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  • posted a message on [BFZ] [CUBE] [MCD] Spell Lands Cycle
    These lands, together with the Blighted lands, are a huge argument in favor of starting a Utility Land Draft in your cube. Simply move any land cards that you think suffer from "worth a deck slot not a cube slot" syndrome into your ULD section, and draft them separately.
    Presto change-o! Now your cube has extra space, an ever-more-precious commodity, and your drafters get to play cool lands. There is literally no downside.
    "But wait," you might say. "Won't that make for a ton of extra sorting hassle? How do you keep them separate?"
    Well, there's many options for that scenario. Some folks use stickers on the inside of their card sleeves. Some keep a list. I made things easy for myself and just put ALL my lands into the ULD. Even duals! That way things are nice and simple: I've got a main Cube full of spells, a Land Cube full of nonbasic lands, and a basic land box full of basic lands.

    I highly, HIGHLY recommend trying a ULD to all cube architects everywhere. It is a huge help to me in finding space for cool stuff in my main list, and a huge help to my drafters in building fun decks that run lots of fun lands. Everyone wins when you ULD.

    EDIT: To answer Metamind's question, I run all of these and all the Blighteds. My personal favorites are Mortuary Mire and Blighted Cataract, because I often run Ux control builds. My drafters really like the Jund Blighted lands, and I've enjoyed Skyline Cascade myself. The combat-trick-esque common lands haven't been used much yet, nor have the Green common land or the White blighted land. However, they have niche applications in lifegain and top-of-library manipulation decks, so they've stayed in so far.
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  • posted a message on Atarka's Command
    The thing about Ape is that it does exactly one thing, where Atarka's Command does many things. If your Cube doesn't need generic 2-power 1-drops to support aggro, you're much more likely to have slots for more interesting cards.
    EDIT: Of course Command still has to compete with the completely glutted 4-drop RG slot, but if you don't want to run all 4-drops in your Gruul section, this is one of the coolest non-4 Gruul cards and definitely worth considering. Especially with the new landfall stuff and new-ish army-making stuff in RG.
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  • posted a message on [Powered] Smithy's PowerSquad Cube
    Hello! Here is a new Cube I've designed to take the concept of "high-powered Limited play" to the next level.
    It is not something I own on paper, so don't come to my house and rob me, please. However, it is quite fun to draft on CT.
    Here is the link to start up a draft. Enjoy!

    Also, feel free to leave comments, decklists, etc. in this thread.
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  • posted a message on Death's Shadow Zoo
    Has anyone tested Firedrinker Satyr in this? He has 2 power, can pump himself, and helps you get your life total low.
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  • posted a message on [BFZ] Battle for Zendikar : Includes and Testing Result
    I ended up getting a ton of cards from BFZ to solidify a Lands theme in my cube, but the big thing in this set was definitely what it adds to the utility land draft. The majority of both utility land cycles are really good, especially the mini-Volrath's Stronghold and the U and G Blighted lands. I wouldn't have room for any of them without the ULD giving me free land slots though.
    Other than that, the cards I'm most excited about are Retreat to Coralhelm (for the combo potential with KotR) and Halimar Tidecaller. There are very few bad Awaken cards, and Tidecaller is making me think hard about doubling up on a couple of them, maybe the Cancel and the Unsummon, to give her sort of a Trinket-Mage-esque package.
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  • posted a message on [BFZ][Cube] Blighted Woodland
    You won't regret it. The ULD freed up a ton of space in my cube, both in the mono and colorless sections, and my players love getting sweet lands at a reduced opportunity cost. I threw in 4x Cloudpost and 4x Glimmerpost, which opened up a whole new decktype as well.
    With two mostly-stellar cycles of utility lands, i think BFZ makes a really strong argument for starting a ULD.
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  • posted a message on [BFZ][Cube] Blighted Woodland
    If you run a Utility Land Draft, this and most of the rest of the Blighted cycle is a snap-include. If you don't, I'd highly recommend it, as it takes a huge amount of pressure off your main cube slots.
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  • posted a message on [ZEN] Ideas for a Zendikar-themed cube?
    Another theme that works well with ZEN/BFZ cards is a sacrifice/fodder deck. Since Eldrazi spawn/scions can sac themselves, building some strong death-trigger cards, like blood artist, zulaport cutthroat, or goblin sharpshooter, into the cube can give you a good incentive for drafting cards that make spawn. Catacomb sifter is a good GB guy for this archetype from the new set. This type of theme also plays well with Evoke, Morbid, and sacrifice outlets, like Evolutionary Leap and the new Vampiric Rites.
    EDIT: ooh and if youre running sac outlets, dont forget a couple threaten effects to steal and sac your opponents dudes. My faves are Yasova Dragonclaw and Sarkhan Vol.
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  • posted a message on [ZEN] Ideas for a Zendikar-themed cube?
    Lands-matter is really fun, and can come in a lot of forms, whether it's building around Wildfire, Life from the Loam, Halimar Tidecaller, Knight of the Reliquary, Plated Geopede, or whatever. I am putting together a cube list that incorporates lands-matter myself, which you can view on CT (see my sig).
    Some suggestions to give the theme variety and fun:
    -Scapeshift! Look at all those landfall triggers!
    -Run a utility land draft during/after the main draft. Jason Waddell has written about the concept at length; search around and you'll find some info on it.
    -Several of the new landfall cards, specifically the Retreats, are actually quite good. The blue retreat also makes a fun combo with KotR.
    -In Blue and White, run some cards that can blink any permanent, like Kor Skyfisher and UW Venser. This lets you reset your land-creatures if you run Awaken cards, and gives you more landfall triggers!
    -Molten Vortex gets better the more your cube cares about lands/has the ability to recur lands. Consider bouncelands and scrylands as possible fixing cycles to make land sequencing more of a decision point, and to give you more lands to pitch to Vortex.
    -Black tends to care more about Swamps than other land types, and while that's okay, it tends to make it less of a thing in the lands theme than the other colors.
    -Strongly consider breaking singleton. You could, for example, run extra copies of Awaken cards to make Halimar Tidecaller a cool package enabler; you could run an extra Life from the Loam to make land recursion decks easier; you could run a bunch of Evolving Wilds to make hitting Landfall triggers easier; etc. etc. It's best not to go crazy on singleton-breaking, but it can cement an otherwise under-supported archetype if done wisely.
    -Look for other themes that your landfall theme naturally leads you to. For example, having lots of fetchlands/Wilds in your environment fuels Delve cards.

    Some of these ideas are obviously rather unorthodox, but the goal of your Cube is to have fun, so do what will give you and your drafters the most fun.
    EDIT: If you dig around on my CubeTutor, you'll find a couple decks that I drafted to demonstrate the Lands archetype and how varied it can be. Check those out if you fancy.
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  • posted a message on Cards against Sneak/Show type decks
    You could just not play the Sneak and Show archetype.
    There are plenty of other fun things you can include in its place that don't require as much dedicated space in your Cube and don't force out other, less-powerful archetypes.
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  • posted a message on [black] Whats's blacks identity in your cube?
    Here's my second mono-black draft. http://www.cubetutor.com/cubedeck/305261
    This one came out a little more midrangey, with some Living Death synergy and a surprising amount of Dark Ritual synergy (mostly via Conspiracies fiddling with various numbers). Of course, the main plan of attack here is Pack Rat beatdown, since each rat gets an additional +1/+1 counter from Muzzio's Prep.

    Also, I don't want to derail the thread, but here are mono decks for each other color in my cube, just for fun:
    Mono-Blue (ended up in a double strokin' Tinker deck): http://www.cubetutor.com/cubedeck/305266
    Mono-Red (really weird combo/reanimator/aggro hybrid deck): http://www.cubetutor.com/cubedeck/305274
    Mono-White (Jitte/Stoneforge beatdown): http://www.cubetutor.com/cubedeck/305276
    Mono-Green (Rampy ramp ramp): http://www.cubetutor.com/cubedeck/305281
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  • posted a message on [black] Whats's blacks identity in your cube?
    I tried drafting Mono-Black in my own cube, as Ace_Stevo suggested, and came up with this: http://www.cubetutor.com/cubedeck/299046

    I had to stretch a bit to get to 23 playables, but overall the deck feels really solid. It does almost everything Black does in my cube: recursion, reanimation, tokens, kill spells, and disruption. Of course, getting 4 conspiracies will help any deck :p
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  • posted a message on [400ish][Unpowered] Smithy's Modern-Frame Cube
    Hosted the first Cube event since before Fate Reforged last night! Lots of new cards were played, so here's the report. It was a 6-person draft.

    Decks played:
    BG Rock with heavy discard and recursion elements. 4-0. I got P1P1 Recurring Nightmare and P2P2 Survival of the Fittest (trying out proxies by player demand), but only had them online in two games, and never together. They were good, but not as good as Double Stroke naming Hymn to Tourach.
    UBR Twin with a token/Purphoros subtheme. 4-1. He got Twin and all three of Exarch, Pester, and Conscripts, so he was quite consistent if not disrupted. The black splash was for Grave Titan and a couple removal spells.
    GW Stompy with wraths and Geddon. 1-4. He was a newer player but drafted a mean ramp-into-fat deck, and most of his games seemed pretty close.
    RGW Wildfire with a heavy lands subtheme. Don't know his record, but it wasn't good. He had all the theme support, but not enough "glue" cards like removal and card advantage, IMO. Also, Wildfire sans blue seems weak to combo shenanigans, which were big in this draft.
    WUBG Aggro with Squad Hawks and Geist of Saint Traft. Not sure what was going on with this deck, but the guy won almost every game he landed Dragonlord Ojutai, which earned that card a spot over Supreme Verdict. His record was middling, I think? Not sure.
    Worldknit! This deck was an aggro pile, but with Channel, Sneak Attack, and Emrakul. She went 1-4 but ACTUALLY SNEAKED EMRAKUL to win one game. Everyone cheered.

    New cards (including FRF) that made a splash were:
    -Tasigur, in my deck, came down on the cheap more often than not, and while I never activated him, it was pretty nice to have the option. His mana-per-butt ratio was enough to buy me time for shenanigans and get Pack Rat or Diabolic Servitude (goooo Battleball) online.
    -Dragonlord Silumgar, in the Twin deck, only showed up once. He stole a Squadron Hawk and was then destroyed, but by doing so actually won the game by giving the Twin player one more turn to dig for the combo kill.
    -Dragonlord Ojutai, in the 4-color aggro deck, beat lots of face, and very nearly stole a game out from under me AFTER I ULTIMATED KIORA. (She was stapled to an Unexpected Potential so I'd have smoother mana.) He apparently actually won other games, and the guy playing him really liked him.
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