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  • posted a message on [IKO] Colossification (+20/+20 Aura)
    Quote from Dontrike »
    The tap clause is a nice way for your opponent to react and not get blown out by whatever evasive creature this is bound to land on. I feel the cat art is better than the....caterpillar?
    I disagree. I like the caterpillar one much better. That creepy sausage is much more menacing than fluffy kitty of any size.
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  • posted a message on [IKO] Ikoria spoiler season begins on the Magic Twitch stream
    Anyone had a chance to capture an image?
    You can check the VOD.
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  • posted a message on April’s Secret Lair Announced
    Mudhole looks suspiciously like Richat Structure while Storm Crow has very un-crow like appearance.

    I would certainly not be unhappy if I get this from LGS at FNM (I play commander FNMs with random promos as prizes so that would fit that formula nicely).
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  • posted a message on Where to find Ikoria cards and C20
    That is some weird mashup of people/places. No offense to them but some have no real connection to MtG at all while the list is missing people who are well known to the community. Weird.
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  • posted a message on [IKO] Hint from Ari Neih reveals a keyword is gonna be renamed which one and what will the end name be
    Quote from Melkor »
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Quote from Melkor »
    It can't be most of the suggestions. Banding and phasing, intmidate, etc, even if they aren't printed anymore, they are still existing keywords. I looked at the list, and the only one I am seeing is 'bury', because all these other ones, they already do something, they didn't get retconned out of existence, stuff like banding isn't used anymore, but still exists

    The point of those suggestions the hint states “former keyword” thus suggesting keywords that aren’t used anymore

    But that's the thing. Banding is not used anymore, Banding will PROBABLY never be used ever again. But they can't call the new keyword banding because regardless of use or future, it already currently has rules text attached to that word. they couldn't use one that is just obscure and you have to explain what it does to a new player, it would have to be one that you tell the new player 'oh yeah, they called it that, but it is called this now, including in oracle text'. if they used Banding for the new keyword, it would change what Formation actually does
    What they meant is that it was a keyword in rules context but it is not right now. And to that only "landhome" and "substance" fall into this category iirc.
    By the way "bury" is not a keyword, it's a term.
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  • posted a message on [IKO] Hint from Ari Neih reveals a keyword is gonna be renamed which one and what will the end name be
    I agree that the "hint" is constructed in such a way as to not actually hint to anything given the number of possible combinations.

    Please note a few things:
    - "ability" can mean "keyword ability" or "ability word" or it's just an blanket term for something that a card can do (for sanity sake I prefer to think it's one of the first two and we are operating in realm of comp rules not just English language as a whole)
    - "former keyword" can mean that an existing keyword will become obsolete with the introduction of this set or that it is real obsolete/deprecated keyword. For those interested here is a list of those:
    substance (damn, I forgot that this happened)

    Due to how the sentence is worded (I assume it is not accidental) my best guess right now is that an existing or deprecated keyword ability will become ability word and, dear god, please let this not be banding.
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  • posted a message on The Coronavrius brings a change of plans for pre-release (sort of)
    Quote from migrena »

    Was there any info about changes to organized play as a whole due to current situation?
    This is Wizards of the Coast's Response to COVID-19: https://company.wizards.com/article/news/wizards-coasts-response-covid-19
    Thank you. That's what I was looking for.
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  • posted a message on Mark Rosewater's Ikoria Teaser
    Quote from cyberium_neo »
    Nightmare Squirrel

    I’m sure there are fifteen of them, each with flying.
    Surely. And the mystery of how they were able to stop her is solved. Grin

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  • posted a message on The Coronavrius brings a change of plans for pre-release (sort of)
    Most LGSs have other sources of income, usually boardgames and accessories so its not that they will left without any income. I'm not sure how this whole situation will affect sales of boardgames (if you have multiple people in household then you have people to play with but that is still limiting) but my LGS closed palying area and is offering home delivery of purchased boardgames.

    I don't think selling prerelease kits at prerelease day will help, as was pointed out the whole point of prerelease is for people to catch some casual games, possibly win some packs and not to just get packs with bonus promo. They can do that after the event. That being said there is not much else that they can do.
    Was there any info about changes to organized play as a whole due to current situation?
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  • posted a message on Chandra's Spellbook and Secret Lair Ultimate Edition (Enemy fetches) announced.
    I will not even going comment on those fethlands...
    Quote from Urabrask »
    Fetchlands aside (I know thats hard to do) what do you think will be in the Spellbook?

    My guess, based on what we know so far, and the ones we got before, would be this:

    Chandra, Torch of Defiance - old art
    Past in Flames - new art
    Chandra's Ignition - new art (the one on the frontpage)
    Red Elemental Blast - new art (Jace got the blue one, so I guess they would give her the other)
    Pyromancer's Goggles / Pyromancer's Gauntlet / Chandra's Regulator - new art, but hard to say, which of them they would choose
    Incinerate - old art (to mirror Jace Counterspell from the Duel Deck)

    Which would leave one card with new and one with old art open, my gusses would be any one of those:

    Blasphemous Act - new art showing her freeing the people of Amonkhet from the sarcophagus, similar to By Force
    Gamble - new art showing her stealing the Ghostfire scroll, all the way back, when we first met her.
    Fireball - new art, it would be the obvious go to spell
    Flame Javelin - new art, nice card and would fit her magic
    Fiery Impulse - old art
    Exquisite Firecraft - old art
    Cathartic Reunion - old art

    It would be good to get REB/Pyroblast and Incinerate. Those are cards that are actually used by people in eternal formats and cubes. And I'm not gonna lie that I need them because I'm sick of moving my REBs between EDH, pauper and legacy decks. I would happily buy playset with that frame.
    If we base the speculations on Gideon SB then we will get some low $ artifact linked to Chandra. From those three you mentioned only Googles are somewhat playable in EDH, so maybe those?
    As for some cards you not mentioned:
    - Pyromancer Ascension (probably too late for reprint due to storm and phoenix decks not playing it anymore)
    - Young Pyromancer (always welcome as this is a staple in all spellslinger decks in all formats)
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  • posted a message on 2 brand new keywords for older abilitys (potentionally)
    Would have preferred: Baby got back OR Junk in the Trunk. Maybe Backmeat or Trunkjunk as well.

    Glad both are coming back in this set.

    Unfortunately keywords needs to be proper English words, one word for each keyword. But it would be funny to see "T H I C C" as Doran keyword. Wink
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  • posted a message on Banned and resitcted announcement -March 9th
    Quote from Patch8700 »
    I don't mind the current ban list for edh. But as someone who plays regular and competitive edh, I would like to see cedh given a bit of thought. Cards like Thassa's Oracle get printed and it wrecks the top end of the meta, but because it doesn't affect the rest nobody who manages the bans cares.
    rc stated multiple times that the banlist is just a suggestion, baseline for how the format should look like. so banning something that is problematic to a small fraction of the meta is less probable. also i think giving more time to the meta to adjust is not a bad thing. to that point i think breach could stay a bit longer to see how meta develops. banning cards so quickly opens the way for lazy r&d and puts more financial burden on the players due to rapid meta changes.
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  • posted a message on Secret Lair - Thalia, Guardian of Thraben leaked
    Quote from digitek »
    Quote from Ink Demon »
    Thalia in regular print costs about $7, so you are getting at least $28 value for a $30 product with a full playset.

    It's tempting to look at Lair based on current value. Thalia has already dropped to $5 for NM copies on TCG in advance of this printing. Foils can now be found for around $10. This set is doubling the number of printings/versions from 4 to 8, so should expect to see significant drops in existing inventory as a result even with a limited print run - especially given the heads up to anyone interested in buying.

    Encourage anyone thinking about Lairs in terms of current market value to go back and look at card prices before and after printings. Similar to other reprints existing cards take a huge beating with these things.

    comparing foil printings from orginal set with printing from sl is like comparing apples to oranges. regular foils are special printings of a card so there are multiple versions of varying scarcity. printing from sl has only one version. it does not matter that it is shiny. it is still the most common printing from specific set.
    people trying to compare regular foil to sl are the proof that wotcs attempts to increase percieved value are working. which is sad to see. it means that they can push further this line of product with artificialy increased value instead of providing actual reprints. at this pricepoint this do not decrease financial barrier to entry into the game. it also does not provide sufficient amount of reprints, for this particular card it does, but not for many others that are needed for non-standard formats.

    regarding the artwork it looks great but i thought thalia had blonde hair not yellow. this color looks a bit weird to me.
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  • posted a message on Introducing Jumpstart
    Quote from Casper »
    The reason to buy these is to be able to create a fun gaming environment without drafting, so you get straight into the playing.

    Think of it like paying extra for express delivery.

    If you don't want to play with these cards in this format then I can understand that you don't care about this aspect and think you are getting ripped off. But, these packs are made specifically for mixing with another and playing. If that isn't what you want to do then buy cards in the format the does suit you, like singles. In these packs, the lands are not worthless, they are being paid for as part of the experience.
    could you please explain to me then what kind of express delivery is this if you need two of those packs to play? it doesn't make sense if "getting stright to playing" is a priority.

    the pricepoint also doesn't make sense when you compare this scam to fatpacks, bundles or whatewer are they called now. fatpacks cost more or less the same amount as the number of packs they contain. and on top of that you get lands, foil lands, box and some more junk.

    and on top of that you get the artificial inflation by adding exclusive cards so whoever is buying this can delude themselves that they will open and get something valuable.

    i suggest playing pack wars instead. your lgs will happily provide basics for that for free.
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  • posted a message on That “mutate” mechanic offical confirm for ikoria
    It's nice to get confirmation but I'm disappointed that once again there is no real information, just news about upcoming news. Frown
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