them a turn later for protection. When I got Hoplite/Hopeful things went well. It's a similar similar situation with my W/r: the one-drops run the show. I tried Boon of Erebos and it worked well: most people had never seen it and had to read it.

    Actually played a Rakdos Aggro that used madcap skills, Spike Jester, Tymaret, and Ash Zealots. It also ran a few ultimate prices, doomblades, and lightning strikes. It went 4-1 for third place. I'm going to rethink the list I put up and see if it's viable to run Agents with auras/triggers instead of all the removal.

    The last variants I want to test are W/u, B/R, and Mono-White. I'll be trying W/u next week.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Primer] Wx Heroics
    Seems solid, although I'm unsure of how I feel about Gift of Orzhov.

    On the topic on B/W: Save the Godless Shrines, all I needed to make Aoi's Orzhov Voltron Heroes (i think I got that right) were the Agents. been trying test-hands and the number of three-drops and the 1mm is putting be off a bit even with "dummy" shrines. Besides High priest of Pennance and Sin Collector, are there any other 2cmc or 3cmc B/W Heroic friendly creatures?
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Primer] Wx Heroics
    Quote from kay19
    Alright, give us results if you happen to do a tournament. Can't make any suggestions since I'm not familiar with Rakdos Heroic builds. Maybe I can think of is Dragon's Mantle? Otherwise, good luck! Smile

    I'm missing some key cards - namely the Blood Crypts. If I had them I'd just buy the rest but I'm afraid that the Crypts are currently beyond my means.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] [Primer] Wx Heroics
    Personally, I W/r and W/u are porbably the "best" heroic decks: Red slpash being explosive and Blue being more manipulative.

    Fabled Hero and Akroan Crusader are probably my least favorite Heroic cards, while Favored Hopelite, and at times Phalanx Leader, are my bread winners. Non-Heroic honorable mention to Hopeful Eidolon.

    As far as W/r goes, I find it's about having a few good T2-T4 combos, boosting a single creature, and evading for a doublestrike. There's a few ways I can get their life down to 0-2 by T3. I do know that my weakness is Devotion and Control decks

    My deck as of the moment:

    The goal is...
    T1: Hopeful or a Hoplite
    T2: Madcap Skills, or Ethereal Armor + Ethereal Armor = Swing for 5-7
    T3: Ajani, or Boros Charm + Gods Willing = Swing for 14

    If that fails I do what my hand permits and Stall with Precinct, Reckoner, or Favored Hopelite's secondary effect. I've stalled sufficiently enough against a Red Devotion and a R/G/W Big deck to turn the tide.

    Phalanx Leader and Fabled Hero are a great distraction/secondary Heroic target at best: Phalanx leader seems to benefit more in a swarm/aggro or if you're running coordinated assualt.

    I've gone 4-1 and 3-2 in the FNM's I've been to. I've never lost a match 0-2; I've always brought it to 3 rounds.
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