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  • posted a message on MTG, the worst community?
    Quote from Monkey222 »

    Say the Harry Potter story is loved by people and the author decides to throw in a gay couple. On its own thats not an issue, however, you have to be aware that a non-zero part of your readers are kids and others might be highly uncomfortable reading that (beside that its even outright illegal in other countries, which is its entire own issue).

    So you have to question WHY that topic is introduced at all. Its not necessary to a story, then you have made the choice to "force" the topic into your narrative and it will guaranteed produce negative feedback ; and the author choose to go that way, they are blatantly ignorant if they are surprised of the negative feedback.

    That said, if you can avoid obvious cultural controversial topics, and you can easily do so, then AVOID IT. Ignorant this will fuel hate and negative consequences, and you simply have to be aware of it.

    That doesnt mean you have to avoid the topics everywhere and they are "banned" topics. You can discuss them in an adult way, on its own product, or in more scientific literature ; thats the place to do the discussion in a healthy way, as the setting itself threads itself with the level of competence it requires.

    Emphasis mine.

    So, please correct me if I'm wrong, but you're saying that there shouldn't be a gay couple in a story unless it has an explicit effect on the story? So the only place it can be introduced into mainstream society is in scientific literature, or 'gay' literature?

    Yeah I also take umbrage with this post, like how are gay couples any more inappropriate for kids than straight couples? Some number of kids consuming the media are going to grow up to be gay, and the rest are going to live in a world where gay people exist so I really don't see the problem with normalizing it.
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  • posted a message on MTG, the worst community?
    I have a couple of things to say about this topic

    Although this has already been said, I wish people would let go of this idea that toxic people are only a part of certain communities/fandoms. Your personal experiences aside (be they good or bad), every community has its unsavory individuals. I can cite at least a dozen examples off the top of my head of communities where people have done something awful and people have used said example (or personal experiences) to color the whole community as toxic. There's a lot of casting aspersions on strangers based on the actions of a few individuals.

    Regarding discussion of politics or outside things, I think this is fine. Its something that can be difficult for people to discuss maturely without coming to blows, but I don't think it should be outright banned. Some people want MTG to be their escape from real world concerns whilst others don't mind the intermingling of the two; Id say use discretion when deciding if its an appropriate topic to delve into.

    Lastly, content creators are not responsible for the actions of their followers. If one of you were to say, create a negative review lambasting the creative decisions in a new MTG set or story, then someone who watched it went out and sent hatemail or death threats to WOTC because they had a similar opinion, that would not be your fault for putting your opinion out there (unless you were outright telling people to harass them).
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    Quote from thatmarkguy »
    Quote from Daeyel »

    I find so many of the decks that have driven the Blackleave spikes are these all-in aggro decks like Hollow One that have already established a win or a loss by the end of turn 3 ... but the priority is that the lands always enter untapped. When that’s the case, why not go Gemstone Mine?

    As someone who has played Hollow One for awhile now I can tell you that lands with a limited number of uses are not a good idea. You frequently use all of your mana every turn making plays such as Faithless Looting -> Gurmag Angler -> bring back Flamewake Phoenix. Plus, late game you want to be able to flashback looting, sometimes with a follow up Hollow One or Gurmag Angler. While the deck can win T3-4 there are also plenty of times where games grind out, and for those you dont want your manabase imploding.

    That said, I do think you can play the deck competitively without Blackcleave Cliffs. Cliffs are of course still the optimal choice, but I think you could sub Sulfurous Springs and do reasonably well. The manabase I would go with (assuming you have the rest of the deck besides Cliffs) is:

    x4 Bloodstained Mire
    x4 R/x fetch
    x2 Blood Crypt
    x1 Stomping Ground
    x3 Sulfurous Springs
    x3 Mountain
    x1 Swamp

    I personally prefer the third mountain to the third Blood Crypt, but Ive seen lists go either way
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  • posted a message on are ypu happy with the set so far?
    A great deal of my feelings for this set are tied into the playability of Vampires and madness, which after seeing the full spoiler I dont feel will make it to constructed playable. While I appreciate that the tribe finally got a 2 mana lord (Stromkirk Condemned) it is still lacking in many aspects, especially when compared to the various G/W/x decks. I was really hoping we might get another good 1 mana madness spell or any 0-1 mana madness creatures.

    While I am personally frustrated with the set for failing to meet my expectations I can understand why others might be excited for it, the art is mostly great (Field Creeper and Oath of Liliana stand out as especially good examples) and all things considered there is some sweet flavor. While I am tired of seeing the Eldrazi I overall enjoy their execution here more so than in BFZ. I must at add that Zendikar to me was much more disappointing as the various tribes were combined into allies and reduced to sad limited fodder while the Eldrazi were spread so thin across so many cards that most lacked creative and artistic intrigue.
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  • posted a message on Innistrad Art Book Discussion
    Does the artbook make any mention of Runo Stromkirk?
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  • posted a message on Eldritch Moon Number Crunch
    Quote from Dusk707 »
    Quote from luxor777 »
    Heres to hoping we get Runo Stromkirk as #189

    I don't think that that is very likely, that would unbalance the multicolor section, unless he doesn't have Red or Black, which would be odd for an Innistradi Vampire. All four pairs with both red and black have been revealed. He may still make the cut, as a mono-color rare or mythic, but at this point I think we can say he won't be a multi-colored.

    Also, the Stromkirk line isn't really featured this time around, mainly focusing on the Voldaren line of vampires, making Runo getting a card less likely than normal.

    While I agree that the Stromkirk line is less featured than the Voldaren, Im still holding out hope considering the presence of his lineage in both sets (Stromkirk Mentor Stromkirk Condemned) in addition to snippets of flavor text (Awoken Horror Sanguinary Mage) suggesting he would be among the eldrazi worshippers. Plus, Kalitas got a card despite having no story coverage in BFZ-Oath. I would actually prefer he be mono black, but considering his lineage is both black and red I find it more likely for him to be in both colors. The name would fit in the number crunch (as it stands) but as you said, it wouldnt fit color balance.
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  • posted a message on Eldritch Moon Number Crunch
    Heres to hoping we get Runo Stromkirk as #189
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  • posted a message on After One Week of Spoilers...anything change?
    I feel you man, my favorite color is black and I was hoping this set would give us the remaining pieces to make vampires playable. It could certainly still happen but as it stands they're giving the deck some difficult hoops to jump through, like needing double black on turn two in a two colored aggro deck, or fighting through a standard full of efficient green and white creatures. If we get more pieces on the level of stromkirk condemned and asylum visitor in black then mono colored may be viable, but it'd require them to print a strong one drop, like a 2/1 that flips into a 4/4 when you have no cards in hand. A 0 mana madness creature ala basking rootwala would also be amazing, but i doubt they have the balls to print something like that.
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  • posted a message on Innistrad Art Book Discussion
    Hmm, no mention of Runo Stromkirk? He might still get a card like Kalitas (who also wasnt mentioned much in the story), but given the hints in of flavor text, he'll likely be corrupted by Emrakul's influence instead of fighting alongside the planes protectors (ironic, considering the flavor text of Stromkirk Captain from last Innistrad). If that turns out to be the case then he'll probably be put down and Innistrad will have lost all of its vampire lords (assuming Edgar died during Nahiri's attack on Markov Manor).

    EDIT: As for Sorin, I've been unhappy with the direction they've taken his character this block as he seems to have lost all of his redeeming traits. It would have been nice if he somehow managed to redeem himself in the end, but as it stands I suppose this ending is more fitting as hes lost/abandoned everything dear to him. I wonder how Nahiri will react when she learns that both Zendikar and Innistrad were saved in spite of her? Denial spiraling into further insanity or self reflection leading to guilt?
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    As someone who frequently pays with black based deck featuring Lili I have to absolutely agree with those who are saying she is more essential than bolt. While bolt is quite good at what it does, it only ever represents a 1 for 1, and there are plenty of other 1 for 1 removal spells like it--the fact that junk exists as a top tier deck with a similar shell is evidence of this point. At three mana LotV is removal, hand disruption and a threat that must be dealt with before she ults (or if youre a creature deck, before she is able to -2 again). She is often a two for one and is good against many combo, creature and control decks--shes a wonderful balance of efficiency and versatility. Plus as a bonus: all of her abilities (and card typing when in the yard) work to feed goyf.
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  • posted a message on Shadows Over Innistrad General Discussion
    Quote from Glamdring804 »
    Quote from Cowabunga »
    Did you guys notice the change on the art of the Eldritch Moon that was showened in the announcement by wizards and the one in the back side of the tokens? the zombie that is on the left side of Liliana got a "tentacle"

    sorry for my english Weird

    Now that is interesting.

    Upon closer inspection Im pretty sure its just an arm. The fingers are there but they're hard to see unless you look closely.
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  • posted a message on Magic Story Articles Discussion: SOI & EMN [No Spoilers]
    I am chill. I just disagree with what felt like dismissing Jenrik's death. He had potential to be as relevant as Jori En, as an example. He grazed the spotlight and was killed, losing this potential. He went from irrelevant, as others once claimed, to his work being center stage, but was offed just as he was realized, and before he was represented on a card, for that work with Tamiyo. Even for what was a niche character on an upswing, that's disappointing.

    I'm a scientist. I'm naturally discovery-oriented and drawn to what is vague, mysterious or unknown - not what's obvious and common. It's part of my natural curiosity to be drawn to an enticing, poetic part of the lore. I liked that he was an astronomer too who shut away from the world to focus on studying his passions. Sounds like my life, and a very Blue trait. And I am very much Blue myself. Maro has stated people identifying with characters is an important part of why PWs are humanoid, and why they're diversifying the cast. It's an important aspect of novels, and of many storytelling mediums to connect with people.

    I don't really like the idea of shaming anyone for being invested in the game and lore. We're on MTGSalvation because we all care about this game in some way. As a Vorthos, I'm inclined to care more about the characters. There are parts of this forum where users spend $9,000 on a Black Lotus because they care more about playability. Well, this is my version of caring about what I do. To each their own. People cosplay their favorite characters from books, movies, shows. I just get a sense of "I know this is like the most disappointing thing in the game for you but like, stop overreacting."

    I can very much relate to this, I often find myself forming attachments to characters in media often and it adds to my enjoyment of the material. We can feel vicariously through the experiences of our favorite characters, fostering an empathic bond through validation, fraternity, association, etc. There's a particular kind of niche character Im drawn to because of how they remind me of someone who had a significant impact on my life. While I had no attachment to Jenrik personally, the manner in which this story played out I can see why you'd be upset. Its not just the death--yes having a beloved character die is unfortunate, but whats truly tragic is having a character die without their story being told. In your head you've already imagined countless possibilities this character encompasses based on the few juicy morsels of information given. Then, when they're finally brought center stage--the author kills them immediately and all the possibilities of who they are, who they were, and what role they might have in the story die in that moment. There is no catharsis as when a character has reached the end of their arc and has a "good" death, just dissatisfaction and emptiness.

    As for the story specifically: I hope we get some context on Tamiyo's reasoning for sending Jenrik to Markov Manor because I cannot fathom what either of them realistically intended to accomplish by going. The terror Jenrik felt (which Jace experienced through his lingering memories) seemed to suggest to me that he didn't intend for it to be a suicide mission. Does that mean they honestly expected to waltz into the vampires stronghold, sit down, have some coffee and discuss the contents of the journal with them? I would think anyone who has stayed on Innistrad for as long as I am to understand they have would know better than that. From this conclusion it then seems very unusual, calloused even, for Tamiyo to essentially send Jenrik to his death for nothing.

    On another note, Im really hoping the story isn't suggesting that Edgar died. I would hate for the progenitor of Innistrad's Vampires, the lord of the Markov bloodline to have died offscreen without a card or any story involvement.
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  • posted a message on Shadows Over Innistrad in Modern - Spoiler Discussion
    Quote from Ayiluss »
    Quote from bakgat »
    Is bygone Bishop really all that much better Mentor of the Meek?

    I think Mentor of the Meek is betterbecause it has lower cost of ability than Bygone Bishop has. 1 mana is important difference although there are more creatures with cmc 3 or less than the ones with power 2 or less (this is not that important than cheaper ability cost though).

    Each is situationally better than the other. Bygone Bishop is more mana intensive, but allows you to cash in its triggers when its most convenient (likely when you have run out of things to cast as opposed to while you're trying to cast them). Bishop also has a better body and flying. Id say the most important aspect of Mentor of the Meek is the fact that it can trigger off creatures entering play (as opposed to just being cast), so it synergizes more with Norin the Wary and token generators.
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  • posted a message on Shadows Over Innistrad in Modern - Spoiler Discussion
    Im interested in trying out Heir in an vampires list, ideally you'd turn 1 vampire lacerator, turn 2 Heir, turn 3 discard bloodghast to flip, then trigger landfall and play either Liliana of the Veil or Gatekeeper of Malakir and edict them
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  • posted a message on [Deck] LED Dredge
    I personally like the Abrupt Decay plan, when I ran nature's claims I found they often got forced, spell pierced or dazed. When running Abrupt Decay, at least if they aren't able to put a fast clock on me I can attempt to draw/cantrip to an answer. I suppose in a less blue saturated meta where your opponents have more wastelands than counterspells it'd be more reasonable to play a one mana answer. Though I must say my favorite way of fighting the hate is Cabal Therapy. Becoming acquainted with what hate is typically run by each archetype will help in giving you a slight edge in game 2.
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