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  • posted a message on fate reforged: new khan speculation.
    So after looking through the new set of spoliers I'm really interested in what wizards are planing to do for the rest of the new khans. Seeing as wizards are going to make each khan their primary mono colors and then each have mana abilities that are in their two supporting colors, but the ability is a shared ability of only those two colors. Ex; the temur khan. He his mono green with trample with is common with green, BUT he has a ability to steal his opponents creatures for the rest of turn. Which is not a common thing green would do. SO with knowing that it makes me wonder what the other possible khans could be.
    Does anyone have any ideas on what each khans abilities could be?

    so far khans:
    Temur: trample, with a UR creature stealing.

    my theories:
    Mardu: haste, BW ability that exiles a permanent of some sorts.
    Sulai: deathtouch, UG ability of tapping permanents for mana
    Jeskai: hexproof, RW ability of possibly copying a creature
    Azban: lifelink, BG ability of some type of graveyard recursion

    would love to see if any one has any other ideas or speculations on this, or even have any critics on my theories.
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  • posted a message on pokemon magic cards
    I agree Thought criminal. If its going to be within the magic realm of five colors, I don't think you can choose a Pokémon's color based on its type, rather its colors would be based on its attributes.

    for example Bulbasaur, it is a grass/poison Pokémon yet if it were a green/black creature it wouldn't feel like a Bulbasaur any more because the differences in how green and black are in magic, and how Bulbasaur is in the game/anime.

    and also normal type Pokémon cant all be colorless or even same color, because (in my opinion) I see for example, pidgy more of a white Pokémon and rattata more of a black Pokémon due mainly because one is a rat (which is blacks creature type) and the other is a bird (which is mainly white or blue). both of them are normal type Pokémon, but because of how/what they are it wouldn't make much sence if they were the same color.
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  • posted a message on pokemon magic cards
    okay first of all thank you both so much for the feedback and the advice, its greatly appreciated Grin

    yeah I didn't think they were very compatible with most mtg cards, hence why I'm asking for some advice. I have only played standard so far. so I'm not very knowledgeable on how cards play in limited, modern, etc. Or with how a game goes, plays along, and what would go well with/in them, basically any card before Innistrad (that's when I first started to get into the game).

    but oh okay so basically make the cards abilities more simple, and as they evolve make them stronger? sounds good. and as these are only the first three starter Pokémon it doesn't really give you a good example on how the other cards will run (I purposely made them stronger than normal). I'm not planning to make it seem as EVERY evolution will be a rare or mythic to make to where players wont be able to get/afford them (if they were real cards in a pack) but just the ones that were the hardest to obtain in the real Pokémon card game, such as Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise.

    yeah I understand how players would get discouraged to see their Pokémon with a disadvantage and then not show them something to make up for it
    so thank you for the "weakness/resistances" idea.
    and yes I know about how reminder text works that was my plan to have a few Pokémon with that reminder text then to have others with just the keyword only, thank you though.
    and yeah I completely spaced out on when I worded the "for half the mana cost" then made the last evolutions three colorless and three colored, that was my bad Tongue

    thank you again for the advice I will go back and revise them to make them simpler and easier to use and hopefully more in tune with magic.

    p.s. can you please explain on how to add images to this, I cant seem to find a page that explains it fully, and I would like to show off the ones I have created so far after the revisions.
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  • posted a message on pokemon magic cards
    so I'm a huge fan of Pokémon and of magic so I've been thinking of ways to try to combine them together somehow when I came across some people on here make Pokémon magic cards and thought it was brilliant, however after reading peoples cards I never got that "Pokémon feel" from them. they were always either magic cards with Pokémon themes or vise versa.

    so I decided to start making cards of my own, trying to not make a magic or Pokémon set but almost cards of their own (if they could be changed slightly to be usable in current magic games (nothing competitive) that would be great Smile

    I have the first nine Pokémon done from the first generation (Bulbasaur - Blastoise). I'm trying to stay within the first 151 Pokémon, and if this set goes according to plan and work fluidly, I might move on to doing the other generations.

    until then, thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy Pokémagic!! Grin

    any advice, comments, or cards you would like to compare to how you think the cards should run would be greatly appreciated.

    Ivysaur :2mana::symg::symg:
    Level up, :1mana::symg:
    Weak Red
    if you control a level 3+ Bulbasaur you may sacrifice it and play Ivysaur for half its mana cost
    level 1-2;:1mana::symg: Body slam (Flip a coin. if you win the flip tap target creature until end of turn)
    level 3+;:1mana::symg::symg: Over grow (other green creatures get +3/+3 until end of turn)

    Charmeleon :2mana::symr::symr:
    Level up, :1mana::symr:
    Weak Blue
    if you control a level 3+ Charmander you may sacrifice it and play Charmeleon for half its mana cost
    level 1-2;:1mana::symr: Blaze (Charmeleon gets +2/+0 for each red creature you control)
    level 3+;:1mana::symr::symr: Solar power (Charmeleon gets +2/-2 until end of turn)

    Wartortle :2mana::symu::symu:
    Level up, :1mana::symu:
    Weak Green
    if you control a level 3+ Squirtle you may sacrifice it and play Wartortle for half its mana cost
    level 1-2;:1mana::symu: Rain dish (target creature gets +0/-2 for each blue creature you control)
    level 3+;:1mana::symu::symu: Swim (Prevent all damage dealt to Wartortle. during your next combat phase, it deals damage equal to its power to target creature)

    Venusaur :3mana::symg::symg::symg:
    Level up, :1mana::symg:
    if you control a level 3+ Ivysaur you may sacrifice it and play Venusaur for half its mana cost
    level 1-2;:1mana::symg::symg: Outrage (Venusaur deals damage equal to its power to target creature or opponent at random)
    level 3+;:3mana::symg::symg: Frenzy plant (Deal damage to target creature equal to the number of forests you control

    Charizard :3mana::symr::symr::symr:
    Level up, :1mana::symr:
    if you control a level 3+ Charmeleon you may sacrifice it and play Charizard for half its mana cost
    level 1-2;:1mana::symr::symr: Outrage (Charizard deals damage equal to its power to target creature or opponent at random)
    level 3+;:symtap::1mana::symr::symr: Blast burn (Deal damage equal to number of mountains you control to target creature or player. Charizard doesn’t untap during your next untap step)

    Blastoise :3mana::symu::symu::symu:
    Level up, :1mana::symu:
    if you control a level 3+ Wartortle you may sacrifice it and play Blastoise for half its mana cost
    level 1-2;:1mana::symu::symu: Skull bash (Blastoise gets +0/+4 until end of turn)
    level 3+;:3mana::symu::symu: Hydro pump (Deal damage to target creature equal to the number of islands you control

    oh and once a Pokémon levels up it doesn't loose its earlier abilities, meaning that even though is level 3 it can still use its level 0-2 abilities.
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