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Magic Market Index for March 16th 2018
All Sets Are Good: Saviors of Kamigawa
Dominaria Spoiler Digest - Who's Who and What's What from the Release Notes
  • posted a message on [[Primer]] Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind: Firemind's Fury
    It depends on what do you want to achieve.
    If You really want Academy Ruins that badly then consider adding Crucible of Worlds and Petrified Field/Buried Ruin to the deck.
    If You want good targets from spells then I would start by Recoup-like cards and then it doesn't matter because You will get what You want sooner or later.
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  • posted a message on Phenax, Mill Foreman
    I don't see Opposition mentioned in OP. There is a healthy number of creatures that would benefit from hasted tap ability not connected to Phenax and it could provide some pillowfort capabilities (for you and for other players in case you need an argument in table politics). What do you think about it?
    I'm building Phenax mill in more combo finish / group hug oriented way (if you can call Forced Fruition and Font on Mythos group hug cards), so I should benefit quite a lot from extending the game as much as possible but I need mass bounce effects like Aetherspouts so any suggestions of those are welcome (Evacuation and Cyclonic Rift are already in).
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  • posted a message on Invocations legality according to current Tournament Rules
    Currently section 3.3 of Tournament Rules (10.11.2016) states that legal cards are only those with white or black border. Invocations doesn't have that kind of border. Does that mean there will be an update of MTR before Amonkhet prerelease (I assume Invocations will be legal during prerelease and then after the release)?
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  • posted a message on Nationals are back, No more local GPTs, Sunday GP PTQs are back
    Quote from Scapeshift84 »
    Quote from krimsonviper »
    Another fine way to eliminate Legacy.
    Lol...legacy is already "eliminated", is a "for fun" format just like modern will become in a few years. Wizards want to sell boxes and boosters, that's all. Modern (and of course Legacy) don't bring money to them so they just let them dying slowly. No Pro Tour, no WMCQ, 2/3 GP each year and just 3 months of pptq (in the worst period of the year july-august-september). It's not so difficult to understand the way where Wizards is going to... Wink

    Actually its very difficult to follow wotc logic. If cards rotating out of standard will not have any value (and they will not if there won't be large enough playerbase in formats where those cards will still be usefull) then this will mean increased expenses for T2 players. You can easily imagine what will be the result of that - a lot of players loosing intrest in the format. I fail to see how this will benefit wotc... but i'm not their sales specialist, i just play the game for a dozen of years so what do i know. Wink
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  • posted a message on Kaladesh Inventions
    Quote from LouCypher »
    I'm... very mixed when it comes to these cards.

    I'm okay with the concept of epic rarity. I admire the brilliance of the marketing team for bringing these things out on basic land day. I like the cards that they chose to reprint. I absolutely love the new art and fancy border. I am salivating over the flavor text. By all accounts, I should love this.

    One thing really bugs me, though.

    While I love the new art, I hate that new art was used. If these cards had normal art (albeit holographic and a new set symbol), they would effectively increase the supply of cards on the market (even if it isn't by much). Now that they are all visual marvels, however, people who already own these cards (especially those with large wallets) have a good reason to invest in one of these as well. While I get that the new art brings things into the thematic space of Kaladesh, I wish that they weren't designed to attract the sort of big-money investors who are more likely to have these cards already.

    tldr: If collectors/investors ever start treating inventions as separate cards from the originals, worthy of buying even if you have the original, I don't see this having any real effect on the market.

    The effect of the market is that those collectors buy up a lot of stuff which requires a LOT of booster opening, which in turn pushes down the prices of normal cards from the sets. So the real effect will be seen on cards from Kaladesh itself.
    Not only that but because Inventions are mostly pimp/highly collectible cards people who have original versions will be selling those old versions. This may not decrease the price significantly but will increase the availability. Even now I have noticed more Cloudstone Curios and Steel Overseers offered for sale. I hope this will happen to all of the reprints.

    As for the selection of Inventions I have some doubts if gearhulks will be impactful enough to not generate bad feelings if someone pulls one out insteas of something more notable.

    I have trouble verifying that from the picture but is the foiling process the same as in FtV or is it normal?
    I really dont like the border. I don't like the one on Expeditions as well. Why don't they make those special cards full art is beyond me.
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  • posted a message on [[Competitive]] Mishra - Stax Prodigy
    You still have some ways of getting rid of abyss - chaos orb, spine, smokestack, Bolas and Karn (and have bitterblossom tokens to feed to abyss) but thats not really the situation in which You would like to be.
    I hope I will have some time to test similar build in the next few weeks.
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  • posted a message on Doran the Siege Tower Theorycrafting
    I not the fan of rolling stones because it is limited to creature type "wall" instead of just having defender ability.
    A lot of defender creatures have additional abilities that do not increase their casting cost due to "defender" being a drawback. In case You have a lot of those consider adding new to share the abilities.
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  • posted a message on [[Competitive]] Mishra - Stax Prodigy
    True, but the utility seems so good... Taking this even further You could run Abyss as having Mishra in play is not crucial for the deck to function.
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  • posted a message on Doran the Siege Tower Theorycrafting
    Yes, yes it is. Smile The ability to pump toughnes is relatively expensive but if You amass a few creatures (which shouldn't be unreasonable considering creatures with high thoughness die only to hard removal) it becomes relevant. Previously I forgot about that but timely Tower Defense will take down at least one of Your opponents.

    I have looked through all of the treefolks and there are a few worth considering:
    Treefolk Harbinger
    Unstoppable Ash
    Wickerbough Elder
    Reach of Branches
    Sapling of Colfenor
    Deadwood Treefolk
    Woodfall Primus
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  • posted a message on [[Competitive]] Mishra - Stax Prodigy
    I wonder what was the reason for removing Welder?

    By the way, current list has a few typos that prevent formatter from correctly generating copiable lists, namely:
    Steaming Vents -> Steam Vents
    Clever Imposter -> Clever Impersonator
    Clutch the Undercity -> Clutch of the Undercity
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  • posted a message on Doran the Siege Tower Theorycrafting
    I suggest trying to pick up reprints from EMA like Toxic Deluge , Vindicate and Enlightened Tutor now before their price rises again. Having second Pestilence effect is amazing.

    The amount of commander protection you will want depends on your build (taxing/voltron/disruption-beatdown/etc). I usually run just two pair of boots and Asceticism because I prefer grindier decks and I don't have problem with replaying Doran a few times after it was hit by sweeper or targeted removal. Rest of your cratures will have butts large enough to hold the ground until Doran hits play again if it gets removed. I think running redundant Doran effects like Assault Formation helps as well - it deters opponents from "wasting" targeted removal when they know You can have the same effect without Your commander in play. You will probably have a lot of precious enchantments and artifacts in play alongside Doran so Privileged Position can provide additional layer of protection from targeted removal.

    If You want lock opponents down from playing the game You can run Contamination and some token generators plus tutors to find those (although tutors and Bitterblossom will not be budget friendly). With equipment like Slagwurm Armour and Doran-like effect those tokens also provide steady stream of very large disposable beaters and in a pinch scions/spawns can provide ramp. Combine this with Grave Pact and Dictate of Erebos (also acting as protection for Doran via to deterring effect) for maximum value.
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  • posted a message on October FNM Promo: Rise from the Tides
    Quote from Crypt Rat

    The main barriers to milling getting keyworded:
    - It needs to have a name / template that is intuitive for new players.
    - It needs to save space where saving space matters.
    - Milling needs to actually be relevant every set.

    I'm of the opinion that putting more constrains on the amount of text card can have results in better/more streamlined card design. While templating for this promo complies with second rule it voilates the first one. "Create" obscures the information that it will trigger enter the battlefield effects. I'm not convinced that the amout of space this saves is worth potential problems it will cause for new players. By the same token "mill" is not as descriptive for new players as "put into graveyard from library".
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  • posted a message on No modern pro tour
    Quote from Article »
    Modern should:

    --Be a fun way to play Magic (first, and easy to forget, but very important!)
    --Let you tap into your collection to expand upon established decks and familiar strategies from Magic's recent past
    --Offer different types of decks and gameplay than what you typically see in Standard
    --Not rotate, allowing you to keep a deck for a long period of time
    --Consist of cards that we are willing and able to reprint
    Those are the easy ones.

    Points two and four are the only ones that are currently met. The first point is debateable, and the third and fifth are almost patently false. Wizards is unwilling to print a LOT of the heavily desired cards from modern, not only back into standard but also in supplemental sets because of bull***** reasons like "they constrain design space" or "It's not fun for players". In case they forgot, we had a standard format with Snapcaster Mage, Lightning Bolt, Mana Leak, and Liliana of the Veil plus all the ravnica shocklands. And it was ostensibly one of the best standard formats since RAV/TSP. It was incredibly wide-open, where the same deck rarely won back-to-back weeks, and all five flavors of deckbuilding archetypes (Aggro, Tempo, Combo, Midrange, Control) were incredibly viable.

    Wizards is afraid to print cards like that now, for reasons I can't fathom. I still cringe every time I see Grasp of Darkness in an Oath pack, because it's supposed to have been Inquisition of Kozilek, and it's now too expensive to reprint safely at uncommon if they reprint it at all. And it needs to stop unless they want the game to stop.

    I think the fact that some of the last sets were comparatively weak has a lot to do with wotc trying to cut down on the power creep and the fact how their distribution network is set up. Remember that players are not wotc customers, wotc don't sell their product directly to players which results in pathological situation where reprints of expensive cards inflate the price of the product for the end customer, that is us, players and wotc can do very little to mitigate this while sticking to current business model.

    Quote from rowanalpha »
    Quote from Nionel »
    So, no more modern PTs. The fact that Forscythe even said that they want PTs to highlight the new sets shows that this was just a,business decision.

    Selling packs is more important than supporting modern at the pro level. This is just frustrating.

    Keep in mind, the sales of those packs are what fund the pro tour to happen. Wizards doesn't make money from entry fees/side events/singles sales/etc from those playing at a PT, so their only impetus to run these events is as a way to excite people about their product
    Not true. If the cards become close to worthless after rotating out of standard then there is constant need to dump money into the game to keep playing standard. This disincentives players from investing and buying new packs. Not that this is the main driving force for anyone playing standard but it counts. Also selling supplemental products like MMA/MM2/EMA is not exactly loosing them money.
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  • posted a message on Sydri, Galvanic Genius (non-infinite)
    The list You posted is the combo list, right? It contains a lot of them and a lot of ways to find them and quite a lot of flash enablers for insta-win action.

    I have (almost) non combo Sydri deck with very haevy recursion package because such version have to play for the long game. Assembling critical mass of scrap in play requires a lot of protection.
    So for the specific cards - recursion/protection package can include Volrath's Stronghold, Second Sunrise, Ghostway, Scarecrone, Myr Retriever, Trading Post, Sun Titan (definatelly you want fetchlands if you run this), Cauldron of Souls, Spellskite, Soul of New Phyrexia, etc.
    Because Your deck depend heavily on your commander adding more boots-type equipment might be useful as well as duplicating Sydri ability with Karn, Silver Golem.
    You may also consider running Salvaging Station package. Cards I am/was running include: Codex Shredder (also nice for messing up Mystical Tutor and the like), Aether Spellbomb, Dispeller's Capsule, Executioner's Capsule, Nihil Spellbomb.
    Thematically adding Karn Liberated would make a lot of sense. Ugin, the Spirit Dragon might work as well but I have not tried it.

    Mycosynth Lattice with Sydri is plainly evil so if Your playgroup is ok with such things Darksteel Forge + Nevinyrral's Disc is a way to lock the table. Less powerful lockdowns may include things like Triskelion + Sydri

    Some random cards You might find useful:
    Muzzio, Visionary Architect - works much better as commander but is still very good at cheating artifacts into play, especially with things like Scroll rack.
    Sharding Sphinx, Pentavus - work wonders with Skullclamp for which You don't have that much good targets
    Conjurers Closet - Is stellar in my list but I'm running even more good blink targets (UW, UB, UWB sphinxes, titan).
    Staff of Domination - its excelent on its own but You need to be very careful to not go infinite with it Smile
    Swords to Plowshares, Path to Exile, Vindicate, etc - point removal in esper colors is excelent so why not run some?
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  • posted a message on Containment Priest
    Quote from Slivortal »
    Quote from Link »
    In both cases Dryad Arbor is not cast, so it would be exiled. That's not very nice.

    Assuming that an opponent flashes in Containment Priest in response to a fetch/vial activation, I think the player in question would be altogether hard-pressed to still attempt to put Dryad Arbor onto the battlefield upon that ability's resolution.
    No, searching in non-public zone can deliberately fail. So in case of vial and gsz nothing have to be exiled. In case of playing driad as land drop you canot respond to that with flashing in priest.
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