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Magic Market Index for April 20th, 2018
Pauper Review: Dominaria
The Limited Archetypes of Dominaria
  • posted a message on WotC in talks with GameStop to host Magic Tournaments and Events
    Maybe if every white guy quit buying any new MTG product for a year WOTC would get the message about whom their clientele is. If they want us out of the game so badly we should oblige them. The only way WOTC will cut out this SJW b.s. is hit to their margins.
    Maybe WOTC wants “white guys” out of the game, but their shareholders will feel differently. It’s just so sad the most players won’t boycott the company, even if it’s for their own good.
    When a company states that it would rather not cater to it’s majority customers that company is out of touch. I for one find it insulting that they would rather I slink off and not play their game. If they want to bite the hand that feeds maybe that hand should slap back.
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  • posted a message on Card Nicknames
    Hippie for Hypnotic Specter
    Mana chickens for Birds of Paradise
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  • posted a message on The Next Non-rotating format speculation thread.
    @JaceBluesMaster: that's kinda what I was thinking, about seven to nine years worth of cards. I figured that by starting with RTR block we'd go five years back with room to grow. Then, in about three years, loose a block or so(or maybe a whole years worth). And continue doing this at three year intervals.
    Slow enough rotation to keep some stability, but enough rotation to eventually weed out pricey cards.

    Cards from RTR are mostly inexpensive. I think any further back and the prices become out of control.
    Of course this idea could use a little refinement, but I feel that it's the closest thing to a solution to an ever deeper and more expensive Modern.
    Otherwise Modern will be in the same place as Legacy.
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  • posted a message on The Next Non-rotating format speculation thread.
    I think that instead of a non-rotating format what WOTC needs to implement is a slow rotating "extended" format. Here me out.
    Start say with RTR to currents sets, then every three years or so drop the oldest block. The format would allow for a Modern/Frontier like experience.
    Would hopefully be more financially accessible, and the slow rotation would prevent the very problems that plague Modern and Legacy, needing expensive cards.
    And play around with the rotation schedule a bit so that you still have that non-rotating vibe.

    My thought is that with a super slow rotation decks would be viable for a few years, maybe more, but when older cards get to pricey they'll rotate out and keep the format in check. Also then hopefully your old Standard cards that have no place in Modern could still be playable.

    This is just a rough draft idea, curious what people think. I'm trying to come up with a compromise solution to the disparity between Standard and non-rotating formats. There has got to be something in between.

    And yes, this would be just NWO cards. If you are not down with NWO then just play Legacy, Vintage, or Old School. That's mostly what I do. But newer players do not always have access or means to those older cards, and when Standard rotates your cards become good for nothing but kitchen table.
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  • posted a message on Is using unusual/experimental decks a bad thing?
    Sounds like you're playing against a bunch of net-deck try-hards. These people do not love MTG, they love winning and have chosen MTG as their platform to do so. Net-deck try-hards will only play tier 1 b.s. and lack any form of deck creativity. They get upset because their sideboards do not posses answers to your deck.

    Frankly I love what you're doing, and if people get salty and rage quit, you've won. I relish the tears of salty net-deckers.
    I find it ironic(and pathetic) when you beat someone and they claim your deck sucks. If my deck sucks and I still beat you that means I must be the superior gamer. People online can really be immature, try not to let it get to you. And if you're winning, even better. Hopefully you can find a group of like minded players how love the game for the game.
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  • posted a message on I am bad at deckbuilding and looking for help.
    I feel that deck building is one of the more difficult parts of the game to get right. Once again what formats are you playing? In these forums each format has a dedicated section full of deck ideas, and at differing power levels. One of the best ways to learn about deck construction is to read up on different decks. The more exposure you have to various decks the better your own skills will become. Don't be afraid to net deck, there is no shame in using someone else's build.

    Read different decklists, when you play against a particularly impressive deck, ask it's owner if you can check it out after the match. The more decks you see, study, and encounter will eventually improve your skills. My first point of advice would be to read up on different decks in the threads. Becoming a good deck brewer takes time and exposure. And as I stated above, net deck, play it for a bit then either adjust it for your meta, or go for other decks.

    Also play more. Sometimes you can build a deck and think you understand it, but in actual game play discover whole new aspects and synergies you were unaware of. Or you can discover that what looked like a good idea just falls short.

    In short: read, build, play, play some more, read some more, and play some more.
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  • posted a message on Can someone clarify the Reserved List for me?
    @Barfolomew: The reserved list was implemented March 4th, 1996. Hasbro purchased WOTC Sept. 30th, 1999. When companies are sold there are often restrictions in the sales contract that the new owner must adhere to or get sued. When Hasbro bought WOTC, they also bought into the idea of the reserved list. Since WOTC holds the List as near sacred, I'd assume that when/if WOTC is ever sold again that the reserved list will be part of the deal.

    They amended the List twice, in 2002 and 2010. Both times WOTC was met with blowback(especially in 2010) which has only served in having WOTC double down on the list, or removal thereof. This just reaffirms my suspicion that it'd remain intact after a sale. I would love to see it go, but guessing it won't.
    And as many have speculated, removal of the list could be a sign of Mtg's death.

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  • posted a message on Full list is up
    One Arabian Nights card and they give us Erg Raiders, what a miss.
    I know most of the stuff in this set that’s not on the reserved list do mot make for good reprints but come on. Junun Efreet, Rukh Egg, or Sorceress Queen would all have better choices. Even Stone-Throwing Devils or El-Hajjaj.
    I know the templating was goofy as all get out, but Oubliette?
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  • posted a message on Do you play at gamestores?
    I’ll play both, at stores and at home. I like the occasional draft or prerelease, but I don’t play standard. In my area standard reigns supreme, so mostly at home.
    I play a lot of casual constructed (non-EDH) and it’s difficult to find that at stores. Same with trying to find 93/94 players.
    The casual groups I run in all like to burn bowls and drink beers as well, cannnot do any of that at LGS.
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  • posted a message on Relic Bind conundrum
    Ah, on my phone it doesn’t show the difference. I thought I was just viewing the different printings, usually the oracle text is still current.
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  • posted a message on Relic Bind conundrum
    Was looking at gatherer. Was reading the gatherer text.
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  • posted a message on Relic Bind conundrum
    The Legends version of Relic Bind has very different rules text compaired to the Fourth Edition version. Normally this would not be an issuse as Gatherer usually had the “correct” text. But in this instance Gatherer has differing text for each version. The Fourth Edition version states “enchant an artifact an opponent controls”, which is absent from the Legends version.

    My question is, which version is correct? Or are they both correct depending upon which one you are using?
    Not used to Gatherer creating more confusion than it solves.
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  • posted a message on Magic 93/94

    I’m just gonna drop this here. 93/94 Elder Dragon Highlander with no banned list, as of yet. I would suggest Karakas at least.
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  • posted a message on Spike, Tournament Grinder - Going for broke(n)
    I just once want to use Spike to imprint Shahrazad on to a Panoptic Mirror.
    Because I want my friends to hate me!
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