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    It's obvious the decision to "punish" Azor on Vraska's behalf was a female SJW intern's idea.
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    Quote from Chalsis »
    Quote from Onering »
    Kamigawa is actually a very small plane, or we've only seen a small part of it. Yet it feels bigger that a plane like Zendikar because the places we vists and the cultures we interact with are better defined, more varied, and better developed.

    I seem to recall that Kamigawa is actually a fairly big plane, though we've only seen a little bit of it. In visions granted by Mochi, Toshi and Michiko see great oceans (and I believe continents). Also, there are other lands speculated to lie even farther east of Jukai Forest (which is the eastern boundary of the Kamigawa we currently know) but Jukai is so vast that no one has been beyond it.

    Here's the specific quote from the third Kamigawa book, as Konda and his mothriders fly over the forest in their hunt for Toshi:

    "The landscape below fascinated Konda. Neither he nor his armies had ever pressed this far east before. After he reclaimed the Taken One and restored the tower at Eiganjo, he would consider sending a proper expedition to finally map eastern Jukai and beyond. If there were nations at the far side of the woods, they must also come under Konda's protection. Someday, he expected, even the orochi will be brought under his banner."

    Alas, it was not to be.
    Similar situation with Theros as the Nistos forest and Westward mountains. Nylea admitted to disappearing to uncharted lands to fight and hunt great creatures. It makes me hope we'll see Theros as Mediterranean world focused on Greece, rather than three city-states. The greatest aspect of Greece in general are the Cyclades isles, many of which are a respectable size. Arixmethes easily represents Santorini, one of many, perhaps the most prominent (as Atlantis) alongside Myknonos, Skiathos, etc. We didn't see much of the Dakra at all, mentioning them only in passing, and passing them off as a smaller chain than they ought to be. This is disappointing. I don't like referring so much to mainland Greece and it having only three settlements. Theros should have many cultures and locations, an entire ocean basin to explore, etc. They represent various races there, black people, Greek looking people and even Phoenician/Semitic appearing individuals, but we don't see North Africa (Lotus Eaters) where black appearing people would be from. We don't see Phoenicia where more Arabic looking people on Theros would be from, and we don't even see the key defining aspect of Theros, which is its chain of volcanic isles that requires the classic shipbuilding Greeks were renowned for (as taught to them by the Phoenicians) in order to traverse and trade with. Where is Lisbon and Sappho the poet? Where even is Tragic Poet the card in Theros? We need references to more locations, even if it's just in flavor text, at the very least. Enough of the: -of Meletis, -of Akros, and -of Setessa crap. It's Greek MYTHOLOGY world because there are mythological uncharted places.

    Theros should be so saturated and steeped with Legendary locations and lands that it feels on par with Kamigawa. You can't really appreciate a pantheon of 14 gods ruling over three city-states. We get references to Troy, but where is the Theros Troy? We see it in Launch the Fleet, but when it comes down to the trope expression, we got Akroan Horse instead. So Akros is both Sparta and Troy? Absurd.

    Many of these planes need expanding. They have the potential, but lack the execution.

    Theros has a lot of its own unique mythology as well to tap into now. Seeing Sagas representing Kynaois and Tiro founding Meletis, Thassa's tears forming the Dakra isles when the triton queen Korinna is killed, the murder of Elspeth, Kytheon becoming Sun's Champion, Pavos and his lover dying under the Emonberry Tree, etc. these are a beautiful way to show THEROS myths on cards, depicting more elegant and unique aspects of colors that transcend the typical war scenes that make this game feel linear and nauseating to anyone who isn't a straight white nerd living in basement, which isn't the demographic of Magic at all in my experience.
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    Quote from Raptorchan »
    italofoca, it's your turn.
    The internet never forgets
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  • posted a message on New Magic Novella by Brandon Sanderson introducing a new planeswalker
    Awesome news indeed! Can't wait to start reading. The artwork of our new PW looks amazing too. Grin
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    Dominaria to me is one of the dullest planes ever. So much of its lore feels so old and out of touch, and convoluted at best over the span of so may years and so many different adaptations. The fact it doesn't have a coherent identity is what I dislike about it most. While I would love to see Theros expand to encompass more of the Mediterranean, or at least more of Greece itself (which had FAR more settlements than we saw), I prefer worlds with more grounded identity. I don't find it lazy or uninspired at all. The opposite actually, I take comfort in the familiarity and enjoy finding aspects of originality and how MTG adapted certain tropes. It's no surprise that the worlds with the most focus and are the most resonant are also the most popular. Dominaria is only as high as it is in part because Richard Garfield had a part in designing the set (think original Innistrad) and in part because of older fans.

    I want Return to Theros with Sagas and Historic. I want them to explore more of the landmass, reference more settlements, explore Arixmethes as Atlantis, give it an adventure vibe (which I admired about Ixalan).
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    Quote from DanzBorin »
    Sure stings to pay $12-15 for $2-8 in cards. Sure there are some cards worth more, but almost everything that was more than $15 is now well under. People kept talking about how great the EV was on these packs. They sure aren't now. People don't think of how fast prices on 95% of the cards drop instantly and by large margins... $12 Back to Basics? $10 Phyrexian Tower? $8 Goroyo's Vengeance? I could keep on going. If box prices don't drop soon then these are going to sit forever. Bet at $8-10 a pack they wouldn't have.

    That said, the draft was fun.
    First of all, the whole point of these sets is to get $12 Back to Basics $10 Phyrexian Tower and $8 Goroyo's Vengeance. These prices will recover, which is why some hoard these sets unopened. In the meantime, EDH and Modern have more copies in the card pool at affordable prices, lowering the barrier of either remaining in the game, or entering it. You're not required to gamble on the packs or boxes.
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    So... I gonna ask it here... Are the Sisters of Flesh and Spirit more powerful than neowalkers?
    Yes. As they should be. The Sisters literally stood before and barred Oldwalker Leshrac from even entering Kamigawa. Of course these days, they'd have some random Neo-Walker inexplicably defeating them. You know, actual gods that manage entire planes with their unfathomable magic, on their own turf. Because Planeswalker.

    Entities like the Sisters, Theros gods, Avacyn, etc. Should be respected, feared and avoided. Basic wurms on Amonkhet, hell even bears, should be avoided. Let alone planar overlords. If they can be so easily bested by mortal mages born yesterday whose only ability is the presumably travel planes, then what's the point of having planes or other characters at all? Makes the writing seem weak and the marketing ploys are transparent. Tell a good story and respect your characters and settings - that's good marketing. Not making Mary Sues.

    Viven destroying an entire city of immortal vampiric mages with a conquering society on their own plane. Because Planeswalker. Right.
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    Konda's fate is most certainly the most horrific in MTG. That's what you get for messing with planar overlords. You know, before Planeswalkers came in and became OP Mary Sues for marketing purposes.
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  • posted a message on Ultimate Masters Box Pulls!
    Oof, not the best for sure.

    On a side note, I've seen/held some of the cards. The Japanese print stock and coating is FAR SUPERIOR to the garbage USA Texas crap. The stock is thicker, ink bold and colorful and the cards more glossy and all I saw were straight as a board, even the foils. Amazing when they use the good stock/priting.
    I've been saying the Japanese card stock is superior for those exact reasons for years. So glad they listened and used it.
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    I adore this set. It has done wonders supplying 9-10 blue cards I needed to rebuild Azami. Sadly even this set couldn't get Snapcaster to an affordable range for me, but the others sure did get there, so I am beyond happy. New art Frantic Search is LIFE! Pattern of Rebirth and a few white cards I have sought are in here too. The set's value is very impressive, I wish all Masters sets had been in this vein.

    When is the best time to buy singles? Now?
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    That's more of an issue with how players judge sets.
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  • posted a message on Why is Gifts Ungiven Banned but Intuition isn't
    Gifts Ungiven should be unbanned in Commander IMO.
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    Viven Reid and her stories are the worst thing about MTG, on par for Vorthos with the Reserve List for fans of its card's formats. Let's not bring her up again.
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  • posted a message on Azami Wizard Tribal
    - Enter the Infinite
    - Mox Opal
    - Mox Diamond
    - Chrome Mox
    - Scroll Rack
    - Personal Tutor

    + Mission Briefing
    + As Foretold
    + Back to Basics
    + Brainstorm
    + 2 Island

    Enter the Infinite is rather pointless. Mox Opal can brick often, I'd sooner draw an Island over Chrome Mox more often than not. Mox Diamond is amazing, but I am working on converting this idealized list into a budget one, but of all the rocks, Diamond is the one I'd miss having most. That said, I'd like to test As Foretold (free counters especially with extra turns) as a form of ramp, and Back to Basics to punish other decks of more colors.

    Scroll Rack is powerful but redundant. I was using it to get Islands. Bye Felicia
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    One of my favorites as well. So happy UMA is making it possible to re-build this deck. I've missed it.
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