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  • posted a message on "Flying Sail Marauder" .:. Spoiler
    Besides keyword "superevasion", it also plays tiltingly well with targeted damage and -1/-1 effects. Walking Ballista is still in Standard!
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  • posted a message on Mothership spoilers 1/2/18 New huatli and more
    Daring Buccaneer and Rigging Runner enable one another and will probably make it to Standard Ramunap Red given that it already plays Kari Zav.
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  • posted a message on Elenda, the Dusk Rose
    I love the design but not the rate. Deathtouch or 2 power would have been a bare minimum to make her playable in Standard. Right now I think she starts too small.
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  • posted a message on Mothership spoilers 1/1/18 mechanics and more
    Journey to Eternity is cool because it enables both ramping to fatties and reanimating them, which are the quintessential green and black ways to get them in play.

    T2 Sakura-Tribe Elder into T3 Journey is powerful. It ramps you 3 times at the cost of not using the Elder at the opponent's end step.
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  • posted a message on Zetalpa, Primal Dawn
    8 toughness in case it loses indestructible? Or indestructible in case the 9th toughness was just one too many? Your guess is as good as mine.
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  • posted a message on Limited Resources spoiler: Uncommon Desert Cycle
    Rivulet (U) is pretty interesting as a win condition because the ability is fairly cheap. I think you'd want a way to recur lands from the graveyard though. The new Ramunap Excavator and/or Splendid Reclamation seem like good enablers. The whole deck is probably a pipe dream though.

    However Ruins (R) is downright great for Standard because the reach is invaluable for red decks (especially if they can fit in 4-8 more deserts).

    I also play New Perspectives so I appreciate that at this point Shefet Monitor is a toolbox.

    In limited the black one is nuts and the green and white one are decent.
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  • posted a message on Mardu Reanimator
    This type of deck is going to be very good with the introduction of Razaketh to the format. Haunted Dead and Prized Amalgam can also be great in the right deck and have favorable interactions with Razaketh. I plan to make a deck centered around these cards and was seriously considering playing Nahiri. I'll be writing a primer on it when HOU is completely spoiled and I settle on a list.
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  • posted a message on God-Pharaoh's Gift
    I think the Grim Flayer suggestion is a very good one, but I'd need to see the other supporting cast. The Insolent Neonate/Cathartic Reunion could certainly be a start as well. I suppose any deck trying very hard to accomplish this task may be able to use Haunted Dead + Prized Amalgam as an additional payoff for milling (although there's obviously some tension in that returning them puts you farther away from God-Pharaoh's Gift). Gate could also find a home in a Sam Black style Hidden Stockpile deck with Thraben Inspectors and Sacred Cats. That deck actively sacrifices its own creatures without losing board presence and is able to dig with scry to find more. Furthermore, a 4/4 Sacred Cat with haste is very cool.
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  • posted a message on Gathering Magic Spoiler - RAZAKETH
    Liliana, Death's Majesty was looking for a reanimation target in Standard. I didn't dare hope it would be this good. Razaketh's tutoring turns creatures into cards, so you just have to ensure that those cards generate more creatures. Consider the following engine:

    4x Prized Amalgam
    4x Haunted Dead
    4x Liliana, Death's Majesty
    3x Razaketh, the Foulblooded

    Here are some key interactions:
    Haunted Dead allows you to discard Razaketh
    Razaketh likes recursive creatures and creature tokens to tutor with
    Lili's reanimation triggers Prized Amalgam
    Razaketh can tutor for more Amalgams, fueling the reanimation engine further
    Razaketh can tutor for Lili in response to non-exiling removal so you can get him back again

    The way these all combine is such that if you reanimate Razaketh with Liliana, you can sacrifice your Haunted Deads to tutor for Amalgams. You then discard these to reanimate the Haunted Deads and Amalgams, then you can sacrifice those to get more Amalgams (or whatever you want). If Razaketh is allowed to hit the board he can spiral out of control very quickly with this type of engine.

    I almost forgot to mention that this sequence gets you an 8/8 flample beater and a great planeswalker that ticks up while making zombies.

    Also, the whole engine is mono-black. Don't let Amalgam fool you, you don't need to cast him. You just need these 11 cards along with discard outlets. You can use Cryptbreaker and Collective Brutality, which are good cards and leave you still in mono-black. You can also get some great additions from other colors: Red gives you Cathartic Reunion and Lightning Axe to discard, which are both great. Green gives you Grim Flayer to mill, Traverse to tutor pieces, and Ishkanah as Ishkanah. Blue gives you Pull from Tomorrow and counterspells, as well as the ability to cast Amalgam. Mardu gives you Nahiri, which is a discard outlet that can also ultimate for Razaketh.

    If anyone is reading this and wants to play a deck with these cards, my only request is that it be named, "Razzle Dazzle".
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  • posted a message on Metalwork Colossus Decks
    I have an event coming up and was considering playing Colossus, as I've had previous good luck with the deck.

    Personally, I am not a big fan of either the Cranes or the Foundry Inspectors. I'd love to play a Foundry Inspector on t3 if I got to untap with it, but I've found that it never happens game 1. As for Crane, I try to focus on explosive power first and I don't like paying mana for something that doesn't reduce the cost of Colossus and much prefer a Puzzleknot, Prism, or Key.

    Instead I'd prefer to invalidate creatures altogether since the top decks all rely on attacking. I was intrigued by the monoblue list running Engulf the Shore, but I am extremely worried the creatures in this metagame will rapidly grow out of it's range. Furthermore, this deck's explosive potential is contingent upon playing your Sanctums first, which is a nonbo if you need to use Engulf to survive. I also like Baral's Expertise and Skysovereign, but I think I'll stick with the gold standard of Fumigate.

    Does anyone have strong opinions on the way I have constructed my deck? I'd love to entertain argument for Crane or Inspector. It's also possible 3 Reverse Engineer is totally unnecessary until after sideboard and I should replace some or all of those with more interaction. I am definitely worried about the Mardu matchup.

    Edit: Forgot to actually attach list
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  • posted a message on Mirage Mirror via Blake Rasmussen's Twitter
    Metalwork Colossus looking tasty with HOU
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  • posted a message on Selesnya Anointed Tokens
    I was playing something similar after trying to force Nissa into Sam Black's PT list. I like what you have but I would move the Declarations in Stone to the main deck when the biggest decks are zombies and Marvel. Also, if you're going to play 12 4-drops I would really want some 2-drop ramp spells such as Channeler Initiate or Servant of the Conduit. Oath of Ajani sort of works as long as Gideon is in your hand. How has Angel of Invention been for you? I was also considering Ishkanah, Angel of Sanctions, and the Catlord.
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  • posted a message on Second sun approaches
    npusnakovs, Thank you for posting this list. While Aintrazi's deck has some similar card choices such as Haze, Censor, and an Approach of the Second Suns kill, the play pattern is exceedingly different. This thread has really only been used for the New Perspectives combo deck and I think the title of the thread should be changed accordingly. If you'd like to dicuss simic and bant ramp lists, I would strongly encourage you to start a new thread.
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  • posted a message on Second sun approaches
    Kibbelz, thanks for the FNM story. It seems that those of us that playtest against Mardu and other aggressive decks come to different deck building conclusions than the people that have focused on tweaking the original list.

    However one thing I do think that ksk0601 got right was the Traverse the Ulvenwald. I had my doubts about it when I found this thread, but I tried it out and I haven't looked back. We play so many ETB tapped lands that in the set up stages I like to use it to search for a basic and then save it in my hand to ensure I hit the 4th mana for Shefet or the 6th mana for New Perspectives untapped. What's more, I consider it a great addition while comboing because as soon as delirium is achieved you can grab a Vizier, which nets you 1 mana immediately and 2 on future Shadow loops.

    Speaking of, I think it is a cardinal sin to not play 4 Shadow of the Grave. It's true that they're pretty mopey outside of comboing, but the importance of drawing at least one copy outweighs the risk of drawing too many early. It's just too easy to fizzle without them.

    Some final thoughts, 4 Weirding Woods increases combo speed, which I think is better than extra fogs against aggro. Pulse of Murasa and Commit // Memory I have already advocated for on this forum. I also play 23 or 24 lands. IMO if you often have to cycle to hit your land drops, you're not playing enough of them. After all, you can also cycle extra lands.

    Here's my current list:

    And a bonus list where I tried my very best to force Sweltering Suns into the maindeck:

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  • posted a message on Second sun approaches
    Since adding Traverse the Ulvenwald to my deck, I'm inclined to agree with you on Approach of the Second Sun because you can get Viziers earlier in the combo and build up more mana. I've never had a problem with red mana because you can easily depend on Weirding Wood over adding a Mountain, but the list is very tight and I lean towards Approach simply because it tends to take up one fewer noncycling slot. Speaking of, these MODO players must be really concerned about control to maindeck a Sphinx of the Final Word. That card seems pretty abysmal most of the time and I'm relegating it to my sideboard.

    For the record, I think playing fewer than 4 Weirding Woods is a mistake. I started with only 2 and found that Weirding Wood on 3 was the best way to ensure a match win over decks that want to race. Shefet is good but it's better saved for the combo turn, I like having 8 ramp effects, and by the 4th turn you're more likely to have to use mana on a Haze of Pollen than the 3rd turn. In addition, Weirding Wood lets you both ramp and defend yourself on the 4th turn with Haze of Pollen.

    I still don't like Renewed Faith. I very rarely end up cycling it and then finding myself at 1 or 2 life, which would mean that the incidental lifegain had saved me. Aggro decks are so good at building board presence in this Standard that if I lose it's usually in chunks of 7-10 at a time and a paltry 2 life wouldn't change the outcome. And if I have 2 mana and want to cycle, I literally always feel like I have a land to use for that (I play 23 or 24 lands even with Traverse, which I believe to be the right choice).

    I've been investigating the potential of Pulse of Murasa. Pulse offers the same ratio of cmc: lifegain as the front side of Renewed Faith, but it usually doesn't put you down a card because of the frequency of cycling lands. It's a little more expensive while comboing but it will do the job to dig you a card deeper by grabbing a cycling land or creature. In addition, if you do grab a cycling creature it's virtually a little cheaper than 3 mana because the creature generates mana when you cycle it. Speaking of, a more subtle effect is that it lets you cards from earlier in the game on your combo turn. If you're like me you tend not to cycle Viziers unless you have to because they're so critical while comboing. But with 1-3 Pulses you can feel a little more free to cycle Viziers early since you know you can rebuy them and add them back into the loop later.

    Quote from Vormi ยป
    The problem with Censor: At the point where you can afford to start the counter-war your opponents will have 32423452 mana anyways and we need other things in the main just for the cycling which will help us survive until to that point. The first Cast Out gets cycled all the time.

    I think you're misunderstanding the point of Censor. It's not for starting a counter war with control you cannot win. It's early interaction- I rarely have trouble casting it turn 2 and countering a Heart of Kiran saves you more life than the front side of Renewed Faith. It also often makes aggro and midrange decks wait until they have an extra mana up. If you don't mind cycling the first Cast Out, you just have to invert that play pattern for Censor. Cycle Cast Outs early, cast them late. Cast Censors early, cycle them late.

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