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    posted a message on Goblin Weapons Tester
    Goblin Weapons Tester 2UR
    Creature - Goblin Wizard
    Whenever you cast a spell that targets a creature you control, you may draw a card. If you do, discard a card.
    Whenever a spell you control deals damage to one or more creatures you control, you may draw a card.
    "Of course our methods are safe. We haven't had one test engineer fatality in years!"

    Art concept: An Izzet Goblin, the Weapon Tester, is pointing an electrocannon at his target, another Goblin who is trembling and sweating. The cannon crackles with charged-up electricity while the Weapon Tester is looking away from his target, talking to someone off-screen in an indignant manner as he prepares to fire the electrocannon.
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    posted a message on Spark Double
    *Bolas grabs spark*
    *spark vanishes*
    *Bolas rubs temples*
    Bolas: *sigh* Jace, Jace...still relying on illusions and mind reading? When will you learn some new tricks?
    *Bolas grabs another spark*
    *spark vanishes*
    *Bolas facepalms and groans*

    Quote from SilverWolf_27 »
    So, which walker is most broken in multiples? Copying Dovin, Hand of Control or Kasmina, Enigmatic Mentor sounds nasty.

    Copy Jace, Wielder of Mysteries so he can think twice as fast!
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    posted a message on 4 Gruul Cards from Day9
    @Chainwhip Cyclops: Whoah. Mind, blown. And stomped. And crushed. And trampled. And sat on...

    Raging Kronch and Kronch Wrangler: Another pair of cards that really wanted Partner With. Maybe we'll eventually get a card that lets you choose two creature card names and gives creatures you control with the chosen names Partner With?

    Nin: Pull the lever, Kronch!

    Nin: WRONG LEVERRRRRrrrr...!

    Nin: Why do we even have that lever? *swat* Get out of my way!
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    posted a message on [C19] - Magic Mics Spoilers - Bloodthirsty Blade and Geth, Lord of the Vault
    Not quite. "Goaded" is a condition applied by the Goad action word, but now is the first time we've actually seen it printed on a card. A closer comparison would be the Monstrous condition granted by Monstrosity, but that one is supposed to be permanent. "Goaded" normally only lasts until your next turn, but this card grants it as a full-time condition. Makes me wonder if "Detained" can see similar use. Say, an Arrest-type Aura that says "Enchanted creature is detained. (It can't attack or block and its activated abilities can't be activated.)"
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    posted a message on [C19] Dockside Extortionist
    He looks like a pirate crossed with an attorney.

    A politician? Nah, he's way too honest about being a greedy con artist.
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    posted a message on [C19] - Grismold, the Dreadsower
    Grismold: Hey, dude, can you take care of this plant for me? I, uh, need to hide it someplace for a while.
    Varolz: Aw, man, you didn't get busted again, did you?
    Grismold: No!...and I want to keep it that way.
    Varolz: "Keep it that way!?" What if I get busted!?
    Grismold: That's not gonna happen, man! Nobody will think to look for it at your place. Far as anyone knows, you're the mushroom guy, not the plant guy.
    Varolz: "The mushroom guy"? What about Slimefoot?
    Grismold: Slimefoot hasn't spoken to me since that one incident. And technically, he deals in Saprolings, not mushrooms per se.
    Varolz: Slimefoot doesn't speak at all. He's a Fungus, for Svogthirs' sake!
    Grismold: You know what I mean! He hasn't...communicated with me, except by giving me rather rude...er, hand?...gestures.
    Varolz: You know, for a Troll, you're pretty good at burning your bridges. *sigh* Fine. I'll hide it for a while. Just make sure you get your stash back before anyone else finds it.
    Grismold: Much appreciated, buddy! I'll make it up to you, I promise!
    Varolz: That'd be a nice change...
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    posted a message on [C19] Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero and a new scarecrow.
    So, they put the legend that reanimates creatures and artifacts in the deck focused on instants and sorceries?
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    posted a message on [C19] Gerrard, Weatherlight Hero and a new scarecrow.
    As I said in another topic, I'm not really impressed with Gerrard's new card. It's better than Gerrard Capashen, to be sure, but I kinda hoped he'd do something more aggro-oriented, like give all your attacking creatures double strike, or even give you an extra combat phase. Shoot, give him Battle Cry as a nod to Gerrard's Battle Cry! I just don't get why he was chosen for a one-shot limited reanimation trigger. Gerrard didn't bring anyone back from the dead by sacrificing himself to destroy Yawgmoth, heck Yawgmoth was the one reanimating dead people just beforehand. I'm sorry, but this Gerrard is still disappointing. Design really should have known better. Here's hoping next year gets a RW deck with a much better Gerrard as the face card.

    Scaretiller, now that's a pretty decent card. Goes great with cycling lands, fetchlands, lands with sac effects such as Command Beacon and Sanctum of Eternity, and land sac effects such as Aggressive Mining and Destructive Digger.

    Gerrard is a flavor win for sure, although the red is kinda misplaced as he's one of the most mono-white characters ever in Magic's stories.
    Flavor win? How? Who came back to life when Gerrard sacrificed himself to destroy Yawgmoth? What artifacts were rebuilt?

    And Gerrard has red in him, too. He initially abandoned the crew after one of his close friends, Rofellos, died, and he gave in to his emotions more than once, like when he attacked Greven all out or when he submitted to Yawgmoth in return for reuniting with Hanna (which of course turned out to be a lie). Gerrard is one of the most RW characters ever in Magic's stories.
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    posted a message on Throne of Eldraine speculations
    I hope Faerie tribal is the WU draft theme. They're small fliers, so they already fit WU, and fairy tales often have good fairies in them, like the Blue Fairy, the Fairy Godmother, The Three Good Fairies, and Tinker Bell. Also see fairies in The Legend of Zelda.

    My current draft theme speculations:

    WU Faerie tribal
    UB Tricksters
    BR Monsters
    RG Storybook mechanic
    GW Enchantments matter
    WB Royalty matters
    UR Shapeshifting
    BG Death matters
    RW Pairing (not necessarily Soulbond)
    GU Card draw matters
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    posted a message on Next set is called "Throne of Eldraine"
    Quote from H3RAC71TU5 »
    Quote from Manite »
    So how should they execute this set's story, then?

    MTG is a pop culture commodity, so we should all heavily manage our expectations accordingly. But I will say this: the inversion, subversion and playing-straight of tropes are all mere formal differences. The underlying content, the trope itself, remains essentially its tropey self. The slew of dark adaptations that have come to saturate our media as mikeyG alludes to demonstrate that while initially we find this cute and novel, it gets old. The use of tropes in narratives is well executed when they contribute to the quality of that narrative by having their content developed within it. So if a handful of tropes are just dumped on top of a narrative (or, God forbid, a heap of tropes with no overarching coherence is the entirety of the narrative), it's poor execution. They can't just be there as props, they have to help tell the story, to say something. But, it's a card game. We are unlikely to receive a deep contemplation on the meaning of life or even mildly interesting political commentary. It doesn't have to do all that to feel fresh, it just has to tell a story we haven't heard before to a significant extent. And that's a pretty low bar, I think.

    I'm not interested in "meaning of life" contemplations and especially not political commentary, anyway. I just want to play a fun card game. And the story doesn't have to be anything new for that to happen because quite honestly it can't be anything new. We've explored a lot of the story possibilities out there. And when your whole set revolves around tropes people recognize, story tropes in particular, it's inevitable that the canon story is going to be predictable. It's supposed to be, otherwise it doesn't feel faithful to the source material. Cinderella and the other Princesses are going to have happy endings (though I do worry for the Mermaid, since her story didn't originally have a happy ending). The Frog will be turned back into a prince, the Gingerbread Man is probably going to get eaten by a Fox, 2/3 of the Three Little Pigs' houses are going to get blown down by a Big Bad Wolf who will presumably also try to eat a girl in a red hood. The destination is predictable, it's the journey that's interesting.

    What I care about is personality. MtG has always been good about exploring tropes through the lens of its personality, which is centered around the color pie. Innistrad and Theros exemplified this when they showed how various creature types fit into different colors, and when they gave us mechanics that summed up their overall feel. Amonkhet also succeeded in this, for the most part (though I resented Bolas' presence overtaking the Egyptian atmosphere). I expect Eldraine will be the same; a host of recognizable tropes in card form, complimented with a handful of mechanics that convey the set's general feel. We have the storybook mechanic, which I honestly expect will be some kind of "Ever after" effect that changes the game state from then on, like an enchantment. Sort of a reward for playing through the card's story.

    I can also see some manner of trickster mechanic, as tricksters are common in fairy tales, sometimes serving karmic justice, other times preying on innocence or naivete. Could be something like spell swapping or even a shapeshifting mechanic, swapping one creature out for another (kinda like Ninjutsu, but not focused on combat). For the Arthurian side, besides royalty matters I could see something to do with Knights as they play a big role in Arthurian myth. Could be something like Battle Cry or Exalted, something combat-focused. Many of the tales focus on one particular Knight, so Exalted would make sense there. Or it could be some kind of glory mechanic, where if the creature attacked that turn you can get some kind of reward. Renowned is another possibility, as I'd say the Knights of the Round Table were all renowned to some extent. Wink

    And finally I'd love to see pairing return. Friendship and romance are common themes of fairy tales, and pairing represents them well. Take note I'm not talking about Soulbond necessarily as pairing is a creature interaction independent of soulbond. Pairing itself could literally be the mechanic, like spells that say "Pair two target unpaired creatures you control. Then paired creatures you control get [effect]."

    The gameplay is where Magic's real story plays out. Tropes are tools, after all, and Magic thrives on letting us play with tropes. The most fun stories aren't the ones the team writes but the ones we experience through playing the game. That's why I look forward to the gameplay each set offers moreso than the story.
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