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  • posted a message on Body Swap. (Does this exist?)
    You can just do the gatherer search yourself you know. Closest things I know of are Dark intimations and Entomber Exarch.

    The effect is a bit awkward. Its rare that both discard and raise dead are both abilities that can work. Discard is generally used in the early game when graveyards don't have creatures in them.
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  • posted a message on Random Card Batch (4 Cards)
    Banish the Weak - I think it makes more sense from a metagame perspective for this card to exile all creatures with abilities. It just doesn't make much sense to me to create a powerful hate effect that basically can't hate any relevant cards/creatures in constructed. Cost probably needs to go up to 4 mana if you do switch to the "exile all creatures" and I'd recommend a name of "Inheritance of the Meek".

    Ishkanah's Web - Mechanically, this card would work much better if the insect tokens had to attack each turn if able. As is, if you give opponent the tokens, they can just say "thanks" and go on about their day while holding the token back on defense. Also, 4/4 spider tokens just feel wrong to me. The archetypal spider is a 2/4. Why not just make 2/4 tokens?

    Rayne, Tolarian Headmaster - I don't really have much to say about this design.

    Rehna, Protector of the Wilds - Can we create a new term "Hate Beast" to describe large hatebears? Design seems fine though I don't think it should be legendary simply because it would be a miserable commander to play against in casual multiplayer games.
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  • posted a message on Index as Scry v2.0
    Quote from Forestsguy »
    the uncommons and rares are "helpers" that help you achieve a state of bomb spewing.

    Apart from ramp, what are you referring to here? I'm honestly curious.

    Index really doesn't work unless you have shuffle effects, so lets just work a shuffle effect into the ability. Here is some proposed reminder text which includes the update and is a bit more concise....

    Index X (Look at and rearrange the top X cards of your library. You may shuffle your library.)

    ...It would suck to have a bunch of shuffle effects in limited, but if its what you need, well whatever...

    EDIT: I guarantee that Index as a mechanic will play worse than scry even if you use outrageously high index numbers. Just do some mental playtesting. Imagine you and your opponent are in a match and you are both in top deck mode. You find an index 5 effect and move a couple spells to the top. A couple turns later, you are now looking at a more or less even board and know for a fact that you are going to draw three useless lands. Does this sound fun or desirable to you?
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  • posted a message on Index as Scry v2.0
    Quote from Randy_M »
    I think this is a poor mechanic to have much of in a set because it decreases surprise/tension in large numbers and does little to impact the game in smaller numbers. What if you Index 4 and they're all lands--scoop, or play a game where you know your draws are going to be dead?

    Not necessarily, Index becomes much more powerful with shuffle effects.

    Also mill effects, but at that point, we are just talking about a 'build your own scry' ability. Serves the same gameplay function but in a dramatically more clunky way.
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  • posted a message on Three Legendary Commander Creatures
    I don't have any problem with Cresho as a design. It seems fine to me. 5 color is basically never justified from a flavor perspective and 5 color makes sense from a mechanical perspective. Design feels good. Here is an infinite lines of text sollution if people think it really needs to be UW for some reason....

    Cresho, Mystical Magus 2WU
    Legendary Creature- Human Wizard [MR]
    Activated abilities of Cresho can only be activated if you have cast a multicolored spell.
    W : Create a 1/1 white Human creature token.
    U : Draw a card.
    B : target player discards a card.
    R : Deal 1 damage to a creature or player.
    G : Put a +1/+1 counter on a creature.

    ...I'm not in love with all of these abilities and I spent basically zero time trying to balance the costs as I don't think Cresho needs fixing, but you could go with something like it.
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  • posted a message on More Legendary One Drops
    Quote from entombedhydra »
    Magic cards must be designed not to warp any format they are a member of. If your position is that these are "designed to be printed in legacy-only sets," you're missing the point of the legacy-only category here.

    No one else seems to think the card will warp legacy. We could all be wrong though. I don't expect the card to see much of any play. Maybe sideboard, but probably not. Frankly I think you are dramatically overestimating the impact of the card. It's not "B:Deal 10 damage to each opponent" any more than managorger hydra is a 3 cost 10/10 trampler.

    If you're asking for a balanced burn spell in commander... I'm not sure you understand that burn spells USUALLY aren't good in commander because it's a multiplayer format, and targeted burn usually hits 1 thing, and people's life totals start higher, etc., etc.,etc.

    We all understand that burn isn't good in commander. This is a large part of the reason why we don't think the card is OP, as it's ultimately just a slow clunky burn spell in a format where burn is bad.
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  • posted a message on Design Request - A+B mechanic
    Quote from Pokerkingdave »
    card type: treasure

    Your mechanic is a (slightly less than) linear parasitic one, not an A+B.

    Unfortunately, I tend to think wizards is correct when it comes to shuffling. Excess shuffle effects just slows down games for no (or minimal) net benefit to gameplay. The panglacial wurm ability is only particularly interesting on individual cards, I don't think I could spread it out to an entire keyword mechanic.
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  • posted a message on Infinite Mana Cycle
    There is a way to make this work. It's never going to happen because the knowledge isn't widespread enough, but it's possible to make cards like this work with only a single minor change to the rules.

    Existing : 107.1. The only numbers the Magic game uses are integers.
    Proposed : 107.1. The only numbers the Magic game uses are surreal integers.

    All we need to do is popularize a different number system, the surreals, and switch to the use of a generalized surreal integer instead of merely an integer. Basically, the Surreal numbers include all the real numbers and also include and define all transfinite numbers. A transfinite number is basically a number that is greater than all real numbers. For most intents and purposes, transfinite numbers are infinite and have all the desired properties we need to manage infinite combos. We would of course need a new mana symbol using the lower case greek letter omega. In the surreal class of numbers, omega is the first transfinite number and is equivalent in size to aleph zero, the size of the cardinal numbers. The new symbol, omega, would represent an amount of colorless mana that can only be paid if you are capable of generating transfinite quantities of mana.

    I apologize if this all sounds like gibberish to everyone. You can read more about Surreal numbers here.

    EDIT: Also, even if this could be done, I don't see any particularly interesting design space in it. It's so easy to just win the game once you have infinite mana that anything less than "omega : You win the game." feels really weak
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  • posted a message on Design Request - A+B mechanic
    Quote from entombedhydra »
    Re: Revelation (and wording). I tried to go for a madness-style wording, where the "exile" is rules text (or was, right?). In any case, I think the top-of-library is actually quite relevant, if only because it lets you occasionally get card advantage. Perhaps slightly redundant with Future Sight, it is really fun when you clash and can then play the card in question.

    The issue with hiding the mechanism as is done with madness is that understanding the mechanism is important for understanding how the ability works with continuous reveal effects. All discard effects are instantaneous, the discard happens and then its done. Whereas reveal effects can last varying amounts of time, and the reminder text should clearly handle how that should work.

    You're right that Clash/Kinship getting you a revelation is rare (think of this like a miracle, of course). And yeah, you can have a cycle of "reveal for additional effect" or "reveal for alternate cost" cards; but I really like the design space of the scents/martyrs. It'd be interesting to see you revealing types (or subtypes) of cards rather than colors, and that's unexplored.

    Thing is, miracle was an awful mechanic for limited precisely because it offers so few strategic choices.

    Reveal from anywhere might be worth doing though. I'll mess with it for a bit I think

    Right now, though, we don't know enough about your set.

    The set we are working on is a return to Amonkhet set far into the distant future. We are trying to get at themes and tropes related to tomb raiding and Indiana Jones and stuff. It's very much an adventure world with Egyptian flavor.

    The mechanic itself needs to be relatively lightweight (in terms of complexity and redflag space) but can be in any colors.
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  • posted a message on Design Request - A+B mechanic
    Quote from RattingRots »
    Does this set have a lot of potential "B"s? Is there something in particular that you either want to encourage or happens to occur in a lot of cards in your set?

    The short answer is no. The long answer is that we are still early in set design. I'm currently working on the skeleton and trying to experiment with the current versions of our mechanics on some common cards to see how things play and have an idea of how the set is going to come together. I'm really flexible at the moment. As long as the mechanic is relatively light weight, I should be able to push things around to include it in the set.

    EDIT: FYI, the set we are working on is a return to Amonkhet set far into the distant future. We are trying to get at themes and tropes related to tomb raiding and Indiana Jones and stuff. It's very much an adventure themed world with Egyptian flavor.

    Quote from entombedhydra »
    Revelation [cost] (You may play this spell for it's revelation cost if you reveal it from your hand or top of your library.)

    This is an interesting proposal. Once flavored, it actually seems quite useful for another set that I was working on with Cold War Spy themes. I'm not sure it will function as the desired A+B mechanic for my primary set though. There aren't very many natural ways to reveal cards from hand/library at common. I could do a cycle of additional cost cards like the cycle from dragons of tarkir. Any more of those and it would start to feel like a mechanic in and of itself. I'm also not sure if the "top of library" clause is mechanically interesting. In normal gameplay, you can't control the top of your library so there would be very few strategic choices with Revelation related to casting from the top of library. I'm also curious if Revelation even works from a rules perspective. Does it bypass timing restrictions? If so how? It must not be using triggers otherwise it wouldn't work with continuous effects. But if it doesn't use triggers, it doesn't really work against thoughtseize like effects. How would the rules for Revelation work exactly? My guess is you would have to use a clunky two ability effect like madness. Something like....

    Revelation [Cost] (If this would be revealed from your hand, you may reveal it then exile it. When you do, you may cast this card for its revelation cost.)

    ...This is the best I can do I think. It works against hand disruption, with instantaneous reveal effects, and mostly works with continuous reveal effects.

    Cruelty N - This creature enters the battlefield with N +1/+1 counters if your opponent sacrificed a permanent this turn.

    I don't think I could scale up the number of edict-like effects to a point where this mechanic would function in limited while still having a functioning limited. At best I could make it a hoser, but I don't think I want any mechanics that function almost purely as hosers.
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  • posted a message on Design Request - A+B mechanic
    I'm working on a set with some friends and I think the set would benefit greatly from having a new A+B mechanic added to it. If you happen to have one sitting in your pocket that you'd like to share, feel free to do so. I'm flexible on what colors it needs to be in. Thanks in advance for any assistance you provide.

    For those unfamiliar, an A+B mechanic is a mechanic for which cards with that mechanic actively synergize with a separate class of cards and vice versa. Some explanatory examples below...
    1. Madness : each card with madness (A) you play encourages you to play more discard outlets (B)
    2. Heroic : Each creature with Heroic (A) you play encourages you to play more auras/tricks/etc (B)
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  • posted a message on Bloodgift
    Quote from entombedhydra »
    I'm pretty sure that a 2/2 for B (at any rarity, let alone common) that costs you only 1 life is a bit too good.

    2 power 1 drops generally aren't printed at common due to the impact on limited, but a 2/2 for 1 with minor drawback isn't OP. It even has recent precedent in black thanks to diregraf ghoul. That said....

    And here's the thing - when do you ever not Bloodgift? If it's "when you're at 1 life", it really feels like this is too narrow to justify making it optional.

    I agree that this mechanic isn't very interesting for the reason you highlight here. Life loss vs a more efficient body just isn't a very interesting decision.
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  • posted a message on More Legendary One Drops
    Quote from entombedhydra »
    What would the power and toughness of a vanilla 1 drop have to be to be a better play than this? A 3/1 for B? No, because this thing doesn't need to attack to get in.

    I'm fairly confidant that a 3/1 for B is a more powerful card. It would be a much better top deck and deals damage much faster. Its easier to interact with of course, but either card is really easy to interact with in constructed.

    That said, this legend is still just slightly more interactive burn at a (perhaps too) competitive cost. Maybe that excites some players, but it doesn't do anything for me.
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  • posted a message on More Legendary One Drops
    Veko - This doesn't seem like a fun design. It's a really powerful burn spell, and I'm just not sure it produces much fun gameplay.

    Odeena - Once again, this effect seems clunky and not very fun. Hidden information is really important to the game in my opinion. I wouldn't want to play with or against this commander, and there are better ways to get information about opponents hands in eternal formats.

    Rok - Definitely the best design here. I think I'd prefer for the card to just use a triggered ability. The followign ability just seems cleaner and simpler, "Whenever a goblin creature you control with power two or less attacks or blocks, it gets +1/+0 until end of turn." I just don't see why we are using a replacement effect here when we don't really need to.
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  • posted a message on I'm having a heck of a time printing
    Quote from Conefed »
    I'm using custom backs for a homebrew variant to Commander, so correctly printing on both sides is optimal.

    Do the cardbacks matter mechanically? like DFC cards or something? If so you can just print fronts and backs separately on adhesive paper and then manually stick front and back onto your cards. If not, I'd just give up on the problem and stop caring about the back side.
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