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  • posted a message on Countersliver
    Thanks for all of your recent posts mambosong!

    I am more of a forum follower than a contributor but will try and post my legacy Slivers deck for feedback as it is my only legacy deck and I love the archetype.

    I don't currently play the version of CounterSliver with black in it for Hibernation Sliver.
    And I am following the testing of Sylvan Library and Shardless Agent with interest. Based on your recent results fewer Agents is better.

    Would you mind posting some examples of where the Hibernation ability is/has been crucial?
    Specifically it would be which slivers are worth the life loss to save. I am assuming the Galerider, a Crystalline and a lord.

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  • posted a message on [Deck] UBx Mill
    Hi guys.

    I'm new to MTGS but have been watching this thread with interest as a huge Mill fan.

    Is anyone willing to share a current decklist including sideboard with any improvements/changes to the Azazel deck?

    I can see:

    -3 Augur of Bolas
    +3 Peer through Depths

    I'm liking the idea of -1 Swamp, +1 Overgrown Tomb, -1 Island, +1 Breeding Pool to run Nature's Claim in the sideboard to deal with Leyline.

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