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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    Quote from The Prodigy »
    I'll be buying a set of played Tarns for around $220 from a friend who is quitting. It will enable me to build Grixis (which i have most pieces of the deck already) and jeskai. I have a few trade pieces I can sell to help me get Nahiri, Snaps and Collonades:
    2x LoTV
    4x Marsh Flats

    I am reluctant to let go of Flats since my deck is Jund and it allows me to shift to Abzan. However, i think it will be good to make something out of it now incase of a reprint in the near future. Thoughts?

    I'll say what I always say, do you want to play Abzan regularly? If so, keep the flats as you'll regret selling them when you do want to play the deck.

    However, if you could easily wait a year or two for a reprint and have enough decks to keep you busy and happy, then sell them and make a few bucks and pick them up when they are rock bottom during the reprint.

    I think Wotc will wait another year before reprinting the enemy fetches in standard, but it will inevitably happen as it helps move product as mentioned above. We'll probably see another block that shifts back towards being harder to combine multiple colors into one standard deck before we then shift back into having another cycle of fetches reprinted. They like to string out the "money cards" and I've noticed what feels like cycles of going between 1-2 color decks and then 3-4 color decks being viable in standard as the format rotates (though I admit I am not a standard player so don't have a firm handle on this, just my impression).
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  • posted a message on Current Modern Banlist Discussion (4/4/2016 - Eye of Ugin banned, Ancestral Vision/Sword of the Meek unbanned)
    Quote from FZA »
    As much as I like Stoneforge Mystic it's really not a card that needs to be introduced into the modern metagame now. I can't imagine it being healthy for the format.

    I agree, it would turn the format into every deck that plays white jamming 4 mystics and a couple equipments into the deck, or splashing white to do the same thing. For the record I love Stoneforge and would love to play it in modern but also don't think it would be healthy for the format.

    Midrange Abzan sure would be fun though and it might allow for some Legacy light Esper and UWR blade lists which are some of my favorite in legacy.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    Quote from khayoz »
    Should I sell verdant catacombs now or hold on to it?

    Do you need it for any decks?

    It's a tough call, as they just recently re printed the allied fetches and many speculate it will be at least another year until they see a reprint as they will most likely come through standard vs be in a modern masters or similar set.

    If the next block doesn't see a reprint of enemy fetches it will take another bump up I believe on the magnitude of 10-15%. The card is close to its ceiling in my opinion and I would probably offload them fairly soon if I wanted to turn a profit and didn't need them as when the reprint does come they will drop down from $70+ to $15-20. Risk vs reward would push me to play it safe and sell in the next 12 months.
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  • posted a message on Eldritch Moon in Modern - Spoiler Discussion
    Quote from MarcWizard »
    Quote from Bearscape »
    new liliana never had a chance in modern; at 1BB you have to ask yourself "why am I not playing LotV instead?" every time you'd consider her, and LotV is just unparalleled.

    So I asked myself this question and the answer was: "because i play counterspells and snapcasters in URB and not removals and better topdecks like GRB, I like free thought scours to fuel tasigur and rebuying of GDD and Snaps more than I like mutual discard."

    The more you know.

    I had this same thought as well, while not full blown viable most likely, the new Liliana might be a step in the right direction for making and Esper or BUG list more viable in modern. In the past there wasn't a hug reason not to play Red or White instead, due to LotV discard and more tap out approach that Junk/Jund take.
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  • posted a message on Eldritch Moon in Modern - Spoiler Discussion
    It remains to see how good the new Liliana will be, I was initially underwhelmed but she looks better each time I look at the card.

    Obviously she is not LotV in terms of power level, anyone expecting as much was overly hyping up their expectations and she isn't going to replace LotV in the existing Junk/Jund archetypes. She fits into a different deck I think, perhaps one we haven't seen yet.

    *edit: just to add for good measure for those comparing to LotV and being disappointed, you're comparing it to arguably the best modern legal planes walker card in the game, of course everything else is going to seem sub par initially.
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  • posted a message on Eldritch Moon in Modern - Spoiler Discussion
    Tamayo as many have said has the issue of being in Bant colors. With that said, I think she is very good and will see modern play once Bant is figured out and gets the additional cards it needs to be good. Not sure she will push those colors over the top but perhaps sometime down the line that will be the case. Great card, no current great spots to slot her into existing archetypes though.

    I firmly Collective Brutality is being underrated here, card can be good to great in the correct shell. It's one of those powerful yet subtle cards that slips through initial assessments and will prove to be quite good I think.
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  • posted a message on SCG Dallas Open
    And people still debate if Nahiri is legit in modern. That's a nice day 1 turnout with 4 copies in 25% of the top 16 day 1 decks.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    Might be a good time to pick up Nahiri again if you need her, I have a feeling she is going to show up again in the top 8 and even if she doesn't it is being speculated that Emrakul is returning in the next set. If true, this is going to greatly increase her price due to standard. While she isn't at rock bottom any more, this might be a nice spec for someone looking to pick up some good trade fodder to trade with standard players for other good cards that are rotating out or have rotated out and are modern playable.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    Quote from The Fluff »
    Hmm, Celestial Colonnade has gone up a lot in price. Almost 50 dollars now. The Colonnade I bought at SCG just a few months ago only cost 20 dollars - it's a moderately played one. :>

    I hope it gets reprinted somewhere soon, to lower the price a bit..... Frown

    Sweet, time to unload my playset of nm/m foil promo versions. This is a card I was surprised to see at only 20 as well for the longest time, I figure it would have spiked again sooner honestly.
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  • posted a message on Bant Eldrazi
    It sounds like Thragtusk was an all star when it came in. I haven't been impressed with world breaker (perhaps I just haven't had a good chance to use it) and might try a thragtusk in that slot in the main even. Also, if the meta shifts at all and if we can swing the mana I'm wondering if a pair of kitchen finks in the sideboard might be helpful against the faster decks out there such as burn and aggro, not quite as good as thragtusk but you definitely get added value out of it with displacer as well by blinking and removing the -1/-1 counters for extra life and a recurring blocker.
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  • posted a message on Bant Eldrazi
    I've been doing a bunch of testing in the last few days with Bant and it's just so good. The deck offers plenty of decision making room for the pilot but isn't overly complicated so I think it is a good choice for large multi around events too as you are much less likely to become fatigued. The power level on some of the draws are just insane too and there isn't much fat to trim or questionable slots to place in the deck at the moment in my opinion. There really only seems to be 2-4 flex spots to play with at the moment.

    A lot of modern decks just can't do anything to beat us pre board as they can't keep up with our good or better draws and the sideboard slots allow us to really shift into a favorable matchup against some of our weaker pre board match ups. Loving the deck, nothing feels better than turn 2 Thought Knot followed up with Reality Smasher next turn and then into a turn 4 or 5 drowner (it sounds like christmas land, but it happens more than I would have expected).

    As for tier status, I fully expect this deck to be up into developing soon and even tier 2 following more good results.
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  • posted a message on A deck that has advantage vs infect and jund
    My vote goes to either:

    Abzan midrange (lingering souls, Lili, path, Siege Rhino, Khalitas (sp?) and all sorts of good stuff). The white splash vs red gives an edge over Jund in the head to head in my opinion, plus white offers some sideboard options that outright destroy the burn matchup while still being useful elsewhere in card such as timely reinforcements.

    Grixis midrange/control is the second one, though only if the mana abase is build properly and you don't hurt yourself too much via shocks and fetches. If played smartly you can beat burn, plus an ancestral visions or two resolving is essentially GG vs Jund. This deck is more heavily favored vs Jund than Burn I would say.

    Abzan company is of course another people have mentioned, but I personally can't stand the deck and wouldn't have any fun playing it.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    Quote from Saint Tiraft »
    I would like to reiterate my post:

    I think Kologahans is a good mind term investment, but I think MTG is no longer a good long term investment with how Wizards is running it.

    But if you want to play a better, much cheaper game, just place Force of Will, hahaha. MTG is such a money pit for a game with such a terribly designed power level(Most of the cards are un playable crap), and terrible job keeping the prices down so you can brew often. Force of will is like MTG, but super cheap, very well designed cards, a better designed game(Think MTG without the Mana screw and many more combat and card options)and you get a commander that's a lot more interesting then what EDH ham-fistedly tries to do

    I think MTG's days of being a solid investment are numbered IMO, they are treating it like an investment 1st and game 2nd when it comes to reprints, and $1,000+ decks combined with their inability to print many good/fun* cards in a set will kill this game.

    MTG's success comes from being a fun and accessible game 1st, not an investment(Unless they really wants Modern to be the next legacy). Until MTG learns that, i'll be saving a lot more money, heh

    Thanks, I needed a good laugh to end my weekend. Cheers.

    I was expecting more bites on this troll post too, 4/10, which I think makes it all the more amusing.

    Speaking of price spikes and back on topic, Cavern of Souls looks to be back on the rise. There were a lot to be had a few weeks ago in the $30-40 range, but you'll now be hard pressed to find any under $40 online in good condition.

    Also, Eldrazi is back on the rise. I actually think Thought Knot and Reality Smasher at the least are good long term investments. Thought knot ought to be a $15-$20 card in my opinion a few years down the line once it is out of print. It's quite good.
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  • posted a message on Bant Eldrazi
    Quote from deaddrift »
    So, how is this deck against Affinity? What are its weak matches? I have been on BW Processors for quite a while and am liking this deck's style, but having so much game against Robots with my current build makes me wonder about the switch.

    Affinity pre-board is very rough unless you have a fast hand from what I've seen, not a lot of ways to interact and they can simply go over us in the air.

    Post board however, the game changes to slightly in our favor with some great hate in stony silence, engineered explosives, etc. I feel like you go from being down 40/60 pre board to being up 55-45 or so post board. You win if you draw your hate basically.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    Quote from cfusionpm »
    Holy crap, $7??? I remember when they were up to $20!

    Edit: looks like the $7 listing is with 2.99 shipping. Average is still $10-12. Will drop more closer to/after rotation.

    Bingo. It's going to keep dropping and once it bottoms it WILL rise again. Buy buy buy when that happens.

    What do you guys think the rock bottom will be on this card, $5?

    Also, it strikes me as similar to abrupt decay and maelstrom pulse in that it will settle back up around 10-15. Perhaps I'm wrong about that though?
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