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    posted a message on Niv-Mizzet Reborn and His Golden Army - AKA 5C Midrange-Voltron-Combo
    I love this deck! I've been working on something similar for our new Niv, and this list gave me some great ideas. I had no idea about the Lasav combo, definitely sweet. I've been considering adding some infinite draw combos Horizon Chimera to either ping the table to death with Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind, fuel a giant Debt to the Deathless with Cadaverous Bloom, or just be boring and flavorless with Lab Man. Ultimately, I feel I'm more spell-based then you at this point, are there benefits/disadvantages going one way or the other?

    I'm pretty sure Hostage Taker and two clones gives you infinite ETB triggers, right? Not sure what the payoff would be there barring adding something like Vela the Night-Clad, which while it would help the with making Niv-Mizzet unblockable for Voltron beats, as well as helping make sure your Lasav combo connects, I'm not sure if that alone makes it worthwhile.
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    posted a message on Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain - value version, help me make her as viable as possible
    When I was working on Jhoira a while ago, I thought of going either with a "Historic Matters" theme or "Funny Alternate Win Cons" (like Mechanized Production). The former seems like it would be more enjoyable and fit more into your value and card-drawing desire. Instead of Paradox Engine and the Reservoir (because including those I feel like will inevitably just lead to degeneracy, which your group apparently dislikes), use those 8 cards you listed as a basis. You have a lot of options for historic between legendaries and planeswalkers. Cards like Search for Azcanta are on-theme and even provide you with ramp when you flip them. Cards like Weatherlight keep the gas flowing. If you're running The Locust God, Skullclamp seems like a natural inclusion, not to mention that most of your Planeswalkers will be generating x/1 tokens that can be used as fodder.

    Also, Psychosis Crawler. Definitely run Psychosis Crawler. Other win conditions include token beatdown or just grinding people out of the game with your planeswalkers. The Nik dragons too, I suppose.
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    posted a message on Pir and those Rascally Superfriends
    Eternal Witness can rebuy the 'walkers that hit the bin. Being in green, I feel like you don't have as many ways to protect them as other Superfriends lists do, so they'll probably die often. Greenwarden of Murasa fills a similar role.

    40 lands feels like a couple too many, I could see trimming a couple for additional ramp spells like Explosive Vegetation. I'd also like to see some utility lands, like Karn's Bastion.

    Karn, the Great Creator does shut off opposing mana rocks and artifact shenanigans, but would require some maneuvering to have his other abilities to be worthwhile
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    posted a message on Most Silver Border Cards are now Legal in Commander until January 15th
    Quote from LouCypher »
    So what they're saying is that they're okay with me using Melek, Izzet Paragon to cast a The Countdown is at One from the top of my library, then copy it with an Increasing Vengeance cast from my grave using mana from Primal Wellspring and Pyromancer's Goggles. Gotcha.

    You're a monster. I like you.
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    posted a message on All Invocations March 28th
    I'm not sure if there's a judge in the house here, but if there is, I have to ask you something: isn't there some sort of rules stipulation that says tournament legal cards (when presented in their unaltered state) need a black or white border on them? If so, how do these work around that?
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    posted a message on Voice of Resurgence - TheManaSource (MYTHIC)
    Dragon's Maze confirmed to be the modern-day Homelands.
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    posted a message on State of Modern Thread: bans, format health, reprints, new cards, and more!
    Quote from Lear_the_cat »
    Guys, please, stop complaining about Twin. It's impossible to unban him now bcs you have to ban some other cards like Ancestral vision to not let him dominate Modern format.
    Train left and you can't do anything about this.

    And yeah. Authority of the Consuls can't stop Pastermite or Krasis from killing you with Twin.

    Not sure what you mean concerning Authority of the Consuls, given that all the tokens they'd make off the Twin would enter the battlefield tapped and then fizzle away at the end step.

    Quote from izzetmage »
    Quote from Aaurra »

    Does anyone go around talking up about how Shocklands are "sooooo goooood" and how they'd be used in addition to regular duals in Legacy/Vintage because of that fact?

    I'm not complaining about Serum Visions. I'm simply arguing that it is not "sooooo goooood", as claimed by "ashtonkutcher" before going on to essentially say why Serum Visions is good enough for Modern when it really isn't.

    Shocklands are good enough however, making that analogy irrelevant.
    Serum Visions ranks among the top 10 most played spells in Modern. Clearly it's good. The amount of consistency it provides is well worth the 4 slots.

    If the best cantrip in Modern was Peek then you'd be justified in calling it terrible, because decks wouldn't play 4 Peek, they'd put 1 land and 3 other spells in those slots instead. But that isn't the case with SV. So SV is good. So good.

    Shocklands and SV are powerful cards in Modern. I don't care about them being too weak in Legacy because we're in the Modern forum.

    People play Serum Visions in high quantities because it is the only way for blue decks to have any semblance of consistency while opponents are allowed to cast better Ponders and one-mana Impulses. Most people agree that Serum in a vacuum is a bad card that only sees play out of necessity.
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    posted a message on UW Control
    Quote from Torbsen »
    Neo7Thinker arent you missing something to get some Cardadventege? My List is very similar to yours but i would never cut the three Ancestral Vision. Havent you any Problems with running out of Gas? You neither play Sphinx Revelation. Your only way to get Cardedvantage is with Ojutai but in my tests this was way to late.

    Can you explain this to me pleas Smile

    As someone who plays the more midrange style of UW, I can take a stab at this too.

    These kinds of UW lists don't try to sit back behind counters and resolve giant Sphinx's Revelations. It's all about one-for-one card advantage or using Supreme Verdict to put us ahead. In that respect, it's similar to BGx Midrange lists that try to just eek out advantage every step of the way. With things like Resto-blinking Walls, or cantripping with Cryptic, we usually have more cards than our opponent anyways.
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    posted a message on Thelon of Havenwood, Fungi are cool I guess (Retired)
    Contagion Engine is typically a great option for proliferate. Takes care of tokens while turbo-charging your counters.
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    posted a message on [[Official]] SCG Modern Discussions
    Quote from fghtffyrdmns »
    Quote from Shodai »
    The latest SCG Modern is live on Twitch atm. Just saw burn scoop to Thopter-Sword on turn 3 after he made a blocker and gained 1 life lol!

    Was that the match that the burn player got stuck on one land and had played only two goblin guides and never hit another land drop?

    Yes it was. Thopter Combo is good against aggro, but let's slow down the doomsday talk. When you miss your second land drop for the majority of the game, you'll lose to anyone and everyone.
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