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  • posted a message on Skred Red
    Quote from natesroom »
    HOly crap another piece that might be well worth a look, Planebound Accomplice
    erm holy crap and might be well worth a look are kinda different things
    He looks bad to me, 1/2 for 3. If you have a planeswalker in hand you can use his super ability to put walker on the battlefield and say farewell to him end of turn
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Quote from ardillacody »
    Dregscape Sliver along with Darkheart Sliver can really be an interesting combination to take in mind.

    Lavabelly Sliver for me looks like a sideboard creature for burn matchups also.

    And the most glorious sliver: The First Sliver can let us cascade almost to anything, even Collected Company and Cascade two time more, at least.
    Collected slivers will not have cascade
    I like black sliver the most, but he is not an auto inclusion
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Modern Prices Discussion
    Fetchlands are expensive and should be reprinted
    Wotc doesnt care and does what it wants to do
    They will reprint them sooner or later but we dont know when
    Today is not the best time to buy them for sure, they are high
    But you can wait reprint half year or year and they will just get more expensive while you need them for your deck now
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Shamanism
    Quote from maniospas »
    First time posting while lurking here, but I do want to comment.

    My opinion is that Domri as a better Judith, because a) it's pseudo-removal and b) a boltable anthem is not very impressive in modern. (Also, it shouldn't theoretically matter, but since this is kind of a budget archetype for the time being, getting a Cavern effect without the $$$ is nice.)

    Command is interesting, but it's a win-more finisher that boosts speed a little vs combo; not committing to the board with a creature deck seems very unappealing in modern, since there are a ton of ways opponents can just grind games out. Playing some value engine that can get more creatures in the last noncreature slots (e.g. Light up the Stage?) creates more staying power, which in my opinion is more important.

    P.S. Has anyone of the more experienced players in this thread tried maindecking Goblin Ruinblaster? I've found 2 copies to be pretty amazing (enough that I'm up to 3, but this could be a mistake without a means to accelerate it other than Banneret) since it's often timewalk with more mana but upside in the more difficult matchups.
    Command is a pure tempo card so it has it advantages and disadvantages. In my opinion tempo is more important in shamans because with speed we maintain ability to win games, if we put in card advantage over tempo card we generally lose because now our speed is not enough to win and our card advantage is also not enough to grind games out.

    I played Goblin Ruinblaster main, it was ok, but in the end I removed him because:
    he isnt great at our main plan - aggro
    he is a 4 drop, which can be problematic, we dont have much slots for cards this expensive
    sometimes he is great killing a tron land at t3 or destroying a land in greedy manabase, sometimes he is blank because he is slow and land destruction is irrelevant. So he is more a sideboard material, in main we want cards that are always good
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Shamanism
    Quote from D90Dennis14 »
    Do you think that Domri is better than Atarka's Command in this deck ?
    Command is a very good card here imo, we want to be fast.
    Domri is kinda meh
    +1/0 is good but 3 mana..
    other abilities are very narrow to the point of only being sideboard material
    giving mana on third turn is not an acceleration, its deceleration,
    uncounterability is meh, very narrow and we have Caverns
    fighting is not for shamans, most of the times our creatures are weaker than opponents'. Sideboard vs Infect and Affinity? Doesnt sound great
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Why play Root Maze? It slows you down two times more than your opp. You spend a card and mana to put it, then it makes your lands come into play tapped. For your opp it only makes lands come into play tapped. Its hard to cast, only 10 sources in your list, 4 of them can already be 'empty'. I can understand playing without Caverns, shocks and fetches for budget reasons, but without 4x Galerider Sliver list becomes not interesting to comment. Also your list with poor manabase will benefit strongly from 4x Adaptive Automaton
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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    I actually think if we're open to splashing that Despark is the most exciting card in the set aside from Davriel. It's a single card that simultaneously deals with both leyline as well as the card advantage walkers that give us trouble like Jace and Teferi with a bit of utility in being useful against some creatures. I've played anguished unmaking in the past when I was splashing white and I think that this is generally going to be better when we want it, although I'm unconvinced that boarding to go after the leylines is ever going to be better than delirium skeins which was the direction I eventually settled on.
    Despark is bad, this is Modern, people dont want to play expensive cards here. Its dead 90% of the time
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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    GP decklist

    The list for sure is adapted to beat meta with a lot of Dredge and Phoenix, thats why Bojuka Bog and 3 Raven's Crime. Tron hate is also big here with 2 Fields main and 3 Spheres, 2 Fulmninator side (btw Amulet was one of the best matchups for 8Rack, im like 10-0 games vs it.)

    Choices that concern me
    Nezumi side. Unuseal choice, I dont see him as strong sb card as he is narrow, slow and fragile. In side I'd prefer Dark Confidant, Delirium Skeins or Scepter of Fugue
    4 Collective Brutality, maybe with Bridge this becomes one of the best card, but Im not sure its that good. Without Bridge even its inclusion in maindeck is questionable as its great only in very few matchups and meh in many
    2 Dakmor Salvage, afaik that land is only for minicombo with Raven's Crime which is at 3. I think gain from a single Dakmor is already marginal to the point of being personal preference, but second is a lot
    2 Urborgs. 4 is standard, I understand 3, but imo there is almost nothing to gain going to 2, only lose consistency, though this rack list has lower requirements for black (but 6 colorless sources!)
    3 Ravens Crime. maybe thats a worst meta for Crime but imo Racks should play 4 to minimize loses to mana flood.
    I wanted to say this sideboard lacks tools vs Aggro and Burn in particular but with 4 Brutalities main and only 1 Thoughtseize this should be good vs aggro, a nice strat to free sideboard space.

    I like a more aggressive stance here as usual approach of trading cards stopped to work imo, its became too hard to play fair
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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    8Rack top9 Grand Prix Yokohama https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/1829930#paper
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Shamanism
    59% to hit 4 lands on t4
    76% to hit 3 lands on t3
    Lead the Stampede hits 2.7 creatures
    Coco 1.92 creatures
    Coco is instant
    Coco puts 2 creatures into play the same moment

    I dont know whats better, I like Coco more because of more flexibility due to instant speed and more momentum due to 2 creatures to the battlefield (Lead puts 0!)
    If you are in a grindy game vs Jund, Lead is better, otherwise I think Coco is better. Maybe shouldnt play 4 because double Coco without lands is tough.
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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    I didnt play Davriel maybe you are right and he is too slow
    Nezumi is definitely slow and fragile, he does everything we want, but he does it bad
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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    Quote from Marcovitch »
    in my pov, davriel is a budget liliana of the veil.
    of course it does all what the deck needs, but it brings nothing that our deck is missing (to level up our MU vs tron for example).
    your goal with that deck is to discard the hand of your opponnent down to 0 as quick as possible, and to maintain it.
    Well thats not quite right
    8rack is somewhat a combo deck. It wants discard AND rack its opponent. One doesnt work without the other.
    Thats a common scenario: bogles and auras, Angel's Grace and Ad Nauseam, Tron lands and payoffs
    By using Davriel we higher counts on both setup and payoff cards, so we lower probability of fail.

    Especially vs Tron we cant let them draw cards and just uptick Lili. Eventually they will assemble tron and hit their huge threats we cant handle. We need to close game fast.
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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    Grafdigger's Cage stops Raven's Crime
    Thats not a reason to not play this card, but usually people choose sideboard cards that go well with maindeck
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Quote from dudu »
    Just played a 18 people tournament today. Went 3-2 and on top 8 lost to affinity. Lost to martyr proc(impossible matchup) and company with reliquary and colerahelm combo (he settled the wreckage my letal attack on g2 x.x). Won against budget hollow one, mono green stompy and humans. I played homing sliver main deck and it won me games against humans (fetch for galerider) and stompy. I’m a little desappointed with the deck in current meta, almost every deck is good against us. I’m thinking to try fast slivers instead the company, as my field is aggro, this version might be better, not sure.
    If you want to try fast slivers, go with my build. Most of the times people do it wrong and then say Fast Slivers dont work. That being said dont expect it to be super deck, it can be good for some metagames but Im not sure it is now, fundamentally its not a hard deck to handle - we rely on tapping creatures sideways and have very little disruption

    Interesting, what makes you think Martyr is a bad match-up? I have never lost a martyr match, a few games yes but never a match.
    Because Slivers arent fast enough and dont have much disruption, Martyr can pull slivers into late game with champ blocks, life gain, removal, wrathes and prevent damage combo. There it wrathes the board and gains massive card advantage via its engines.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] UBx Mill
    Quote from Daeyel »
    So whyn't you run Phantasmal Image?
    The most important thing, Image doesnt work without a creature on the battlefield. So if you dont draw Crab or it gets removed you get a blank card.
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