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    posted a message on Mothership spoilers 7/3 - FULL SPOILER UP
    There is no Raven Man. They had art for the Raven Man in Uncharted Realms. Where is Raven Man!?
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    posted a message on Is now the time to dump Theros?
    Anything that only has a standard life is worth getting rid of now, imo. Most of the Gods, Nythos, Xenagos and such might have bottomed out or have a life in Commander and may be worth holding on to. Some of it I may off and try to pick up because of specs, so you'll see may see me listed twice. Anyways, my plan:

    Dump: Temples, Caryatids, Stormbreath, Ashiok, Hero's Downfall, Polukranos, Fleecemane Lion, Nykthos.
    Keep: The Gods, Thoughtseize, Ashen Rider, Prophet of Kruphix
    Unsure/May pick-up later: Nykthos, Master of Waves, Anger of the Gods, Elspeth(?)

    Born of the Gods
    Dump: Temples, Kiora, Hero fo Iroas, Brimaz
    Keep: Gods, Courser
    Unsure/May pick-up later: Brimaz

    Journey into Nyx
    Dump: Temples, Ajani, Mana Confluence
    Keep: The Gods, Eidolon of the Great Revel,
    Unsure/May pick-up later: Ajani, Manaconfluence

    Dump: Nissa, Rabblemaster, Pain Lands, Stokes, Perilous Vault, Waste Not
    Keep: Sliver Hive, Sliver Hivelord, Urborg, Chros of Calling, most of the PWs.
    Unsure/May pick-up later: Nissa, Garruk, Waste Not, Hornet Queen
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    posted a message on Dragons of Tarkir Duel Commander and EDH Banlists/Rules Updates: NO MORE TUCKING
    Commander has damn-near died at my shop. We've started our first Commander League since the rule change and noone signed up, which is odd since we've had at least a dozen people per league, if not more. The handful of people I've talked to cited the rule change and how it makes the compeitive nature of the League miserable, especially with Prossh, Animar, and Kaalia players around. I'm not sure if the rule change alone was responsible for the exodus of EDH players from my LGS, but it's become hard even starting a casual game. It's a shame; Commander's my favorite format.
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    posted a message on Dragons of Tarkir Duel Commander and EDH Banlists/Rules Updates: NO MORE TUCKING
    I keep seeing people throw the term "casual format" around, but the effect feels lost on me. Maybe it's because I associate "casual" with "kitchen table", and I believe hard-rules to be for the benefit of the LGS and more serious players.

    I'm a Kaalia player and I don't like the change. My playgroup runs tucks; They're necessary with Prossh, Mikaeus (Unhallowed), Azami, Derevi, Animar, and of course, Kaalia running around. Some Commanders are too oppressive, and tucking them is a nice answer to their seemingly masturbatory playstyle.

    It just feels silly; I don't know. "Because losing repeatedly to Food Chain Prossh, MoM Azami, and two-card 'oops I went infinite' Mikaeus is more fun than losing my commander". Meh.
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    posted a message on [FRF] Foil Sieges have Khans Watermark. Feature or Misprint?
    Quote from Sniffnoy »
    Hm, so what about Mob Rule? That's a rare...

    Guy at my LGS opened one last night; it didn't have the watermark.
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    posted a message on [[Competitive]] Brago: Manifestation of The Next Level Blink
    Oi! I've been looking for a more interactive deck after coming off of a mostly control/pillow-fort Oloro and decided to up Brago. Playing a list similar to apocalypse31's for about a week now, swapping Karn, Mana Crypt, Monolith, Mana Leak, and Force of Will with some less expensive counterspells and a couple token generators.

    How do you guys tend to win games? While I can often control the game well I have troubles closing it; commander damage isn't quick enough and the only viable means I've found to beating on an opponent is slowly taking them out one at a time. The "quickest" win I've found is a ramp into Brago and dropping one of the Rishadan pirates Turn 4/5.

    My ability to police the board's pretty good. Taking care of global threats and shutting down most infinites is a political tact I've been using to avoid hate on my board, but it's mostly been a losing race.
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