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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Shamanism
    Thats an aggro deck, it wants to play creatures t1, not discard. Also black is only a light splash here
    If you play discard, then Rage Forger, Judith, the Scourge Diva and overall aggro plan becomes a lot worse
    Then you should replace them with Tarmogoyfs and then you are building Jund
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 21/01/2019)
    Quote from Sephon19 »
    I think they should have been more cautious printing Skewer the Critics. It's definitely upped Burn's power significantly. I'm unsure what the correct costing should have been, however. Instant with nonspectacle cost of 3R? Burn thread says it's cast for R about 80% of the time, and with that rate, 2R is fine to pay for it every once in a while. Another issue is that I'm unsure what to ban from Burn if it runs out of control. Probably Eidolon?
    I think Burn cant run out of control. Its very one-dimensional and easily counterable. If it gets to high meta percentage people will use more lifegain and Burn will fall. I think Burn, Affinity and Dredge are all very good decks to be t1-t2 forever and at the same time they are self-balancing because they are easy to counter.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Shamanism
    I like this list
    It has good manabase, curve and mana sinks
    I like it has a lot of 1-of, 2-of and 3-ofs, looks like a tuned list with a thought and practice put into it
    Sideboard also looks solid
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 21/01/2019)
    Quote from idSurge »
    Quote from Timba »

    I have to say that Stirrings has restrictions on card colors, not types to make this conversation look sane.

    Its not a relevant deck building restriction any more than CoCo or Azcanta have restrictions. Artifacts, Lands, Creatures, Spells and Planeswalkers. Stirrings can find those card types, based on a colourless restriction that is, based on its inclusion in multiple tier 1 archetypes, irrelevant.
    Yes CoCo and Azcanta are good comparisons as restrictions and while Stirrings costs 1, Coco is a instant card advantage and Azcanta is huge card advantage. I agree with wizards the restriction is real, to make Stirrings work you need a green heavy (to enable t1-t2 Stirrings) and colorless deck at the same time. When they say restriction, I think they compare it something like Ponder which doesnt have restrictions at all.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 21/01/2019)
    Quote from idSurge »
    Quote from 13055 »
    I mean, technically it's the truth. The restriction is to lands, which make up a third of your deck, and Artifacts, the most broken card type, oh and certain Planeswalkers that you definitely shouldn't be able to cast on T3. You can't run Stirrings in a Green Stompy list, but technically Ponder/Preordain could be used in any deck that ran Blue.

    I really dont like the 'restrictions' arguement.

    Tron - Colourless Walkers, Creatures, Lands, Artifacts.
    G Affinity - Creatures, Lands, Artifacts.
    RG Eldrazi - Creatures, Lands, Spells!
    Lantern - Lands, Artifacts
    KCI - Lands, Artifacts
    Colourless Eldrazi - Lands, Artifacts, Creatures

    In a non-rotating format, the restriction of Lands, Artifacts, some of the most pushed creatures of all time, spells (Devoid) and Walkers cast outside of curve?

    Those are not meaningful restrictions.

    I have to say that Stirrings has restrictions on card colors, not types to make this conversation look sane.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 21/01/2019)
    I just don't get the logic of comparing SFM, a Legacy staple 2 drop, with Ancestral Vision, Bitterblossom, Sword (all fringe playables at best in Legacy) or even worse comparing it with 4 mana cards.
    Modern is not legacy. If you dont understand try to find Delver in modern
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  • posted a message on [Deck] UBx Mill
    What if you dont draw Day's Undoing? All your Tormod's Crypt and Leylines are blank 80%-90% of times
    What if you dont draw your gravehate? Day's Undoing is undoing all your mill work.
    Day's Undoing doesnt reset your life totals and opps board. Thats just a gift to an aggro deck.
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Shamanism
    Im completely sold there. I want to see a good shaman 1drop before I invest in the lands and the black cards. But what are we playing green for other than burning tree shaman? Rix Madi Reveler already makes a better visionary to refuel
    I see 21 green cards in my list. And 2 green man lands. Deck without green would be a complete rework. Find 20 substitutes and we can compare two lists.
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  • posted a message on 8Rack
    Quote from Num »
    Hello fellow rackers
    As the primer says, 8rack is an highly customizable shell. So I went ahead and wanted to build a creature heavier version... This is the list I play-tested in a recent FNM:

    There were 20 opponents in the FNM and I ended up losing in the semi-finals.
    The star was Smuggler's Copter to get more value out of "enter the battlefield" rats such as Burglar Rat or Rotting Rats.

    The only addition in the list above from the deck I used at the FNM is Chittering Rats. I found that depite all the discard rats, some opponents kept lands in hand to wreck the main plan. I thought that Chittering Rats could be a way out (unless they fetch), while comboing with the other rats and copter. Although Wrench Mind could also work...

    I lost in semi-finals against Burn, which was just too good at top-decking... Do you think I should consider Funeral Charm as an instant speed discard? It also gives swampwalk to the pumped up Pack Rat. Alternatively, Aether Vial could instant cast rats in this setup to discard in the draw phase or crew copters. Another play I see with the vial is cycling with copter and vialing a rat in before the damage phase to pump a pack rat... Or vial a Pack Rat in and double it for just 3 mana

    I'm open to any suggestion. This is not meant to be a budget deck, just a creature/tribal rat twist on 8Rack.

    Id definitely get rid of Ghost Quarter, Mutavault and Swarmyard are much better in rats deck. Id rise colorless land count to atleast 6 because deck is not very hungry for black. Maybe even 8.
    Id definitely use Ravenous Rats it looks like what we are looking for
    I dont like Rotting Rats very much, its equal effect makes it soso.
    Chittering Rats is also a bit expensive for its effect.
    Smuggler's Copter does nothing on its own and is not essential for our strategy so Id cut 1-2 copies.
    Funeral Charm is a versatile card, all modes seem relevant, it can be ok
    Vial is most likely bad here
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Shamanism
    Quote from Rendroc »
    Timba failed to see all the singleton cards in the sideboard that can be fetched with Chord of Calling if need be. And the main plan of Chord is just to get more Rage Forgers.

    The first list is probably more competitive, so I'd recommend that list. I would recommend staying away from high variance, and low-impact cards like Wolf-Skull Shaman.
    Sideboard doesnt justify Chord of Calling here.
    Lets say you play a sideboarded game. Now you can Chord for your side card turn 4(!). Yes you cant consistently play it t3 or earlier. Now you Chord and what you get? Some effect that stops them cold or wins you the game? No, most of the cards are one-shot effects and even those that persist are only creatures in sideboarded game where opp boarded in all their removal. And if you are on the draw you are late with your hate on your t4. And Chord is still bad at summoning Rage Forger to win t4. So Chord is a bad mainboard, mediocre sideboard card.
    Now compare this to decks that play Chord right way: Counters Company, Kiki-Chord. They can win t4 or earlier chording for combo piece, they can chord for side hate t3 because they run whole lot of mana dorks.

    As for Wolf-Skull Shaman I agree he is low impact, kinda high variance card. He is like sideboard material for grindy matchups but since it is hard to find good mainboard cards he gets in. At least he is a shaman and costs 2 meaning he can be cast for 1 with Bosk Banneret.
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  • posted a message on [Deck] UBx Mill
    Adding a third color to two-color deck only for 2-3 cards without unique effects?

    Btw I think Trophy does nothing against Scapeshift
    If you destroy Valakut before they combo, they replace it with another land so they stay at the same land count
    If you destroy Valakut in response to combo triggers then triggers still resolve and do same amount of damage
    If you destroy non Valakut they just replace it with Mountain so land count stay the same and triggers do same damage (or more)
    So you just waste a card and mana for nothing
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Shamanism
    What I like in my list is while its fast it has card advantage (2 Eternal Witness, 4 Wolf-Skull Shaman, 2 Shaman of the Great Hunt) and ways to deal with mana flood (2 Shaman of the Great Hunt, 2 Raging Ravine)
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  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Shamanism
    Im not a fan of playing Simian Spirit Guide, Manamorphose, Chord of Calling, Collected Company and Selfless Spirit is a joke.
    Simian Spirit Guide increases inconsistency and is a card disadvantage while giving little extra win percentage. Lets be honest, modern is good at disrupting creature decks and going all in aggro with a deck thats bad at it (not like Burn or Affinity) is not a good plan.
    No way to consistently cast Collected Company t3 mean little t4 wins, so lists with Collected Company are slow. Provided Shamans have very little disruption (Lightning Bolts) its just a path to loss.
    Chord of Calling doesnt provide toolbox value here, we just want to put Rage Forger into play. Sadly there are no consistent ways to cast it t3 to attack for lethal t4. Also there are no consistent ways to cast it t4 and attack for lethal the same turn.

    There is Burning-Tree Shaman in my list that was remotely ok when it could deal damage to planeswalkers after they activate loyalty or fetch but its weak now. I didnt actively search for replacement but maybe another Experiment One and Atarka's Command. Another possibilities Metallic Mimic, Adaptive Automaton or some meta call like Scavenging Ooze, Dismember or Mutagenic Growth

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  • posted a message on [Deck] Modern Slivers
    Card advantage is nice to have but it wont solve deck's problem that is winrate
    Because deck has other major weaknesses
    Inconsistency - many mulligans and sometimes blank topdecks
    Lack of speed - no t3 wins, rare t4 wins
    No disruption - its not a problem per se, but when our deck is slow, thats a big problem
    Painful manabase

    You have to be fast or have disruption, without both card advantage wont make winrate positive
    Overall game plan is pretty naive: slowly amass creatures to make them strong while modern specializes at creature destruction and fast kills
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