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Ultimate Masters: MMI Review
  • posted a message on UBx Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Control
    @8bit9mm - I think your UB list looks good, specifically because it's trying to maximize antiquities war, which is an interesting take. The main deck Sai is nice, and I've always liked trinket mage a little more than I should. I think there are a couple changes I would make, because you're cutting down on copies of your best cards. I would suggest:

    +1 Whir
    +1 Foundry
    +1 Damping Sphere (maindeck)
    +1 Spellskite
    +1 Spire of Industry

    -1 Darksteel Citadel
    -2 Trinket Mage
    -2 Welding Jar

    Damping Sphere is just incredibly relevant maindeck in today's modern. And while Trinket Mage can be nice to tutor up a needle or an EE, honestly how many times wouldn't you simply prefer a whir or a Sai? And I've played enough matches where Jar is completely dead in game one to know that at most you really want is one.

    @Tears of Tomorrow - I like that you're deciding to stick with 4 fatal push, which will definitely help your burn and spirits matchups (I like battle more, but they each have their bonuses). What that means, however, is that you really don't need to rely on bridge as much. 4 copies with 4 push is way overkill on the creature defense front, and bridge in particular is nearly useless against burn. The truth is that Thopter + Sword is overall better than either one at defending against creatures turning sideways.

    Which brings me to a point that I try to hammer home: All pilots should play 4 thopter foundries. If I could play 8-9 copies of foundry, plus whir in my deck, I would play 8-9. They're the card that ALWAYS gets taken by your opponent with a discard spell, they countered, they get removed. Why play welding jars over more foundries when their main purpose is to protect your resolved thopter foundry? Games are usually won once foundry + sword come online, so a 4-4 or 4-3 split between the two I believe is optimum. The other point that I like to make is that Pentad Prism is a bad card for our gameplan, and shouldn't be played. Want to play mana rocks? Go ahead, Mind Stone will ramp you to Tezz on turn 3, and it will cantrip later in the game when you're trying to topdeck, and unlike prism, it will continue to provide valuable mana turn after turn when you're making thopters.

    The other card to include in your list, especially given your meta with Tron and Storm, is to play Damping Sphere maindeck. If Tron and Storm are as represented as you say, I would seriously play 2+ copies. Sphere alone, however, won't win against tron, which is why I'd also include an infinite token combo piece, like Krark-Clan Ironworks. Sphere buys you the time to assemble thopter, sword, and ironworks, especially if you needle oblivion stone. If you needle stone and play sphere, you basically have until turn 7 until they can do anything relevant.

    Finaly, I would up the land count to 20, and I think that's as simple as turning the expedition maps into 2 more lands.

    I know that's a lot of input, but I hope it helps, and good luck playing and enjoying Tezz!
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  • posted a message on Brewing Persistent Petitioners
    But every time I think of intruder alarm in this deck, I wonder if an untap effect like bell ringer isn't just practically better. Because you're racing to 4 activations, alarm will need to trigger on an opponent's creature plus your own to be worthwhile.

    EDIT: With a thrumming stone build, intruder alarm will probably make a resolved stone lethal if it whiffs after a few ripples.
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  • posted a message on UBx Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Control
    Wow, I have not had the same difficulty beating amulet titan post board. I name titan 100% of the time, and if that resolves, their 1-of Thar gets answered by thopter combo or battle at the bridge. When Thar resolves I'm typically around 18 life, so I get a few resolutions, which is usually just whir for the other combo piece. Sometimes Lili can minus to get him, too.

    The last time I played amulet titan, I Ego'd titan in games two and three, which made my opponent bemoan how OP Ego was.
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  • posted a message on The People's Pod
    Just kind of stopping by to check out how this deck is progressing (I kind of love all combo decks). One question, is there any reason why Village Bell-Ringer isn't used here? It doesn't have Exarch's tap-down ability, but since this combo is typically going off after a chord on the opponent's end-step, tapping down a removal land seems less relevant. And Bell-Ringer can untap all your mana dorks and potentially let you cast him and chord, or chord for him and then chord for something else?

    Just curious why he isn't in any lists.
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  • posted a message on UBx Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Control
    Yeah, Ego has been quite good. Makes storm SO much more manageable. Amulet Titan, too.
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  • posted a message on UBx Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Control
    Every time I think about reshape, I wonder why it would be better than fabricate. Fabricate costs 1 colorless more, doesn't require an artifact to sac, and the mana can be spread over two turns. Then, every time I think about fabricate, I think about muddle the mixture, which can grab either half of the combo, plus cards like abrupt decay from the board, AND can counter relevant spells like scapeshift, cryptic, and K command, and I remember why I play 2.
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  • posted a message on Brewing Persistent Petitioners
    Yeah, that's another valid route to take. Would certainly be a faster combo kill, but a little more fragile, given the stone needs to survive a turn, and you could whiff on the ripple trigger. How many petitioners would you have to play for ripple, I wonder? And would ramp that puts lands into play, like search for tomorrow, be better as it helps thin your deck?
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  • posted a message on Brewing Persistent Petitioners
    Really? 7-8 seems way low here. Those decks both play a bajillion cantrips to find those 8 enablers. And they both can "go off" once resolved, whereas you would want to resolve one early here, cause why not you have redundancy.

    Good find on To Arms.
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  • posted a message on Brewing Persistent Petitioners

    This baby already has the creative juices flowing on modern reddit, so I was hoping there would be some fun discussion and evaluation of how this card could work as a build-around deck.

    Keeping in mind you probably only need 4 activations of Petitioners (or their equivalent) to reach 48 mill (which given starting hand size and drawing should be lethal), I foresee a few possible ways to go:

    1. Straight-up Advisor tribal. This would focus on jamming out as many advisors as quickly as possible and using other cards for big mill payoffs. This deck would race to 4 mill-12's probably around turn 5 I'm guessing? This might include:
    • Minister of Inquiries. A 1-drop advisor that already has mill utility. This would be a 4-of because you really only need one Petitioner on the battlefield.
    • Mothdust Changeling. Another 1-drop advisor, but with limited utility. Still, it would probably be a 4-of.
    • Mutavault. Helps race to that first activation. Turn 1, 1-drop, turn 2 Petitioner, Turn 3 1-drop and activate mutavault.
    • Archive Trap. Mills 13, 'nough said.
    • Dramatic Reversal. With 4 advisors on board (assuming 1 Petitioner), this card reads 1U: Mill 12. Outside of this scenario, few other applications.
    • Village Bell-Ringer. Splashing white now, but the same effect as reversal only with a big-butt creature attached which probably makes it better.
    • Eerie Interlude. Also the same effect, but with some interesting utility. Allows you to dodge board wipes, and allows you to block with your team. Not sure which would be better between this and Bell-Ringer.

    2. Self-Mill into Rally the Ancestors. Rally on their end-step, get a relevant number of activations for lethal. This deck would probably let you play fewer creatures, and more utility spells, but would require more lands I'm guessing.
    • Self Mill cards. Not really sure which would be the best enablers. I like the idea of Jace, Vryn's Prodigy because you can cast rallies that were binned. Other options off the top of my head could be faithless looting, cathartic reunion, Search for Azcanta, Commune with the Gods, um...
    • Rally the Ancestors.
    • Intruder Alarm. Having this out would guarantee a lethal kill with rally, as getting 4 petitioners = 4 untap triggers and thus 60 mill.
    • Village Bell-Ringer. This guy would require a rally for X=3, but would reduce the chances of non-lethal rallys.

    3. Big Self-Mill into Unburial Rites and Angel of Glory's Rise. Mill yourself a lot, get to 4 mana with Unburial Rites and Angel in the yard to win instantly. The advantage here would be everything you need in your graveyard, the dis-advantage would be that the deck is way more graveyard dependent.

    There may be other options to enable Petitioners, but I personally like option 1 at first glance. It's potentially slower than the graveyard decks, but probably more consistent and harder to disrupt. A real difficulty is determining the correct number of petitioners, but that's part of what makes this deck fun to discuss. A first shot at a deck could look like:

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  • posted a message on UBx Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Control

    Yes please. That looks like it can do some serious work out of the board. Her plus Sai = value town.

    EDIT: Well, I spent the last 10 minutes trying to figure out how the original was posted in the spoilers thread so you could click on it for a larger image. SO here is the card:

    Priest of the Forgotten Gods 1B

    Creature - Human Cleric (R)
    T, Sacrifice two other creatures: Any number of target players each lose two life and sacrifice a creature. You add BB and draw card.
    The Orzhov are not the only religious tradition on Ravnica, nor the oldest.
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  • posted a message on Priest of Forgotten Gods
    Oh my god. That is going to do some work out of the board in Thopter Sword. Might even have to try that main.
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  • posted a message on [RNA] Revival // Revenge
    Should probably be a 1-shot with Sanguine Bond, while the first mode has utility in the mid game. Bad modern brew incoming...

    Edit: You gain life first, so you would drain and then the halving would happen, which wouldn't necessarily kill your opponent.
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  • posted a message on UBx Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Control
    That is exactly the conclusions I came to about Faithless Looting, dustycrumz, well put. You need SO many consistent sources of red to enable its turn-1 application, and the gold lands just don't do the job all the time. You need a certain number of reps with the deck to recognize this, gamed where you're siding out opals like you said, but its true. That's why serum visions is so powerful and consistent for us as a turn 1 play, which is ideally what you want your 1 drops to be doing.

    Now you can dedicate your manabase to have consistent red, which I've done. Play 4 Spirebluff Canals, plenty of fetches, etc. When I would put these lists together, however, I found that my main deck had 4 red symbols in them, and my sideboard a few more between wear//tear and aether grid. The 4 red symbols in the main were, of course, faithless looting, and that was it. Does that seem worth it? And the fact is that unless you have sword in hand, looting isn't performing up to its potential as we just don't want to bin anything else. I've played lists with 4 swords and 3 Steelshaper's Gift in an attempt to maximize looting, but the mana constraints were too great when you're trying to get W on turn one and R on turn 2, and have UUU by turn 3.

    So yeah, I have to agree that looting is a powerful spell that plays well with sword, but as an overall cantrip for our deck, doesn't have enough support to warrant the changed mana base.
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  • posted a message on UBx Tezzeret, Agent of Bolas Control
    Whatcha think about this as an alt wincon? Could swing for lethal turn 4 with active opal and probably 5 or 6 artifacts on the field. Even with 4 which is very plausible that's 12 power turn 4 swinging with 4 bodies.

    I think rampage of the clans is a cool win con, but maybe not for thopter/sword? If we have the combo, we aren't casting it, and we don't run as many artifacts that cantrip when destroyed as something like KCI.

    That said, I really want to brew with it. I'm thinking an ensoul artifact shell would be perfect for it to shine, and at the risk of getting off topic:

    Something like that would be fun. Ideal magic Christmas land scrnario: Turn 1 citadel and star, turn 2 ensoul it, play mox and play rancor swing 7 trample. Turn 3 swing again and cast rampage on their end step for 4 3/3s and draw a card and have rancor return to hand.
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  • posted a message on Rampage of the Clans
    If you had that enchantment that doubled the number of tokens you make, would you get twice the number of centaurs? Or would that effect end immediately when you resolve rampage of the clans?
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