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  • posted a message on Grim Return with facedown creatures
    The creature is a legal target in both cases.

    Grim Return cares only that the card is a creature card while on the graveyard (so a manifested noncreature that dies won't be a valid target), and that it was put there from the battlefield this turn. The game knows that card is still that card even if it was face-down or transformed on the battlefield, and won't care if it was a creature on not while on the battlefield.
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  • posted a message on Unholy Indenture + Corpsejack Menace
    Winding Constrictor has a ruling that reads:

    2/9/2017 Winding Constrictor’s effect can’t apply to itself as it’s entering the battlefield or to any other permanent entering the battlefield at the same time as it.

    Corpsejack Menace has no such ruling, but it follows the same rules so the same is true for it.
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  • posted a message on Pulling Garruk the Slayer into a casual Deck
    Garruk the Slayer is a oversized card with a nontraditional card back.

    108.2a: Most Magic games use only traditional Magic cards, which measure approximately 2.5 inches (6.3 cm) by 3.5 inches (8.8 cm). Certain formats also use nontraditional Magic cards, oversized cards that may have different backs.

    108.5: Nontraditional Magic cards can't start the game in any zone other than the command zone (see rule 408). If an effect would bring a nontraditional Magic card into the game from outside the game, it doesn't; that card remains outside the game.

    So Fae of Wishes would fail to bring Garruk the Slayer from outside the game.
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  • posted a message on Does card draw target a card?
    It does not say "draw target card", so it doesn't target anything. Effects can affect things without targeting them.

    The only "implied" targets in Magic are for Aura spells (they target whatever they are going to enchant), and for some keywords such as Equip (check their rules or reminder text for the word "target"). Everything else only targets if it says "target" on its text.
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  • posted a message on Bloodfire Colossus help
    Bloodfire Colossus's current wording is still "deals 6 damage to each creature and each player". Under current rules, this effect will not deal damage to planeswalkers.
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  • posted a message on Buffs During Combat
    Quote from RizyFontaine »
    If an opponent plays a card like Elvish Archdruid that gives other elf creatures they controls +1/+1 and they declare the Elvish Archdruid and another Elf creature as attackers, when I go to block them, if I block the Elvish Archdruid first and it dies, does the other Elf creature keep its buff when I go to block it on the same Combat Phase?

    There is no "blocking first". You declare all blockers as a single action.

    Unless any of the attackers has First Strike or Double Strike, all combat damage is dealt at the same time.

    It doesn't go "block A with C, see if either dies, then block B with D, etc". It goes "block A with C and B with D. If all players pass, A deals damage to C, C deals damage to A, B deals damage to D, D deals damage to B, all at once. Then we check if any of them dies from the damage."

    So during the Combat Damage, the other elf still has Archdruid's buff, meaning it deals more damage. But if Archdruid dies from the damage, the elf then loses the buff, meaning the damage that was dealt to that elf (and is still "marked" on it) may now be considered lethal.
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  • posted a message on Regular packs having extended art
    Quote from milo_bloom »
    So tonight I grabbed the white theme booster (because I like them) and besides the 5 copies of the common white non-basic land, all the cards were the regular frame.
    Is this a known thing that the theme boosters are only regular frame? I thought maybe since the draft boosters had a chance of showcase frames, the theme boosters might also.
    Has this been discussed?

    It is known, from the original article about the new frames and boosters: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/making-magic/project-booster-fun-2019-07-20

    It is not said directly, but the article lists all special frames draft boosters and collector boosters can have, and nothing about them is said when talking about theme boosters, implying it only gets regular frame cards.
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  • posted a message on Regular packs having extended art
    Borderless Planeswalkers are not the same thing as Extended Art cards. Extended Art have the same art as the regular card, just cropped differently to fit a larger box, and still have a border on most the card; Borderless planeswalkers have an alternate art and no border at all.

    See: borderless vs regular Oko; extended vs regular Torbran

    Extended Art are exclusive to the collector boosters, but Borderless can be found on regular boosters too.
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  • posted a message on Dungeon Giest
    Dungeon Geists, Tenth District Veteran

    Dungeon Geists' ability says the creature "doesn’t untap during its controller’s untap step for as long as you control Dungeon Geists". It doesn't prevent the creature from untapping for any other reason, it prevents only the untap that happens at the beginning of that player's turn.

    Any effect that untaps the creature still works normally, but Geists' effect still applies, so if the creature becomes tapped again, it still won't untap in the following untap steps.
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  • posted a message on Adventure and Cascade
    Going by this tweet from Rules Manager Eli Shiffrin, yes, you can cast the Adventure this way. The cascade goes by the creature's CMC no matter what side you end up casting (so Bituminous Blast's cascade will just pass past Beanstalk Giant and reveal the next card).
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  • posted a message on Quicksilver Fountain + Extraplanar Lens
    Quote from Avanoh »
    Does Quicksilver Fountain change the land TYPE into an island or does the land’s name also become Island? Does Extraplanar Lens pair with this card so the “transformed” lands tap for extra mana?

    As Island is a subtype, any reference to Island will mean this subtype, not name, unless the text specifically says it is talking about the name. Quicksilver Fountain has no reference to names, so it means only the subtype. The card retains its original name.
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  • posted a message on how does the stack works and what triggers first - Niblis of Frost and Swift Reckoning
    An ability that triggers when you cast a spell will go on the stack above the spell itself, therefore the ability resolves before the spell.

    However, targets are chosen as you cast the spell, before any ability can trigger from it. And Swift Reckoning requires a "target tapped creature", so the creature needs to already be tapped as you cast Reckoning, before Niblis's ability can tap it.

    So you indeed need to cast some other spell first to tap the creature.

    If I have Niblis of frost on the battlefield and cast Swift reckoning, what resolves first? Nibli's ability or Swift reckoning spell?

    Nibli's ability.

    And one more important question: can I target untapped creature when casting Swift reckoning?

    You cannot.
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  • posted a message on Synergy Between Jodah, Archmage Eternal and Morophon, the Boundless
    Yes, it works like that.

    Jodah gives you an alternative cost, and Morophon has a cost reduction. Cost reductions still apply when you are paying an alternative cost.

    601.2f: The player determines the total cost of the spell. Usually this is just the mana cost. Some spells have additional or alternative costs. Some effects may increase or reduce the cost to pay, or may provide other alternative costs. Costs may include paying mana, tapping permanents, sacrificing permanents, discarding cards, and so on. The total cost is the mana cost or alternative cost (as determined in rule 601.2b), plus all additional costs and cost increases, and minus all cost reductions. If multiple cost reductions apply, the player may apply them in any order. If the mana component of the total cost is reduced to nothing by cost reduction effects, it is considered to be {0}. It can't be reduced to less than {0}. Once the total cost is determined, any effects that directly affect the total cost are applied. Then the resulting total cost becomes "locked in." If effects would change the total cost after this time, they have no effect.
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  • posted a message on Enchantment that targets enchanted creature + Hexproof
    Quote from gameatic101 »
    So just checking, when Fool's Demise says "When enchanted creature dies" it isn't targeting the enchanted creature, it is only referring to.

    Yes. Just stating something that has to do with the creature. No need to target to do so.
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  • posted a message on Blocking Volrath, the Shapestealer
    Quote from SchemingMTG »
    I pay 1 to make Volrath, the Shapestealer a copy of Slither Blade, then attack with Volrath. Since my opponent can't block him, can I then choose to pay 1 more before combat damage to copy Blight Mamba and deal him 7 infect damage? I guess I'm wonderimg when the last opportunity is for me to use his ability before he actually deals his damage.
    Thanks in advance!

    Your last opportunity is during the Declare Blockers Step, after your opponent has declared blockers (including the option "I don't block" here).

    The Combat Phase is divided in steps: beginning of combat, declare attackers, declare blockers, combat damage, end of combat. Each step can only end after all players have passed priority in succession while the stack is empty. If the step has a specific turn-based action (declaring attackers or blockers, dealing combat damage), it happens before any player gets priority.


    - Beginning of Combat Step: you gain priority and activate Volrath's ability copying Slither Blade. You pass priority, all other players also pass. Ability resolves, Volrath is not a 7/5 copy of Slither Blade. You regain priority again and pass, all other players pass again. Step ends.

    - Declare Attackers Step: you declare Volrath as an attacker. You gain priority again and pass, all other players pass. Step ends.

    - Declare Blockers Step: opponent declares they are not blocking. You gain priority and activate Volrath's ability again, copying Blight Mamba. You pass priority, all other players also pass. Ability resolves, Volrath is not a 7/5 copy of Blight Mamba. You regain priority again and pass, all other players pass again. Step ends.

    - Combat Damage Step: Volrath deals combat damage to the attacked player as a 7/5 with Infect. You gain priority again and...
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