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  • posted a message on I like to know the future of magic with the new bannings.
    Quote from user_938036 »
    Quote from R_Lancer »
    Nobody was flashing Stone Throwing Devils or Invoke Prejudice at players to belittle them.
    You say this yet others on this very forum say they have personally seen this happen. So people are flashing these cards at others to belittle them.

    Knowing that people are using them to belittle others does this change your opinion?

    Except I don’t “know” that anyone is actually dOing that. Anecdotal stories online are not proof of anything. And we all know people are willing to say anything to sell their point.

    How many people actually knew “Stone-Throwing Devils” is a pejorative for Palestinians prior to this incident. I’m a fairly well read individual and I did not, and by extrapolation I’ll presume that vast majority, if not all, the people I’ve played those around didn’t know either.

    If some jerk-wad is flashing those cards in that manner, that's behavioral issue, not truly the card’s fault.
    Invoke Prejudice is problematic on so many levels that’s fine, been expecting that for years honestly. But the others feel like a bit of a stretch.

    Since most of these cards rarely see play outside of niche formats, the game will survive without them in sanctioned events.
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  • posted a message on North Star
    Thank you!
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  • posted a message on North Star
    When I activate North Star do I have to use it’s effect immediately, or do I have until EOT to use it?
    Also, do I have to use it on the next spell I cast or can I use the effect on any spell I choose?

    The wording leads me to believe it’s a blanket effect that lasts until I use it or EOT, and that I can choose which spell in a given turn to apply it to.
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  • posted a message on Master of Cruelties in 2HG
    What is the end result of an unblocked Master of Cruelties on the opposing teams life total?
    I am aware that when declaring and attack in 2HG you are attacking/damaging a particular player, so I know that that player's
    life total is reduced to 1, but how does that apply to the shared life total? Does the team's life get reduced to 1, or since it's
    shared the reduction takes it to 16?
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  • posted a message on Land screw fix
    This is probably the 30th iteration of this idea. Every couple of years someone comes along with an idea very similar to this. You should scroll through this section and read through all the variations and responses.

    What you'll find is that seasoned players tend to loathe these "work arounds". Variance is part of the game, with better deck construction and more play experience this variance becomes less a problem. Anyway I'm not going to get into it further, like I said you should check out previous similar concepts and the responses(from much better players than myself).
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  • posted a message on Q about Ebon Praetor and counters
    Thank you
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  • posted a message on Q about Ebon Praetor and counters
    Say I put and Ebon Praetor onto the battlefield using Soul Exchange. Does the +2/+2 counter it gets from Soul Exchange get removed by the -2/-2 counter that the Ebon Praetor get during my next upkeep? Similar to what happens with +1/+1 and -1/-1 counters as per Comp. Rule 704.5q. Or, since I cannot find a rule about it, do other P/T boost and minus counters just hang around on the creature in a jumbled mess, like Frankenstein's Monster?

    I'm thinking that both counters just hang around on the creature, is this correct?
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  • posted a message on Double Masters 2XM New reprint product
    Quote from FlossedBeaver »
    Quote from NGW »
    Personally, I feel that booster packs can only exist as they do because of limited formats. Seriously, the excuse that booster pack randomness powers limited is arguably a major part of what makes booster packs “not gambling”.

    The fact that they are not gambling is a major part of what makes them not gambling.

    A randomized product is still a product. In order for it to be gambling there would have to be a lose state. Not getting the specific item you want from a group of randomized items is not losing.

    Source: I am licensed by the DoJ and literally work in the gambling industry.

    I suppose the law can be black and white sometimes... right up until the point that it changes. The whole advent of loot boxes has been blurring the lines as to what constitutes gambling for nigh on a decade, and the only reason they’re not (at the moment) is because virtual items don’t have any tradable value. Magic cards do, which begs the question: if you pay $4 for a lottery pack with the expectation that your ROI might be upwards of 700%, and you get less than $0.50 in value instead, how is that not a lose state? It’s effectively the same risk/reward model as a scratch card, which is most definitely gambling.

    Except that when you buy a lottery ticket the expectation/hope is to win from a prize pool. It can be argued, legally, that MTG is a game, and the value on the secondary market is arbitrary to the intended purpose of the product.
    In other words, if your buying unregulated assets such as collectables for investment purposes, you are not protected under the law.
    Randomness alone is not the definition of gambling.
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  • posted a message on Enchantress
    I think Dryad of the Ilysian Grove could fit Courser's slots. It fixes our mana, allows us to get more ressources on the battlefield when our draw engine is online and has the same P/T to stall early pressure. We do lose the life gain that Courser provides when we play lands though, which is really helpful against aggro decks.

    EDIT: Playing Dryad would also allows to splash black for Doomwake Giant, which was a big part of the constellation deck while it was standard if I remember correctly.

    This is what I was thinking.
    I play Enchantress in Legacy and Commander, why not in Pioneer! LOL
    When my LGS opens back up I’m giving this a try, with the Dryad.
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  • posted a message on MTG new format (OAK)?
    Quote from Kryptnyt »
    Quote from Sh@dows »
    Your commander land does not count as your one land per turn, and does have normal commander tax. Your commander land also must be within the color identity of the legendary creature/planeswalker.

    I take it that when the land goes to the graveyard, you don't send it to the command zone? Without that, Flooded Strand or something similar ramps you up an insane amount on turn 1, because you can play it as many times as you want on the first turn.

    I don’t think so. Sounds like your Command land would go to the command zone, and it would cost 2 mana to play it out again the second time and so on
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  • posted a message on Is legacy actually dying?
    I’m under the impression that WOTC wants to shelve Legacy like it did Vintage. To be show cased at Eternal Weekend and nothing more. The Reserved list is definitely the cause, and truly, WOTC cannot support a format that it cannot print to.

    It’s looking like WOTC wants Modern to occupy the space Legacy does(did). The rarified, eternal big boy. Pioneer can then become the new Modern, the place you go after you’re over Standard but not into Commander.

    For Legacy to “survive” it’ll have to follow the model of the Old School 93/94 community. It’ll have to be an organized, dedicated, grass roots, player run format. Before the societal collapse, in most major cities you could find weekly, some Old School meet up or tournament. OS also had a thriving webcam tournament scene.
    If Legacy players can manage that, the format will live.
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  • posted a message on Lutri, the Spellchaser preemptively banned

    For the purposes of this discussion, formats other than Commander are moot.

    I would never want Commander to have a sideboard. So any wishboard would be just that, a wishboard.
    I’m the kind of player that likes to run obscure, rare, situational silver bullet cards. Which is why I’m all for a larger wishboard, it fits into my style of play. But, the size of a wishboard is up for debate. I do like having an answer for everything though.

    Deck boxes and sleeves are mostly non-issues. There are ways around them. A small cardboard box that holds two or three hundred cards would suffice. Since I only use black sleeves I’ve always have multiple hundreds hanging about. If you only buy a hundred sleeves for a 100 card deck, what do you do when you blow out a sleeve? You may not get to pimp the way you like, but these particular issues are not insurmountable.

    I’m not sure what you mean by “3 wishes”. Do you mean Three Wishes? Do you mean having three wish cards in your deck? Or do you mean only having three cards to retrieve with your wishes?
    If it’s the latter, other than flavor, I wonder why bother.
    I can see the point of not creating a situation of wishes being auto includes(which is probably why they’re really banned).
    Allowing for wishboards in Commander is a total Pandora’s Box scenario, either go all in and open that box, or leave it shut. There’s not meaningful room for a middle-ground, IMHO.
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  • posted a message on Lutri, the Spellchaser preemptively banned
    The RC are taking their time, maybe they want to get it right. I was under the impression that release has been postponed until May 15th, which is in plenty of time.

    It’s not important that the Companion mechanic gets an exception, since they are going to be legal I was just proffering ways it could work. I don’t grock why people get so bent over stuff like this.

    Wishboards are a whole other topic of discussion. My statements in this thread are only about Companion, how it could work, and how it’s not going to break Commander.

    For the record, I’m all for allowing for a wishboard. That style of play is right up my alley. (Which for Commander should be 25 cards. A standard sideboard of 15 cards is 25% of a 60 card deck ergo, for a Commander sideboard 25 cards is 25%. If we want to be logical about it.)

    Release schedule:
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