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  • posted a message on Lore lately is dark, serious, not "fun"
    It was Avacyn who created the Helvault by using silver to seal demons when killing them did not suffice. She mediates balance, even if it means turning on humans if they got the upper hand. But by design, that would never happen because Innistrad's horrors greatly outnumber them and likely always will. With her freed, the demons can be re-sealed and any threat to humanity prevented so long as balance can be maintained. She's not the end-all to the terrors of Innistrad - she's what evens the playing field and the biggest force on the plane to offset humanity's obvious minority and vulnerability as a race. It's my understanding that she has power everywhere.

    Avacyn is also the psychopomp so the geists have been guided to the afterlife. That's also the purpose of Flight Alabaster.
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  • posted a message on [COMM] Commander: Themes, Reprints, and More Speculation
    They really need to reprint the Medallions. With new art. Or just do it.

    Any idea when these lists will leak?
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  • posted a message on [[BaseSpec]] Annual Commander Product Reprint Wish List
    I wish they'd reprint Barrin, Master Wizard and Sapphire Medallion (with new art for the latter).
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  • posted a message on Lore lately is dark, serious, not "fun"
    How was Avacyn returning darker than her sealed with demons and terrors hunting humanity?
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  • posted a message on Lore lately is dark, serious, not "fun"
    I don't see how AVR was dark at all. Deep, yes, but not dark. I like MTG's lore, with the exception of evil winning as often as it does. It's been great lately though.
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  • posted a message on Lore lately is dark, serious, not "fun"
    Avacyn Restored wasn't warm and happy enough for you? :\
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  • posted a message on Female demons this time around?
    Quote from Moppi

    I'd take them all body types, so I'm somewhat thankful for the varied representation around (even with the Planeswalkers). What good is less if there are more lesser things on that person that I should be worried about. Rolleyes

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  • posted a message on Too Azami for Group?
    I play Azami but it's mostly just Blue cards I love and all the cool Wizards with some strong cards but no real "strategy." EDH is supposed to be a chance to build fun, themed decks with cards that are banned in other formats but legal in EDH. The strong cards in my decks are a few staples and cards that happen to be powerful but were not necessarily selected for that reason. Art and theme prevail for me.
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  • posted a message on Female demons this time around?
    Quote from DarthParallax

    Yep definitely agree on the excess is less. This applies all across the board IMO. I think there's a universally ideal range (Phalanx Leader). But there's also something as too plain or average, like Daxos of Meletis. And excess to me is Garruk who... yuck. And how well they're dressed is also a large factor as well. Like for Ral Zarek, who is good looking (not extraordinary necessarily) and is amplified even more by that SEXY outfit.

    Quote from krishnath

    Attractive male Planeswalkers for me are Venser and Jace, in that order. I think Ral is also rather handsome but I'm not a huge fan of his hair. His getup is the sexiest of all though, and Venser's, ironically, isn't as interesting as the others. I think Jason Chan draws Jace the best (MS, Counterspell) but the Book Promo Jace is the best overall art by far. Venser looks best on the FTV:20 art IMO, and his Emblem. Sexy hair, especially on Preordain. I imagine him looking like a pretty youthful caucasian male.

    I always felt like Lilliana was sort of a demoness. I don't know lol. She's just such an evil witch and might as well be. Hythonia recently seems to fulfill that role too.
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  • posted a message on Female demons this time around?
    Quote from krishnath
    Just out of curiosity, what other Male planeswalkers do you find attractive?

    Are you asking me?
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  • posted a message on Female demons this time around?
    Quote from Moppi
    You holler-d?
    My eyes just got back from circling the solar system with that BLASPHEMOUS of comments.

    Gurl please. Fellow gay male or straight female? Garruk fan so I understand. IDK. I'm more interested in the Phalanx Leader type than the bulky, burly eh. Too much of a good thing isn't so great. To each their own I suppose.

    Quote from Moppi
    And Jace, ATTRACTIVE? Good lord NO... that's the last thing you think of on describing Jace.

    Really? He seems handsome from what I can tell. Architect of Thought is creepy old uncle Jace though. But the AoA Book Promo, Memory Adept and Mind Sculptor are hawt. But I'm more into Riku and of course my love Venser. Ah, Venser. <3 Especially the cute way his hair looks on Preordain.

    Okay I'll stop now. Frown
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  • posted a message on [[COMM]] Commander 2013 Solicitation
    I just want new creature cards. I love creatures.
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  • posted a message on Female demons this time around?
    I think I've been misunderstood. Let me clarify a few points.

    First, I'll outline how some of you have made some valid points about attractive males in MTG. But notice that they're more recent examples, and there exists a disproportiate amount of beautiful female to attractive male arts. What this means is, WotC has indeed been improving the odds and reaching out to the straight female and gay male demographic of the playerbase, which I appreciate. There's still more room to fill the large void, but progress is noted and welcomed.

    Quote from hairlessThoctar
    Ral Zarek
    Riku and his twin brother Riku
    are all on my shortlist, but beauty is subjective and I know Magic players who happen to find people like Garruk attractive

    you're not one of those people evidently.
    Good job asserting personal opinion as fact.

    I can't believe I forgot about Riku, my favorite. These are great examples, notably Riku, Anax, and I'll give you Gideon and Odric despite his age. Ral... not my type but alright, I can see it.

    I mentioned burly and excessively muscular as unattractive because of the general principle that excess is less. Obviously there will be preferences but recall MTG does have more examples of men like that, so I wanted to hone in on more universal examples of appealing qualities. This is in ideal terms, I don't mean this personally toward real life people. In art someone can be as beautiful as the artist wants.

    I personally find Garruk extremely unattractive and stereotypical but that's me.

    Quote from kaburi
    Seriously, people, this thread is starting to veer into a place we don't want it going.

    To you maybe. Other people may find that extremely attractive.

    Rakish Heir. Falkenrath Noble. Mirko Vosk, Mind Drinker. Favored Hopilite. Daxos of Meletis. Fencing Ace.

    Those are the "conventionally hunky and/or attractive men" I stumbled across in ISD/RTR/THS right now just having searched "vampire" and "human". Bear in mind that I'm a heterosexual cis-gendered male so I'm going off of what society terms conventionally attractive masculinity and not of any actual personal preference.

    I love you for bringing Fencing Ace to my attention. Rakish Heir is also a winning example. The others aren't for me (although they could be eye candy to others in general, so noted), but that's 6 counting the previous 4 and despite these all being recent examples, I asked for five and therefore retract my argument.

    Gaahhhh Fencing Ace is such a cutie pie. Right into EDH deck he goes when I obtain one. Grin

    I know. I'm a homosexual male but I can give you a list of attractive MTG females. It's simply aesthetics.

    Quote from Barinellos
    Rakish Heir was even specifically made to appeal to the hetero ladies and the gay male crowd. Jeremy Jarvis is very aware of that demographic and wants to give them pieces of eye candy as well.
    Heck, Rakish Heir, it could be said, is more sexualized than some of the pieces mentioned above.

    @burly and muscular men:
    Aaaaaaaand cue Moppi!

    Yeah I remember cheering when I read the article on DailyMTG mentioning women and gay men and showing Rakish Heir. That was pretty awesome. And I agree it's sexualized.

    Not sure why so many people find Daxos Handsome. He's very average and in terms of art, very plain. I was disappointed. But Phalanx Leader and Anax swept in and saved the day.

    Anyway, I think this has raised the point that relatively recently there's been a wider scope of cards encompassing different demographics. So although it's understandable that Demons are male and Angels are Female, this rule could be broken in the future since MTG is clearly wandering into giving us more pretty men as of late and not worried so much about exclusively making sexualized women and badass burly warrior men for the Hereo dudes alone. If they can modernize their thematic approaches in other areas I see no reason to embrace this change. Lilliana is essentially a beautiful demon after all, in a way. And I'd say Gorgons are an analog.
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  • posted a message on Female demons this time around?
    Quote from hairlessThoctar
    *raised eyebrow*

    I feel like you haven't noticed because you're not looking.
    There are plenty of hunky guys in Magic, it's just not as pushed as it is with the ladies because most Magic players are straight guys.

    Show me five that aren't Jace, Venser, Phalanx Leader, Gerrard Capeshen or Master of Arms.

    Remember that burly or excessively muscular looking men aren't attractive.
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  • posted a message on Female demons this time around?
    Quote from Pompejus
    Satan isn't male. Christian angels, and Satan is just a fallen angel, just like all demons, are all androgenous, neither male nor female. Also the Virgin Mary, which is mainly a catholic thing*, is hardly the only good thing* around. There is Jezus, the apostles and all the other saints (in chatholicism). There are many good male characters in christianity (and actualy all religions).

    Personaly the reason angels are female is that angels are often described as extremely beautiful creatures and currently it is not done to describe men as beautiful. In the past noone had a problem with it, but now there is. That is in my opinion the reason why angels are mainly female in current popular culture.

    *thing is not the right word, but I can't think of a better one, when I do I will change it.

    I know, that's why I wrote "male." Even God himself, who is androgenous is perceived to be male but was only male in human form as Jesus. It's just how people perceive things. I agree that a large part of it pertains to beauty and depicting that best as a female rather than male. But some (not exclusively) feminine qualities like healing, compassion, etc. can be more attributed to White on the color wheel as well. This isn't to say men are not these things, but not traditionally from the focus of stereotypes from the times MTG is cast in that we know from history IN GENERAL.

    Anyway, there's already an issue of too few attractive men in MTG and with no male angels, it's almost a reluctance to even portray gorgeous men beyond the handful, or less, that are around in the art (I can think of like 4). So there's still the issue of ignored homo men and hetero women demographic. And also I think it detracts from women to segregate how they can be portrayed. If men can be demons, why not women too?
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