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    Sitting down at the bar, Malar took note of the people around him before attempting to draw the attention of the barkeep.
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  • posted a message on [Elexia] The Flush of Hearts
    Malar walked through the front entrance and made his way to a seat at the bar, keeping an eye out for any one matching the description of his target.
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    With a short nod, Malar left the tea house.
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    Malar pauses and turns to look at the kindirin woman for the first time, "Do you want him alive?"
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    "And when I find him," Malar rose preparing to leave, "what exactly is it you want me to do with him?"
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    "Do we know what he looks like? Or am I to rely on just a name?"
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    Malar continued to stare forward waiting for his drink to arrive , "Any information you can give me?"
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    After some time Malar approached the bar, "Blue tea, to go."
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    Malar finds a secluded place to sit and reads a paper. Every so often he discreetly glances around the tea house, taking stock of his surroundings
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    Malar Parrahtide enters the city on one of the many bridges and quickly dissapears into the shadows of an alley.
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    Stats & Descriptions
    Name - Malar Parrahtide
    Nicknames - None
    Race - Atarin
    Age - 21
    Affiliations - Infiltrator (Thief/Initiate)
    Height - 5'9"
    Weight - 135 lbs



    Appearance - Average/thin build. Pale skin with darkening rings under his eyes.

    Apparel - Malar wears dark leather armor, well worn and fit to his body. To prevent his pale flesh from betraying his position against the darkness, he also wears a rough long sleeve black shirt loosely fitted around the elbows as to not restrict his movement. Black leather gloves often adorn his hands (for many reasons), and dark leather boots adorn his feet. A belt with a knife and many compartments is strapped across his chest. In daylight he wears a dark cloak with the hood pulled low over his face. His skin and eyes are sensitive to the light, and until Malar had learned to manipulate the darkness, his cloak was the only thing that kept him from endless days indoors; waiting for the wretched sun to set.

    Personality - Plagued by nightmares from the day he was found on the docks of Elexia, Malar has hardened into a nightmare of a man himself. After years of falling in with the wrong crowd again and again, he found that the farther he fell into darkness the less the cursed nightmares would plague him. Those around him are tools to be used, means to an end. Few understand him, and none understand his drive. He is not one for talking idly, not one to leave loose ends, and never one to forget a debt.

    Background - Cursed at the age of 12, Malar was found washed up on the docks of Elexia. He would not wake from a frightful coma in which he would often scream and thrash about. After being taken to the clerics, it took weeks for them to revive and rehabilitate the young Atarin. In the those weeks their probing into his past came with two realizations. Malar had severe amnesia (if the boy was to be believed), and if they probed deeper the cursed nightmares would return. Fearing that the clerics would pry until they drove him to madness, Malar escaped and returned to his homeland, where he was viciously chased out for the past he could not remember.

    With no home and no family, Malar found his way on the streets, and was eventually recruited into the Thieves Guild. After years of thieving (and eventually murdering) Malar found that the farther he fell into the world of darkness, the less the nightmares would plague his sleep.

    Now, he seeks to find out the secrets of his past by joining The Church of the Unblinking Eye. A means to an end in his mind. The church will be his tool, just as the Thieves Guild had always been.

    Below is the short story i have been working up as i tried to figure out Malar’s personality and past. Feel free to read it, and tell me what you think. It’s long, but hopefully worth the read...
    At the age of 12 Malar was found washed up on the docks of Elexia. The young Atarin was seemingly unharmed, but would not wake from a fitful coma. The dockworker that had found the boy cared for him in his own home. All the while he tossed and turned on his cot; crying out in the night and sometimes swiping at the air with terrified shrieks. After days of this, the dockworker could handle no more. Fearing that the boy may be cursed or that he would die before waking, he took Malar to the Church of the Unfailing Light in hopes that they could revive him.
    The Atarin boy spent nearly 2 weeks in the care of the Clerics before they were able to wake him from his nightmare. Something or someone had indeed cursed young Malar. A powerful curse that seemed all too familiar to some of the healers who cared for him. He had been meant to die in the water, flailing around in the horrific nightmare and eventually drowning in the waves of the ocean. Malar’s enemies were not without a fair sense of irony... But who were they?
    Malar recovered slowly over weeks in the care of the clerics. All the while they would question him. Attempting to learn what they could of the boys past, and the source of the powerful curse. The trouble came when Malar could remember no more. He knew his name, his age, and how to read and write. He could even recall specific historical events and vague workings of his Atarin homeland... but that was all.
    “Amnesia,” Malar could hear the clerics speaking in hushed tones outside his door one night, “seems a convenient escape for a boy who clearly holds many secrets.” There was a pause, “Dangerous secrets if you ask me.”
    “And what do you recommend we do?” A second voice, lighter and kinder. “The boy has been through hell and back. Amnesia is a viable response to such trauma.”
    “The boy may be lying.” A third voice, older and wiser than the two before. “But we must proceed with caution. This boy’s past may be shrouded in a haze of pain and fear, to attempt to pry an answer out of him may cause more damage than it is worth.”
    “Truth. Truth is what we seek and this boy is keeping it from us.” The first voice again, hard and angry. “Will we let this boy play forgetful and walk out our doors with what could lead us in the direction we have been seeking for years?”
    “I never said we let him leave.” The kind voice interjected, “He is in no condition to wander off on his own. Perhaps time and care will help us sift through the mess that fills his mind.”
    “I agree,” The elder spoke again “We will discover the boys past in time. The truths he holds locked away cannot stay hidden forever.”
    The silence that followed left Malar feeling unsteady and frightened. He did not want to remember. Every time they asked him to try, the nightmares came back with a vicious ferocity, tearing him from sleep at night, and waking him in blood stained sheets. Nothing could be worth the pain that remembering brought him. Malar could not stay in the church and let the Clerics toy with his mind. He needed to escape, now.
    That night he waited for the cleric guarding his door to check in on him, as he always did every hour or so. With his back pressed flat against the wall next to the door, he waited till the man realized he was not in bed. As he entered the room Malar struck at his knees from the shadows. There was no crack of bone as he had hoped for, but the man was surprised and off balance. Without hesitation Malar was out in the hall, sprinting through the church in the direction of the exit.
    Malar could hear the guard calling out for his brothers to stop “The boy,” and ran faster. After slipping through the grasp of a stunned man on his way into the church, Malar was out and almost free. The cool night air invigorating his mind and body, the young Atarin headed straight for the nearest shoreline. The direction seemed to come through instinct, and soon he was rewarded with the scent of the salty sea.
    After skirting along the shore, careful to stay out of the light of the torches that dotted the land closest the church, Malar began his journey home. His memory and instinct guided him through the dark waters and he found himself in his homeland once again. At the city gates he was stopped, and asked his name.
    “I am Malar Deltatide,” He began with exhaustion and relief. “I was lost at sea some 5 months ago and taken in by...”
    “Deltatide, you say?” The guard face contorted in disgust. “You are no Deltatide. You are scum! You shame your own name, and that of our people.”
    “But I...” Malar had no idea what the man spoke of, but something was very wrong.
    “How dare you ever show your face here again!” The guard withdrew his sword and shoved the young boy, rage causing his breath to come in ragged patterns. I need to run... Malar’s feet would not budge. What could drive a man to attack a child in such fury... What have I done?... Who am I?
    The guardsman’s blade slashed at the air as Malar leapt back in shock, RUN! Malar turned tail and ran from the guard, his home, his people, and his past. He didn’t stop running for years. With no home and no family to turn to, Malar found his way on the streets. Still plagued by the nightmares some nights, Malar would often wake to city guards staring down at him; wide eyed and swords drawn.
    After a time he learned basic skills of theft. Stealing a meal here and there, or breaking into empty homes for clothing and a blanket for the night. One day on a busy street he attempted his first pickpocket, and found himself pinned to a wall with a blade to his throat.
    “What was your hand doing in my pocket boy?” The blade pressed harder against his neck. “Does this codd have a death wish?”
    Malar could not even speak under the pressure of the blade.
    “Eh little codd? You going to answer me, or do i need to cut you till you find your voice?” The man’s breath reeked of alcohol and Malar noted his balance seemed weak. “I ought to teach you a little lesson before I take you to the guards you filthy little fish.” the blade was away from his throat; time to strike.
    Hooking his foot behind the man’s leg, Malar slammed his forehead into his assailants nose. The heat of blood spattered his face and the drunken man fell backwards with a yelp of pain and surprise. “Watch who you call a fish... stinking ape.” And with no further words, Malar ducked into the alleys and away from the crowd.
    Some way from the scene Malar noticed movement on the roof top to his right. Before he could react the assailant was on him and pinning him to the floor. His face was obscured by a large hood, "You think you're tough don't you kid?"
    No blade this time, but Malar held his tongue the same.
    "Eh? No witty comment? No empty threat?"
    "What do you want?"
    "And he finds his voice!" The man laughed and lifted Malar to his feet, "I want to offer you something."
    "I don't need anything from you." Malar shoved the man away.
    "Doesn't look that way from where I'm standing kid."
    "Maybe you should try standing somewhere else. How about away from me for starters."

    To be continued... (When i have time)

    Haunted Soul - ~The cursed nightmares that plague Malar have taken a heavy toll on him in many ways. His constant lack of restful sleep and severe psychological trauma have caused dark rings to form under his eyes, and given him an unnatural aversion to the sunlight. ~ As such ~ Malar is every weary and ineffectual in daylight. Your strength is Weak and you are dazed while exposed to sunlight. For every 2 levels of dark magic ~ Malar learns, the greater his connection to the darkness of his nightmares. His base strength increases by a level.

    Shadowheart - (Swathe + Soothe) - Your aura becomes infused with abyssal darkness, rendering visible and utterly, opaquely black.
    Lvl. 1 - When in shadows your aura and the darkness meld so that cannot be visually distinguished from the darkness and the darkness becomes tinged by your emotional state, somewhat influencing the emotions of others in the darkness with you.

    The Red Deck
    Lvl. 1 - Your familiarity with blades of all shapes and sizes allow you to draw them instantly, attacking in the same fluid movement.

    Lvl. 1 - While wearing light gear, your footfalls become soundless.

    Faceless Mask - Infiltrators possess an uncanny ability when it comes to creating a spur of the moment disguise. Once per encounter they may alter their voice, accent, facial expressions, posture, gait and mannerisms to project a completely new identity. The persona created this way needs to be fictional, and can never be perfectly replicated due its improvisational nature. This effect is similar to the Impersonate spell, but entirely non-magical and arguably more convincing at concealing the user's true identity.

    Guild/Society Bonuses
    > The Power of Knowledge - Upon joining the Initiate Order, you are granted a Hidden Name of your choosing to replace your actual name in regards to church business. This name is your calling card, it is taken for your protection.
    > Forbidden Truths - The Church of the Unblinking Eye are the keepers of apocryphal texts and chroniclers of all that is forgotten, they are the masters of powers that were better left undiscovered. Joining their ranks one is granted a modicum of this knowledge, gaining an individual skill or ability of minute power based off of your inner spirit.
    > Shadow Trade - Black Market Discount
    > Inquisition - Occasional Special Interest tasks pertaining to Church business.

    > Word on the Street - Thieves' Guild members know who to talk to and what to watch out for when the darker side of Elexia wants a job doing. They have access to jobs that others do not, including Contracts on enemies of the Guild.
    > Well Connected - All Thieves can request information from their contacts. How useful this information is will depend on the given context but will more often than not be helpful in larger endeavors.

    Guild/Society Requirements/Limitations
    > Fear of the Eye - Being an Initiate carries with it a natural paranoia of you by the public. They automatically feel a distrust around you, and are more guarded, unless they have a personal reason to trust you.
    > Oath of Dominion - You are oath bound to keep the church's secrets.
    > Cipher - Lying to do so is permitted but you are to keep all secretive or otherwise discovered information pertinent and vital to the church hidden from unworthy and non-Initiate eyes.
    > The Uninitiated - Concealing, hiding, or keeping perilous secrets from the church or spilling vital secrets is possible but the consequences of doing so are grave.
    > Cabal Therapy - Each month you must report to a local branch of the church and confess to them all secrets you have learned or kept. They in turn will determine if you get to keep that knowledge, or else withdraw it from your memory.

    > Conflict of Interest - Members of the Thieves' Guild are forbidden from pursuing Bounties.
    > Burden of Independence - In all but the most extreme situations, the guild will not interfere if you get yourself imprisoned or get a bounty placed on your head.


    Lvl 1. Swathe - Cover yourself in a thin skein of utter blackness, allowing you to hide undetectably amongst shadows.

    Lvl. 1 Soothe - Calm the emotions of another, the more intense the emotions, the less effective this spell is.

    > Two steel daggers. One located on a belt strapped across his chest, the other strapped to his leg.
    > Black leather garrote. Coiled and buttoned to his hip

    Non-Weapon Items
    >Weapon/item belt strapped across his chest
    >A medium sized satchel. Fit tight against his back.
    >The Ebon Compass - An octagon shaped ebony compass, overlaid with the Lidless Eye. It will hum faintly and the needle will point out the general direction of nearby secrets and hidden objects. Multiples of either located in different spots, and the compass will hum more violently and the needle will spin inadvertently in all directions.


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