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  • posted a message on Don Krenko, Combo Goblins
    I want to make a Krenko deck
    Looking at lists I was puzzled why people play Blasphemous Act
    Why would anyone play Wrath in a deck which wants to overwhelm opponents with creatures, half of the deck being creatures?
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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    Quote from Sr_Dralnu »
    Quote from Dizi »
    Thks a lot for yours feedback both of you.
    Now I have a doubt. I do not know if I splash white or if I invest in the mono black with 2 or 3 lili to replace Davriel ...
    ( I do not have the W cards yet )

    List of the last night local meta :

    1 Amulet titan
    1 Bant eldrazi
    1 WB Pikula
    1 Spirit stoneblade
    1 Mono W eldrazi
    1 RG valakut
    1 Goblins
    1 10 rack
    1 Bant stoneblade
    1 Bant soulherder
    1 G tron
    1 U faeries
    2 Jeskai stoneblade
    1 UW Spirit
    1 Jund

    I made changes on the deck following your advice,
    It could be cool this way I must tray it on untapin.


    Here is my decklist if you want to take some ideas:


    Next Sunday there is a big competition in my local store. I will tell you how my 10-racks did it.
    Did you use Ghost Quarter before? Imo it's pretty weak in 8Rack, good vs Tron, but not worth it to run main because color requirements are high. Also I'm not a fan of Liliana's Triumph, imo it's win-more, I would prefer versatility of Funeral Charm or power of Wrench Mind
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  • posted a message on Skred Red
    Perilous Myr is a joke. Its kinda 3/3 artifact defender for 2. Very narrow and not so powerful.

    I didnt play Arcum's Astrolabe but I like it. There was something missing playing Mind Stone on t2 and passing with mana but nothing to play with it. With Relic of Progenitus losing its value we can replace some with AA. Also we can add more utility lands and not worry about missing red mana. Thining a deck is also good. And pumping Skred

    New dragon Opportunistic Dragon can be nice for Dragon Skred, I never liked Thunderbreak Regent and Verix Bladewing was kinda slow
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Who do you think is better Dregscape Sliver or Unsettled Mariner?
    How is Gemstone Mine performing? Canopy lands? Ziggurat?
    Also could you accumulate more data before posting please. With 2-3 matches per post it will take a full page before we get to reliable statistics
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  • posted a message on How to determine if a trigger is missed
    So the answer is "there is no way to do it"?
    My question is about a trigger that has no choices, has no visual effects on resolve or on going into stack etc if this is not obvious
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  • posted a message on How to determine if a trigger is missed
    How do I determine if a trigger is missed by my opponent without reminding him?
    Lets say he has a creature that has "When this attacks alone, it gets indestructible until end of turn"
    Creature attacks alone and I want to block or not depending on whether it has indestructible or not
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    only playable in builds with fetches AND mana slivers
    still hard to cast, but effect is powerful to make room for a pair in sideboards
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Pelt Collector, Dryad Militant and Hexdrinker are non humans but I doubt Wildborn Preserver is a good choice. Flash and Reach are mostly irrelevant. He is a manasink, ok, but bad t2 play if you have t3, t4 plays for all your mana. Compared to Avatar Of The Resolute, Barkhide Troll, Strangleroot Geist, Scavenging Ooze he is only this powerful as Ooze and the latter is already more of a meta call, btw Ooze is a manasink and grows too and has a nice ability.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Chalice build is meta dependant, with Phoenix gone from top positions it is weaker for sure
    Chalice is good against Death Shadow, Infect. Semi good vs Whirza, Affinity, Storm, Ad Nauseam. I cant say its even semi good vs Burn, its playable, but Burn is fast and supposedly already played its threats before you want to counter them with Chalice. Now it even hedges its Bolts with another 3 cmc spell.
    In my opinion Chalice is more of a sideboard card now. In many matchups it doesnt do much and without much interaction we just need to be fast, meaning more 1 drops which are not going well with Chalice.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Interesting list
    I think its better with 21 lands to make t2 Chalice more reliable
    Necrotic is kinda weak at 20 lands with no mana slivers
    First Dregscale should be good, 4th - weak
    Horizon lands I think are not that great, we have a lot of mana sinks

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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    I think deck's concept is weak right now. All these decks that WANT to have some cards in the graveyard.. Usual card advantage game doesnt apply to them, so 8Rack is not functional against them.
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  • posted a message on Skred Red
    How is Skred going nowadays? With 4x Relics main it can be good at hosing these graveyard strategies going rampant. Last time Skred made a splash in a similar situation - it wasnt played much and Dredge was played much, so Skred came out winning those unprepared people and grave decks.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Quote from patbou_clone »
    For those of you who like numbers, I’ve run 100.000 simulations of two different decks, just to test keepable hands : my deck with 4 Virulents and 16 lands, and another with 2 Automaton and 2 Ziggurats instead. Surprisingly, the deck with 16 lands and more Weenies was more keepable than the one with 18 lands, and by a wide margin... 78% vs 63%, if I recall correctly.
    I bet a build with 18 lands has more win percentage than 16 lands. And your algorithm for keepable hands is most probably flawed) Playing one 1-drop per turn is a road to defeat.
    No one plays 16 lands in Modern for a reason
    And this deck is no exception, yes it wants to play 1 drops, but its power comes from 2 drops, which is a problem at 16 lands (2 cmc mana dork is not a solution)
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Quote from BbearZ »
    My initial interpretations of Hexdrinker and Barkhide Troll were incorrect. We should definitely test them out. We have to either cut lands or Steel Leaf Champion or a mixture of both for them though.

    Also Veil of Summer is an auto include as a 2-3 of in the sideboard- maybe 4 of. The only reason not to is your specific meta doesn't have blue or black.
    I dont see Veil of Summer as great card in theory. Whats its ceiling? You 2-for-1 them, saving one of your janky creatures. Im not sure such card advantage is even good vs decks that want to grind, grinding is their game, they will outplay you if you give them time. Not to mention you have hexproof, pumps, undying and regeneration, so another hexproof can be superfluous. Its floor being a blank card you cant use, because blue and black decks dont pack much removal and counterspells these days. Overall I think thats a weak sideboard card. If I want to grind Id be happier with Kitchen Finks, aside from 2-1 it can deal damage and kill planeswalkers, more synergic with our pumps and gains life. Also not only applicable vs blue and black.
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