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  • posted a message on [RNA] Leaked promo card
    Quote from thatmarkguy »
    I don’t think the English language one does (really hard to be sure on that photo at least). The Spanish one does - but so do past alt cost Spanish cards. Check out, say, the Spanish printing of Electrickery ( http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=456267 ) There’s a period after the cost before the reminder text.

    Think that’s just a translation formatting rule at play here.

    I hadn't considered the effect of translation or seen the English version. I agree with your points and concede that it is likely an alternate or additional cost.
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  • posted a message on [RNA] Leaked promo card
    Spectacle has a period at the end of the line. I'm fairly certain that, under normal formatting rules, that means it cannot be an alternate cost.

    It is an effect of the spell, and {R} is a variable in that effect. My current best guess is, since spectacles need spectators, "add {R} for each creature you control."

    Yes, "spectacle"is a wrong part of speech for a keyword action (they are normally verbs), but monstrosity did the same thing.
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  • posted a message on Translating Phyrexian Scriptures
    Quote from Omnirahk »
    Without any actual knowledge of the language itself, I'd bet either, 'Dark Ritual,' or , 'Phyrexian Scripture(s).'

    Definitely not the latter, as it doesn't include the word for Phyrexian, and I doubt the former, because even Phyrexians don't view their works as "dark". They're improving everything they touch!

    I saw a suggestion on Reddit that it might be something along the lines of "compleation" or "birth". I don't have a better guess, because that word doesn't bear any particular resemblance to a word we've seen before.
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  • posted a message on Translating Phyrexian Scriptures
    Listening to that, I'm questioning the value of the audio. You hear a similar phrase, which I'm going to laughably approximate as "dulwuhlWOYsha", near the middle of All Will Be One, as well. If the audio matches the Phyrexian text, that would imply some shared element at the start of each of these three phrases:

    'X:L'X:L| Z^OX:ENxOZ^N`| ZGXxX:Xx N*GMx| N"JM^LZ^
    TD^HZ^T^| 'ZOZO'ZGV| ~XvGD^N* Xv_^XxN*E N*GMx| OMxX^TT^GD^GN*

    Mind you, I'm hardly a linguist and have barely begun my study of the language. I may not be seeing a match that in fact exists, and I've yet to go through and thoroughly verify the transcripts.
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  • posted a message on Translating Phyrexian Scriptures
    Quote from void_nothing »
    We know that the Phyrexian's self-references are circumlocutions because in the New Phyrexia trailer, the word for Phyrexian is the same as the word for destroyer.
    Rather than "circumlocution", citrus_inferno, the author of the linked Reddit thread, described Phyrexian is a "highly agglutinative" language. Unlike English's noun phrases of multiple words, Phyrexian just staples words together. This Wikipedia page offers some extreme real-world examples; MxHX:D^LX:Xx'ZT^T^EN*FN* N^F_^Q'ZENv ~= "is-by-new-sources-powered" is a Phyrexian one.

    As for "destroyer", what are you seeing that I missed? The word for "perfect" or "Phyrexian" is ~X:GD^N*, and the word translated as "destroyer" at the end of New Phyrexia is T^L'X:TON*'Xv_^Z^FX^HMx
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  • posted a message on Translating Phyrexian Scriptures
    That will depend on first having more cards (or other media) printed in Phyrexian. Our least certain translations right now are of the dialogue in the Dark Discoveries comic, because those were given without an English equivalent adjacent.

    Especially after this latest episode, we've figured out a lot of the grammar and some key phrases, so we could make some reasonable guesses from context the next time they throw something at us. I've also gone and thrown all of this onto the wiki, along with de-extracting the various images that died to linkrot in the old thread.

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  • posted a message on Translating Phyrexian Scriptures
    The artist for the newly spoiled Phyrexian Scriptures, Joseph Meehan, has posted the art in high resolution. I know that there have been a variety of efforts, some here, to translate the script, which is known to be a complete, professionally developed conlang.

    Update: This thread makes a strong argument for the text being the flavor text for the Urza's Saga Dark Ritual, which attributes its quote to the Scriptures.

    Update: This transcription probably gets several diacritics? wrong, but it's enough to pick out some recognizable words using the older transcriptions:

    Top row

    First column
    Perfect world ??? ??????

    Second and third column
    MxNxLZ'Nx | V^J'Z"Z_HZ'Nx | V^JJZ'Z"THZ'GNx | V^T^_L_~Z*_ET | N^FD^QN*ET
    Grand/Great ??? (Father of machines? See fragment 19) ??? ???

    Fourth column
    N*V"HZxMv | MxNxLZ'NxZ^FMvMv | Z'FFN*ZxNvQZ'EZx
    ??? Grand/Great(something) ???

    Original tweet: https://twitter.com/JosephMeehanArt/status/973278822559830017/photo/1

    Transcription key as of post 145 of the previously linked thread (possibly outdated, newer reference post broken):

    The following transcriptions reference a compiled image that no longer exists, but at least some sources can be inferred from context (e.g. the promo Elesh Norn).
    'ZE_^Mx| T^HD^T^ MxNxL'ZNx A`KT^HZXx.
    Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite

    N^LV^Z" 'X:E'ZN* X:N*LV^XxD^.
    Legendary Creature - Praetor


    N*E| M:L_^_^| X^O| X^N*Q'X:Q_^N*| EN*O'X:EE'ZN* +2/+2 N^FXxLXvEX^.
    (present tense) Other our controlled creatures +2/+2 receive.
    Other creatures you control get +2/+2.

    N*E| X^O| ON*T^JJX^Ax| X^N*Q'XvE_^| N*E'X:EE'ZN* -2/-2 N^FXxLXvEX^.
    (present tense) Our opponents controlled creatures +2/+2 receive.
    Creatures your opponents control get -2/-2.

    N*E| X:HD^Z"ON*Xx| Z^FGXxN*| M:L_^_^X:ENxOOZ^N` N^F'ZFA`E'ZEXx.
    (present tense) Gitaxians [among themselves] other worlds whisper.
    The Gitaxians whisper among themselves of other worlds.

    ZL| Z^FFXxN*| X:OT^LT^ 'X:L'X:L| 'NL| ~X:GD^N*X:ENxOZ^N` 'ZEMxNxL'ZNx T^LX:GXx.
    If they exist, [we must/will] Perfect world's magnificence bring
    If they exist, we must bring Phyrexia's magnificence to them.

    ~XvGD^N* YJ'ZN".
    Perfect language
    Phyrexian (language)

    N*E| X^O| 'ZOX:GD^N*T^L~X:GT| N*E| V^T^E~X:HT
    (present tense) Our perfect work(now?) [flesh/is flesh/made flesh]
    We are perfection made flesh

    N*E| N*QXxMxLN|X^O| 'ZQC`FAx| N*E| X:OT^'ZGZ"| N*EN*O| 'N'X:EE'ZN*| MxOX:~NxLFEX:
    (present tense) (?) Our voice (to) (now) lost broken creatures [calls out]
    Our voice calls out to the lost and broken (creatures)

    N*E| NxQX^N*| N*VFN*GAx| Z^_^FX:| N"VFON*'XxENxQX^N*| 'ZQZ"'ZONxV
    (present tense) Death [they fear] even as immortality [we offer]
    They fear death even as we offer immortality

    'X:L'X:L| Z^OX:ENxOZ^N`| ZGXxX:Xx N*GMx| N"JM^LZ^
    (We must/will) this world's false skin flay
    flay the false skin of this world

    'ZQT| MxHX:D^LX:~X:GD^N"X:ENxGZ^N`| T^LXx_^GAx| X:D^EX:GZ^
    (to now/in future) new Perfect world face reveal
    to reveal the face of a new Phyrexia

    'ZQ| MxNxL'ZNxT^L'X:T| 'ZFFN*XxNvQ'ZE&
    (perfect tense) Great Work [has begun]
    The Great Work has begun

    'ZQ|MxHX:D^ X:Xx ~X:GD^N" X:ENxOZ^N` MxNxL'ZNxT^'X:FT| 'Xv_^ T^L~X:ET
    (perfect tense) Great New Perfect world Work [was made?]
    The Great Work of New Phyrexia is complete

    (present tense) Machine Orthodoxy mana? new sources power
    New sources of mana power the Machine Orthodoxy

    N*ETD^HZ^T^| 'ZOZO'ZGV| ~XvGD^N* Xv_^XxN*E N*GMx| OMxX^TT^GD^GN*
    (present tense?) Mirrodin heart Perfect race? skin [(beneath?) burns]
    Beneath the Phyrexian skin, the heart of Mirrodin burns

    (present tense) Body whole is (but /present tense/) whispers mind splinter
    The body is whole, but whispers splinter the mind

    V^JJ'ZZ"| TH'ZGNx| THAxEX^| 'X:L'X:L
    Machines Father come [will]
    The Father (of Machines) is coming

    Work unmaker (or 'Making undoer')
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  • posted a message on Looking for a playerbase article/analysis
    I recall, sometime within the last few years, someone did an analysis of the number of cards on the secondhand market, and used that to estimate the number of players throughout the game's lifetime. Can anyone recall and point me to that post?
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  • posted a message on Site Redesign Coming Soon!
    Seeing no better thread, I'll hop in here and offer some preemptive thoughts on the upcoming deck builder.

    Most importantly, the deck builder should incorporate new cards as soon as they're added to the spoilers here. Waiting until the next day or longer on other sites is intolerable. I want to brew when I'm excited by the new card - not next week.

    I hope it offers an efficient workflow for adding cards by name. Unless MTGS card search jumps to the efficiency of something like Scryfall or even Gatherer, I'll be searching for cards elsewhere. I want a deck builder that can take my selections and tally up the curve, color, and type distributions. It doesn't need robust search. Having dialogue boxes anywhere in the process is devastating. In other words, emulate Deckstats more than TappedOut.

    If the analysis can be performed in real time, excellent. If it refreshes the page at any point, the current page layout's massive header needs to be severely trimmed, at least on the deck builder's page.
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  • posted a message on MTG Salvation Wiki is changing its name
    Hi folks! The wiki crew has asked that MTGS and Gamepedia let us rename ourselves for the sake of being an open, credible resource outside of any particular community. Now, y'all are still invited, your logins still work, go ahead and keep editing! It's just a name change - same articles, same admins.

    And yes, there will be a redirect in place so as not to break any older links or bookmarks.

    The moment of truth is upon us, though, and we'd like to check that those of you who may be using, if not necessarily editing, the wiki have a say in the new address. Much of the admin team has already formed a consensus, but some new voices won't hurt.
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  • posted a message on Seeking primary sources for Rabian lore
    Ah, Duelist. Thank you for that archive link, I wasn't sure where to start trying to find something like that!
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  • posted a message on Seeking primary sources for Rabian lore
    Hey folks! I've been working on some of the so-called "pre-revisionist" articles over on the wiki. I recently rewrote the Arabian Nights comic article into a more matter-of-fact summary, and I'm now working on some of the articles that are or were within a few links' distance of that article.

    For many articles detailing these older stories, source information is approximately non-existent. That brings me here, hoping for guidance for tracking some of this down. Currently, I'm seeking information on any of the following. For wiki sourcing, forum threads (here or otherwise) are far from ideal, because post editing and moderation make them ephemeral, and the standing of individual posters is generally unknowable. Popular blogs or Youtube channels, or Mothership articles, are preferred.

    • Where was the Thousandfold Refraction of Rabiah named? The comic mentions the "thousands" of planes of "Rabiah the Infinite" in several places, but I cannot find a mention of the Refraction.
    • Who was Fatima, and where was she named?
    • The article for Bassorah mentions a pair of characters not seen in the comic, Bird Maiden Fyrah and Nomad Pakhit. Where is their story told?
    • Secondary sources discussing the Arabian Nights comic.
    Additionally, I'm seeking any sources for the "revision" in general, and specifically that term. I've found this old thread, and even spoken with Pete Venters via email, and come no closer to having an adequate source to justify the widespread use of the term throughout the wiki. If such cannot be found, the usage of the term will likely be greatly reduced as I go through, although I intend to keep at least the single article discussing the topic.
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  • posted a message on Most turn 1 damage in a deck with no infinite combos
    Hey folks! Would any of you be interested in writing an article on this combo on the wiki? I think it would make for a fun read, if someone is willing to actually write out in plain English how each layer of the combo functions.
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  • posted a message on But where is it on the Storm Scale? New Reference Page!
    Quote from JovianHomarid »
    I tried to add:
    Fetchlands were rated a 3 in 2013. [1]Since then, the Onslaught fetchlands were reprinted in Khans of Tarkir.

    With the citation to: http://markrosewater.tumblr.com/post/42790318550/i-havent-seen-this-question-answered-yet-so-if

    I then got the message:
    This action has been automatically identified as harmful, and therefore disallowed. If you believe your action was constructive, please inform an administrator of what you were trying to do. A brief description of the abuse rule which your action matched is: Global AF - disallow certain words

    Hey there! Sorry it took me so long to notice this post. I want to thank you for bringing this up because some of those block filters are definitely being overly aggressive, and I'll bring that up with the Gamepedia staff.

    For your situation specifically, you were actually hitting two block filters simultaneously, and the more relevant one is New user adding link at end or in heading. You were trying to submit the following:
    * [http://magiccards.info/query?q=scalding+tarn&v=card&s=cname Fetchlands] were rated a 3 in 2013. <ref>[http://markrosewater.tumblr.com/post/42790318550/i-havent-seen-this-question-answered-yet-so-if]</ref>Since then, the Onslaught fetchlands were reprinted in Khans of Tarkir.

    Ultimately, the problem was that you were trying to add an external link without an account. If you sign in (the wiki should use your Curse ID!), you shouldn't have any problems. You could also link to another wiki page, instead of an outside page, with double square brackets. So, instead of linking out to magiccards.info, you could link to [[Fetchlands]].

    Again, sorry for the hassle and the delay!
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  • posted a message on But where is it on the Storm Scale? New Reference Page!
    Hey folks! Since Maro started answering questions about it back in 2012, the Storm Scale has been a popular means of trying to second-guess upcoming set mechanics, and several persons have put together compilations of Storm Scale ratings. However, these projects are generally exhausting to compile, and rely on the effort of a single editor to maintain.

    I'm happy to unveil a new such compilation over on our Wiki. As a wiki page, with open source and editing permissions, this iteration on the concept should be easy to keep up to date. To further improve the ease of maintenance, this page uses a specialized template (documented here) that will automatically update the most recent Storm Scale values as new references are added.


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