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  • posted a message on Kiki Chord / Kiki Company / Kiki Evolution
    Hope you guys are ready for some hot garbage here lol. I threw this together for a weekly event, went 3-1. On my phone so sorry for the lack of formatting.

    4 Birds of Paradise
    4 Voice of Resurgence
    3 Coiling Oracle
    2 Restoration angel
    2 Eternal Witness
    2 Wall of Omens
    2 Wall of Roots
    1 Mystic Snake
    1 Selfless Spirit
    1 Kiki-Jiki, Mirrorbreaker
    1 Nissa, Vastwood Seer
    1 Vendillion Clique
    1 Scavenging Ooze
    1 Reveillark
    1 Qasali Pridemage

    Other Spells:
    4 Path to Exile
    4 Chord of Calling
    2 Jace, the Mind Sculptor
    1 Unified Will
    1 Search for Azcanta

    2 Forest
    2 Island
    1 Plains
    2 Breeding Pool
    2 Hallowed Fountain
    1 Temple Garden
    1 Stomping Ground
    1 Sacred Foundry
    3 Windswept Heath
    3 Misty Rainforest
    2 Flooded Strand
    1 Fire-Lit Thicket
    1 Botanical Sanctum

    Sideboard (don't judge me, it was for fun and I didn't expect to face what I did):
    2 Blessed Alliance
    1 Spellskite
    1 Thragtusk
    1 Burrenton Forge-Tender
    1 Dovin Baan
    1 Arlin Kord
    1 Garruk Relentless
    1 Kiora, the Crashing Wave
    1 Scavenging Ooze
    1 Izzet Staticaster
    1 Reclamation Sage
    1 Unified Will
    1 Glen Elendra, Archmage
    1 Elspeth, Sun's Champion

    The SB plan was to beat up on people trying to play Big Jund and Jace. Well, that's not what I faced lol.

    Round 1 - RW Burn

    Game 1, he had a Goblin a guide start that drew me lands on its first 2 attacks while I kept a 2 land hand. 2 Birds and a Wall of Roots in the first 2 turns led to a Resto on the end of his 3rd turn on which he obliged to tap out. I chorded in my upkeep for Kiki. Game 2 he put me to 2 with an Eidolon in play, I cast Thragtusk to go back to 7, Resto'd it next turn to go to 9 while he was at 6, he couldn't kill me without dying to his Eidolon first.

    Round 2 - RW Burn

    Game 1 I stuck a Voice T2 after a T1 Bird which he Bolt'd on his 3rd turn. I followed with a 2nd Voice and a Wall T3 and the Elemental got there before his burn. Game 2 he ran me over with a Swiftspear T1 and Eidolon T2. Game 3 I played a T3 Thragtusk which he immediately killed, I E Witness'd it to play it again on T5 and it was too much life for him.

    Round 3 - RW Burn

    I knew I was playing Burn after my friend lost to him the round before, I kept an ok hand that just lost to T1 Swiftspear followed by 3 Boros Charms and a Searing Blaze. Game 2 he was playing around Thragtusk too hard and ended up losing to creature beats, granted I had Chord for Thragtusk up almost all game. Game 3 I was able to resolve Thragtusk which got double Searing Blazed, and he needed a Boros Charm off the top or I'd win on my next swing, he drew Boros Charm.

    Round 4 - GB Tron

    Game 1 he mulligan'd to 5, I kept 2 lands, Bird, Wall of Roots, Unified Will, double Eternal Witness. I ended up casting the Unified Will on his first 3 spells that mattered (O-Stone, Karn, Sundering Titan) and he proceeded to die to creatures.

    Game 2 I was able to Unified Will the T3 Karn, Path T4 Wurmcoil, Mystic Snake the T5 Ugin, and Chord for Kiki in response to Ulamog targets on T6 with a Resto on field. Maybe I don't give enough credit to how good Blue Kiki is against Tron, but this matchup couldn't have felt easier. Even Game 1 he found threats starting T4, and he just didn't get to stick anything that mattered. I did feel like I had the nuts for the matchup game 2 though.

    The SB is largely a pile of garbage that I wanted to throw at people playing midrange and control, but apparently everyone brought Burn this week. Don't take many of those choices seriously please. this certainly wasn't Jace's night to shine, he did draw some cards in a couple matchups but that was the extent of his contributions.

    The card that constantly made me happy was Coiling Oracle. Having 4 lands on T3 was not rare at all, and he bought 2 life against Burn quite often.

    Also, don't play Search for Azcanta. It's cute, and cool to bin garbage you don't want, but it's not good and doesn't improve any matchups.

    The card I'm not sure about is Vendillion Clique, i definitely need to play other matchups with it. In testing it would sometimes just let me go on the offensive in combo matchups and sometimes get there after grabbing a piece they needed. I boarded it out every game against Burn though which I feel like it's terrible against.

    So I finished 3-1 with quite the pile of cards. The mana felt great, I think I'm gonna tweak towards a more serious deck for a weekly Tuesday night tournament tomorrow.
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  • posted a message on [Primer]Lands
    Playing as the legacy member of my team in cincinnati coming up this month. Playing lands of course, probably going with Sparki's lost from his last Channel fireball event.

    Interested in SB options though guys, I see more and more lists running Drop of Honey in the SB, I imagine this is for the rampant Delver decks.

    I'm interested in knowing everyone's current SB's. I expect the meta in Cincinnati to be a little different because of the team aspect, but I still expect to face mostly Delver in the legacy portion with possibly an uptick in DnT and Eldrazi due to not conflicting cards with Modern as much.
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  • posted a message on Kiki Chord / Kiki Company / Kiki Evolution
    Yeah our lists our quite different currently, which is also the beauty of Kiki-Chord haha. I'm all in on Chord currently, although I have been itching to play an Evolution version in the near future too.
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  • posted a message on Kiki Chord / Kiki Company / Kiki Evolution
    Legacy isn't modern, and Jace is still very good. There's not many decks that can safely play Jace on T3 or T4 like Kiki-Chord can. And that lets us pull ahead. Plus Jace gives us some real game against Control which is one of Kiki-Chord's worst matchups.

    I don't understand what you mean by skewing the mana base? If you were playing blue Kiki already there's no skewing to be done.

    Maybe Jace doesn't belong in Kiki-Chord in the end, but right now it's a lot of fun to play with, and that's what Kiki-Chord is all about. Let's be honest, none of us are playing Kiki-Chord because we think it's the best deck.
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  • posted a message on Kiki Chord / Kiki Company / Kiki Evolution
    Jace doesn't automatically fit into any version of this deck, but it fits perfectly into the blue decks. Want to put the pressure on your opponent? Put a Jace into play and then start the Chord train next turn.

    If you're not playing blue, I don't think you should be playing blue just for Jace. But I'm gonna toy with it and see how it does, it's a lot of fun in testing.

    BBE fits in as a pure value card that I think you certainly consider playing. Everything below 4 mana does something relevant, with hitting a BoP being the worst possible scenario. All of the 2 mana and 3 mana cards are amazing to cast for free. BBE will usually make 2 more mana for Chord which is great too.
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  • posted a message on Kiki Chord / Kiki Company / Kiki Evolution
    Hey guys, I haven't been to active lately, but I'm still rocking Kiki-Chord at my lgs most weeks. Routinely Top 4'ing as I pray on all the midrange decks and inexperienced players.

    For those that are newer to this thread, don't put the deck down just because you don't do well in a few tournaments. This deck has so many lines of play that it's extremely hard to make the optimal plays every time. This deck takes a LOT of practice with to maximize performance.

    I don't have a specific deck list currently, but I can list out what I'm generally sleeping up to play. Sorry I'm on my phone so they won't be formatted correctly.

    The Core:
    Birds of Paradise
    Wall of Omens
    Wall of Roots
    Restoration Angel
    Voice of Resurgence
    Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker
    Path to Exile
    Chord of Calling
    Scavenging Ooze

    These cards always get sleeved for Kiki-Chord, no questions asked. I can see trimming Wall of Roots if you're all in on the Evolution plan, but they block a lot of problem cards forever. Voice creates headaches for so many decks it's unreal, and is an alternate Win-Con with Kiki.

    The 'Toys'

    Kambal, Consul of Allocation
    Sin Collector
    Orzhov Pontiff
    Glen Elandra, Archmage
    Eldritch Evolution
    Noble Hierarch
    Snapcaster Mage
    Sigarda, Host of Herons
    Gisela, the Broken Blade
    Lone Missionery
    Selfless Spirit
    Huntmaster of the Fells
    Bring to Light

    These are all cards that I've sleeved up on many occasions for my various versions. If you're playing black and not mainboarding Kambal, you're strictly worse off for it. He's good against almost every deck in the format.

    The Sideboard Staples:
    Stony Silence
    Engineered Explosives

    This list is short because our SB is extremely flexible for the meta we expect to play against.

    The Sideboard Flex Cards:
    Izzet Staticater
    Lightning Helix
    Unified Will
    Slaughter Games
    Burrenton Forge-Tender
    Cataclysmic Gearhulk
    Elspeth, Sun's Champion
    Reclamation Sage
    Surgical Extraction
    Kitchen Finks

    These are all cards that have seen frequent play in my SB. And this is certainly nowhere near all of the cards I have sideboarded lol.

    As for the upcoming unbanninngs, I encourage everyone to consider playing BBE. He casts so many cards in our deck for free, and makes Chord better while allowing us to put pressure on. I probably win 60-70% of my games with just attacking and outvaluing my opponents which is exactly what BBE does.

    And if you're playing Blue, I think Jace slots right into our deck. We're good at clogging up the ground and Jace gives us another win condition. Jace on t3 behind a couple Walls sounds like a REALLY good play to me.

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  • posted a message on [Primer]Lands
    Quote from Basky45 »
    Quote from Sparki »
    Okie Dokie. Report from memory time. Made it to the venue pretty late, bringing along 4 other people, barely had time to scribble down my list and hope nothing was wrong.

    Round 1: RW Walker Control Shenanigans.

    G1: My opponent is actually a friend of mine who has a huge love for the card blood moon. I am scared. I lead fetch go, and he leads with arid mesa, cracks and grabs a plateau. I am more scared. He casts faithless looting, tossing a land and an Elesh Norn into the graveyard. I am confused. Game continues a bit with him casting a Nahiri, the Harbinger, and I intuition for Karakas, Loam and Ghost Quarter. I start to quarter him out and he gets a sanctum prelate in play on 2, but I have the Barbarian Ring and take it out, taking the Nahiri out with an EE on 4. I ghost quarter a mountain, he fetches another, and on the next turn I ghost quarter again and he fails to find and scoops it up. I also saw ensnaring bridges and Chandra, Torch of Defiance this game.

    G2: I get a super early tireless tracker that continuously grows and beats face, all the way down to 5. He lands an ensnaring bridge, but I have the grip in hand, as well as the capability to make a Marit lage that seals the game away. I did see him looting away a Loyal Retainers this game, which I guess goes with the Norn, and Iona in the deck that I saw afterwards. Emrakul as well for the Nahiri combo.

    Round 2: Eldrazi and Taxes

    G1: I draw 7 and have a super sweet hand. I go -> Fetch, Mox Diamond, Pitch Maze of Ith, wasteland, cast loam, go. My opponent goes plains go. I dredge tabernacle, another maze of ith and something else. Cast loam, put tabernacle and maze in play and pass. My opponent drops a wasteland, thinks for a minute and scoops. Huh?

    G2: I board like D&T since thats what I'm assuming it is, bringing in 3 grips, 3 tracker and the Tremors. My opponent keeps 7 and opens with a Leyline of the Void. Oh. He goes Ancient Tomb, go, and I know what I'm playing against. I exploration waste the tomb to keep him off mana, but he draws some basics and deploys a thalia, which I have a karakas to keep in check. He also plays a thought-knot seer, but my hand is triple life from the loam + Mox diamond so he can take whatever he wants. I draw a Tireless Tracker, slam it into play and play a land to make a clue. I have a Maze keeping the Thought-knot back, so I simply chain land afer land until tracker is 9/8 or so and just crash into his blockers until he dies. He tells me he had no idea about the trackers post board and had boarded out dismembers. I'm lucky I didn't see an eldrazi displacer.

    Round 3: Mentor Miracles

    G1: The game goes super long, but I never feel out of control, assembling an EE lock as soon as possible, and notice he's on the mentor build, which I punishing fire. I EE away three counterbalances and start to ghost quarter away his white sources until he realizes his efforts are futile and scoops it up.

    OUT: 4 Crop Rotation, 2 Gamble, 1 Glacial Chasm, 1 Bojuka Bog, 2 Maze of Ith, 1 Tabernacle
    IN: 3 Tireless Tracker, 3 Chalice of the Void, 3 Krosan Grip, 2 Surgical Extraction

    G2: I have a decent hand with loam going, and he is stuck on 2 mana. I play an exploration which he wear/tears, but I have a second one. I draw a chalice and chalice for 1. It resolves and I feel a lot safer about jamming loams without having to worry about surgical. I start to assemble the combo, and he snapcaster + wear/tears my chalice again. He goes to surgical my loams and I in response surgical my own loam and fail to find. He is surprised. He blood moons me and I actually miss the chance to make a marit lage in response to kill since he tapped out for it, but I have the EE3 for it with the basic forest and mox diamond and am able to pull a win around afterwards.

    Round 4: Burn

    G1: My opponent is actually 2-1 in record so I get the pair down. I've seen and played against him before but can't remember what he's on. He leads with mountain (revised, mind you), suspend rift bolt, go. Ugh. Why. Frown He tosses a lot of burn spells at my face while I simply make land drops with exploration and hold a crop rotation for dear life. I get to resolve Intuition, finding me Loam, double Thespian's Stage to start to set up a lock but I feel like I'm a bit late. I untap, cast loam, drop both stages and cast crop rotation and 4 life, which resolves. From there I simple chasm lock and start to slowly ghost quarter him out. A few turns later, I draw crucible which should definitely seal the deal and he scoops it up after asking if he's locked.

    G2: He has a quick start again and I find myself at a super low life total after a rift bolt, flame rift and some goblin guide. I drop glacial chasm to give me a tiny bit of breathing room with stage in play and depths in hand. I pay the two life upkeep and drop down to 6, passing the turn with the board of Mox Diamond x 2, Stage, Depths, Chasm. He draw and passes and with three cards in hand, I decide to go for it, and hope that he just has a fireblast and only sorcery spells. I make the marit lage, untap, sac chasm to upkeep and swing in and he dies. He shows me a hand of Fireblast + Chain Lightning + Price, but I only had two mox diamonds! He also tells me he had fireblast in game 1 when I crop roto'ed at 4 life and just blanked out. I'll take it.

    Round 5: RG Lands (Tropical island + explosives MD)

    G1: These games are pretty quick, and weird. We get off to the exact same start, tropical island -> Exploration -> land, and he wastelands me and casts a loam, to which I wasteland his karakas back and then bog him. He promptly bogs me back once I get my own loam in the yard and we're now both starved for resources at around 3-4 lands. I rip Intuition off the top, opting for another loam, ghost quarter and wasteland and he scoops it up. I noticed he had also played a port so it put me to believe he wasn't on ghost quarters.

    G2: I have the option for a turn 2 tireless tracker, but mise it so I can crack a clue in case of a punishing fire. I get two clues from it, and swing in, and he punishing fires it. I crack a clue, and in response he fires it again. Boo. We get into resource battles again, and he goes to bog me. I crack my last clue in response to dredge my loam, and then ghost quarter out his basic forest and start to work on his other lands before I bog myself and he packs it up.

    Round 6: ID
    Round 7: ID

    Quarterfinals: Goblins

    G1: Ahh goblins. I've met this player in the top 8 and swiss here at CFB more times than I can count and they're always pretty swingy. He's on the play, and leads with Vial go. I have a fairly slow hand that was probably dead to Lackey but had stage + depths in it which they can't beat, so I kept. I go land drops while he adds another turn 2 vial, and on my third turn, I EE1 while his board is [email protected], [email protected] and nothing else. I figured if he had a lackey he would've dropped it ages ago and I don't really care about anything else. It's just a Mogg War Marshall, and although I have the depths, I drop a wasteland with a crop rotation in hand to EOT make a token for the win.

    G2: I mull and find a really sketch hand with only two mana producing lands, being stage and grove, but also have a copy of EE and the Subterranean Tremors. He goes T1 lackey and I am really scared. I play grove go, and he attacks with lackey, putting in another one. He plays a port and says go. Ports me on upkeep and I am forced to stage and pass. He swings in with both lackeys and I am fortunate enough to only see a gempalm incinerator from them. He taps and plays Rest in Peace. Since this is the only window I really have, I tremors for 1, wiping his board, only for him to cast Magus of the Moon next turn, followed by a Goblin Chieftain which chip my life total away by 4. I eventually draw a punishing fire, and kill the magus, and then mazing the chieftain to preserve my life total, but he has ANOTHER magus following, in which I ghost quarter myself to get the basic forest in response. I draw a gamble before dying, and quickly gamble for anther PFire to deal with the magus again, and get to keep it off the 75% chance, pitching the EE. I grip the Rest in Peace, and punishing fire the magus again, and maze the chieftain again keeping myself at 3. My plan is to grove back the fire and kill the chieftain next turn and try to stabilize off the maze. I also have the stage depths combo in play but can't go due to wasteland. He ends up wastelanding my maze and hits me down to 3, and passes the turn with no cards in hand, porting on my upkeep, and in response I slam Marit Lage into play. I basically give him "Find Stingscourger or lose" and he draw an Arid Mesa. I guess with both magus of the moon, he had forgotten about the stage/depths since they were irrelevant and was focusing on getting through the maze since I was so low. Either way, punts were had.

    Top 4 graciously split so I could go grab some delicious ramen with a group of friends, one who also made the top 4 split.

    What did you board out against the the Eldrazi and Taxes deck? I understand that you boarded like it was normal D&T, but I can't figure out how you found 7 cards to cut. I've been playtesting with a RG list on cockatrice for a little bit know, and always try to board minimally, except against Storm, which seems like an incorrect strategy, seeing as how you also boarded in 11 cards against Miracles.

    Referring to how you boarded against Miracles, why do you think that Chalice is more important than Crop Rotation? Also, if you don't see a Mentor G1, are you likely to board out some or all of the Punishing Fires?

    Crop Rotation is useless against Miracles after they resolve a Counterbalance. You need Krosan Grips to deal with Counterbalance and Rest in Peace. After you cut the 1 drops, Chalice becomes really good against Miracles, it cuts off all of their deck manipulation and they have a limited amount of answers to it. T1 Chalice against Miracles is huge. They really don't want to burn a Force of Will on it, but they have to.
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  • posted a message on Your reasoning behind playing one of your favorite decks.
    I picked up Kiki-Chord after watching Hoogland stream early versions of it just prior to BFZ release. It quickly became my favorite deck to play and was the first Modern deck that I actually enjoyed playing. I never feel completely out of a game before it starts because of the deck I'm playing, and so many people don't understand what Kiki-Chord is trying to do or how to stop it.
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  • posted a message on Jund
    In a meta full of Abzan, would you guys sideboard Thundermaw Hellkite or Stormbreath Dragon?

    I'm a little partial to Stormbreath because he just ends the game more reliably with protection from Path, and nothing in Abzan can block him. Worst case scenario, you can block a Rhino with him as well, and eventually he gets bigger and possibly finishes off the opponent with direct damage. Have a friend who argues Thundermaw because it comes down and kills Souls, but I see it falling to Path, or getting clogged up by more Souls afterwards where Stormbreath doesn't have those problems. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
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  • posted a message on Jund
    I think Hierarch fits a different role then Birds does. While it helps to mana accelerate, it also allows Abzan to swing their Goyf into an opposing Goyf and make blocks awkward. I could see Birds played, but I believe it would be a bigger Jund then the classic Jund we're used to. Something that aims to play a couple 5 drops, and maybe even a 6 drop if there is one suitable.
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  • posted a message on Kiki Chord / Kiki Company / Kiki Evolution
    So, after playing the deck a bit lately, I feel like Fatal Push has made our job a LOT tougher. Death's Shadow doing well is certainly making it tough for us too as people are loading up on 1cmc removal. Often times this past weekend my opponents had 1cmc removal for my first 2 mana accelerants and I was left trying to catch up against a Goyf and Scooze. I did win every game I got to cast a 5cmc creature, so it may be worth exploring having some more 5cmc creatures. I believe Blood Baron of Vizkopa may be an excellent SB choice right now in large metas since Path and Fatal Push don't touch him. Voice probably needs to be a 4-of now as well.
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  • posted a message on Sultai Control
    Hey guys! I think with the printing of Fatal Push, Sultai can finally make some in-roads in Modern. I especially like the synergy of Tasigur, Snapcaster, and Lilly, the Last Hope. Those 3 allow a grind game that Jund and Abzan can't match. I'll be following this thread closely to see how the variations progress. I like both Sultai Midrange and Sultai Control going forward.
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  • posted a message on [Primer]Lands
    Gonna try a slightly different build at my next weekly Legacy. Just a cute idea.

    Have a few slots to fill out yet, but I just kinda want to try being a Troll with the full sets of Wasteland, Ghost Quarter, and Rishadan Port
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  • posted a message on Jund
    Hello everyone! I'm new to playing Jund, just picked up my mana base, Tarmogoyf's, and Lilly's at GP Louisville this weekend. I mainly play Kiki-Chord, and have always wanted to build Jund as well. I plan on picking up pieces for every configuration to play for the meta I expect. I'll be spending some time reading through the past couple hundred pages of this thread and I look forward to discussing the deck with everyone!
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  • posted a message on [Primer]Lands
    Still trying to nail down what I'm playing for sure at GP Lousiville. I'm torn between RUG Lands and RG Lands. I've had a rough go as of late playing RUG Lands, which has me thinking about making the switch. I might have to pick up a Barbarian Ring and give you list a try Sparki. I'll be going to a weekly Legacy event this Thursday and will report after.
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