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  • posted a message on I want to improve my commander deck, help please?
    I have a very janky deck that runs artificial evolution with didgeridoo (usually naming eldrazi or leviathan). it could be something funny to try..?

    you have 35 lands + 4-5 mana ramping in the form of artefacts, and a couple more as instants and sorceries. I don't think that's enough. stuff like growth spiral, urban evolution, cultivate, kodama's reach, nature's lore could be good, as could cards like magus of the candelabra.

    I'm not sure if you're going to be able to leverage this better in your deck or the rest of the table, but dictate of karametra COULD be good, but it's very risky.

    I'm also wondering; how would you like your deck to win? do you go like, aggro the table with sea monsters? It might be worth looking into finding some number of trample enablers, so you don't get chump blocked all day.
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  • posted a message on No Mercy
    i would sprinkle a couple of the propaganda/ghostly prison, but mostly focus on your colour-fixing and ramp.

    Magus of the moat does the same thing you'd want actually, and is useful even if you draw it late-game since dragons mostly have flying (i can think of like 4 dragons that don't fly, so that's not many).
    Also, island sanctuary. I used it waaaaaaay back in the day. it's not amazing, but it can be pretty good.

    Edit: i checked it, and there are 9 dragons that don't fly (but many of them has an ability that makes them fly), not including changelings.
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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Gilded Lotus
    i've never seen this before actually. if its possible to play black enchantress, it could definitely be playable. As it stands, it's still ok-good value, though i'm not sure it'd fit in any of the decks i currently play.

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  • posted a message on Help Me Beat UG
    Quote from Xenoclops »
    Quote from darrenhabib »

    That's why people need to mix it up rather than always going for the same color-pie. Punish them. The way the need to counter act this is by bringing a different deck..job done.

    Exactly, I don't actually care that much about losing, I'm just trying to find something that can beat this enough to where I can get him to try some other things because it's getting old.

    The "during your turn stuff" looks good, I think I'll want those if the deck can support it.
    I do like the red counter spells a lot, I've been wanting to put them in something like gruul as a gotcha.
    I never really processed that the Eldrazi are cast triggers and not ETB until now, that's pretty cool. Still I think if I do any of the big ones it'll just make me the new target. World Breaker is good though.

    I like the uncounterable creatures, I've been looking at Surrak Dragonclaw for a bit and thought it would be fun to do "uncounterable tribal." The lack of good creature removal and graveyard hate could be a problem though. My other idea is a more grindy abzan deck where I get all the good exile spells and grave hate but miss out on the sweet counter spells/uncounterable spells. I guess I'm having trouble deciding which would help me more.

    I usually spend between 200-300 on decks, nothing super crazy but I can get some good cards. Help sounds great thanks!

    Quote from weltkrieg »
    Note that they are playing blue and ramp, so land destruction would be effective if you have a clock (xenagos, aurelia, etc. ). However, I think spot removal and grave hate are good combinations to stop the bs. I play a mono green deck that does something similar to your deck. If someone nails my seedborne muse, I am hurting. Mortify, assassin's trophy, etc. are good ways to slow me down. If you're feeling evil, run discard too. Just back it up with a couple of hard to deal with threats to bring it home!

    Land destruction is fairly frowned upon, unless there's something that only gets one person's lands I don't want to wreck everybody else lol. Spot removal sounds good though, I think I just need to get more people to help for when the first one gets countered.

    Quote from Anachronity »

    As a requirement to that, be sure that your table understands card advantage, rather than just life total and board state, as a metric of who is winning. One player running rampant is a sign of either disproportionate deck value and degenerate combos (is he running ABU dual lands and Mana Drains in a casual group? If so tell him to heck off with that) or poor threat assessment. The guy with a full grip of cards, tons of mana, and an empty board state is just as threatening or moreso (and should draw hate appropriately) than the guy with an 11/11 hexproof lifelink trampler, three copies of Frost Titan, and an empty hand.

    This is actually really helpful. He doesn't play any crazy valuable stuff, I think most of our decks are pretty similar price point wise. The threat assessment thing makes a lot of sense though. A bunch of us are relatively new to commander and play a lot of combat-based decks so it's hard to comprehend a little seedborn muse being more dangerous than someone's giant dragon or whatever. I will definitely keep it in mind and attempt to convince the others lol.

    Wow Identity Crisis is brutal...I like it.

    I'm just going to echo the wisdom of the threat assessment. It could be a point for you guys to, post-game, reveal what you had in hand, and learn what the actual threatening things are, and where they are (i.e. i always make it a point to kill off the group hug player first, just because that player is almost always the most threatening to any winning player's position, even if it feels unintuitive).

    I don't think it's all that necessary to push your group's meta forwards though; there's a natural progression to things, and I'm sure it will balance itself out in time. If you're looking for a specific anti UG deck, something like a RG ruric thar, the unbowed or something. Also, it might be a good idea to keep a mind of how many lands they have in play towards the end game and compare. If they are generally on double the mana the other players are, make sure to hit some of their mana sources. You don't need to armageddon-smokestack-trinisphere lock people out of the game (though i do like doing that), but keeping people on an even keel is a good idea.

    Oh and city of solitude, defense grid.
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  • posted a message on Most fun commander?
    Quote from JWK »

    Big props for Gishath. No, he's not good in cEDH. That strikes me as a feature, not a bug.

    In my opinion, if a big stompy dinosaur deck doesn't have a place at the table, then maybe you should be playing Vintage, Legacy or Modern rather than Commander.

    You take that back! draco may not be a stompy dinosaur, but it's making the rounds in legacy as a legit wincon (off an enlightened tutor)!
    I think there was some other non-changeling dinosaur also propping up in some legacy lists too.

    That said, i think the most fun games of EDH are the ones where there's some level of interaction, plus lines of play that are completely off-center and weird, and creates a mental challenge. Anyone use jace, the mindsculptor's ultimate on themselves, setting up a pseudo-doomsday pile for the win (i think it was a entreat the angels something something shenanigan)? certainly not me, but i've had someone do that to themselves, and then subsequently wipe the table with it. That, even if i'd lost, was memorable, AND good fun. i don't see myself being beat that way any time soon though.

    The want for a mental challenge is what i like when playing against a stax/prison deck; i think theres something fun about trying to worm my way out of a lock, and i think it's fun and interactive. I get that there are people who don't like that, and i can accept that - that's why my 5c lands deck doesn't see much play anymore.
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  • posted a message on Persistent Petitioners & Thrumming Stone Brewing

    So i might suggest putting in some number of brainstorm to pop your emrakul back on top of the library for shelldock isle. I'm also wondering if you should be splashing red instead for a haste effect. surge of zeal/burst of speed perhaps + haze of rage?

    One other interesting strategy you could go for is to go chalice of the void for 1, remove the spell pierces, go for the thrumming stone + persistent petitioners, and haste-kill your opponent. against many blue decks, burn, and probably like 50-70% of the field, a chalice on 1 basically gives you 3-4 free turns to set up your plan. you have very few 1cmc cards, so you could even just drop those, and go more all-in on your combo. In that case, i'd ignore my previous idea about brainstorm, and add in impulse and/or accumulated knowledge. You might be able to go slightly more all-in by chucking in chrome mox and upping your sol-land-count.
    i'm not sure if thrumming stone ups your storm count actually, because if so, you might be able to brain freeze or something.

    I'm not sure if I'm missing something with your splash black plan though, so take that as it is.

    So in summing up (i might actually do a brew like this too), you have sort of 2 general paths:
    - "combo" - higher petitioner count, more artifact 0-cmc mana ramping, splash red instead for haste enablers.
    - "stompy" - chalice, back to basics, stall out the game to set up your thrumming stone, then combo out with haste enabler or not. in this version, you can't use brainstorms or preordains or ponders; i'd go with impulse and maybe teferi's response, predict and stuff like that.

    but yea i think you've got something funny here. funny as in fun to play and watch, and it might catch enough people off-guard to pull a win off here and there.
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  • posted a message on Print this Wizards (so I can play it in EDH)
    Quote from Forgotten One »
    We need a mass bounce spell that puts the permanents on top of the opponents library. There would be A few possible ways to do this.

    Nexus Reversal v1 3UUU
    Put up to one target non-land permanent on top of its owners library for each opponent.

    This version is the most straightforward, but also difficult to cost correctly to be playable in both multiplayer and duels.

    Nexus Reversal v2 2UU
    Put up to one non-land permanent controlled by target opponent on top of its owners library.
    Overload 5UU

    This version is much easier to cost, but it would require the use of the Overload ability and the wording is a little wonky as a result.

    Nexus Reversal v3 xUUU
    Put up to one target permanent controlled by X different opponents on top of their owners library.

    This would allow for the spell to be scaled to the size that you need, but I think that the wording would need more improvement.

    Nexus Reversal v4 xxUU
    Put X target non-land permanents on top of their owners library.

    This version is really clean and scalable for both multiplayer and 1v1, but I’m not sure that this would be too good if you could target more than one permanent per opponent.


    I imagine you missed a "target" on version 2 (you're targeting the opponent, and not the permanent).

    I think something simpler could just be:
    temporal warp 1UU
    Put target permanent you don't control on top of its owner’s library.
    overload xuu where X is the number of permanents your opponents own.

    Your versions being a sorcery is very limiting, i think. Not limiting in terms of not good in a vacuum, but there would only really be one "proper" use for it, and that is as a win-spell (sort of). Having a smaller utility without needing to overload it means that it can be shot off early game without feeling like you've lost too much utility, and when you draw it late game, can help you push through. note unexpectedly absent; i don't think having the blue version costing more than 3 for the basic ability is necessary. I think every time i've shot off an unexpectedly absent, it's always for x=0, and usually in response to a shuffle effect. that's something that sorceries can't do.

    Im not sure if the overload cost is good, but it certainly makes you pay for it.

    To be honest, i'd be happy to just see a temporal warp as it is, without the overload cost. it'd be extremely good in legacy though i think.

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  • posted a message on Mana Burn?
    Well, it might be worth suggesting:

    If you believe that mana burn can be reintroduced to EDH and it be meaningful, test it yourself in your game group. Play for say a month or 2, noting down the board state and what happened to cause mana burn, and how often it pops up. I can tell you that as far as I can remember, the only time it would have/could have been useful would be against a Triskaidekaphobia.

    I'm not sure teaching it to new players brings anything to the table. It's probably not going to be relevant 99% of the time, and having to keep that in mind is just unnecessary mental baggage that no new player needs. I'd rather them focus on trying to kill that opposing craw wurm enchanted with a spirit mantle that's going to kill the table.

    It's an interesting thought experiment though
    - I'm also wondering if bringing back you don't die until the end of the phase would be a net positive to the game though. You get a bit more time messing with the stack before you get killed. seems fun.
    - or maybe instead, reinstating the old rules of interrupt and mana source card types. Back in the day, dark ritual was a mana source, which was faster than an interrupt, so it couldn't be countered. It also meant that you couldn't brainstorm up a counter against an opposing mana drain (since mana drain was an interrupt; it's faster than the brainstorm). It also introduced the weird rules interaction on LED, where it's a mana ability that can only be activated when you could play an instant. So it's slower than a normal mana ability (which doesn't use the stack), but it's still a mana ability, so it can't be responded to.
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  • posted a message on Creatureless Mono-Green
    it's a creature, but squallmonger lets your opponents help you kill off all fliers too. and kills off your opponents.

    life from the loam+crop rotation+dark depths+thespian's stage gives you turn after turn of 20/20 flying indestructible spaghetti monsters (if they somehow deal one one of them).

    strip mine+wasteland+ghost quarter with life from the loam+crucible of worlds can stax your opponents to a concession (or drag the game out till someone natural-mills themselves to death).
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  • posted a message on Commander deck for a beginner
    Aminatou, the Fateshifter + kaya, ghost assassin seems like a good synergy (everyone else discard a card, you draw 1, then blink kaya, do it again).

    There's always sen triplets if u wanna go full-esper. Not necessarily oppressive if you don't want it to be, but can be pretty powerful.
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  • posted a message on If you were to house ban the best tutors, which would you ban?
    Quote from Lithl »
    Quote from schweinefett »
    having run demonic consultation myself in EDH quite a bit, i can tell you that my target has a seemingly high chance of being in the top 6 cards of my library. It also exiles a huge chunk of the library, which can mean exiling useful wincons and so on.
    If you're casting Demonic Consultation, you're expecting to win the game that turn or lose the game by your next draw step at the latest. Exiling wincon cards other than the one you named are irrelevant at that point.

    ...But that's not how most people think. Most of the time, my opponents think "woah.. that guy's completely nuts"
    Also, it's not how i usually play it; i use it to get whatever it is i need at that moment (sol ring or cabal ritual or lich or hellcarver demon). I don't relish the idea of having my opponents realise that my tutor effects always end the game, so i play to that idea.

    But i completely get your point though; it's the logical and most efficient way of playing tutors.

    In terms of house-banning tutors, i think it's really going to have to be a playgroup-specific thing. The way how we play our tutors don't lead to bad games, so i don't think it's all that necessary. For groups where tutors always (or almost always) ends with a combo win, it might be worth banning the most egregious tutors.
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  • posted a message on Snow covered lands use??
    Quote from Reaper9889 »
    Tainted Pact gets quite a bit better with half/half (ecspcially, if you are only running two basics of each color)

    On a slightly off-topic note, there's a EDH-like tainted pact deck in legacy that uses snow lands as well as normal basics. It really is a sight to behold, since it's all 1-ofs, except for 4 tainted pact! and it puts up some pretty good numbers too.

    Snow lands also count as snow permanents for the users of rimewind cryomancer, heidar, rimewind master, skred, rimewind taskmage[/card].

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  • posted a message on Random Card of the Day: Gilded Lotus
    Crosis charm seems pretty good, but somewhat limiting in EDH. I feel like i'm on the far other side of EDH deck building, where i'd rather have a significantly more powerful and more niche effect on a card rather than a weaker, but more flexible and broad effect. I think it's probably just a bad habit i've gained from playing other formats of magic, where i just need my cards to do more.
    I can imagine crosis charm being a complete beating in limited or back in type 2 though, but i'd rather have echoing truth or devour in shadow/reckless spite or shattering pulse.

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  • posted a message on Commander deck for a beginner
    a strange question perhaps, but what sort of player would you say you are? spike, timmy, johnny? that'd narrow your options down a lot more.

    Since you say you're playing modern, i can only assume you have at least some level of spike leaning, so i'd suggest you try out the new ninja. the general build is to go nearly ninja-tribal, lots of small, evasive guys, and try to kill the table as fast as possible. I've played against a legacy build that does the same, but uses enlightened tutor for draco as the kill condition.

    or maybe grimgrin, corpse-born. if i recall correctly, it's more a combo general that can nuke the table and attack in with massive hordes of zombies.

    my favourite UB i've ever played was wrexial, the risen deep. it doesn't look all that scary, but it's one of the perfect decks to take when you're playing against unknown players. In other words, it levels exactly to the strength of opposing decks, so you don't have to worry about pulling punches to let other players have a good time. my build involved a lot of clone/copy effects, and using my opponent's resources as wincons.
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  • posted a message on Need Interesting general for new deck. Please Apply.
    If you wanna run dosan the falling leaf, i'd almost recommend you try to go either a stax/prison style build or maybe you can really catch people off-guard with an aggro build.

    stax: portcullis, smokestack, city of solitude, trinisphere, thorn of amethyst, sphere of resistance, null rod and so on. It might be worth running some fighting cards that allows you to control the board yourself.

    aggro: the idea would be that you can actually use effects like overrun, triumph of the hordes, and so on, and your opponents can't mess with your combat math. hall of gemstone would also be good, to hose multicolour-intense decks.

    i can't think of any other sideways-look at dosan though. If i come up with anything i'd let you know. Personally, i'd go with the stat-control build, just because i think it'd be stronger, and easier (possibly) to build. significantly harder to play though i imagine.
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