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  • posted a message on For "My Account Was Just Deleted" Users
    I'dd like to see my account restored too please

    Username : Xatrith
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Allegiance Mechanics ( Spectacle, Afterlife, Adapt, Riot, Addendum)
    Sorry if I has been asked already (I'm on a phone, I can't scroll trough the 10 pages of posts I haven't read)

    When the 4 first mechanic were released but not addendum I noticed that each guilds had synergies with bordering guilds : rakdos needed to get dmgs to activate, no worries 1/1 flyers and haste creatures are perfect for that. Gruul's +1/+1 were also fited to work with Simic's probable +1/+1 rewards.

    So we started looking for something that would synergies with on one side : small creatures, flyers or tokens. And the other side : big beasts or +1/+1 counters.

    We got a bit stuck with effects in two parts like : creatures you control with 2 toughness or less have +0/+1 ans creature you control with 5 toughness or more get +1/+0.
    But everything we though of was overpowered. Have you any idea of a good keyword that would have fitted well and not been overpowered?

    Second question : how do you see the keyword we have being used to synergize in any way with orzhovz and Simic?
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  • posted a message on Bedevil
    Posted on Magic the gathering france :



    Destroy target artifact, creature or planeswalker.

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  • posted a message on UBx Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Control
    Hi @Kidkreol! Welcome to the fold x)

    First, I travel to Paris every now and then. So we might me able to catch up!
    Second : our deck play out like a control deck. Our kill and our cards are more oriented toward 2+ mana. The deck you refer to are filled with cards that cost 1 or less or with cantrips that smooth the flow of lands.
    For the wrath question, I don't play them myself so I'll let the others answer.
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  • posted a message on UBx Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Control
    I have to advocate for Academy ruins here. It's not as good as inventor's fair, but it does great job locking up the game. It make welding jar or bridge come back to make sure you outrun your opponent's removals, rebuy cards like jester's cap and (as we have a deck with a lot of power disparity between our best card and our worse)it help be sure that we draw our good cards instead of inefficient ones. It is a nice option to have if we draw an expedition map late in the game.
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  • posted a message on "What Deck Should I Play" thread
    Hello folks,

    Since a year or so I'm playing my beloved tezzerator deck and it has been a pleasure. Still I sometime feel like having a backup deck that is not weak to the same things as my usual one. I'm a player that like to have a deck that have powerful interactions between the cards in the deck. I used to play an esper Sun titan that was mixed with the gift elesh norn un burial rites package. I enjoyed the deck a lot but it was too weak to combo to be successful. So I'm more an UB player but I'm open to any color for this second deck.
    Im trying to find a deck that would be faster than tezzerator, harder to hate out and that would be thrive on a meta that is hostile to tezzerator.
    Any ideas?

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  • posted a message on UBx Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Control
    @the nobodys I tested a bit expedition map without the land destruction package and found it awkwardly good. The ability to search for color or for utility land is quite good and the map's cost is painless to play. Do you think it will still be relevent after the release of Damping sphere ? I mean that all those GQ might become useless as the sphere take care of tron for us ?
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  • posted a message on UBx Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Control
    Hi mates, i was reading the discussion about Bottle cloister, expedition map or damping sphere and i have a question : how many 1 off situational bullets can we include in our main board without being harmed by their density. I ask that because there is a lot of card that would be nice to have : ie pithing needle, damping sphere, nihil spellbomb, bottle cloister, map (to get academy ruins), kark clan ironwork, ect...

    And for the Jace debate i'm pretty sure that it is not better than tezz in our deck. I personally run a really lowered PW count (2) and would not add jace before tezz 2 and 3.
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  • posted a message on UBx Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Control
    @DegenerateEE I'm not an expert here but as i read the thread it seems like the ratio of discard varies a lot between players. It's a matter of taste. And for the counterspells it seems like the consensus is : no counter spell maindeck.
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  • posted a message on UBx Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Control
    @dustycrumbz Thx for your comments. Starting with the black mana part : i have cut the swamp because i have been unimpressed by the ability to fetch for it or to get it when i get ghost quartered/ path to exiled. When i had two lilianas main deck i jammed the Overgrown tomb in but now i'm pretty sure he is not needed at all. I'll switch it back for an other blue source as soon as i can.
    For the spire/glimmervoid part : it was there for main purpose of testing both. I've not been blown out often while playing glimmervoid but it happened one or two times while testing. The spire is fine too, it's not often that the 1 hp cost if really impact-full. Still i'm unsure of which one is better.

    @racing089 Chalice has been nearly useless because i didn't encounter decks that are wrecked by it (like living end). When i got paired against affinity i didn't draw it while on the play and sided it out for the draw. Still i managed to play it against burn on the play and caught a bolt in their hand. It was a bit low to only get one card but it felt nice having that safety belt tho. Trinisphere, well i saw no storm and missed the opportunity to use it against Ad Nauseam. For KCI, i'm now sure that it is really better than Sieve after the swap of Moxes for Pentad Prisms. I would say it's trully better despite giving a turn more to opponent to find ways out when played on your turn. The times when you can just resolve whir and put victory out of reach for your opponent are just really too much value for Sieve to compete.
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  • posted a message on UBx Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Control
    Hi folks !

    Coming back from GP Lyon and I have a little report for you. It will not be as comprehensive as the last one because i had not much time between rounds.

    I went with this list : You will notice that there is no mox opal in it. I did that because i felt it a bit clunky. It was a choice between the mox opal/time sieve package or the pentad prism/Krark Clan ironwork. I felt like the second one had more upsides. The fact that it accelerates the whir capabilities and helps the decay to be stable. Also the combo does not necessitate 5 mana sources (i did it with only 2 lands one time) and works instantly through most of disruption while the other one does nothing in such cases.
    I also went with witchbane orb to have a better match up against storm and valakut.

    GP Lyon Main Event 8W/5L
    Round 1 : Abzan midrange

    • Notes : He did'nt see a lot of his decay/pulse and the bridge is punitive for them.

    Round 2 : UWR Midrange

    • Notes : Heavy discard helps. Pushing one Thopter foundry through is like 90% of the win.

    Round 3 : UWR Control (nahiri)

    • Notes : same as above. Nahiri is quite inefficient against us since we don't tap our artifact so often.

    Round 4 : Ad Nauseam

    • G1 : Won with infinite thopter combo
    • G2 : This matchup is complex, it's the only one i remember clearly because it was like playing a puzzle game. I packed pithing needles for lightning storm but the real problem is the Laboratory maniac. At the game 2, he managed to hurkyll's recall me just before going off, removing my prisms and my ability to decay with them.
    • G3 : I noticed that Recall is targeted to me, so i shifted my plan into : land a witchbane orb and keep mana to remove Maniac in response to their draw spells. That was without counting the new Opt in the format that allowed him to draw in response. After thinking and discussing the match with my opponent, he appears that i should have included the trinisphere in my plan. It would have stopped him from playing the second draw spell. I also noted that ethersworn canonist (that i switched for trinisphere) would have done the work too.

    Round 5 : Abzan midrange

    • Notes : ø

    Round 6 : Hollow one

    • Notes : Bridge vs creature decks. The only danger seems to be the card that make you discard at random too. It can wreck your well setted up hand.

    Round 7 : Mardu Pyro

    • Notes : I learned something that match : never side out the decay. Like never ever. I expected spell based sideboard and got eaten by 2 pithing needle.

    Round 8 : UR Madcap Moon

    • Notes : Discard shines a lot in this match up, and prisms are a nice safety belt against moon. Allowing us to decay the bloodmoon easily.
    Round 1 : Affinity

    • Notes : Collective brutality are awesome in this king of hyper aggro match up. Bridge is also stellar against Master of Etherium

    Round 2 : Ponza

    • Notes : Discard and Collective brutality are awesome hits and the prisms to counter moon are helping a lot.

    Round 3 : G tron

    • Notes : Well, even with their worst hand (just a forest in it) and 3 discard spells they still manage to win. It's really a 0% match up.

    Round 4 : Human

    • Notes : The match up heavily relies on bridge but it's not easy to protect it from the itesail freebooter and medling mage. In their good start they are impossible to stop and even when they are stuck, they can push with noble hierarch.

    Round 5 : Burn

    • Notes : Did'nt see a lot of my collective brutality or pentad prism to accelerate the combo.

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  • posted a message on UBx Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Control
    Hi mates!

    Thx for your answers, I would like to ask some things about them :

    @radouf : feels like your proposals all rely on your pentad prism to make them fast enough. Quicksilver fountain seems expensive to whir of you don't have it and the Tezz plan needs targets to animate and need to be online really fast. I'm more seeking for something that would not rely on my ability to cast spells ahead of the normal land schedule. I like GQ+surge or GQ+Crucible of worlds but I'm not sure of how to include in without wrecking the mana Base.

    @the nobodys :glad you like it but I'm not sure of what your first sentence means (my English is not perfect so I might not know a part of it). Anyway I thought for quite some time to put sorcerous spyglass in the main board but it turn out that the additional effect is often completely overkill. I'll explain : with a good number of discard spells and and the informations the opponent gives away just by playing, I'm almost every time able to know what my opponent plays, and what cards needs to be negated in which deck. The only time it's problematic is when I have the card in my hand and my opponent's deck contains multiple good targets. But most of the time I whir for it in response, in wich case I already know what is coming. About lost legacy, I'm would like to know what you cut from the sideboard to make room for it. I feel like it's a card that has only utility when it's played early, and as a one of it seems like a long shot.

    Also I am thinking only of the regular tron decks. As eldrazi tron seems to be one of the easiest of our match ups.
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  • posted a message on UBx Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Control

    Some times since I posted here last time. I'd like to have your opinion about the solutions to land based match ups like tron or valakut. For now I'm playing this list :

    A thing I will probably change soon is moving 1 Collective Brutality from the sideboard to the main and removing Thoughtseize from the main. Which would leave a slot open in the sideboard.

    Can you tell me what you would change to allow me a gameplan against tron deck?
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  • posted a message on UBx Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Control
    I'm not sure i made myself clear about the stoic rebuttal thing. I'm thinking of them as sideboard slots.
    About the Tezz thing i feel like 2 liliana, 3 bridges, 4 whir and 1 tezz are already a lot of expensive cards making bridge a bit slow sometime. Yet i'm really happy about the one in the sideboard which is never a problem because he face match up where he is never too slow. I think tezz has not the same effect for a deck that can put it out on turn 3 than for a deck that can't. It would not help me face tron or valakut the way it does for you. In exchange for that loss of win rate against ramp decks i'm more resilient to discard, i disrupt more of my opponent's plan.
    Note that if the meta goes slower or get grindy i will happily put back more tezz. I like the card a lot and i'm a bit disappointed to see that his -1 is usable only on a few decks.

    PS : I saw on this post that someone said that Nihil spellbomb would not affect our swords and allow us to combo from there. Nice point, it also allow us to whir for it in emergency with only 3 mana if needed. I gess my relic is out.
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  • posted a message on UBx Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Control
    Quote from radouf »
    Quote from Xatrith »
    Hello folks,

    Came back from GP Metz where i did all the 6 modern side events (4 rounds Swiss). Some games will be comment-less because i had no time until the next round starts. So let's go for a long recap.

    First, i went with this list :
    Swiss 1 : 2W/2L
    Round 1 : Creature toolbox, druid combo

    • G1 : He goes turn 1 hierarch, turn 2 finks, turn 3 more beasts and then he just used gavony to buff them and trample me.
    • G2 : I discard him turn 1, taking out a part of combo. Then i use a pithing needle on devoted druid and he plays kataki on turn 2. Game over.

    Round 2 : ???

    • G1 : ???
    • G2 : ???
    • G3 : ???

    Round 3 : UB take turns

    • G1 : Tried to disturb his plan by decaying his mine, but i dit not draw a kill.
    • G2 : I discarded him of all his take turns and he had only 1 mine on the play with 0 card in hand. But he drew 1 dictate and 1 mine from top at his turn and then went off.
    • Note on the match up : maybe a strong pack of decay and discard targeting his howling mine effects is the way to deal with this match up.

    Round 4 : BW smallpox

    • G1 : He does not have an efficient way of dealing with the combo and loose to it in a few turns
    • G2 : We got stalled to the topdeck game 2 after he managed to get both stony silence and leyline of the void in play while i had a bridge. I went down to 7 cards in library but i eventually drawn a tezzeret to finish him. The maelstrom pulse would have done the job too, freeing the combo.

    Swiss 2 : 3W/1L
    Round 1 : UW control, not complete

    • G1 : Discard his counterspells and bury him with the combo
    • G2 : Pithing needle takes care of PW, Decay takes care of spheres and sideboard, Discard clears the way to carefully assemble the combo.

    Round 2 : Valakut

    • G1 : Liliana empty the opposing hand so well that he only have 1 card left and 6 lands on turn 5. I check his hand with the discard i kept to take his kill and he only have a land. He topdecks a scapeshift.
    • G2 : He did'nt see any part of the combo so he gess that i am some sort of UB discard deck. He packs up leyline of sanctity to protect himself for the liliana's sac effect and discard instead of going for artifact removals. I thought that it was a fair trade for me before he play's madcap experiment and put Platinium emperion on the play.I have infinite turn combo but i can't remove the emperion ... without targeting him and left the pulse in the sideboard.

    Round 3 : Nahiri control

    • G1 : He has nothing to remove the combo game 1 so i just swarmed him with tokens.
    • G2 : Pithing needle does his job and discard cuted out the blood moon.

    Round 4 : Burn

    • G1 : He goes first and the combo does not comes fast enough
    • G2 : Combo online by turn 3 with a welding jar, he can't keep up with life-gain despite his 3 skullcrack
    • G3 : He keep a hand with 1 land and 1 progenitus relic but does not draw a land in 5 turn, giving me all the time i need to assemble the combo.

    Swiss 3 : 4W/0L
    Round 1 : Bant Eldrazi

    • G1 : He start pretty slow and discard reveal no TKS. So i take time to whir for pithing needle turn 3 naming explosives before landing bridge.
    • G2 : He packs up some counterspells to get rid of the bridge but dicard does the job and bridge still lands. Then whir for pithing naming explosives and he is doomed again.

    Round 2 : Boggles

    • G1 : Bridge at 6 life blocking his beast. He does pop 3 1/1 to finish the job but i whir for a foundry, allowing me to sac mox opal and baubble to block his beasts.
    • G2 : Bridge wins it again and, if discard is disabled by leyline of sanctity, i'm still able to whir a welding jar for extra protection.

    Round 3 : Elfball with druid combo

    • G1 : Not the same deck but same strategy, bridge does the game and even 0/2 are buffed by archidruid when do not allow any trick with collected company. His kill with infinite mana is ezuri so even that is blocked by the bridge. I feared for balista the whole game but he had none.
    • G2 : Same story.

    Round 4 : Affinity

    • G1&2 : no record but i remember pithing needle and abrupt decay doing a nice job. Also the whir into needle surprises them,so needling the ravager is awesome.

    Swiss 4 :2W/1L
    Round 1 : EldraTron

    • G1 : The plan against Eldrazi decks is always the same : bridge him and use the main deck pithing needle to block his solution. Here i did exactly that : turn 3 bridge because he had no chance to have 7 mana next turn, then wait for him to cast Karn and pithing it in response with whir.
    • G2 : I landed the combo on turn 3 and then just swarmed him.

    Round 2 :

    • G1 : He mulligan to 6 and kp. He goes tron land and map. On my turn i use IOK and find this : ulamog, all is dust, 2 more tron lands. On his turn he map for a second tower. I try to race him with the combo, but turn 3 all is dust, turn 4 ulamog is impossible to beat.
    • Sideboarding : I did a guess that it was more likely for him to be playing a regular tron when went of fast than an eldratron that had his two more expensive cards and no creature early. So i took out bridges.
    • G2 : The guy goes turn 1 tron land and map, on my turn i use decay on it hoping to slow him a bit. Then he goes turn 2 tron land, turn 3 full tron and use 7 mana to ... TKS and Matter reshaper ! Well, first loose against eldratron in 25 games but he disguised himself x)

    Round 3 : bye

    • G1 :
    • G2 :
    • G3 :

    Round 4 : Affinity red

    • G1 : Decay does the job well. It prevented him from racing me too fast by removing signal pest of a turn 1 hellbent. Then combo closes the deal
    • G2 : He goes more carefully and with a more heavy hand, playing overseer and master of etherium. I caught him with a turn 2 collective brutality discarding a sword to lower my hand count for a turn 3 bridge + welding jar. With 1 card in hand locking his attack step, he took too long finding a second artifact killer.

    Swiss 5 :1W/1D/1L
    Round 1 : Valakut

    • G1 : We both start assembling our stuffs fast. At his last turn he seemed to fear a negate and tried to kill my with titan to get 2 valakut and then add a land for a total of 18 in a turn, i had just 3 mana left to go to 19hp and stay at 1 hp. Next turn i whired for time sieve and infinite turn. Close one.
    • G2 : He keeps a hand with low lands but 2 scapeshift and 2 artifact destroyer (1 ancient grudge and 1 with only one use). I discarded the grudge because he was really slow at getting lands. It allowed me some time to find a spellskite to protect the combo. I started by playing sword, and then foundry. And here i guess he missplayed because in answer he destroyed the sword. Which came back after he tried to remove the foundry with flashbacked grudge. I redirected the grudge to the skite, and sacrified the skite to the foundry. After that the game was over for him.

    Round 2 : Grixis shadow

    • G1 : After the first stage of the game that went mainly with discard the game went pretty lame. I bridged him and then drawn only lands, while him was chaining draw cards, lands and snapcasters on draw cards. He finally drew a kolagan's command and went off.
    • G2 : Game 2 i stayed a long time trying to assemble the combo through discard and counterspells. I finally landed a bridge that he destroyed and whired for the missing sword after a discard to make sure that they where no counterspell waiting.
    • G3 : 2 min left in round when we started playing, i discarded him life loss cards to make sure he would not kill me.

    Round 3 : RG tron

    • Not much to say, it's tron, half of his deck counters our, the second half just ramp for the first half.

    Round 4 : Intentional draw

    Swiss 6 : 3W/0L
    Round 1 : UW control

    • G1 : I discarded his counterspells and resolved the combo early. Then i kept a decay to remove any sphere that would come and the combo was too much to handle.
    • G2 : He managed to prevent me from landing my combo with tons of counterspells. Finally he killed me with CA and Celestial colonnades .
    • G3 : After side i have 10 discard spells so this time i managed to remove all his counterspells and resolved 1 foundry and 1 whir for the win.
    • Note : Pithing needle helped all games by keeping PW in check, especially jace that can nullify my attacks.

    Round 2 : Eldratron

    • G1 : Not much to say : bridge turn 3 and kept whir in hand to resp karn or whir for infinite turn if possible. I did resp to karn and needled it, winning on the spot because he don't play ulamog main deck.
    • G2 : This one was closer because despite bridge and needle he managed to deal me 10 dmg through the bridge with 2 balistas at 10 mana. Still once the combo assembled i went out of range in 1 turn.

    Round 3 : Bant spirit

    • G1 : It's an other deck that struggle getting over bridge. I whired for it on turn 3. it gave me a lot of time to assemble the combo.
    • G2 : Discard were important that game. I had to be really carefull with each spell because he drew 3 Mausoleum Wanderer and had a lot of open mana. I did'nt draw the bridge but i had a foundry so i had to whir for the 2nd part of the combo. It took sometime but i forced him to sac 2 of his wanderer to counter a 2 mode brutality and then finally whir to safety.

    Round 4 : Intentional draw

    Total : 15W/1D/5L

    Personal thoughts about the tournament :

    • It seems like the match ups that rely on attacking creatures are really easy to win as planed.
    • I like time sieve a lot, against valakut it's often the only way to win game 1.
    • I'm considering adding 2 stoic rebuttal to help against other combo decks. It was a part of my first iteration of the deck and it was always awesome. I had more artifact back then but i think it can still do things.
    @Xatrith: thanks for the report man. A 15W/1D/5L is pretty impressive.

    Your sideboard, as of now, is only showing 9 cards. Care to update us this? Because I'm genuinely curious about your MB/SB configuration.

    I'm noticing that you're really cutting back on Tezzeret AoB. Yet he's one of our best card against big mana and combo, as he closes games faster than Thopter & Sword ever could (without Sieve). But he's also a house against Midrange -- looking at Grixis Shadow and Eldrazi Tron. And in the shifting meta where G-Tron is starting to show up again, I'd tend to run more of him, not less. What do you think?

    I've also tried Pithing Needle as a 3-of between the boards in my last PPTQ run and, it felt like too many. Even against E-Tron where they have all the targets. With targeted discard and thanks to the reactive speed of Whir of Invention, I think two is the sweet spot; as in the third isn't bringing much to the table. What did you think of it?

    Regarding your closing statements:
    - Some games I've been losing to Elfball myself, or to Burn going under us. I'm personally going to go up on Flaying Tendrils in the side.
    - Loving Sieve too. It's now an essential part of our core if you ask me.
    - Rebuttal I'm not too high on. Exactly as @Curundil just put it, Whir enables us to play all our proactive tools at reactive speed, but it's also much more. A healthy mix of Whir and targeted discard (IoK, TS, Brutality) is more synergistic and at the end of the day, I think, gives us all the tools we need to win against the current field. Maybe a couple counterspells could do some work, but I doubt it's the best thing we can be doing with our sideboard slots. What is it exactly that you're trying to do against combo? Counter their key spell (à la Ad Nauseam)? Then Lost Legacy doest that. Punch through their countermagic? IoK/TS/Brutality/Sword and end-of-turn Whir as a bait does that. Defense Grid also works. Let us know, specifically.

    @TugoTog: Rebuttal really becomes a liability in the face of aggro, when you're leaning on a Bridge -- one of the strongest cards in our deck, which we should totally be leaning on btw.

    Regarding a blue-er approach to deckbuilding, I've tried it before to way less exciting results. And we've come so far. I really believe that we have a winning formula on our hands we really just need dedication to it. Deck is strong AF people, don't you agree?

    Hi !

    Thx for your answer and sorry about the sideboard things, the sorceries had no number value attached to it so they were not displayed. It is now corrected.

    About tezz : you might have noticed that I've cut all the pentad prism of my deck, so there is no good target for his -1. A -1 that i tend to dislike a lot because we have no other target for removals main deck and so give a target to dead cards. Otherwise i feel it too slow against aggro decks, and they are ... well everywhere. You point out that it kills faster than the combo but i don't play as many artifacts as other list you can see here (turbo ones) so i often need the combo to generate enough artifacts for tezz's ult, at which point i'm already winning. I prefer sieve as a game closer, especially against control decks. Seems to me that Regular tron is an unwinnable match up, so i don't focus on it too much.

    Pithing needle have a lot of match up where it does something. And in some of them it's just a game saving card. In most of those cases i want to draw it as often as necessary to make him survive the artifact hate/discard that shows up often. Adding more of it also allows me to draw it naturally and keep my Whir of inventions on combo pieces or locks cards.

    Sometime we will loose on match ups where we are favored, just look at how i lost to Elrazi tron. Unlikely but not impossible. Basically the strategy against elves is the same : bridge and pithing needle walking balista.

    Maybe i'm a bit biased on the stoic rebuttal subject because i keep being topdecked by valakut players after discarding them to an empty hand. The point would be to care of spell drawn after discard. Giving us time to find the piece that we need to close the game.

    Hope that it will help you to understand the choices i made.
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