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  • posted a message on UR Phoenix
    Hi guys,

    what do you think about young pyromancer vs. Thing in the ice ?

    I think I prefer thing in the ice...
    If both are answered, young pyromancer will be better because you will still be able to get 1 or 2 tokens in response.
    If both are not answered, Thing in the ice will wipe the board and is a really quick beating (in life points and in tempo/control of the board) !

    young pyromancer seems safer with medium reward, and Thing in the ice seems riskier with higher rewards.
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  • posted a message on UR Phoenix
    Hi everyone,

    I'm trying to find a pioneer deck for PT Phoenix and I'm wondering if UR Phoenix is good enough ?
    It' similar to the same deck in modern... Yes there's no faithless looting but we have treasure cruise !

    Here is my list, what do you guys think ?
    Is someone here also playing this deck ?

    I'm not sure about the quicken. I'm hesitating between this and wild slash (or shock if you don't want yo pay 20$ for a shock card)
    Yes, wild slash / shock is good removal in general, can kill the bird turn 1.. but quicken keeps the chain going by drawing a card, and somethimes it will be relevant to cast a treasure cruise in instant ...
    (I'm not sure how quicken interacts with teferi, time raveler, but if it works, it could be releveant)

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  • posted a message on Burn
    The trick to beat timely is to have lower life than your oponent ... logic right ? now how do we do that ?

    Fetch as soon as you can, and go get an untapped sacred foundry. So by turn 2, you "start the game at 14 life".
    Play your eidolon as soon as possible, so you will also loose life while casting your spells.
    Play your horizon lands as soon as you can, and tap them for mana each turn. even if you dont use your mana !

    Then, as stay_on_target said, read Patrick Sullivan's guide to playing against counter magic:
    stack all your burn spells in hand and wait for them to tap for a teferi/jace/wrath/field of rune and dump your hand

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  • posted a message on Burn
    Hi guys, here is my list that im testing for the PT Barcelona :

    I will try to attach my sideboard notes with this message. What do you guys think ?

    yeaahhh i know 20 lands seems a lot, but with 4 horizon lands, its not that bad...
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  • posted a message on Burn
    The true question is :
    Do we NEED enchantment removal right now ?

    The most played decks right now are : humans, phoenix, burn, tron, UW control, dredge/bridgevine, amulet titan, infect, affinity...

    Is there an enchantment that we are afraid of ?
    Maybe a 1-2 of leyline in human ? ...

    I prefer keeping a boros manabase and play smash to smithereens for artifact hate (and 3 damage)
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  • posted a message on Burn
    what do you think or burn now with the london mulligan rule ?
    will burn be better, neutral or less good now ?
    For us, i believe it will be neutral ... because our deck is abour 20 lands and 40 bolts, the mulligan rule will not change that much (unless we draw like 4 lands/3spells and that would have been a mulligan anyway)

    What kind of decks will this rule advantage, and what kind of decks will it disadvantage ?

    Because it might be a case of rock/paper/scissors here ...
    For example, if it helps Tron or scapeshift and everyone starts playing that, since we have a good matchup against that, it will be "good" for us...
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  • posted a message on Burn
    As soon as modern horizon is legal, I will try this :
    10 fetch
    4 sunbaked canyon
    3 mountains
    2 sacred foundry

    basically, i will switch all 4 inspiring vantage for 4 sunbaked canyon.
    I still want a lot of fetch for grim lavamencer and landfall searing blaze.
    I also want a lot of fetch to get a sacred foundry in the case that i need to crack my sunbaked canyon (and it's my only white source).

    I believe that the advantage to draw a card when you are in topdeck mode is greater than the disadvantage of taking some damage in early game
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Infect
    I agree with Wolffman.
    I would also add burn as a bad matchup as almost all of his burn card can kill our creatures.

    So what are the good matchup for infect ?
    non-interactive decks that kills slower ... : Tron ? Boggles ? Dredge ? Amulet titan ? Adnauseum ?

    Do you think that the London Mulligan rule (if it's official) would help our deck to be more consistent ?
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Now we have to ask the same eternal question : do we really need enchantment removal ? if no, then we can consider being just RW instead of RW/g by putting smash to smithereens in our sideboard (

    which enchantment is played right now that is causing us some trouble ?
    Leyline : is it still played ?
    Worship : it might be played as a 1-2of in the sideboard of humans or spirit ... i still wouldnt side in my disenchant for that
    boggles : we are loosing that match anyway, the disenchant wont help that much. just board in skullcrack/deflecting palm and hope to get lucky
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  • posted a message on Burn
    hey guys, after thinking about whether choosing between cindervines or destructive revelry, i asked myself.... do we really need enchantment removal ... ?

    So I'm going boros burn and putting smash to smithereens instead of Cindervines/destructive Revelry.
    Worship : still manageable (Very hard but its possible), just have to destroy all their creatures or win before turn 4, still possible (and its a 1-2of max in their sideboard...)

    Just have to close our eyes and dodge Leyline or boggles... (insert bird box meme here)
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  • posted a message on Burn
    @elconquistador, thanks for your feedback, that's very helpful Smile
    @Boonty, yes im playing a stomping ground for cindervines/destructive revelry. Here is the list (for now) that i will bring at GP toronto

    Here is my list : (i dont know how to do it in the table)
    2arid mesa
    2sacred foundry
    1stomping groun
    4inspiring vantage
    4wooded foothills
    4bloodstained mire

    4goblin guide
    4monastery swiftspear
    4eidolon of the great revel
    1grim lavamencer

    4lightning bolt
    4lava spike
    4rift bolt
    3skewer the critics
    4boros charm
    3lightning helix
    3searing blaze

    Sideboard :
    2kor firewalker
    2path to exile
    3rest in peace
    4cindervines (still to test... i can understand some arguments of destructive revelry being faster)
    2deflecing palm
    1searing blaze
    1lightning helix
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Quote from JaishivaJai »
    As he pointed out, there are always fetchlands and shocklands we can hope our opponent will play if we have no other outlet. I hadn't even thought of that before!

    Yeah well only if they fetch during our main phase. If they fetch at the end of our turn, we still cant cast skewer (because its a sorcery).

    Here is my main deck that i will be tester before gp toronto
    4 lightning bolt
    4 rift bolt
    4 lava spike
    4 boros charm
    4 goblin guide
    4 eidolon of the great revel
    4 monastery swiftspear
    1 grim lavamencer
    20 lands (1 stomping ground, 2 sacred foundry, 4 inspiring vantage, 2 mountain, 11 fetch)
    3 searing blaze
    3 skullcrack
    2 or 3 lightning helix
    2 or 3 skewer the critics
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  • posted a message on Burn
    thanks for your feedback, im glad to hear that it went well. I also think helix is the "worst" card in our flex cards, i could see myself cuting another helix (go down to 2 helix, 3 skullcrack and 3 blaze) to play 3 skewer.
    Except the game that you were stuck at 1 land, did you had a hand with 2 or more skewer in hand ? If yes, how did it work for you ?
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  • posted a message on Burn
    Ok guys, you win Smile
    I will modify my maindeck flex cards from :
    3 skullcrack
    4 sering blaze
    4 helix

    To :
    3 skullcrack (maindeck, yeaahh i know... but im sure there will be a lot of accidental lifegain at gp toronto)
    3 searing blaze
    3 helix
    2 skewer the critics

    I'm convinced to play at least 2. but 4 might be too much ?
    what happens if you have 2 skewer in your hands ? it might get harder to activate spectacle some times.

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  • posted a message on Burn
    So guys, you really consider the skewer to be a card in the "core cards" 4of in the main deck of RW/g burn ?
    I would really like to believe that, and then just leave 8-9 flex cards (skullcrack, helix, blaze) as elconquistador listed it in a early post. I totally agree with your list of core/flex cards.

    The only thing that still makes me hesitate is only the "sorcery" part of the card :S
    I'm currently playing 3 skullcrack, 4 blaze and 4 helix maindeck. Yes i know i could remove 1 blaze/1 helix to add 2-3 skewer.
    I will try to test it before GP toronto, but i'm still hesitant :'(

    If you guys have the deck on mtgo/coackatrice and also want to test the card (when it will be legal) please share us your comments here.

    @raghouz, Since GP portland and the last GP modern last week, I also believe that Burn is played a lot.
    thats why i keep my 2 kor firewalker in my sideboard. Yes i know its narrow (pretty much only agasint burn) but its really good in the mirror.
    here is my current sideboard (lets say if GP toronto started today):
    2 path
    2 kor firewalker
    3 RIP
    2 searing blood
    2 deflecting palm
    4 cinder lash (the new destructive revelry)
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