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  • posted a message on [New Info] Modern event deck contents
    Why hasn't anyone pointed out that all 4 of the named cards are white?

    Why expect W/B lands or Bitterblossom in a deck that is only confirmed as being white so far?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] UB/x Faeries
    If you're running Favourable winds before Scions, i feel like you need a really good justification.

    Scions of Oona are (imo) better than mistbind clique or Swords of XandY at turning games around, with the amount of power they can quickly add to the board, they have defensive synergy with bitterblossom, make mistbinds a risk-free play and generally harmonise better with what the deck is trying to do better than just about every sorcery speed card i can think of.

    Personally i think the weaknesses of the deck are how dead so many draws can become, ie: late bitterblossoms or thoughtseizes, mistbinds on empty boards, spell snare at irrelevant times or removal against the wrong deck (ie doom blade against bob or GftT against affinity). My solution is to try to find more cantripping/ digging effects (ie remand, telling time, thirst for knowledge)

    My bit of crazyness for the next event is putting remand on Isochron Scepter, because it seems terrible and rediculous. Luckily scepter pitches to thirst for the 99% of matchups it will be bad in >_<
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  • posted a message on Does Modern require too much knowledge of past decks?

    It sure does.

    Warning for spamming
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  • posted a message on Why do people hate to play against removal, counter or discard heavy decks or dont like these cards in general?
    Note to anyone dealing with noobies: The easiest way to explain to players how to deal with having Control take away their toys is to explain the Card Advantage involved. You can do it without even explaining Card Advantage.

    Noobies generally assosiate permanents going to the graveyard as losing, it's easy to explain that it's more like a draw, because it cost me a doom blade and i don't have many.

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  • posted a message on Pro Tour Tipping
    Hi Guys, with the Pro Tour just around the corner, i thought it would be fun to figure out who/ what we think the top 8 will be.

    Here's the rules: 1pt for every correct guess of player in the Top 8, 1pt for every correct deck (per deck, ie; if three Melira Pod top8, you would get 1pt if you picked pod once, 2 if you picked pod twice etc.) you can guess in the top 8.

    Obviously it's out of a total of 16pts. Here goes!

    My picks for the Top Players:

    Owen Turtenwald
    Alexander Hayne
    Jeremy Dezani
    Yuuya Watanabi
    Josh Utter-Leyton
    Tomoharo Saito
    Raphael Levy
    William Jensen

    My picks for top 8 decks:

    1x Scapeshift
    1x Melira Pod
    2x Splinter Twin
    1x B/G Rock
    3x Zoo

    For Players, i expect Team Revolution and the Japanese teams to place very highly. Obviously Owen Turtenwald is the favourite for a top8, i also picked players like Dezani and Hayne for their impressive Grand Prix performances recently, with a mix of Hall of Famers to top it off.

    For Decks, i picked Zoo and decks that can kill Zoo. Grin

    Hoping for at least a 8/16 score

    What's your picks?
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  • posted a message on Temp Banlist Thread: DRS Banned, BB/Nacatl Unbanned!
    Deathrite Shaman being banned allows Graveyard decks like Reanimator, AggroLoam and Dredgevine to come back, which i support. Some players lost a card, others gained viable use of an entire deck that was killed single-handedly by main-deck graveyard hate with no opportunity cost.

    At least Scavenging ooze is a commitment. A cmc1 Hoser that ticks various boxes against literally every deck except twin and tron is Silly. I wish the card hadn't been banned, but i'm glad that my friends with graveyard decks can enjoy their decks again in a competitive environment.

    EDIT: People panicking about the viability of goodstuff.inc are over-reacting. My "best removal/creature/plainswalker/disruption deck is useless without the best accelerator". Please.
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  • posted a message on Temp Banlist Thread: DRS Banned, BB/Nacatl Unbanned!
    Rite, this is definately the death of modern.

    I'm also Super bitter about these wild unbannings.
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  • posted a message on Temp Banlist Thread: DRS Banned, BB/Nacatl Unbanned!
    Quote from Hammer-head
    Mistake 1: thinking the length doesn't matter. A really long banned list shows poor developement of the product on their part, the lilst of cards banned after the product is released should be as small as possible always.

    Mistake 2: comparing to legacy. In relationship to the amount of cards in the card pool, you can figure out which does actually have the longer banned list.

    Gatherer sais 7979 cards are legal in modern, with a banned list of 31 cards.

    0.38% of total card list banned

    Gatherer sais there are 13,464 cards legal in legacy with a banned list of 60 cards.

    0.44% of total cards list banned.

    You were saying?
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  • posted a message on The Welfare State: Capitalism vs. Socialism
    This thread started out as another "Americans debating Socialism" thread, which got me giddy.

    Now you guys are typing intelligent, well constructed ideas and sharing very interesting opinions.

    Can we please go back to calling all liberals Totalitarians?

    Warning for spam
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  • posted a message on Information regarding an ex girlfriend and what to do with it.
    I would stay far out of it. Only four things can happen

    1) He is cheating, you tell her, she believes you. (Good)
    2) He is cheating, you tell her, she doesn't believe you (Bad)
    3) He is not cheating, you tell her he is, she believes you (Bad)
    4) He is not cheating, you tell her, she doesn't believe you (Bad)

    I'd go with the numbers here and stay out homie, ignore feelings, they are evil.
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  • posted a message on Is Standard overly rare-oriented now?
    As a consumer, it's our obligation to react to the change of value and/or price, don't understand what you're defending them for.

    It is very frustrating that cards like Hero's Downfall is a rare. Hero's Downfall is basically the Vizzerdrix of removal.

    In saying that, i think Magic Gameplay is the healthiest it has ever been.

    Swings and Roundabouts
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  • posted a message on Can anyone help identify these sleeves?
    I only use Ultra Pro Matte Black Sleeves.

    Super Duper Recommend them
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  • posted a message on Why the demise of Legacy is greatly exaggerated
    This is crazy.

    Modern has nothing to do with Legacy, Modern is a bigger Standard. Look at worlds, what was big in standard? Bant Hexproof, UWR Flash and Jund Midrange.

    What was big in modern? GW Bogles, UWR Control (with cliques, snappies and restos) and GB midrange (literally nicknamed bolt-less jund). It's big standard, not little legacy.

    Modern is comparitive to standard and in that regard, it rocks. I just wish i could have stoneforge and the blossom....

    Legacy is a beautiful format, but i will never sink money into a deck, when instead i could buy my son his first car.
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  • posted a message on Dark Confidant VS Bitterblossom
    Thread title sais it all, which is better and why.

    Ignoring the obvious Apples VS Oranges answer.

    In my opinion: Dark Confidant because cards are more likely to be better than 1/1s in my opinion.
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  • posted a message on For Profit News: An argument for socalisim
    Ban Advertising during the News and fund media watchdogs.

    The Government taking over News seems potentially disastrous.
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