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  • posted a message on Opal-Eye's Splendid Isolation -- Politics Voltron -- Origins Updated
    I find the lack of Pentarch Paladin, Ghostly Prison, Mother of Runes, Vengeful Archon, Oriss, Samite Guardian and Worship disturbing. Maybe you could throw in some Near-Death Experience just for the fun of it.

    I know that your idea is to protect yourself, but maybe you could consider also some disruptive cards. For instance: World Queller, Voidstone Gargoyle, Linvala, Keeper of Silence and good and old Archon of Justice. For ramping I would suggest Solemn Simulacrum and Knight of the White Orchid.

    I guess these are my suggestions, nice deck idea, I like creative different stuff.
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  • posted a message on [[M15]] Hornet Nest
    Hornet Nest + Swarmyard + Fumiko the Lowblood?

    Oh yeah, now we are talking. This is why I love the new core sets (not as much m13 and m14, but this one is NICE). They have to create some flavorful, interesting, stand-alone card that you just want to have in your deck because it is fun, like Cyclops Gladiator and Vengeful Archon.
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  • posted a message on [[M15]] Jace, the Living Guildpact
    Quote from Lully »
    Quote from Richitt »
    Quote from Himashi »
    Quote from Richitt »

    His +1 provides no CA at all (other wise it'd actually be okay). You "scry 1.5", but don't draw.

    So drawing a card isn't card advantage.

    Got it, thanks man.

    Please point to me where on the card you draw.
    His +1 reads: Look at the top two cards of your library. Put one of them into your graveyard.

    You don't put any of them into your hand. In other words, from the moment of play, it is inherently 0.

    I think it might be safe to assume we will not see Himashi in this thread till the embarrassment wears off.

    He was so enthused, too. I honestly want to hear what he has to say after this realization though. We can forgive.

    Oh, I honestly think if jace was what this guy seems to think it was then he would be an amazing card. Gives you draws, bounce in a pinch. But no, it is just crap card selection.
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  • posted a message on [[M15]] Jace, the Living Guildpact
    My bad. Disperse for 4 mana at sorcery speed is nothing to be ashamed of.

    Seriously, the only thing good about this card is its loyalty. But I really don't see anyone bothering to attacking it when it is such a mediocre threat and would take two more turns to ultimate. It is just sad what jace has become.
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  • posted a message on [[M15]] Jace, the Living Guildpact
    It's truly amazing how people are pushing the bar to say that this jace might be good. I'm almost thinking about getting some copies to sell in the 'hype' that will follow the release of the core set and net some money from this abomination of a card.

    No advantage. No board impact. Win-more ultimate.

    WHY is this a good card? WHY?
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  • posted a message on [[M15]] Jace, the Living Guildpact
    This Jace is horrible.

    'Oh, he is deceptively good, he can see play in corner case X or not-appealing case y'. Nope. He sucks. End of story. No card advantage in jace? Bouncing a nonland permanent? Not even a permanent for -3? The only thing good about this card is the ultimate, and no one uses walkers just for the ultimate, just check gideon champion of justice. This jace sucks big time, greatest disappointement of what was being a nice core set until now.

    If ANY control deck try to use this card... I don't know, it is so unplayable. He is just a fog because his ultimate is relevant, and that's it.
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  • posted a message on [[M15]] Mothership spoilers 6/24/2014
    I'm really impressed with the sliver land. I mean, with mana confluence in the format it would be quite reasonable to imagine a five or four color sliver tribal deck. The only problem with that are the slivers themselves, which are not quite powerful enough to get the job done. If they print a sliver of hexproof or a sliver of indestructibility (very unlikely) then maybe, MAYBE, we can get some sliver action in standard.

    The black soul sucks even more than the blue one. Nothing to see here.
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  • posted a message on [[M15]] Gathering Magic Preview - Soul of New Phyrexia
    I honestly find this to be the worst of all the four avatars spoiled so far. The reason is simple: it does not generate advantage. Blue draws, Green makes tokens, Red removes creatures and causes damage... this one does nothing of that. It isn't hard to kill with a removal in the turn that goes down and in the off-chance that the controller gets to untap we have revoke existence in the format to get rid of it forever.

    This is just a bad card for constructed formats. And I wouldn't use it in edh either, since we have much better options in duplicant, steel hellkite and other haymakers in the format. The red one is the best one for me so far, followed closely by the green one.
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  • posted a message on [[JOU]] Pharika, God of Affliction (GatheringMagic preview)
    This card is the worst piece of garbage I've ever seen. I mean, seriously, even Karametra is better since you can make some EDH play out of her, but not Pharika. BG is such a great color combination and they make this... this... abomination. The only reasonable way to play this card in constructed is using it as a beatstick, but that won't happen since you will depend a lot on having creatures alive, and when they kill everything you have... you will be left with miserable 1/1 snakes that don't do jack for you besides blocking "well".

    So, I suppose the Gods will be ordered :

    Keranos (good general, possibly playable in many decks) > Athreos (needs a shell, but can work nicely) > Iroas (don't think he will stick, but I guess he stands for RW beatdown decently) > black abyss of eternal doom > Kruphix (this sucks so much) > blackest abyss of a much more eternal doom > Pharika.
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  • posted a message on [[JOU]] WotC mothership spoilers (April 13)
    Demon is pure garbage. The only possible way this card can see play is in some all-win monoblack aggro deck as top of curve, but I really don't see that happening ever.

    Mythic is interesting, but depends on a shell to work out. The fact that is not legendary is a very positive addition. Best option would be to run it with bloodrush effects. That way you get to pump it, and cast the creatures that you reveal from it.

    Red strive card... meh. Fun in edh I suppose. I don't see many real applications in constructed. Could be fun in limited.
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  • posted a message on [[JOU]] WotC Mothership Spoilers (April 9th)
    This Ajani is pretty underwhelming. I think it needs a cold analysis. Since his CMC is 5, most likely his relevant ability will be the second one, that gives you some sort of card advantage, but nothing really to crazy for a 5 casting cost planeswalker (just look at jace, memory adept that draws things and liliana vess that tutors). His first ability most likely wouldn't fit in a deck where he would be relevant. He is too expensive for weenie decks, and why would a midrange deck benefit from +1/+1 counters? Maybe he was printed to work together with heroic cards, but then again one wrath effect and all of your ajani's pumps were useless. And his ultimate is pathetic. It doesn't win you the game, it just grants you time. And maybe some think that this is a lot of time, but in a world of pack rats and elspeth ultimates 100 life can give you 4~5 turns at best.

    It will be hard to find a home for this one. Something that run planeswalkers and creatures, benefit from +1/+1 counters and eventually can do something with lifegain. Still, 5 mana to take a dreadbore or hero's downfall to the face. I don't think it is impressive at all.
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  • posted a message on [[THS]] Fleecemane Lion (MTG-JP)
    Quote from Wrathberry
    wow a monstrous creature where the monstrous does not cost 7 or more....

    good card. also when i kinda dont see why this creature is "monstrous" he looks like a lion/leonin and not a monster... so i kinda dont get the flavour.

    Look up for Nemean lion. He was virtually unbeatable, Hercules had to defeat him by strangling the lion with his own demi-god hands, since swords, spears or similars were useless.
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  • posted a message on [[THS]] DailyMTG Previews 9/5: Gainsay cycle, Ashiok, Tymaret, Erebos
    Ha! Ashiok will fit perfectly in my wrexial, the risen deep EDH
    I love useless constructed-playable planeswalkers, they always find a home in my commanders.
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