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  • posted a message on Your Critics and Hopes with MTG Arena
    Fatal Push was great to keep the RDW meta in check a bit. Torrential Gearhulk should never have been made int he first place. Now every other deck, even in the lower ranks, is made by people who don't want to play Magic, they want to fumigate, counter, play Teferi, and goldfish a win.
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  • posted a message on Craziest streak of pack luck you've had
    Opened a Fatpack of Dragon's maze and got 3 Voice of Resurgence in 10 packs.
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  • posted a message on Options in general for a card thief?
    Quite honestly, going through the trouble to make an official report is exactly what you should do. Print out all the evidence you have, including PMs and emails, take it to the police, and let that person get hammered for mail fraud. Warning a very small percentage of a very small percentage of Magic players doesn't do anything, but an official investigation will almost certainly stop such behavior in the future.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Reserved List Discussion
    The claims that the dual lands aren't "necessary' is sophistry, plain and simple. You're playing word games. How about this, take your Commander deck, the one you've worked so hard to put together, and replace every card you can with one that's ALMOST as good. Replace your fetchlands with Evolving Wilds, replace Lightning Bolt with Lightning Strike, you don't NEED a Sol Ring, you can play just fine with Sisay's Ring, right?

    If you don't care at all about winning or improving your game, you don't need the very best cards ever printed is what you're saying. The fact is, though, that the kind of people who actually join a Magic website and post here? We're interested in several things. Improving our game, improving our play, winning, designing new strategies... But nobody here believes they can't improve their experience somehow. In Commander, you can get a noticeable improvement in how your deck performs, for only several thousand dollars!
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Reserved List Discussion
    The biggest reason people are against the RL? Without a doubt, it's the original dual lands. They're far and away the most useful and versatile cards that most people will never be able to play with. Will you LOSE a game of Commander if you play Breeding Pool instead of [c]Tropical Island[/c} Maybe, maybe not, but it increases your odds a bit. I have 4-color Atraxa deck, and being able to include 6 shocklands, 6 original duals, and fetchlands means that that deck is FAR more consistent than if I only had the shocks/fetches.
    The RL is 905 garbage, cards that nobody cares about at all. The remaining 10%, though are cards that are literally irreplacable. They're unique in what they do or how they do it. Sure, you can play Magus of the Tabernacle, but it's in almost every way worse than The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale. You CAN play a worse alternative in almost every case, but it's a worse alternative. That's not being contrary, it's wanting to play the game.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Reserved List Discussion
    Quote from Xoth »

    We already do it with Diamonds.

    Which is a great thing. I'm now trying to think of a blood-diamond comparison to MTG lol.

    Diamonds aren't actually all that rare. Artificial scarcity keeps prices high, with government support of the cabal that controls supply. They've managed to control the entire official supply, such that any diamond NOT officially released is automatically assumed to be a "blood diamond" and therefore a terrible thing, no matter what the actual source of said diamond was. They've manipulated public perception such that a relatively common piece of cardboard stone is somehow valuable, and any unauthorized pieces of cardboard stone that are similar are E-V-I-L.
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  • posted a message on The Worse Rules of Magic
    Worst rule? Intentional draws are officially NOT "match-fixing" but even suggesting a random way to choose the winner is at least a loss and possibly much more. You can choose to fix the match by taking a win-win, and that's all good by the tournament rules!
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  • posted a message on future of Modern Masters
    Quote from Trumplebot »
    Quote from Lakanna »

    WotC's business model is selling unopened product. Giving people what they want DOES that. You're mistaking "WotC's business model" with "the secondary market." Continuing to produce high-quality, high-value sets like the original Modern Masters and the 2017 version would enhance their business model, not disrupt it.

    And here i thought their buisiness model was selling unopened prduct again and again. And again. If that premise is wrong, then it might not disrupt their model. If it is right, then giving people all the reprints once, leaving lots of them with no need to buy further might actually disrupt the "again and again" part.

    That's nonsense. It implies that nobody will ever buy anything once they have their Modern deck. There are a lot of people who want to play Modern (and Commander, and Legacy, and Vintage) that just don't have the cards. But if you start being generous with the reprints, they'll get into those formats and while they might have the reprinted cards, there will inevitably be OTHER cards they need. Which get reprinted later, creating a rolling demand for more product as the price barrier comes down.
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  • posted a message on future of Modern Masters
    Quote from Trumplebot »
    Quote from BlueTronFTW »

    Yes, the cool reprint sets that helped manage modern prices are being replaced with theme sets that will generally suck.

    And rightly so. The main target group was never satisfied with the sets anyway, and in my opinion, never would be, so its just logical to stop catering for them and go for the other possible targets.

    And no, just giving the people what they want it it means risking your buisiness model is not the right choice.

    WotC's business model is selling unopened product. Giving people what they want DOES that. You're mistaking "WotC's business model" with "the secondary market." Continuing to produce high-quality, high-value sets like the original Modern Masters and the 2017 version would enhance their business model, not disrupt it. These sets that aren't made for Constructed players (too much draft chaff) and aren't really for drafters (too expensive to do often) don't serve much of a purpose at all.
    That's not to say that WotC can't do these well. Obviously, they can, but they need to decide what the product is and who it is for. I personally think that they'd be better served to skip the "draft-friendly" bit in favor of making it a solid set full of staple reprints. not even expensive stuff, just low-supply cards and things like lightning bolt that are always welcome reprints.
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  • posted a message on Damping Sphere puremtgo
    Quote from Courier7 »
    I am curious about the interaction between Damping Sphere and New Horizons. Does the aura create a replacement effect, forcing my opponent's land to produce only C? If so, it could be used to lock them out of a color.

    Other than that, this seems like it would kill many Vintage decks, not to mention Affinity in Modern.

    The land has 2 abilities: one to tap for the normal mana it produces, and one to tap for 2 mana of any color. The land's controller chooses which to use, so they'll normally tap it for a single colored mana, although they can choose to use the second ability and then it gets replaced to produce only one colorless instead.

    Uncommon? This is amazing. Definitely happy to see something like this, and the flavor text made me laugh for a solid minute.
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  • posted a message on Is using unusual/experimental decks a bad thing?
    A lot of times, people playing in Competitive leagues are playtesting their decks to see how they stack up in the current meta. They don't care to play against a brew that they aren't going to see at a tournament, and have decided that anyone NOT playing an already-established list is wasting their time. You joined the league, you're playing by the rules, so you shouldn't care if they get a little salty.

    I'm not trying to defend them, getting a bad attitude over an opponent's deck choice is pretty dumb, just letting you know why some people immediately hate any non-Tier deck in a Competitive league. If they're really being nasty, you can try reporting them, or you can just laugh it off as someone taking the game far too seriously. Ultimately, a salty opponent affects you exactly as much as you allow them to.
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  • posted a message on Masters 25 boxes not properly randomized?
    This worries me. Especially since I posted last year on very similar boxes of MM2017:

    This is it for me: no more ever buying Masters boxes. If they let boxes or even whole cases be mappable, I'm sticking to singles. No packs, no boxes, no way.
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  • posted a message on Gavin Varhey confirms change of course for Masters sets.
    Quote from Manite »
    I'd be happy with simple themed draft sets. If they have some chase cards, great, but I care more about fun sets and draft themes. Let the collectors and legacy players have something like the FtVs to get their chase reprints. Draft sets should be about draft themes, first and foremost. Mixing value cards into that will just encourage picking cards for value rather than draft strategy. Who wouldn't grab a Tarmogoyf if they saw one in their pack?

    They make every Standard set as draftable. Conspiracy is draftable. If they're going to continue with Masters sets, they should just forget about drafting, and put in real cards that people need for collections and decks. Let literally every other set they produce care about drafting and be full of draft-level cards, but if we're spending $10 on a pack, make sure we're getting cards that we aren't going to leave on the table.
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  • posted a message on Is Magic Attendance and Sales dropping?
    Quote from Greyimp »

    Thanks Ashiok I hadn't seen this rant. I completely agree with him that creatures are doing too much. In the middle I think the message gets a bit jumbled but yes finishers should be something you invest in and build around. Every creature shouldn't be a Swiss army knife and a game winner in itself. Cast this card a second time you win. wtf.

    Chupa is more of this. It feels like removal yet is a creature giving you body plus murder with no drawbacks. They're still making sweepers and regular removal conditional and expensive and yet here again something on a stick better than straight up removal. There's no murder in the format but a creature gets the privilege.


    If I understand Chapin correctly, he's saying that players favor creatures that provide immediate value over creatures that need to stick around to provide that. Which... isn't that going to be true regardless of the removal packages available? if removal is great, can answer anything, then you need to play value creatures. if removal is terrible and anything you play sticks, then... playing immediate value creatures puts you ahead. I'm not getting what he's actually complaining about, especially when he starts talking about not being able to play your non-value creatures like Baneslayer Angel in a format because ETB creatures just outclass it and removal deals with it. Does he want neither? Because we've seen what happens to a format where we don't have effective removal for threats. It's not pretty.

    In casual, yes, you want to play your Baneslayers and your big dumb creatures. If you're playing Standard, or playing competitively, then you want to play the stuff that gives you value, that helps you to win the game. LSV was pushing this a while back, Cards that Affect the Board State. A creature that does nothing the turn it comes in does nothing the turn it comes in- any creature that has an ETB effect is better here, and it doesn't matter what removal is in the format, it's just better to play something with haste, or that has a trigger, or that provides an immediate effect.
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  • posted a message on Pro Tour Ixalan/Albuquerque - Standard/Draft - 11/3-5
    Quote from Rondiggity »
    48% energy Frown

    I'm actualy wondering how many decks are running one or more copies of The Scarab God. I'd bet that number is right up there, with Temur, Sultai, 4c, Esper, and UB all running at least a sideboard copy.
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