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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 10/02/18)
    Quote from Wraithpk »
    As long as we have a diversity of viable decks and a diversity of viable strategies, it doesn't really matter if it's these 20 decks or those 20 decks.
    Are you not the same guy who essentially dismissed every viable blue deck in 2016 as "not Twin enough?"
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 10/02/18)
    Yep, now he will figure his blather is justified with his win and his head will swell as well. I saw a lot of luck on his side in that final game vs. ETron. His opponent drew poorly and mulliganed into poor hands as well while he basically had the nut draw Game one and close to it Game three.
    Quote from cfusionpm »

    He also played extremely loose and aggressive, to the point that he would have lost each of the games he won if he had anything other than perfect draws while his opponent bricked. It was insulting seeing him recklessly and carelessly play that deck, and get rewarded with incredible positive variance.
    Funny that users here are shredding DeCandio with the very cop-outs they supposedly dislike him for making. Dude's a baby about Modern, but obviously a good player. Some of his aggressive lines payed off on-camera. How is it then reasonable to assume he got through the entire tournament on luck and variance alone? I can understand being frustrated with DeCandio's articles, but not then being so quick to stoop to his level.
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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Stompy
    Quote from DJ_AGUILA »
    Boys,Do you think chalice id good in the actual meta? I think the mtgnorin's deck is better with reliquia progenitores the main versus Jund and snapcaster,Do you agree?
    Chalice is necessary for this deck IMO. You need that free win dimension pre-board to maximize your openers. Relic is better than Chalice against UW Jace decks (I side out Chalice and Guide in these matchups) but it doesn't matter because a) these decks make up a small portion of the meta and b) we already crush them, so further hedging in the mainboard doesn't make any sense.

    I have tried Field of Ruin. To support it, we would want a third basic, so it actually takes up more than just 4 slots (and, as mentioned, our land slots are very tight already). Even then, running our own Fields opens us to getting "Wastelanded" by enemy Fields or blanking the search of their Paths. The final strike against Field is how mana-intensive it is. If we want to represent an activation for, say, a Colonnade, we can't spend the rest of our mana on something like Smasher when it means going below three untapped lands (Field and two others), which is often, especially post-board with mana-hungry plans like Relic/Scourge. That means we have to Ruin the Colonnade on a turn before it gets activated, which again strains our development mana and notably doesn't tax opposing mana at all.

    We don't run clunky top-end cards like Karn. Our curve stops at five. Losing a land in play to disrupt opponents for free isn't that big a drawback for us, so we firmly prefer Quarter. Additionally, Quarter hits basic lands, which is relevant against Arbiter decks (preventing their lock by threatening to Strip Mine them back) and greedy color decks like Shadow.
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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Stompy
    Quote from NuBlkAu »

    recent 5-0 list... pretty stock. this was day of/pre jace unban. Jace isnt a big deal for us, BUT i think with all the blue decks running around it might be a good time to jam 2 cavern of souls in the list... not sure which utility lands to cut though... maybe 1 scavenger ground 1 sea gate? ... idk. thoughts?
    Jace and BBE existing is a net gain for us. We post favorable matchups against the decks that use these cards, and the matchups are still good once they become legal. In fact, these matchups improve marginally---BBE is way less threatening than something like Huntmaster or even Hazoret out of Jund; we don't care about a 3/2 or most of the deck's cards. Similarly, Mutavault and Smasher are answers to Jace and we're too aggressive for the walker to do much against us regardless.

    I expect we'll see a lot of more this deck in the 5-0s with the new data update 🦖
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Monkey Grow (RUG/Temur Delver)
    I've also cut the second Dismember, but in my case for a Simic Charm (list here). DM is just kind of dead in some MUs whereas Charm always has applications. I was so impressed with Curious that I actually tried a second copy over Bauble last night, but it was clunky a lot of the time so I've since returned to the 1-1 split. Will also try the Knuckleblade soon, if I can stand to cut a Drills 😢 I think Truth is fine by the way. This is a great deck for techs like that. I'll be on the lookout for more thoughts on this list if you have any!
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 10/02/18)
    Bloodbraid Elf and Jace, the Mind Sculptor encourage interaction on turns 1-3. Isn't that what at least some players here wanted to increase in Modern? I know I did.
    There's a counterargument that claims interactive decks will struggle to slog through Jace or BBE, but linear decks don't care about them as much. This argument is supported by data (however valid). Those who tout it tend to draw the conclusion that Jace and BBE actually incentivize uninteractive decks.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Monkey Grow (RUG/Temur Delver)
    @mnesci: Against UW I just surgical the Snapcaster target most of the time. It's also fine in a drawing-cards battle to proactively hit Path in their graveyard, especially EOT to bait a counter-war, before deploying stockpiled threats. Not uncommon to hit a copy in hand as well depending how long both players have been playing lands and passing.

    @Lemon: Right I forgot about Goyf! Can imagine he's nuts against Hollow One decks. I like trying to fit burn in against UW post-Jace so we have a clean answer to slam + Brainstorm, incentivizing them to tick up first. How has the mainboard Jace been?

    @all: I decided to just take your word for it and cut Melody. Playing a Collar instead.
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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Stompy
    Quote from skeeler87 »
    So now that Jace and BBE are unbanned are we better positioned that E-Tron? I've heard that tron decks are going to take a hit due to the unbannings...
    I've preferred this deck's positioning to Tron's for a while now. But I think overall these unbans benefit us more. Jund is already the hardest BGx deck for us to beat thanks to Ancient Grudge and Huntmaster; they'll be losing Hunt now. We don't care so much about a 3/2. In my preliminary testing against this deck I think it's likely to stay the same or get a little better for us.

    I haven't tested at all against Ux decks with Jace, but Smasher, Mutavault, and Blinkmoth all look amazing against the planeswalker on paper. These matchups were a breeze pre-unban thanks to Scourge/Relic and Temple generally (not necessarily so for E-Tron) and I think they will remain favorable.

    So I don't anticipate Jund or Ux becoming much better against us post-unban. But I don't think they become much better against E-Tron either. If we make gains over that deck in terms of positioning, I think they will be marginal.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Monkey Grow (RUG/Temur Delver)
    I'll say I did cast two Dismembers in one game and it was fine. The other games I saw 1 or 0, but it was always awesome the first time I saw it, and playing 2 helps us see that first one faster. The idea behind Melody is that I'm setting up 4 lands against BGx as fast as possible so I can play bombs off the top and through discard. But I trust you guys that it's actually bad. I'm gonna keep it until I can at least cast it and see for myself! Collar does seem pretty good and I'd like to find space for one of those side as well. Lastly, I'd love a Needle in the board if possible for planeswalkers. So Melody is definitely on the chopping block.

    Keep permission against UW. It helps you win stack wars (/even participate) and force through Jace/Hunt, which is crucial. Shoal especially is useful for this. Also, if they figure out you don't have Leaks anymore, they'll just Jace you like crazy. Of course, Denial is our best counterspell. A lot of the time I just use cantrips to make land drops and pass doing nothing, assembling a hand full of Denials and Shoals. When I draw Mandrills and the time is right, I cast him for G and stop whatever they try to do in response (Cryptic Command a huge liability in stack wars). Then, they either Verdict (and I start over/punish them with Jace) or try to remove him again (another stack war/punish their taps with Jace). They suck against Jace with no Bolts so we can just immediately 0 him and start drowning opp in cards. Incidentally that makes Verdict a lot worse against us. We can even bait it with a couple threats on turn three and then Jace them.

    I started removing permission against BGx because it was bad when they could shred my hand, especially with Liliana; they can sneak her in and then tick up forever and force us to hemorrhage cards. So I like the plan there to be stuff we can dump fast, like lands and creatures, to set up for late-game bombs off the top. But against spell-based decks with no hand disruption, permission is awesome. I will say that none of the UXs decks I faced last night had any Gideons (although I did run into some Nahiris, and just Tarfired them every time). Here's what I was doing last night against UW that I found to be effective:

    -2 Dismember
    -2 Shoal
    -2 Scour
    +2 Hunt
    +2 Jace
    +1 Surgical
    +1 Mountain

    I have yet to run into Hollow One, but I can't imagine the matchup is very good. Seems like Dredge 2.0 that's a little softer to Grudge but stronger vs. Shoal/beaters, as well as more consistent. Have you guys been struggling there?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Monkey Grow (RUG/Temur Delver)
    My head's buzzing from jamming six straight hours online with a new build. It performed far better than expected. This is my record for the night, all full matches except otherwise listed. Everyone's excited about the unbans so most decks are on them. An asterisk denotes a deck that didn't play Elf or Jace (or at least I didn't see any).

    3 Jund
    1 Planesewalker Jund?
    3 Jeskai Control
    1 Esper Control
    1 UW Control
    1 Temur Midrange
    1 Lantern*
    1 Turns*
    1 Counters Company*

    1 Jund
    1 UW Miracles
    2 Jund (Game 1 only)

    I started with 2 Bauble and then cut one for Obsession because I wanted to Achievement Unlocked: maxxed-out Goyfs (never happened). Obsession was actually insane. Opening it with Delver and Stubborn on the play was really funny. Love it with the Shoals as well since we can throw all the random stuff in our hand away to protect our creature, and of course it's excellent on Mandrills (5/5 so relevant).

    Knuckleblade does look appealing right now but I don't feel comfortable running it with such a low curve. Seems correct for Traverse builds though. Old fogey me still on Shoals! I like that the Shoal plan (and this board plan) doesn't care as much about Rest in Peace. Sure we have Goyf and Mandrills, but no Traverse to top them off. Building around delirium is a real cost in the face of grave hate. Of course Jace and Hunt attack from different angles as well which is nice.

    Some more notes: Bauble is sick in the opener but quite bad off the top. The two Sleights are there as blue spells to up the count for Shoal. Dismember is awesome for us and just what we need. 17 lands because of all the cantrips and the low curve (Shoals too); I had a second Foothills but replaced it with third Island for Path and Field of Ruin. In a few games opponents had me search out all my basics, but I never didn't have one to get, which was really nice. Getting ramped in that kind of matchup does wonders for us given our density of bombs post-board.

    Mountain in the side helps with this too, and also comes in to conserve life or when we need to draw lands (Affinity, Burn)/actually cast all our top-end cards. Melody is there for Jund and other Goyf decks but I never got to cast it. Won a ton of games vs Jund with Blood Moon though. I side out all the permission in that matchup and focus on setting up my board so that I can cast whatever I draw off the top (the deck is loaded with bombs) while trying to keep the board clear. Surgical is just a random answer to a lot of stuff that comes in to disrupt graveyard synergies. I'm fine auto-losing against Dredge which is basically nowhere right now. But yeah we definitely won't post a positive record in that matchup with the one Surgical; the card's just kind of incidental hate against them and I guess might steal some games. Double Grudge over Revelry or other options because I really want to kill Lantern and Chalice. It also crushes random stuff like Madcap Moon, Hollow One, etc.

    My favorite game from tonight, against UW Control:

    T1: Bauble scry, see Scour, leave it (decline to play fetch) and play Island and pass. He plays a Colonnade. EOT Scour, mill Mandrills and Snap
    T2: Goyf. Opp plays Fountain, Search for Azcanta
    T3: Fetch, play a Goyf, and attach Curious to the first Goyf (now a 6/7 with the pump). Goyf swings for 6 dropping opp to 12. He untaps, Paths the Curious Goyf (growing the other one to 6 with enchantment), and passes
    T4: Swing 6 dropping opp to 6. Serum finds Bolt and scrys Shoal to top. My hand is Bolt/Snap/Goyf/Dismember. I decline to play the other Goyf because I have lethal with Bolt-Snap-Bolt. Opp plays a fourth land and passes with all open. I don’t Bolt him to play around Cryptic counter-bounce
    T5: Swing 6; he plays Snapcaster to Path it, I hard Shoal leaving up Stomping Ground. He taps out to Leak the Shoal and I let it resolve then Dismember the Snap before blocks for exactly lethal with Goyf

    Anyway had a ton of fun on this deck and am excited to see if it can work in the new meta. Jace gives us a lot of late-game "oomph" and Moon is really gross against Jund and Jeskai. A few times I baited counter wars on their turn, or let them tap out for a Jace, only to punish them with Moon (rendering their Jace mostly useless) or a Jace of my own. I have been playing a lot of BR Hollow One lately and this deck just feels like that but with more disruption. Lastly, if the doomsayers are indeed correct and Modern turns more linear to get under/over these big bad four-drops, that bodes well for Temur Delver!
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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Stompy
    Quote from Yord »
    The variance got me.

    I lost to burn with an excellent start to game 3, exiling scourge to gemstone and playing temple chalice on 1. My ending hand was 1x powder 3x tks, 1x smasher, no lands, I did cast a matter reshaper tough that got blazed for the last 3. He reved the chalice and I had a second one from my scry to put on one again. Any land made me way favored any two lands won me that game.

    Lost to 5 color shadow needing him to just not draw a creature 3 turns in a row, he drew those and a Lili last hope to reccur another dude.

    Lost to pyromancer powdering and Mulligans to 4 twice, getting chalices and mimics but nothing else.

    Bummed but I think I played smart, so less to beat myself up about. GP Hartford next.
    A tip: when you get those nut openers against Burn, lead on Scourge and then cast TKS before the Chalice to yank Revelry out of their hand. Should be smooth sailing from there. The bodies alone are a hassle for them.

    No mistake in the article; it says +15 which means you bring in the entire sideboard.
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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Stompy
    Quote from Yord »
    Quote from ashtonkutcher »
    Too bad, those are great matchups too. I find Storm almost impossible to lose with this plan; did you use it? Good luck tomorrow; I'll watch for you on camera!

    BTW I'm also on a 3-1 Matter/One split and am considering a 4th Matter over the One right now. Also running a 4th Bomb in the side over the second Surg/Needle (still on 2 Shot).

    For storm I'm -1 mimic +1 smahser on the play and then yours on the draw. This is my first loss against storm so far.

    Both games went to 3 and were close, I just had those first big event jitters and made dumb mistakes. Like I could have just held scavenger grounds up and hit with mimic for one more turn but I rushed my decisions. It got better as the day went on.
    Ah nice. Yeah the little things will blow it. Well good luck again 🦖
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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Stompy
    Quote from Yord »
    I am 6-2 going into day 2 of GP Toronto, my first gp.

    Wins against lantern, e tron, bg tron, simic evolve, Duke's abzan list, and grixis control.

    Lost to storm and jeskai control.
    Too bad, those are great matchups too. I find Storm almost impossible to lose with this plan; did you use it? Good luck tomorrow; I'll watch for you on camera!

    BTW I'm also on a 3-1 Matter/One split and am considering a 4th Matter over the One right now. Also running a 4th Bomb in the side over the second Surg/Needle (still on 2 Shot).
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 15/01/18)
    Have to agree with gkourou here. Grixis Control, from the PT results alone, very clearly isn't "unadulterated garbage." Even if there were a way to 100% accurately measure win percentages in each matchup, and we compared the spread for Grixis Control to, say, the spread for Grixis Shadow, and Shadow had a higher overall percentage: that still wouldn't make Grixis Control bad, at least by my standards. Modern is a wide-open format, which means you're likely to run into other "garbage" decks that you may have a slight edge over in terms of positioning compared to the "better" decks. For instance, Humans was the most represented deck at the PT, and Grixis Control > Shadow against Humans.

    Modern is a format of niches. Grixis Control seems to have found a niche. And even if it didn't, it would continue to attract certain players who would run it regardless, thus forcing the niche.

    Also h0ly, I don't mean to tell you to act any kind of way, but I will say that the constant hyperbole and aggressive language definitely don't do anything for your arguments 🤷🏻‍♂️

    EDIT --- I just received this PM (user will remain anonymous):
    You did just put a male sign in a post while referring to a known transwoman and transgender activist.

    That's kind of a massive jerk move, and it might get you reported...
    I've attached an image of how the post reads on my computer. Everyone: make sure to update your iOS!
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  • posted a message on Colorless Eldrazi Stompy
    Quote from Yord »
    Quote from ashtonkutcher »
    Hey guys, wrote a 4000-word article on tips & tricks while playing the deck. Combined with the sideboarding and mulligan guides, that should be enough to get anyone started! Enjoy.

    Good article for sure, thanks for the write up. How much better is copter than key to the city? Gonna try it tomorrow.
    I think Copter is irreplaceable in this deck. Key is so clearly bad that I have never tried it. We don't have two mana to throw around for loots.
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