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  • posted a message on [SCD] Paliano
    they might have some value in the long term for EDH and cube. and may i remind you that brainstorm is a $250 foil. it is a common in this relatively small set. plus rout and misdirection are being reprinted as well. we havn't seen the whole set yet, so i wouldnt be so quick to judge,
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  • posted a message on Wizards bans all but one format! Which one gets to stay?
    pheldagriff shouldnt piss people off..... hes so happy
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  • posted a message on [[JOU]] Elspeth's Fate (Novel Spoilers Ahead)
    I'm glad they killed her. It shows that wizards Isn't afraid to kill off main planeswalkers and characters. yes, the ending was crappy, and it wasn't a fitting end, but an end nonetheless. i know they did kill of venser, but i don't consider him a main planeswalker. he has only had 1 iteration as a planeswalker, whereas elspeth has had 3
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  • posted a message on "Huey" speculation and Theros block hints.
    theros had dragons... not the best dragons, but dragons. lets see... stormbreath, spawn of thraxes, and forgestoker dragon.
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  • posted a message on [[CNS]] Two New Previews on Mothership (5/14/14)
    are you trolling or what.... EDH has a lot to do with politics. temple bell lets people like you because you are drawing them cards. in my opinion it is a pretty good card in EDH
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  • posted a message on The Amazing Spiderman 2
    as a spider man fanboy, this movie was ****. electro's origin story and motives were just stupid, and five seconds after spidey beat him, the green goblin came to kick his ass. then after the person was killed ( i wont say whome) we didnt see the goblin again. no wrap up, or explanation or anything. then i felt the movie came to a natural close and it would have been fine if they ended it there. but no. they crammed in the rhino at the end, and it felt to rushed and.. like spiderman three. they could have done an end credits scene with harry in the cell telling the dude to hire the rhino, and that would'v been great. but, nope. then the end credits scene had this jank rap song, which was stupid. and why was electro so associated with dubstep? whenever he was around, DUBSTEP!! when he battled spiderman in the water turbines, DUBSTEP!! i thought it was stupid.

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  • posted a message on Which cards in RTR block and M14 may retain value after rotation?
    but chromatic lantern could be printed in basically any set. its not like senseis divining top, where it is very flavorful and can only be printed if we are on that certain plane, or in something like commander or conspiracy. you could put it anywhere. so i am assuming it will be reprinted eventually
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  • posted a message on [[JOU]] Keranos, Izzet Viable?
    i have actually playtested a izzet control deck running keranos and aetherling as the win cons... it actually works rather well.

    4x Counterflux
    4x Dissolve
    2x Essence Scatter
    4x Izzet Charm
    3x Lightning Strike
    4x Magma Jet
    2x Negate
    2x Rapid Hybridization
    3x Turn / Burn
    Land (24)
    8x Island
    8x Mountain
    4x Steam Vents
    4x Temple of Epiphany
    Creature (8)
    2x AEtherling
    2x Keranos, God of Storms
    4x Young Pyromancer
    Planeswalker (2)
    2x Ral Zarek
    Sideboard (15)
    2x Anger of the Gods
    2x Cyclonic Rift
    2x Dispel
    2x Essence Scatter
    2x Mizzium Mortars
    2x Negate
    2x Rapid Hybridization
    1x Turn / Burn
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  • posted a message on [[JOU]] Pharika, God of Afflictions
    it would not be absurd to give yourself the token. if deathrite exiles a creature from an opponents yard, they dont gain the life, do they? if ooze exiles a creature from an opponents yard, they dont get the counter or the life, you do. and those cards are pretty ok if you ask me.
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  • posted a message on [New Info] Modern event deck contents
    excuse me sir, but i have seen a few hallowed fountains in several legacy lists
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  • posted a message on [[JOU]] Pharika, God of Afflictions
    i was thinking a consume strength ability to... i guess not... they were just to lazy to see it i guess.
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  • posted a message on [[JOU]] Pharika, God of Afflictions
    Quote from Cereberus632

    For Dredge exiling Satyr Wayfinders for 1/1 Deathtouchers is fine IMHO,

    dredge does not want this card. the last thing you want to do is exile creatures from your graveyard. it just makes your nemesis of mortals, jarads, and nighthowlers a lot weaker.

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  • posted a message on [Single Card Discussion] Master of the Feast
    I really like this guy. even if he only gets to swing through once before they kill it, its basically three mana to deal five damage to an opponent and they draw a card. thats pretty legit if you ask me. and if you get this guy out early enough against G/R monsters they cant really deal with it.
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  • posted a message on [[JOU]] Pharika, God of Affliction (GatheringMagic preview)
    Thank you! I was thinking she might have something like consume strength on a stick. that would have been playable. but nope...
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